posted by davidt on Friday October 22 2004, @08:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / I Like You / Bigmouth Strikes Again / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Now My Heart Is Full / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Rubber Ring / Let Me Kiss You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / How Can Anyone Possible Know How I Feel? / You Know I Couldn't Last // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • There. Said it again!
    Sorry, thousands of miles away from the show.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 22 2004, @08:18PM (#132596)
  • can someone post it and emphasize any surprises?
    Anonymous -- Friday October 22 2004, @08:49PM (#132598)
  • where do i start? most of you have either seen him on the tour or are waiting your turn......tonight was fantastic. he didnt take the stage till around 9:50 and started with How soon is now.....the band sounded really good and their was a pretty full and energetic crowd on hand. I think Morrissey seemed to enjoy this as throughout the night he was very talkative (sp.?) citing julia 2 or three times and even handing over the mic to someone in the crowd to respond to a question. Their was a mad scramble for both of the shirts he tossed out. and only one lucky guy made it on the stage during the encore.
    the set was great. pretty standard for what he has played so far on the tour...morrissey was very vocal about his dislike for G. bush.....also for anyone going to see future shows please respect the people around you. their was a guy wearing a suit in front of a few girls tonight going a little overboard with his dancing and obstructing....sorry had to vent a little. Thank you MOZ
    element -- Friday October 22 2004, @09:02PM (#132601)
    (User #12817 Info)
  • i'm a little sleepy, so i'm only gonna post one tonight, but i'm putting a pic on the forum. go see. go enjoy.
    randynewton -- Friday October 22 2004, @09:42PM (#132608)
    (User #12818 Info)
  • Well, I survived a VERY enjoyable Morrissey concert, the only loss being my hearing, which probably happened somewhere during the first song, "How Soon Is Now?" which was just SHATTERING. I have no clue what those guys did on the guitars but it was the sound of the universe splitting open, like glass chords or something. Beaaaaaaaaaatiful but OUCH after 2 hours I had a whole "WHAT?!" thing going on!

    Anyway, Caleb and I both really, really enjoyed the outing. Moz switched merrily between various phases of his career, so there'd be on from the latest album (You Are The Quarry, which I quite like), then the requisite Smiths, then his own solo work. Just like when I saw him 6 years ago, everything he did, he did with enthusiastic and lots of dramatic, Drama Queen hand gestures and posturing. (He is SUCH a faggot, damnnit, and I love it!) Shoplifters of the World united to sing along with practically every song, there was much hand-waving, Moz touched everybody in the front row several times, and at various points he threw himself down on the stage and was writhing around in dramatic despair. It was fab!

    Oh, and he also got in some nice anti-Bush remarks and urged everybody to vote because "Anybody is better than him -- ever me!" LOL.

    Thought his backing band was good -- he's got I think 3 guitarists, keyboardist, and a drummer, all quite powerful. Caleb thought this one guitarist Jesse was a hottie and after he pointed it out, I'd have to agree.

    Moz's eyebrows were quite bushy and he changed his shirt THREE times, each time throwing it out into the crowd.

    At the very end, during the encore, some fool boy jumped on stage to give him out of those fan-hugs-of-scariness and had to be dragged off, at which point Moz was almost done the song anyway so he just shook his head, finished the last line and let the band carry on with the last chords. Don't blame him since anything like that must be petrifying to a perfomer.

    About the only song I really wish he'd play but didn't was "I Have Forgiven Jesus," which is my fav of his latest, but other than that, got to hear a lot of songs with heavy memories, emotions, and found myself smiling and feeling joyous throughout. So as always, Morrissey does not make me depressed at all, he makes me HAPPY.

    When you say it's gonna happen "now"
    well, when exactly do you mean?
    see I've already waited too long
    and all my hope is gone

    No, my hope is NOT gone!

    - Wendy
    Anonymous -- Friday October 22 2004, @10:48PM (#132612)
  • this was my 2nd time seeing him. he complimented the tabernacle being a lot better than the FOX theater, where he performed here before. the crowd was a lot more enthusiastic this time. i am hoarse from screaming and singing the songs. i can't remember the order of all the songs, except the set list was pretty much all the songs from the previous shows, however, he did "the more you ignore me, the closer i get" -- which was surprising. thank you, morrissey! i can't wait to see you, again! INCREDIBLE SHOW!!
    Anonymous -- Friday October 22 2004, @11:00PM (#132614)
  • Fantastic. I've never seen a Moz show before and am so glad I did. I had a big perma-grin the whole time. Just seeing him do his thing made me laugh with happiness. His attitude is so irresistibly fun to witness. He greeted us by saying, "Atlanta, we are up your ass." Well, bravo! I don't remember the whole set list or much of the order aside from first and last, but here's what I do remember.

