posted by davidt on Wednesday October 27 2004, @09:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / I Like You / Bigmouth Strikes Again / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Now My Heart Is Full / Let Me Kiss You / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • incredible show. he was very talkative and playful. How Soon Is Now was the perfect opener. Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me was unbelievable. great show. great setlist. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!
    moz27 <[email protected]> -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @09:21PM (#133601)
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  • My brother and I got to stand right in front of Morrissey. We were let in about 10 minutes before the show started to the "pit" We were amazed, aghast, and now do not have voices or the sense of much hearing anymore.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @09:25PM (#133605)
  • I know he had something to say about that idiot Bush; oh, but what about the fans who are also Bush supporters? Doesn't make sense, being both...scarey world we live in!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @09:26PM (#133606)
  • But to add to Morrissey's previous message, please vote for John Kerry. The current Bush administration cares nothing about the individual. They ridiculous term "Compassionate Conservative" of the Bush Administration will be studied in the future by your children's children in Univerties around the world: how Bush-43's administration let America and the rest of the world down.
    Please, Vote him out of office!
    El Mannix.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @09:27PM (#133607)
  • or by white people. Sounds like it would be a Military town. I dont see many military folks preferring Morrissey? Hope i dont sound racist or ignorant, just curious.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @09:32PM (#133611)
  • just curious.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @09:40PM (#133613)
  • oh my fucking god! (Score:2, Informative)

    Setlist (out of order):

    how soon is now
    first of the gang
    november spawned a monster
    i like you
    bigmouth strikes again
    irish blood, english heart
    such a little thing
    everyday is like sunday
    now my heart is full
    there is a light that never goes out
    last night i dreamt that somebody loved me
    let me kiss you
    munich air disaster 1958
    the more you ignore me, the closer i get
    how can anybody possibly know how i feel?
    the world is full of crashing bores

    Wow! I waited 12 years to see him, his first real appearance in Texas (sorry, i don't count El Paso) since 1992. Moz looked great, and the band sounded great. Alain Whyte was not there playing live, is something wrong with him? I haven't been following the tour too closely so maybe it is old news. Morrissey was very talkative and played with the crowd. I had a great seat in row 2 in front of the right speakers. All in all, one of the best shows i've ever seen. Now on to Austin!

    Some highlights of things he said (paraphrased):

    - Fort Worth, YOU are the quarry!
    - Tell this REALLY Bush Country? --- the audiance responded wiht a rousing NOOOOOO and booooooos.
    During "Let Me Kiss You", he fondled imaginary breasts.
    - When Moz gave the mic to a guy in the front row, the guy said "Lets give a big Fuck You to Johnny Marr!" -- to which Morrissey responded, "that's not very nice, but i understand the sentiment...which is really shouldn't say that..."
    - A few people got on stage during the encore of "There is a light..." got nice and roughed up.

    I wish i could remember more, but my ears be a buzzin and i'm too excited to sit here any longer. :D
    pimpfnick -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @09:40PM (#133615)
    (User #3556 Info)
  • Oh... and you forgot to say... Morrissey said, at the beginning, "What is this? Mimi Rogers Auditorium?" LOL. During the end, a fan handed him a condom or something offstage and he said "Is this the best you can do?" LOL. And I have NEVER seen Morrissey Live and this was a GREAT SHOW! I was kind of sad he didn't do "I'm Not Sorry" from Quarry, but he won me over with "There is A Light That Never Goes Out." That is my all time favorite song. So I was blessed to hear it. Great show! I think when fans storm the stage though, that's just rude to those who bought tickets and stayed put. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Amazing! :-) *BTB*
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @10:03PM (#133624)
  • You can read my rundown of last nights moz show in ft worth, tx at

    I would paste it here if I could paste webpage text on my sidekick.

    I'm off to see the houston and austin shows now!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 28 2004, @06:25AM (#133725)
  • Good show. (Score:1, Insightful)

    This was about the 20th Morrissey show I have been to since 1992 and I was pleasantly surprised with how good it was. I loved the How Soon is Now opener -- it is the first time I have seen that song played live. The material from the Quarry sounded great -- I think I will listen to the album more because of it! I harken it to the Kill Uncle stuff -- I really didn't like the stuff on the album until I heard it live and energetic, now I have a new appreciation for it. Lots of good stuff from Vauxhal to (still my fav.)!

    I was super happy with the set list generally, I know earlier he was playing "A Rush and a Push" and was hoping to hear it, but I'll take the trade-off for How Soon is Now anyday.

