posted by davidt on Sunday October 24 2004, @08:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / I Like You / Bigmouth Strikes Again / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / The Never Played Symphonies / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Let Me Kiss You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / You Know I Couldn't Last // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • Morrissey is tortured by his past instead of embracing it, sad.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 24 2004, @08:21PM (#132888)
  • Don't let Jeb Bush rob you of your votes... Vote Kerry and put this country back on track. George Bush and Dick Cheney have made a mess of the last four years.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 24 2004, @08:23PM (#132889)
  • Well I just got back from miami. How soon is now, bigmouth, shoplifters, there is a light,plus most of yatq an fun b-sides, and old faves.

    I am exhausted but got on stage clear and easy,shook hands and left gracefully with a guiding hand from a pretty considerate security guard. Ialso got a nice cheer from a friendly crowd. I got to meet the famous girl from Hulmerist and the channel 4 Documentary.

    At front right of stage with good people. managed 3 handshakes, and gave Him my business card!!!

    Morrissey did a superb job, the band were excellent, props in particular to drummer who Ranked in with the big gong in dramatic fashion. Okay i have driven nearly 700 miles today, i am beat!
    dictatorhall -- Monday October 25 2004, @12:17AM (#132910)
    (User #8230 Info)
  • Could someone tell me if "I Like you" is a kicking live song? And it's not likely to be out as a single before Christmas, as well as LMKY, right? Did Morrissey say anything last night?

    Because he's used flowers as performance enhancers in the past, here’s a tentative exploration of what that might be about that someone might appreciate! It’s from the perspective of a heterosexual male struggling with some risky specifics in his efforts to safeguard mutual pleasures with his woman (but hardly explicit enough for our Beavis n’ Butthead- mimicking comrades in the g. bk. side-show, transfixed as they are on a lurid treadmill of delirious virtual neuro-linguistic excitations – can’t please everyone). However, the article could be an apt metaphor for the mixed messages and confusion around interpreting communications at the personal, as well even as at a stage-audience, level e.g. to befriend or/(and) to discourage. About those subtle influential languages between ‘language’ etc – dictionaries not normally provided! About knowing your media, maybe? It’s from last Saturday’s “Irish Times” Newspaper ( ) so pl. excuse any parochialism (even though the local chaotically composes the global, say more really Big Big-noses). “The Last Straw” column is written by the affable Frank McNally.

    “Beware of the Dog Rose”
    A while ago, the Irish Times Magazine had a feature about “the language of flowers”, accompanied by a glossary of symbolic meanings. Blue violets represented “faithfulness”; lavender signified “distrust”; red carnations meant “alas for my poor heart”, etc. And as an occasional flower purchaser of the male gender, I read this with a certain amount of what the mandrake plant apparently symbolizes: “horror”. Like many men who dropped out of emotional vocabulary class early, I had often taken the horticultural sector’s self-serving advice: “Say it with flowers”. Now I found myself wondering what the hell I’d said.

    Throughout my years of flower-buying, I’d been like a tourist in a dangerous country using a Berlitz phrase-book without the English translations. When I hoped I was asking “where is the nearest post office?” I may instead have blurted: “Stand back! I have a bomb!”

    If the glossary was accurate, the mind boggled at where certain flowers could lead your love-life. Take the dog rose, which was said to represent “pleasure and pain”! And not even basic items of fruit were free of significance. You might be safe enough presenting your loved one with a pineapple (meaning “you are perfect”). But it was with some relief I realized I’d never bought any woman a watermelon (“bulkiness”).

    Of course it’s possible these meanings are unknown to most women too. After all, the red carnation is a staple of Irish weddings; and many brides also seem to have missed the symbolism of having the service accompanied by the theme song from “Titanic”. But as male readers will agree, you can never be confident that the obscure associations of plant-life will be lost on women; because there’s a whole body of such information, secretly passed down from mothers to daughters, that we know nothing about.

    Here’s one example that is common knowledge. For centuries, no doubt frustrated by their menfolk’s inability to express feelings, women have been known to consult daisies (“he loves me, he loves me not”) for insights about their relationships. I rest my case.