    How Soon is Now
    November Spawned A Monster
    I Like You
    Bigmouth Strikes Again
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    You Know I Couldn't Last
    Let Me Kiss You
    Every Day Is Like Sunday
    Shoplifters Of The World Unite
    Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
    The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get
    First of the Gang to Die
    The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    Now My Heart Is Full
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

    There were so many others I pined to hear, but that's how it goes. The crowd got most excited for Bigmouth, I'd say, then Irish Blood - those two really rocked - and then There Is A Light. I thought the funniest line of the night was when he said, "This next song is from You Are The Quarry. It's called.... Hot Dog. No, not really, it's called I Like You." Ha! I thought that was really silly/funny. And I'm fairly certain we determined that this is not Bush country. I think the guy next to me disagreed, however, as he threw something at the stage from our perch in the first balcony to the front row just in front of Moz. I skewered him with a look that said, "If you try that again, I will smash every tooth in your head." Fat jerk. Aside from him, I was really interested to see the crowd. I think we all connect to Morrissey in such a special way that it's easy to assume you'd be very much like his other fans and would automatically be on a more intimate footing with them. I saw all sorts of people, but so many seemed to be of that same humane vibe that I think must be a requisite for appreciation of Morrissey. Lots of hot chicks, too. I wasn't sure if it was going to be a pack of goth-y, swooning, gay guys or what (please pardon my coarse ignorance). That would've been fine, but the hotties were a nice bonus. I also saw a smattering of teen-ish looking people. I wanted to call them out and say, "What are YOU doing here? You can't appreciate the Moz properly! You haven't lived enough!" But I guess they must just be enlightened. Better taste than I had at that age.

    Speaking of the special connection we all have with Morrissey, which we discover because of his lyrics, his wit, his authenticity, his originality, etc., seeing him in person for the first time adds such a new dimension to it. His gestures and expressions manage to reinforce your appreciation for him in a way that is at once a special new treat and yet somehow familiar and reassuring, as if you knew it couldn't be any other way. If you filmed that concert and then watched it with the sound turned off, you'd still be like, "Hell yeah! He's the man!" He's truly communicating with the audience on a physical level at the same time as he's doing it on the vocal level. He says more with the dismissive flip of a hand or the pensive tilt of a head than most people say with a page full of lyrics. And he does it effortlessly, that's what I like so much. It helped me better understand that intangible, indefinable thing that I find irresistible about him. It's like he lives on a higher plane in life, and can look down on its absurdities, its futilities, its unoriginalities, its cruel ironies, its repeating patterns of disappointment and pettiness, and can see them so clearly that it just makes him a little tired. Those of us on ground level have to struggle through these things and sound them out over the course of a life, stumbling around, bumping into walls, but he sees them all at once with a piercing, lucid eye, and can masterfully mock and lament them, or expertly pin them down, define them, lay them bare, and express them. It makes him seem like such a life pro. And it comes
    Eric S -- Friday October 22 2004, @11:57PM (#132616)
    (User #12819 Info)
  • Another rewarding tour highlight then last night, obviously.

    Because songs have lyrics that often resemble/are poetry, and this site’s participants often pays attention to remembering meaningful quotes, some people might like to know about two fantastic poetry anthologies from Bloodaxe Press edited by Niall Astley, the first called “Staying Alive” and the 2nd current volume: “Being Alive”. They have, unusually, become best-sellers. Anyone checked them out? Aren’t their titles like Morrissey’s NME compilation “Songs to save your life”? Nice that he’s generously backing other original musicians, graciously accepting CDs at concerts, and being a jolly good fellow all round – suits you Sir! Still… after all these years – preaching the sing-your-life credo not to ‘leave it all unsaid somewhere in the wasteland of your head’; an art patron of sorts (I was going to say patronizing but that’d be inaccurate, hopefully!) I think Morrissey might be singing many more lives than his own by now, but for others, perhaps one needs somewhere familiar to start; the universe in a grain of sand and so on. Anyway, the personal IS the political, isn’t that what the Big Big-noses say?! Here are two poems from “Being Alive” about how people might be influenced by well-described thoughts and feelings. There’s a mention of seaside towns as well! If I’m being a ‘plagiarising…dippy whore’, then sorry. No harm meant; rather good press. Enjoy.