    The crowd was good. Boy has the make-up of a Morrissey crowd changed since the first times I saw him -- I certainly fall into a different demographic than I did in 1991 :). The venue was good, it afforded the younger, newer Morrissey fans the opportunity to get down in front of the stage, and the older more mellow Moz fans to watch unimpeded from their seats! So everyone could enjoy Moz to their own hearts desire.

    His singing was great. I really do think it is getting better with age. And lots and lots of banter. Personally, I thought the idiot in front said "Lets give a big Texas WELCOME to Johnny Marr". That is why Moz said it wasn't nice and asked Boz what he thought of it -- the moron fan implying the new band can't play. Remember Moz also said he "has similar sentiments even though he shouldn't" -- meaning I'm sure part of him wouldn't mind playing with Marr again despite all their "differences". They did make great music together.

    Speaking of the band, they were really really good. I do wish Alain was playing with them but the new guy filled in admirably -- plus now Boz gets a bigger role -- and to be honest, how can anyone not like the amiable Bozzer? Dino was unbelievable on drums. He gave the songs an incredible energy. The gong was good :).

    And to all those people who were posting that Moz is fat/pudgy, that is ridiculous. The guy is 45 years old, or whatever, and looks incredibly fit. He has certainly gotten broader and is not the skinny weed from the Smiths but he is still very trim. Oh if we could all look like that at 45!!!

    For those of you at the show, thanks for evening, I enjoyed sharing it with you.

    I already can't wait for the next/album tour -- hopefuly it won't be 7 years.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 28 2004, @07:13AM (#133738)
    • Re:Good show. by cat woman (Score:1) Thursday October 28 2004, @10:37AM
      • Re:Good show. by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday October 28 2004, @12:55PM
        • Re:Good show. by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday October 29 2004, @04:17AM
  • Anyone else slightly saddened that Moz made no mention of the late, great John Peel at his first show since John's untimely death? He must have heard about it, and I doubt even Moz would deny that his career would have been much harder to kick-start had it not been for the great man's patronage in the early days of The Smiths.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 28 2004, @07:20AM (#133740)
  • here:

    Morrissey still wanly elegant

    By Cary Darling

    Star-Telegram Pop Culture Critic

    There was a moment during the encore at Morrissey's concert Wednesday at the Will Rogers Auditorium in Fort Worth that was so absolutely, devoutly Morrissey it almost veered into parody.

    While the British singer, the mack daddy of mope, sang the wanly elegant There Is a Light That Never Goes Out, male and female fans -- with the crowd singing along to the chorus of "To die by your side, the pleasure, the privilege is mine"-- played gentle tackle with security just to get a hug, a kiss or a touch from their idol.

    The topper came when someone handed the singer a Mexican flag, eliciting a roar of applause from the crowd. In recent years, the British singer -- who developed a loving, loyal following in the '80s with the Smiths -- has found a new fan base among young Latinos. So it was all there, the old and new Morrissey in one aging but still dapper package.

    Performing songs from various parts of his career, including his "grotesque past" as he termed it, Morrissey and his five-piece backing band offered few surprises but played energetically. Opening with the old Smiths chestnut How Soon Is Now, he moved into songs from his new disc, You Are the Quarry, such as I Like You and The World Is Full of Crashing Bores.

    While his band was solid, it still seems something is missing without guitarist Johnny Marr -- Morrissey's partner in the Smiths -- by his side. But after a die-hard fan in the crowd said something nasty about Marr and Morrissey responded, "I do understand the sentiment," any Smiths fan nurturing the dream of seeing them ever together again had to be disappointed.

    Irish folk singer Damien Dempsey opened with a heartfelt, 25-minute set that ended with a song that seemed to sum up his philosophy: Love Yourself OK.

    GRADE: B+
    morbid_orphan -- Thursday October 28 2004, @08:39AM (#133763)
    (User #10245 Info |
    send us home..kiss our cheeks..nobody loves us.
  • What he has not play SUEDEHEAD? C'mon last time for the largest city in TEXAS!!! Can't wait!!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 28 2004, @09:28AM (#133775)
  • The band and Moz sounded amazing. The best I've ever heard at a Moz show.

