posted by davidt on Monday October 25 2004, @08:00PM
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Set List:

Shakespeare's Sister / Jack The Ripper / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / Rubber Ring / I Have Forgiven Jesus / Now My Heart Is Full / I'm Not Sorry / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / How Soon Is Now? / The Never Played Symphonies / November Spawned A Monster / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Let Me Kiss You / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • It's already after 1AM, and there hasn't been a single comment!
    Anonymous -- Monday October 25 2004, @10:06PM (#133110)
  • Where is everyone?
    Anonymous -- Monday October 25 2004, @10:08PM (#133111)
  • Is Morrissey OK ???
    Did the concert even happen ???
    Did you all get invited backstage and stayed there till 6am ???

    Let us know
    Anonymous -- Monday October 25 2004, @10:31PM (#133113)
  • chloe sevigny was there...
    Anonymous -- Monday October 25 2004, @11:07PM (#133116)
  • ... and Moz is looking awfully fat. I asked one of the security guys about backstage and he said Mozzer is the only artist he's ever seen who's demands include "nachos w/jalapenos" which i suppose would account for it. He did play "the more you ignore me..." as if anyone really could! Charming man, though, even if tubby.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 25 2004, @11:35PM (#133118)
  • On this Leg of the tour

    Many of you missed out on this one
    Please Moz Put it back on your setlist.
    tenderliz -- Tuesday October 26 2004, @12:33AM (#133126)
    (User #11301 Info)
  • Not my words, but the words of a review by EVELYN McDONNELL - [email protected]. I believe she writes for that world class publication called the miami Herald. Here is the review anyway. "For a sorry sod, Morrissey doesn't lack self-esteem. Repeatedly flattering himself in between-song banter, the king of British mope rock played before a giant ''Morrissey'' sign Sunday at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach. Made up of red lightbulbs, the Vegas-style marquee was an homage, equal parts ironic and sincere, to an Elvis Presley album cover. Vegas was a recurring theme of this first concert in his two-night stand, from the dinner jacket Stephen Patrick Morrissey took the stage in to the song that played over the P.A. after the final curtain: Frank Sinatra's My Way. Presley and Sinatra are the two poles the singer gravitates between: the rebel rocker and the classy crooner. The older the former Smiths frontman gets, the closer he gets to Vegas, literally: The Irish Londoner recently moved to California. Moxie was in full supply for Moz, as he's called, but so was misery. Before he came on, an announcer ''warmed up'' the crowd with a list of unpleasantries intoned over whirring instruments: ''lost keys . . . loneliness . . . cancer . . . hunger.'' All right, let's get the show started! Which Morrissey did, stellarly, with an absolutely life-affirming version of the old Smiths anthem How Soon Is Now? With its portrayal of life after nightlife, that song helped cement Morrissey's role as the lonely-hearts spokesman for a generation that came of age in discos and clubs: introverts, nellies, gays, the boys and girls next door. ''I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does,'' Morrissey sang, and, of course, 2,000 fans, young and old, sang along. Misery loves company, and Morrissey has built a quasi-cultish following with his over-the-top angst. The minute the lights dimmed, fans rushed past the Gleason's genial suited ushers to the front of the stage, where they remained for 90 minutes. As they have since the 1980s, fans clambered on stage to embrace their bushy-browed, duck-tailed hero -- first the women, then the men. Before the term was a catchphrase, Morrissey was the paradigmatic metrosexual. He famously used to describe himself as a celibate bisexual, but perhaps more than ever, he plays the role of a very affected drama queen. ''Come Armageddon,'' he sang Sunday, as well as How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?, a song from his spring release You Are the Quarry. Moz played a few songs from that surprisingly politically charged CD, his first album in seven years, except he kept referring to it as The Same Old S.O.S. He also played several Smiths songs, although he said, ''I've been trying rather desperately to run away from the past.'' One part of his past he should run to is an old bandmate, guitarist Johnny Marr, whose fretwork was sorely missed Sunday. Morrissey's five-piece band, all coiffed like their leader, were able but not compelling. Though the gong was a nice touch. Morrissey labelmate Damien Dempsey opened with Irish folk songs that never rose above the coffeehouse, open-mike level. With his flat-top hairdo and acoustic guitar, he bore a striking resemblance to Phranc, the self-proclaimed ''Jewish lesbian folksinger'' who opened for a Smiths tour almost two decades ago. The more things change . . ."
    Quentin <[email protected]> -- Tuesday October 26 2004, @01:43AM (#133131)
    (User #12258 Info)
  • not in correct order

    shakespear's sister
    how soon is now?
    i have forgiven jesus
    how could anybody know how i feel
    the never played symphonies
    i'm not sorry
    don't make fun of daddy's voice
    rubber ring
    let me kiss you
    i know it's gonna happen someday
    now my heart is full
    the more you ignore me
    last night i dreamnt
    such a little thing
    there is a light that never goes out