    This poem is dangerous; it should not be left
    Within the reach of children, or even of adults
    Who might swallow it whole, with possibly
    Undesirable side-effects. If you come across
    An unattended, unidentified poem
    In a public place, do not attempt to tackle it
    Yourself. Send it (preferably, in a sealed container)
    To the nearest center of learning, where it will be rendered
    Harmless, by experts. Even the simplest poem
    May destroy your immunity to human emotions.
    All poems must carry a Government warning. Words
    Can seriously affect your heart.
    - Elma Mitchell

    The skua flew into our heads in 1968 –
    A new kind of poetry, a scavenging predator
    frequently attacking humans,
    flying through the streets of seaside towns,
    foraging with seagulls. This bird
    has few predators. One was found
    in Tasmania, its beak embedded in the skull
    of a spotted quoll, dragged
    into a clearing by devils. They form clubs
    and proclaim their territory
    by various displays and loud aggressive calls;
    they are agile metaphysicians,
    sweeping along lines of projective verse,
    echoing each other’s songs.
    Although the skua breed on Black Mountain
    it is migratory and dispersive, its call
    a series of low quacks and thin whinnying squeals.
    They are omnivorous and critical creatures;
    animal liberationists never mention
    the habits of skua. If you read skua poetry, beware:
    one could fly out from the page
    and change the expression on your face.
      - Robert Adamson
    goinghome -- Saturday October 23 2004, @02:48AM (#132619)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • Will he get to 400 by the end of the year?
    Come on Moz, announce some more dates in Europe or the UK between Nov 22 and Dec 13!
    Johan de Witt <[email protected]> -- Saturday October 23 2004, @07:05AM (#132629)
    (User #4231 Info)
  • So many beautiful people at last nights show. Thank you again to all the first of the gang in line. You made my show besides being right in the front row on the rail in front of Morrissey's mic.

    Angela, you are so wonderful. It was an honor to meet you and hear all of your globe trotting tales. May God protect you and keep you safe as you follow our beloved. I was so happy for you that Moz handed you the mic and spoke directly with you. You will always have a place to stay in Georgia.
    Girlracer, Best of luck in school and thank you for your hard work to get rid of W. Bill, can't wait to see your art. Also continue to explore your faith God is Good. the Florida gang Danny?,Taylor,Brian(don't run away). To the happy couple take care of each other you are meant for each other. Of course Shannon you are number one it was nice to stand next to you on the rail.
    For the chickadoo with the yellow Moz mobile and her body gaurd take care and thank you.
    DJ, tall beauty and the body gaurd take care.

    All of you made the day for me and you were all fascinating and great people.
    Also Dave the manager of the Tabernacle was wonderful and Baldhead thanks for watching my car.
    I will never forget you all.
    Viva Moz
    DAMPARKMAN -- Saturday October 23 2004, @08:37AM (#132639)
    (User #12768 Info)
  • these were the songs played, though after the first few i have the order all mixed up:

    how soon is now?
    the first of the gang to die
    november spawned a monster
    i like you
    bigmouth strikes again
    such a little thing makes a big difference
    everyday is like sunday (a medley with another song?)
    now my heart is full
    let me kiss you
    the more you ignore me...
    rubber ring
    the world is full of crashing bores
    how can anyone possibly know how i fell
    irish blood, english heart
    you know i couldn't last
    there is a light...

    interesting that there's nothing from the Kill Uncle/Your Arsenal period.

    i've no love lost for the Fox theatre, but the Tabernacle, as a music venue, is shit. the sound's way too loud and distorted. nevermind that the place looks like it was painted by an over-zealous high school art class.

    morrissey was great though, and all the 70s glam rock he played over the PA before the show was fantastic. playing Eno's "dead finks don't talk" just before he starts works well b/c of the noise freak-out which ends that track.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 23 2004, @08:52AM (#132641)
    • Re:atlanta gig by DAMPARKMAN (Score:1) Saturday October 23 2004, @10:34AM
  • Hey, somebody mentioned one of the songs on the PA just prior to his entrance. Can anybody name some of the other songs they recognized? There were two or three just towards the end there that I really liked but had never heard. Pretty rocking. Name 'em here if you know 'em.
    Eric S -- Saturday October 23 2004, @09:48AM (#132645)
    (User #12819 Info)
  • Atlanta Moz Pics (Score:2, Informative)

    Okay, Mozaphiles, I've posted some more pics from last night's Tabernacle show on my Web site.