    Moz seemed a little grumpy. I thought the idiot's comment about "a big Texas fuck you to Johnny Marr" was beyond moronic. I felt like Moz was reacting to some of this. At one point (I believe he was talking about Bush) he said to someone in the crowd "I don't mean to take you away from your conversation" When he gave the mic to someone else in the crowd they said "How're you doing?" he instantly said "Sorry, my friend. That's not original enough"

    Mike Farrell is a wonderful addition to the band. He really helped songs like "Everyday is Like Sunday" improve ten folds from the 2002 tour. The use of all the samples was great.

    "Shoplifters" fucking killed!! It's giving me goosebumps right now thinking about it.

    They didn't play "You Know I Couldn't Last" (which was on the setlist). There was a discussion between Moz and the band before "Last Night" which I imagine involved him telling them to axe it. I felt like this was probably because of the sour mood Moz seemed to be in.

    Seeing the stage invaders during "There Is A Light" was beautiful..and the crowd's reaction when Moz was waving the Mexican flag was heartwarming. I was happy to see the song end properly as well! It brought a tear to my eye (which it usually does).

    All in all, it was a great show. I hope I get another chance to see him and that these psuedo-goodbyes are just a passing thought.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 28 2004, @09:51AM (#133788)
  • Anyone catch what Boz said in responce to that? I couldn't hear. I only know that Moz said "That was sort of cheesy" in response to Boz.
    LeBlanc -- Thursday October 28 2004, @11:12AM (#133842)
    (User #8971 Info |
  • i've listened to morrissey since kinder and i finally got to see him live!!!! the best show i have ever been to. he is such a great performer!!!!!

    "fort are the quarry"
    morrisseyxXxhavok <[email protected]> -- Thursday October 28 2004, @11:26AM (#133857)
    (User #12187 Info |
    the songs that saved your life
  • Anyone know what was being played over the PA prior to the opening act?
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 28 2004, @11:31AM (#133863)
  • Well my Ft. Worth brothers and sisters, it looks like we made the cut and should even be more grateful that we were able to see true greatness at the "Ginger" Rogers Auditorium on Wednesday night, Oct. 27th. As you have probably already found out, the Man himself has cancelled his Houston and Austin shows scheduled for the 28th and 29th of October respectively. I trully feel for our relatives in those two cities, especially since it is being reported no makeup dates are in the plans. It had been 12 years since his last visit, and fortunately we don't have to say that anymore. This recent concert venue he played in Ft. Worth at the Will Rogers Auditorium was much better than the previous shows at Starplex in '91, and Reunion Arena in '92. And if you remember, we were not graced with any Smiths tunes back then, and in '04, we got several. And another improvement in '04, he was very talkative to the audience, where as in '91 & '92, he barely said hello. And one more comment, in response to some of Morrissey's banter with the audience, remember when he said something like, If he kept his brain between his legs, he might have more fun, obviously in response to "Such A Little Thing Makes A Big Difference". FT WORTH - YOU ARE THE QUARRY. Thank God he didn't say Dallas, because he would have been technically incorrect.
    Although he did make a reference to the Dallas Cowboys, when he said he had his own version of the football team, as he introduced his bandmates.
    What a night to remember, the pleasure the privilege was mine, to be present with all of you in attendance.
    Exchanging Palare -- Thursday October 28 2004, @01:36PM (#133954)
    (User #12887 Info)
  • is that they have NO history so, therefore, do not UNDERSTAND history. That comment about Johnny Marr is, in my opinion as an English person, apalling. I can guarantee you that no fan in the UK would ever make such a stupid, moronic slanderous comment at a gig, Johnny is still massively respected here, just as much or more than Moz in some cases. My point is that here in the UK, Johnny is acknowledged as part of British music history and an integral part of Morrissey's launch as an artist. For some idiot to put Morrissey in a position like that before the eyes of a whole venue full of fans is also insensitive and, somehow, I feel that Moz made his 'quip' because he felt he had to because that's how he always responds and is probably sad and ashamed of that comment. It certainly made me cringe with embarrasment when I read what he'd said about a guy that he clearly loved/loves and still holds respect for. Typical of psychotic America, you deserve the monkey that you elected as President and I hope Moz cancels every gig there. Shame on you!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 28 2004, @01:57PM (#133977)
  • I am so glad! I decided to go to the Dallas show..
    I was one of the lucky ones who got picked to
    be at the front of the stage. before Moz was to go on were ordered to go around
    and pick females? and escort them to the front of
    the stage.. I couldn't help notice all of us
    were brunettes.. it was a little strange but,
    exciting none the less..but then later.. more
    people were being allowed in the pit.
    the crowd was alive..Moz was alittle sick.. but in good
    spirits.. he looks fit and very handsome.
    as for the guy who made the comment on Marr..
    he did get some boos.. you'd be surprised as to
    how many texas Morrissey fans actually love Johnny Marr.. and yes some of us do know who
    John Peel is.
    when the show ended.. we were handed aftershow passes
    where we were led backstage to meet the guys
    minus.. of course.. Morrissey. Deano gave me
    a copy of the set list and had everyone sign it.
    they brought us wine and we all had a nice time chatting a while. walking back to
    my car as I was leaving the venue.. I noticed gary day in his tour bus
    doing dishes.. and he waved goodbye with washrag
    in hand.. he's adorable.