    Incidentally, the risks of floral misunderstanding are exacerbated by the Internet. A Google search for “say it with flowers” shows that one of the top-ranked websites is an Italian florists’ chain exporting to 100 countries. Obviously a successful business, this site has an English version, albeit one that was apparently translated by computer. In a section on “symbology”, it warns: “Attention also to don’t give a yellow flower to the girlfriend, because it is the symbol of treason”. This is reasonably clear (if alarming), as is the website’s suggestion that men can receive floral tributes, “on condition that it
    goinghome -- Monday October 25 2004, @02:08AM (#132925)
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  • Where is the tracklist..............

    ......oh hang on Florida.
    Of course we need to give Florida and Texas, a little longer to submit, as the breed of american in them two states are even thicker than normal americans.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 25 2004, @06:02AM (#132948)
  • (Not in this order)...

    How soon is now
    Shoplifters of the world
    Bigmouth strikes again
    There is a light
    Last night i dreamt
    Everyday is like Sunday
    Such a little thing
    The more you ignore me
    First of the Gang
    How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
    I Like You
    You Know I Couldn’t Last
    The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    I’m Not Sorry
    The Never-Played Symphonies
    and 2 other recent b-sides.... Someone else will have to fill you in. Figuratively of course.
    dictatorhall -- Monday October 25 2004, @06:19AM (#132952)
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  • Hopefully someone can help me with this. There was a song played last night about 3 songs before the lights dimmed. It had a really hard, industrial dance kind of beat and the vocals were actually very Morrissey-esque. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Great concert, by the way. Also, what was the name of the opening act?
    fallfan -- Monday October 25 2004, @09:14AM (#132989)
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  • State|1|-1|30|0|0|1|0|0|0|51556385|0|0|0|0|0||-8193|0|0|0&p=7
    boukie69 -- Monday October 25 2004, @11:39AM (#133025)
    (User #11913 Info)
  • Miami, 2004!!

    It was such an amazing show! I was disapointed with my seats at the beginning of the concert. We were in rowq BB, in the middle. So when the lights went down, my friend and myself walked casually all the way down to the front! To row 5! As the show went on, we got to the very front, and we shook Morrisseys hand twice.
    As the encore came on, I helped my friend get on stage and she hugged Moz!! It was so great, and so wonderful! Luckily I was able to take the picture above. The guy standing next to me got his camera taken away. So enjoy people!
    After the show, my friend derrick tried climbing one of the trees to get a glimpse of the band in their dressing room, he got a wave from Boz..but Moz wasnt in sight.
    Flunky76 -- Monday October 25 2004, @12:48PM (#133048)
    (User #10333 Info)
  • my first live moz experience was great! i ended up going from 9 rows back to the front, a couple people over from julia. i shook his hand and told him i loved him and he gave me a funny look! it was amazing. i only kick myself for not getting on stage. my only complaint was the price being 60 bucks a ticket, which is why i couldnt go both nights.
    xstillillx -- Monday October 25 2004, @01:40PM (#133058)
    (User #9411 Info)
    wielding a bicycle chain
  • I went to the show last night in Miami...and am going again this was outstanding....I have been listening to Morrissey and the Smiths since was amazing to see him and hear him sing live the music that has become a part of me....
                I feel that pain in his music...his lyrics...he touches that very part of my soul that hurts...when your heart is broken...I am grateful to him....and so again, tonight, at 9pm I will honor him .
    Anonymous -- Monday October 25 2004, @01:41PM (#133059)
  • The most disappointing thing was the people around me. All dummies. Nobody was even singing a song. Especially when Moz was playing YATQ stuff, it was like the cd had never reached a record shop in Miami.

    I went to the concert from Italy. I follow Moz wherever I can, and I must say that the audience, at least the one around me, was a bad surprise.

    I do not expect that people recognize Munich Air Disaster or The Never Played Symphonies. But somehow the world is full of crashing bores. There are ones that never knew the existance of Last Night I sad...

    Looking forward to Earl's Court in December.