    Oh, and the setlist:

    Tabernacle -- Atlanta
    October 22, 2004

    -How Soon Is Now?
    -The First Of The Gang To Die
    -November Spawned A Monster
    -I Like You
    -Bigmouth Strikes Again
    -Such A Little Thing Makes . . . .
    -Subway?/Everyday Is Like Sunday
    -Now My Heart Is Full
    -Shoplifters Of The World Unite
    -Irish Blood, English Heart
    -Rubber Ring
    -Let Me Kiss You
    -The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    -How Can Anybody Possibly Know . . .
    -You Know I Couldn't Last
    -There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    randynewton -- Saturday October 23 2004, @09:57AM (#132646)
    (User #12818 Info)
  • On the back of something Lori O’ Connor posted a few days ago about a commitment to the integrity of her own song-writing/music-making despite any criticism, I would like to present something by a friend of mine who likes to scribble and rhyme, while I'm on a roll. She’s a Morrissey fan and she’s received a couple of favorable reviews about odds and ends to date. She’s also being going through a hard time that’s unlikely to ease up in the short-term, and wants to put this out there while she can. She wishes this to be one ism ‘thrown his way to stay’ that assures people about his general approach when he ‘started something’. As the saying goes, a good word never broke anyone’s teeth. I think it’s a brave attempt at a complex subject, and nice of her to offer here. ‘Not right in the head’ some would say, a trait common to many geniuses and artists, but then who’s judging the difference and consequences of being challenging or whistle-blowing, depressed or sentient realist, terrorist or freedom-fighter etc etc? Who’s calling the deciding shots, setting the agenda anyway? It matters a lot. Already, as Gary Jules sang last Christmas: it’s a mad world. To end on a lighter off-side note, Bono from U2 (who thanks God for Morrissey) was giving some formal speech to politicians a few months ago, and started with something like: “Please forgive me if I seem a little nervous – I’m not used to communicating with groups of less than 100,000 people!” Funny, I thought.

    An organic conundrum
    In the service of the ‘odd‘:
    Hum his name - Morrissey -
    And honour this phenomenon.

    Contemporary quality
    Of split self in exile;
    A mosaic of mirrors
    Glued with rear autonomy.

    Existential processor,
    Outputting fresh data,
    Sorted in the presence
    Of a camouflaged professor.

    The concentrate distilled,
    Filtered through a mind
    Representing humankind,
    Precipitates, when swilled: -

    Metaphors and aspirations;
    Good company; art;
    Clear accounts and dance-music;
    Joyous, live sensations;

    And specially, illumination
    Of passing potentials;
    Glimpses of alternatives,
    And pause for contemplation.
    goinghome -- Saturday October 23 2004, @11:45AM (#132660)
    (User #12673 Info)
    • Goinghome, by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday October 24 2004, @03:25AM
      • Re: sent home by goinghome (Score:1) Sunday October 24 2004, @12:24PM
  • There was a real and genuine sense of appreciation of the audience exhibited by Morrissey and his band...from the bow together to begin the show to the bow that ended it, to the too-numerous-bows-to-count from Morrissey throughout the show...these are very contrite people who know where their fame lies.

    Morrissey, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Mick Jagger, possibly 1980's Michael Jackson...these are the greatest live performers, IMHO, throughout music history...Morrissey qualifies. In the last few years, having seen Belle & Sebastian, Trashcan Sinatras, Luna, R.E.M., The Church, Frank Black, U2, and others, truly, none of them can captivate an audience like Morrissey. The music behind him is very doubt about it. But it's definitely not great, breaking new ground, say, a la Smiths. However, Morrissey's persona on stage mixed between his voice/expressions/movements/dialogue, etc. set him apart. He's such an honest, honest performer, that he re-inforces how hard everyone is working out here to get ahead... I don't know why, but throughout the show, I kept calling to mind how this guy has truly "made it" from low/middle class beginnings to stardom through nothing more than hard work and remaining true to himself... Morrissey's success story helps to reduce cynnicism.