    good show!

    for those who wanted to know what music was
    being played before/between Damien and Moz..
    it was mostly Jobriath & new york dolls.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 28 2004, @04:39PM (#134129)
  • I know that no cameras were allowed but did anyone manage to take pictures anyway?
    I would especially LOVE the pictures of the last song with the stage "invaders".
    PLEASE, if you took some of those, my email-address is

    [email protected]

    Thank you endlessly!

    The gig was absolutely fantastic. Morrissey had a marvelous voice and the band gets better and better. The only thing that I disliked was that the venue was completely seated and the security really paid attention to keep you at your seat like in prison. But still, it was a wonderful evening. Thanks to all of you fans who went there for the lovely time. I only met nice people!

    And concerning the stage invaders, I think that this is a central part in any Morrissey gig I went to so far and that he appreciates that somehow. At some gigs he even tried to get people on the stage. And in fact, I have never seen anyone entering the stage and behaving in a bad way, being rude or trying to harm him at all.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 28 2004, @04:44PM (#134133)
  • Hi everyone.....I've never posted here before, but I was at the Fort Worth show (my very first Moz concert!) and I thought I'd relate my memory of it.
            In a word...SPECTACULAR!! Of course nothing was on time, "doors open at 6:30" my ass, but hey; those kind of things just build up sweet suspense. They let us in at 7:00, after I'd been standing for ages with my face to the door, peering in and checking my watch at them. I was 3rd person in, and after the mandatory scan with the metal detector, I beelined for the merchandise table. The promoters really gouged our eyes out on that one, didn't they? $30 for a t-shirt! (I bought 3. *Hangs head in shame*) Then I searched out my seat; row J, seat 7... 8 rows from the front (I counted)! I was thrilled, I'd been sure I'd be way back.
          Damien Dempsey came on about 8:00 and did a brief set, just him and his guitar. Moz was right, he does have a great voice! Although his brogue was so thick I could hardly understand him. Nonetheless, I am now a fan. How hilarious when he said to sing along with this "easy" chorus: "I'm never gonna let your negative vibes and comments get through to my psyche and cripple me."!
            Anyway, after Damien, there was about a 45 min. intermission. I noticed that the people in the seats ahead of me had gotten up and moved into empty seats up closer. So, after a few shifty glances at the security guard, I pushed my stuff under the next row and slipped up one seat. There I sat smugly, no more than 30 ft (count them! 30!) from where the Mozzer himself would soon be standing. But soon after that, I realized that several people had gone down into the orchestra pit; I was immediately indignant (how dare they!), and so I asked the girl behind me what was going on. She said her friend had gone down there too; so I decided right then that there's no way they're getting that close to Morrissey without me. So, leaving everything I possibly could (including my shoes; I'd taken them off, as part of an earlier twisted scheme in which I would dash down the aisle, leap round the decrepit-looking security guy, and hurl myself into Moz's arms. And he'd be automatically taken with me, and we'd marry within the week, and go to live in a rambling house with loads of pets, and...I am sorry. I am so sorry.), ANYway, I hurried down into the pit as fast as I could, sidestepping a guy on the ramp down for fear he'd take the good spot, and got in place 1 spot away from the stage. There was a photographer in front of me, but he moved after a few and I craftily maneuvered my way into his spot (I stood on 1 foot, and used the other and my arm to block with). So I was standing with both arms on the stage, about a foot and a half from the left amp.
        Then the lights dimmed, and everyone SCREAMED! Such a noise I've never heard. But I screamed too when the band filed out, followed by -I could hardly believe it- MORRISSEY. Oh my, my, my is he ever gorgeous. Exactly like the pictures. *sighs happily* Like I've been saying all day long to anyone who'll listen and everyone who won't, "He was beautiful, absolutely beautiful."
        What is it about a Moz concert that makes us all go so insane? It's like you check your brain at the door. Everytime he passed along the front, there was this sea of hands reaching frantically for him. Jealousy consumed me when he stopped at the middle first; but soon enough he came my way, and as soon as that sweet sweet hand came near I latched on with both of mine. Poor Moz. He had to pull himself free; his hand was sweaty so that did help him slip out of my leech-like grasp. But he paused then next to me, so of course I grabbed him again ("the world may be ending, but look, I'm only human"), and kissing the fingertips of my free hand, managed to plant a "kiss" on his palm. I touched his hand so many times I've really lost count. But one time definitely stands was when he came over and was questioning which, oh, which hand should
    Anonymous -- Friday October 29 2004, @03:10AM (#134320)
  • Does anybody where the song "Subway Train" (the intro to "Everyday is like Sunday") came from (ie. who originally performed it and on which album)? I've never heard it before, and I don't think it was a B-side or anything. Just curious. Thanks!
    snackzilla -- Friday October 29 2004, @01:45PM (#134540)
    (User #12926 Info)
  • Tx. (Score:2, Informative)