    I don't know if it's been said already, but Moz last night sand the words "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" at the end of the song, which he has never sung in almost 20 years. Had he done it already in this US tour?
    Davide -- Monday October 25 2004, @03:30PM (#133080)
    (User #11016 Info)
    Davide -- Tuesday October 26 2004, @11:45AM (#133251)
    (User #11016 Info)
  • The concert on Sunday night was awesome. The sound, especially his voice and song selection, were great. There was only one thing that bothered me. I am an avid fan that has been following the Smiths since 1984 and Morrissey solo since the greatest band ever to come out of England broke up. I saw the Smiths live twice back in 1986 and Mozzer Solo live 3 times in 1991 and one time each in 1995 and 1997. He never came to Florida in 2000 or 2002 so I never got to see those tours, but I have all the live DVD AND CD Bootlegs from those tours. Replacing Johnny Marr is an impossibility,but When Morrissey recruited Alain Whyte and Boz for the 1991 tour, the music got much better. The music written by Alain is great. Now remember, the Smiths were great because of Morrissey’s lyrical genius and Johnny Marr’s guitar driven arpeggios. When I saw them live it blew away all of their albums because they were the tightest live band you will ever see. Now if you listen to the tightness of “Beethoven Was Deaf” the live Moz album it is because of Alain playing awesome lead guitar with Boz playing rhythm. I have heard every Smiths live bootleg and Moz bootleg and that, folks, is the best Moz Solo concert I’ve heard. So, if you don’t have it, run and get it. What I am getting at is that every band Johnny Marr has left he has had to be replaced with 2 new guitarists. Boz and Alain replaced him after the Smiths and when Johnny left theThe he was replaced with 2 other guitarists. theThe live with Johnny Marr was unbelievable to see, but when theThe toured with 2 other two guitarists after Johnny left, it was awful. Anyway, my point is, where is Alain Whyte and if he is sick, why so long. It has been months? Unless it is a substance abuse, Hepatitis, or some other kind of serious illness or problem, where is he? What ever it is I hope is going to be OK. To think they could replace him with this other person, who looked all of 12 years old, is beyond me.A Johnny Marr comes once every 100 years but Alain was doing great who is this kid,who was adequate at best! I don’t even know his name because it is not worth knowing. He was average at best and , a Morrissey concert can’t have a lead guitar player with average skills, because the music is guitar driven. Going to see Morrissey is also very much about the music. I don’t know why Boz didn’t play lead and this kid play rhythm, especially on the Smiths tunes. Most importantly, “How Soon is Now”… The whole Riff to that song live, the last 2 nights was programmed, nobody is playing it. Look at that kid playing lead when that song is being played and I don’t know what he is doing but he is not playing what is coming out of those speakers. When Johnny Marr played that song live he played the whole riff and just used a foot pedal for what Boz was making a big deal at the concert on the one chord. If you know Moz live with Alain or are Familiar with “Beethoven is Deaf” listen to the difference. Also, one other note, hearing “Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me” live was amazing, but the 2 minute intro on piano that really gives the drama to that great song is cut down to ten seconds. That to me is killing a song,and unacceptible. Would Led Zepplin edit down the intro to “Stairway to Heaven” because it’s too long?
                Leave the music alone. For me a diehard fan of Morrissey and also his music this bothered me.I guess when he sings "THE TEENAGERS WHO LOVE YOU WILL WAKE UP YAWN AND KILL YOU".Thats me I guess. "THERE SPEAKS A TRUE FRIEND", and that’s just the way it goes. I Thought for sure Alain would have been back by now for my 2 shows in Miami but I guess he is very ill . If anyone has any insight on what the deal is with Alain it would be greatly appreciated? The Live boots of the first leg of the tour when Alain is playing with the band is awesome!
    When its all said and done the concert was a (B+) and Morrissey’s voice was an (A+), the band was a (B-),the song selection the first night was a (B+) and the second night was an (A). Most notably "SHAKESPEAR
    DICKDAVLOS -- Thursday October 28 2004, @06:11AM (#133723)
    (User #12859 Info)
  • Aaawww - thats the nicest thing I've read all night. I don't have the means or time for that matter. But I still love him too. Role on the Point in December.
    mozrebel <[email protected]> -- Sunday October 24 2004, @08:43PM (#132895)
    (User #12605 Info)
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