    The first shirt was thrown in the audience and about 12 people had their hands on it...the girlfriend or wife of one of the people tugging had the good idea to use her keys as a knife to begin to shear the worked, and once it ripped, it somehow, through momentum, I guess, made its way directly in front of my wife and, I grabbed a handful, the girl used her key, and the next thing I knew, I was holding an 8inch by 8inch square of Morrissey's first shirt! My wife looked at me like, "Um, I'm glad you didn't dive in for it, but, aren't we past the point where part of Mozzer's shirt is cool?" I replied to her expression with, "I'm only keeping this because this is the part of the shirt that touched his scrotum."

    To which, she smiled.

    The Christian in me holding me back from being too judgemental to the incredibly fat, stinky, short-bus riding girls that were dancing off rythym and barging into people, namingly my tiny wife. I can tell that they were happy to be there, but so is at concerts, please show respect for those around you. There is no justification for the physicality that takes place at these concerts. None.

    To Morrissey's Bush comments: predictable, ignorant, and easy to a partisan crowd. He can't vote, so I don't really care. He shut up and sang more than he preached, so it wasn't too bothersome.

    Lastly, for a 45 yr old man, Morrissey looked amazing... Looking very hard, I still did not see one motion or hint of homosexual in his routine, so to those that say you can tell by watching him, I've been watching him for over 16 years and have scarcely seen a homosexual tendency. I'm sure he's gay, but he doesn't perform gay.
    dewdrop -- Saturday October 23 2004, @12:07PM (#132662)
    (User #2326 Info)
  • I had a great time! I got to the venue @ about 7am and slept in my car for a bit.Then went to find my hotel and got totally lost then came back and stood all day! I did have difficulty getting in due to a faulty ticket scanner but I made it up front, fought for the first shirt and came up with an entire right sleeve.So all in all it was amazing 3
    morrisseyxcore -- Saturday October 23 2004, @12:18PM (#132663)
    (User #12823 Info)
    • Re:Im worn out! by helloiamthegirlracer (Score:1) Saturday October 23 2004, @12:35PM
      • Re:Im worn out! by morrisseyxcore (Score:1) Saturday October 23 2004, @12:42PM
  • This is how you spell jewellery, centre, rumour,
    curious, mcdonimables, kentucky dried chickens (persecuted during their extremely short life span so they could be placed in some abominable breadcrumbs for your fat asses to consume)
    We gave you the language.
    Please respect our wishes.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 23 2004, @12:47PM (#132671)
  • hey everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone had any boots from this tour. Specifically the Toronto show. If not then any are fine. let me know. trade / sale.
    fitztomoz -- Saturday October 23 2004, @12:49PM (#132672)
    (User #10667 Info)
  • This is how you spell -
    Kentucky dried chicken = A very young fowl who was persecuted before death and then coated in some unsavoury breadcrumbs to fill your overfilled stomachs.

    We gave you the language.
    Please don't abuse it, like you have everything else in the world.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 23 2004, @01:03PM (#132675)
  • Hi, not related to this show, but excatly how is this working for the KROQ makeup show? Doors open at what time, what time does he play, and will our original seats be honored? Thank you to anyone who helps.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 23 2004, @01:57PM (#132684)
  • you're missing The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get from the set list
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 23 2004, @02:21PM (#132690)
  • I don't understand why it has to get nasty in here, whether over politics or spelling or whatever else. Morrissey did bring up politics, and I know not everyone agrees with him, but it's pointless to argue about it here. Has anyone ever changed their mind about politics after having been cursed at in an online discussion forum? Don't let yourself get drawn into these baited traps. When someone's ugly in here, just let it go. You think you'll score some points by striking back at them, but you'll just make it worse and make yourself unnecessarily angry. Restraint is not as satisfying as revenge or venting, but ultimately yields better results. Let's talk Moz.
    Eric S -- Saturday October 23 2004, @03:16PM (#132695)
    (User #12819 Info)
  • Hey. This was my first Morrissey concert and it was AMAZING. More than I ever expected it to be (and I had very high expectations ;)) I met some cool people, too. Todd and Katie, I believe. The only problem was a couple of people in the front who were actually elbowing people for bumping into them, I thought that was ridiculous. If you're too old to be in the front/middle of the pit, don't take it out on the young people who want to enjoy the show by starting fights.
    Travis -- Saturday October 23 2004, @04:46PM (#132712)
    (User #12824 Info)
  • I have learnt a very hard lesson in life.
    Unfortunately Mr Morrissey is unatainable, he is an actor, performer, singer, whatever you want to term him. Please, please, do not believe any fantastical thoughts. He is doing the same thing almost everyday, to somebody else...believe me..that is how this business works..if you thought for one moment he looked at you in a certain way, or showed you more affection than what was required, it has happened to hundreds of others. He is as performer at the end of the day.
    He is paid to "sing" and pick someone out of the crowd to sing to on that occasion, it happens week in week out. It really means nothing to him.
    Please don't break your heart about this.
    I have been there, still not quite through it.
    but getting really have to realise, in his world..."you are not special". Basically, to put it bluntly, "He doesn't give a shit". You pay for his luxuries, and he makes a different woman/man feel special each night.