    Ok.... so just woke up after getting home early this morning from a very long drive back to LA from Houston. We drove straight to Houston from Fort Worth right after the show Wed, slept for a few hours, and went to the Houston venue at about 9:00am. We were then asked by someone whom came out front(from the crew I think) if we were there for the Morrissey show. We said yes, and he then informed us it was cancelled. We looked at each other in disbelief for about 3 whole seconds, and walked round back where the tour buses were to ask Arturo or whatever if it were true, and he informed us, it was indeed true, as well as Austin being cancelled. They were loading the buses up, and he said they were driving back to LA right away. We milled about in our depression for about half an hour, ate some food, and left the venue for the long, hard road home. I had just been from some of the previous shows, but for my friends I met up with in Tx., Ft Worth was the first in a while, so I felt really bad for them. On to the show....

              This show in Ft Worth was really amazing. One of the best shows I have ever seen IMO. I don't know exactly why, but it was just one of those shows where you could just feel it, and you could tell everyone around you could feel it, and Moz was great. I was worried befroe the show, because a prior night in Miami, he mentioned having layed down in a field in Louisville, and was ended up feeling kind of snotty. I was honestly expecting a sick call here in Ft Worth, but he did not let down. If he was feeling kind of bad, it did not show in his performance. It did show when he hacked a big cough right over our heads. There was no barrier in the pit, so were resting out upper bodies litteraly on the stage. His mic cord got caught on my hand a few times, and would sometimes get caught on a piece of the monitor up front. Nobody would come over to free it, so I had to do it twice. That's how close we were. We had seated tickets in the pit, which consisted of two rows of temporary chairs. There were actually only 32 seats in the whole pit. We were worried that that might be sad for him when he came out if there were only one row of people up at the stage, so I was actually kind of relieved when they started letting people form the seats go into the pit before he came on. I had already walked up to my spot, so I did not care. The energy would not have been the same with only 30 people in the front. The lights went out, and you already know the rest...

                The sound was actually much better than I expected, being the way the venue looked inside, but what a show. He came over to our side a lot, and was literally standing close enough for to touch his shoes if we had wanted to, and we could see every expression, and mark of razor burn on the side of his face. The setlist was nothing new, but still perfect nonetheless. Now My Heart Is Full was breathtaking, and Shoplifters was brilliant as usual. I thought the fuck you to J Marr comment was in pretty bad taste, and pretty embarrasing. The look on Moz's face was priceless, like he was saing "Oh my, did he actually say that...?" He changed shirts three times, but actually only threw one out, and from where I was, it looked like the guy cuaght the whole thing intact, and due to the fact it was seated, did not get attacked too bad. I may be wrong though.... The only negative thing was that moz looked pretty irritated at points in show because there were a lot of people screaming and yelling stuff really loud at him inbetween songs. He mentioned this a few times. Maybe he had a headache?

              I was extreemely surprised that nobody had invaded the stage, even though there was no barrier. It seemd almost out of place. The crowd was really into the show, but there were no attempts until TIALTNGO. I was toying with the idea, just because it was so easy, but kept it controlled until the end. I was
    Sharron Needles -- Saturday October 30 2004, @01:06PM (#134759)
    (User #762 Info)
    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday

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