    no 'irish', 'first of the gang', or 'bigmouth'
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 26 2004, @02:01AM (#133135)
  • If he keeps How soon is now, Bigmouth, Last night and There is a light until Nov. 22 in Paris, I will be the most satisfied fan in this galaxy. I will travel more than 3000 km to see him there because he doesn’t play in my country this year.
    Argyris_Kravaritis -- Tuesday October 26 2004, @06:18AM (#133171)
    (User #3786 Info |
    The only thing that I know is that I don't know anything...Socrates
  • I am so sorry to hear this sad news. He will be truely missed by 1000's.,11711,1336387,00.html
    Quentin <[email protected]> -- Tuesday October 26 2004, @07:07AM (#133174)
    (User #12258 Info)
  • Does anyone remember the name of the town in Pennsylvania that Moz claimed to have spent last night sleeping in an open field? This was when he was apologising for being "a bit snotty" i.e. congested.

    Also, Moz was talking about the venue not being full capacity. He said, "I'm sure there must be a hundred reasons..." and then the person next to me asked me something, and I didn't catch the rest of what The Man said.

    Wasn't it cute when he recited the lyrics to The Golden Girls theme song? Oh, such a strange and wonderful man...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 26 2004, @08:56AM (#133201)
  • Shakespeare's Sister
    Jack The Ripper
    Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice
    I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday
    Rubber Ring
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    Now My Heart Is Full
    I'm Not Sorry
    How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
    The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
    How Soon Is Now
    The Never Played Symphonies
    November Spawned A Monster
    Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
    Let Me Kiss You
    Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    40Shades -- Tuesday October 26 2004, @09:54AM (#133219)
    (User #12849 Info)
  • Firstly, to any of you sad sods who are calling Morrissey fat, did you even see him. I've seen him several times this tour and it is clear that he is looking thin, healthy, and remarkably well. You cannot see one ounce of fat on him. Why? Because there is none. Even if he was fat (which he is not), who are you people to judge anybody. What do you care if he was fat; you superficial pretend fans make me ill.
    Secondly, I see so many of you obsessing over his appearance and his politics, and so little over his music and his performance which is what one would think should have been of more importance after one of his brilliant concerts.
    Kate2828 -- Tuesday October 26 2004, @10:30AM (#133231)
    (User #12664 Info |
  • Well, after being a devout Moz fan for ten years plus, I finally had the opportunity to see him live, up close and personal...and.. .twice luckily! And of course he lived up to every expectation... What a showman, consummate performer... He still can hold a tune even at his grayer elder state... On Sunday, I thought he seemed a bit saucy. He stumbled on stage for a moment, but still put on a classic show. Telling “Julia “ “It can go either way” On Monday, even better. Still I was curious for those of you that were there for both shows. I know it's not fair to compare... But which show do you think was the best? Myself, I was pleasantly surprised by the first few numbers from Monday... I mean Shakespeare's Sister and Jack the Ripper back to back!!!!! I couldn't have asked for anything better. I didn't know Moz was playing either of those songs on this tour!! And I loved I know It's Going to happen, and of course Rubber Ring...From YATQ I'm Not Sorry was definitely a show stopper .. Now, don't get me wrong. I thought How Soon is Now was a magnificent start to Sunday, but I kind of expected it ... All in all I am ecstatic that I went to both shows. Definitely a performance that I will cherish to my grave..... Alexissleeping
    Alexissleeping -- Tuesday October 26 2004, @11:27AM (#133246)
    (User #12837 Info)
  • An excellent show. I'm not complaining, but I don't know how Miami ended up getting two shows - the upper Mezzanine was probably 90% empty for Monday night. When the lights started going down the ushers even came around and encouraged everyone to move downstairs if they wished. We stayed put and had a row to ourselves, center stage.

    Morrissey was sweating profusely from the beginning and changed shirts four or five times... he played about an hour and twenty-five minutes. I forget which song it was, but at one point he started rolling around on the floor with his legs up in the air! Hilarious, over-the-top... An interesting set list; just could've used a couple more numbers in my opinion, but the new material sounded decent... No "Shoplifters" as in the previous shows... "How Soon is Now" was near-majestic. Tight band, but doesn't move around much. Moz did look a teeny bit "pudgy", but in pretty good condition. He poked some fun at the whole Jackie Gleason "Honeymooners" thing as he was playing in the Jackie Gleason Theater... now that was a FAT dude.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 26 2004, @11:44AM (#133250)
  • Tickets are still available for the Vegas show. Does this mean it might be canceled ifnot enough are sold?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 26 2004, @11:46AM (#133252)
  • Based on info from a friend, Bush made an appearance in Jacksonville, FL over the weekend at a rally where free signs were being distributed bearing the catchphrase "VIVA BUSH". I thought it was kinda funny at first, but now I feel distressed. Anyone else?
    girlwiththethorn -- Tuesday October 26 2004, @06:45PM (#133325)
    (User #12773 Info)
    So, in my bedroom in those 'ugly new houses' I danced my legs down to the knees
  • who is this julia girl moz get speaking to...
    does she travel to all the shows..?