    He is an act...folks...get real!!!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 23 2004, @07:01PM (#132725)
  • So you see sterotypes exist everywhere and to the person who claims " Why can't Americans spell properly," watch your racial comments because there are just as many nasty comments that one can make about Europeans.
    There are many skinny vegetarian Americans, such as myself who speak proper English.

    On another note, I feel very sorry that Americans have been given a very bad name indeed due to this president we have. If you are not American please don't hold the existence of the Bush administration against us. He cheated his way into the presidency. He is an evil, evil man who sent hundreds of innocent people to their death, while ruining the economy along the way and pushing his radical Christian ideals onto people.
    Yes this is a Moz board but the topic was raised and I am addressing it.

    Anonymous -- Saturday October 23 2004, @11:15PM (#132737)
  • I know how important this election is but I think we've got to a stage where anyone using this site to slag or back slap either Bush or Kerry should be moderated down (not exactly twenty lashes I know) or restrain themselves.

    Granted Morrissey mentions how much he admires Bush quite a lot on stage but unless the posts here are in direct relation to something Moz has said, it's boring to read people's opions here.

    Also, it's causing a lot of ill feeling to bubble up, turning this (the best fan site in the world) into a rather unpleasant place to take a stroll in after dark.

    Can't we just discuss Morrissey's arse or something?
  • I can hardly believe that I now hold in my possession, a piece of Morrissey's sweaty, cologne-soaked light blue button-up shirt from the third portion of the set-list he played. When he tossed the shirt into the crowd, I knew it was headed straight towards my general vicinity and I was most likely about to witness a mad rush of people and tug of war unlike any other, and boy howdy, was I right. It landed literally right into my outstretched hands, along with the hands of my fiance's and several others, where everyone proceeded to rip, tug and pull as if the shirt was the rope that held the only hope of saving them from drowning. After getting away from the main group of people, we tried as best we could to politely divide the shirt, as we are all deserving and loyal fans, so that each of us could walk away with a piece. Unfortunately, there was a Spanish boy that refused to be polite about it and was pushing and shoving and who called my sweet peace-loving honey a "Mother fucker" instead of just waiting his turn. After my fiance told him he was "way too small to be talking to him like that," he finally shut his mouth. I told him to relax and that we'd all get a piece (even though in my mind he did not deserve one after acting like this). I pulled out a key from my fiance's pocket, and shredded the shirt as best I could so each person could take home a memory of Morrissey that they would never ever forget.

    I plan on having the shirt, ticket and a flyer of the concert all put together in a shadow box for personal keepsake. The concert was an amazing experience and Morrissey's performance was unparalled. I will always treasure the memory.

    Your fellow Southern belle,
    Seasick -- Sunday October 24 2004, @08:16AM (#132765)
    (User #297 Info)
  • He stole all hearts away: Morrissey at the Tabernacle

    The Tabernacle, a music venue in Atlanta, was formerly Baptist Tabernacle, a church. And after seeing Morrissey perform there on Friday night, on the verge of being sacrilegious, I have to admit it was like a religious experience. I feel like I've been born again. That's how good it was.

    Although I've written about twenty pages in my journal about the experience, I'll try to use discretion and brevity. You don't really want to hear me compare Morrissey's sex appeal to Bono's, do you? I mean, Morrissey would win hands down...

    Where shall I begin? Let me first state that I think Morrissey is the only rock star that I would get frenzied for. When he came on stage I started shaking and jumping, beyond my control. Even as a Pentecostal I had never experienced that. I didn't cry, but I was definitely in awe.