    also jack the ripper was only a few lines.. on the second night..

    would have loved to hear a hairdresser on fire..
    snizzmozbag -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @06:35AM (#133383)
    (User #12856 Info)
    • Re:miami shows by 40Shades (Score:1) Wednesday October 27 2004, @12:19PM
  • And less than I will tomorrow.
    I know, sad old cliche, but none the less true.
    Can't be here, there and everywhere...only wish I could.
    I, unfortuntely have not yet inherited a fortune, when I do, you'll be the first to know.
    Love you regardless...from some insignificant soul.
    Ah, maybe in the next world?
    You think there may be one?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @05:00PM (#133543)
  • The concert on Sunday night was awesome. The sound, especially his voice and song selection, were great. There was only one thing that bothered me. I am an avid fan that has been following the Smiths since 1984 and Morrissey solo since the greatest band ever to come out of England broke up. I saw the Smiths live twice back in 1986 and Mozzer Solo live 3 times in 1991 and one time each in 1995 and 1997. He never came to Florida in 2000 or 2002 so I never got to see those tours, but I have all the live DVD AND CD Bootlegs from those tours. Replacing Johnny Marr is an impossibility,but When Morrissey recruited Alain Whyte and Boz for the 1991 tour, the music got much better. The music written by Alain is great. Now remember, the Smiths were great because of Morrissey’s lyrical genius and Johnny Marr’s guitar driven arpeggios. When I saw them live it blew away all of their albums because they were the tightest live band you will ever see. Now if you listen to the tightness of “Beethoven Was Deaf” the live Moz album it is because of Alain playing awesome lead guitar with Boz playing rhythm. I have heard every Smiths live bootleg and Moz bootleg and that, folks, is the best Moz Solo concert I’ve heard. So, if you don’t have it, run and get it. What I am getting at is that every band Johnny Marr has left he has had to be replaced with 2 new guitarists. Boz and Alain replaced him after the Smiths and when Johnny left theThe he was replaced with 2 other guitarists. theThe live with Johnny Marr was unbelievable to see, but when theThe toured with 2 other two guitarists after Johnny left, it was awful. Anyway, my point is, where is Alain Whyte and if he is sick, why so long. It has been months? Unless it is a substance abuse, Hepatitis, or some other kind of serious illness or problem, where is he? What ever it is I hope is going to be OK. To think they could replace him with this other person, who looked all of 12 years old, is beyond me.A Johnny Marr comes once every 100 years but Alain was doing great who is this kid,who was adequate at best! I don’t even know his name because it is not worth knowing. He was average at best and , a Morrissey concert can’t have a lead guitar player with average skills, because the music is guitar driven. Going to see Morrissey is also very much about the music. I don’t know why Boz didn’t play lead and this kid play rhythm, especially on the Smiths tunes. Most importantly, “How Soon is Now”… The whole Riff to that song live, the last 2 nights was programmed, nobody is playing it. Look at that kid playing lead when that song is being played and I don’t know what he is doing but he is not playing what is coming out of those speakers. When Johnny Marr played that song live he played the whole riff and just used a foot pedal for what Boz was making a big deal at the concert on the one chord. If you know Moz live with Alain or are Familiar with “Beethoven is Deaf” listen to the difference. Also, one other note, hearing “Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me” live was amazing, but the 2 minute intro on piano that really gives the drama to that great song is cut down to ten seconds. That to me is killing a song,and unacceptible. Would Led Zepplin edit down the intro to “Stairway to Heaven” because it’s too long?
                Leave the music alone. For me a diehard fan of Morrissey and also his music this bothered me.I guess when he sings "THE TEENAGERS WHO LOVE YOU WILL WAKE UP YAWN AND KILL YOU".Thats me I guess. "THERE SPEAKS A TRUE FRIEND", and that’s just the way it goes. I Thought for sure Alain would have been back by now for my 2 shows in Miami but I guess he is very ill . If anyone has any insight on what the deal is with Alain it would be greatly appreciated? The Live boots of the first leg of the tour when Alain is playing with the band is awesome!
    When its all said and done the concert was a (B+) and Morrissey’s voice was an (A+), the band was a (B-),the song selection the first night was a (B+) and the second night was an (A). Most notably "SHAKESPEAR
    DICKDAVLOS -- Thursday October 28 2004, @06:28AM (#133726)
    (User #12859 Info)

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