    The show was sold out, and I was right down front, in a throng of people, no personal space whatsoever, our sweaty bodies pressed together, moving and singing as one big crowd. After the show, when we were outside, Morrissey's drummer Dino told us that this Atlanta show had been the best of the tour. And I can see how it was. The crowd knew all of his songs, and were especially keen to hear The Smiths songs, and it was so much fun to sing along. For some songs all I could do was stare at him. He is such a beautiful artist, physically, lyrically and performance wise. Moz sweated through like five shirts and after wiping his body and crotch with them, threw two of them into the crowd. We all swooned.

    Although I'd never seen Morrissey live, I knew that to be a true show, a few things had to happen and they did. Morrissey fans are unique and devoted. Everyone would try to touch him, several people would try to get on stage to hug him (one guy accomplished this during the encore, grabbing Moz into a bear hug and had to be removed by security), and girls would give him letters (which he very kindly acknowledged and put into his pocket).

    Moz sounded great. He sang two of my favorite songs, "How Soon Is Now" and "Everyday is Like Sunday," as well as several from "You are the Quarry," such as "I Like You" and "First of the Gang to Die.

    My only complaints would be a) I didn't get to touch him and b) I wish I had seen his show earlier in the tour. He is mesmerizing and captivating, but the show wasn't long enough. I could listen and look at him all night. He'll be in Texas next week and I am seriously thinking of driving to Dallas...
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 24 2004, @09:49AM (#132789)
    • Re:Anonymous by Travis (Score:1) Sunday October 24 2004, @04:15PM
      • Re:Anonymous by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 25 2004, @10:45AM
        • Re:Anonymous by Travis (Score:1) Monday October 25 2004, @11:59AM
  • Oh, Morrissey!! Oh my God! I think I must have died at least 8 times.


    Well, I am actually in a play right now. And the play didn't even end until 10 pm, which was around the time that Morrissey started playing. So I arrived rather late (I missed five songs). I was so incredibly upset about this. By the time, I got to the Tabernacle (the venue it was at) I ran inside and the first thing I heard was "just some raincoated lovers..." I proceded to absolutely freak out. (That being one of my FAVORITE songs)

    So I was running through the Tabernacle, hysterically crying (and I NEVER cry...especially not in public) and singing, running up stairs, running back down stairs, and running through the crowd.... And I finally made my way up towards the front on the far right side, and then I just stould there, frozen, as he sang the words "And now my heart is full...and I just can't explain so I won't even try to..." Those lyrics have never been more appropriate. I just stared at him, crying, singing, paralyzed. Trying to realize that the idea of Morrissey was not just an idea, but an actual person..and that he was actually there, in front of me, singing.

    Never have I actually cried at a rock concert!!

    And it just got better! He played a couple of Smith's tunes, which were absolutely amazing. And it was so much fun to sing along "Shoplifters of the world unite and take over!" with everyone in the crowd. :-) (Even the annoying couple in front of me sang along. They were so not into it. I began to wonder what they were doing so close to the stage. And everytime a new song would start, I would absolutely FREAK out and scream really loud, and I think I was beginning to annoy them. *sigh* Whatever. I didn't care. IT WAS MORRISSEY!)

    And then I heard the opening guitar riff for "The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get" and I just about lost it. And during the song he walked over towards me! And we all held out our hands for him, but he just stould there and acted like he was going to reach out to us, and then he walked back towards the center. What a tease! ;-)

    Then he played "Irish Blood, English Heart" and "How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel" which were just incredible.

    But I really lost it when he played "The World is Full of Crashing Bores." "You don't don't understand...and yet you can take me in your arms and love me, love me..." Oh my God. Words cannot even explain how much I felt in that moment. But I'm sure you all understand :-)

    Okay. Now "You Know I Couldn't Last" has never been a favorite of mine. (I mean, don't get me wrong. I really love every single song on You Are the Quarry, but that's probably one that I'm not as "!!!!!!" about.) But when he played this song last night...I just *got* it in a way that I can't even explain. There was so much emotion coming from him in that song, and it was just...amazing.

    And then ofcourse...the encore..."There is a Light that Will Never Go Out." Who the hell could ask for more? "And in the darkened underpass, I thought oh god my chance has come at last...but then a strange fear gripped me and I just couldn't ask." All I can say is "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I could have died right then. "Such a heavenly way to die.."

    Last night was one of the best nights of my life. He was just such an amazing performer. And I enjoyed all of his stage banter (especially the Bush bashing! heh) and I enjoyed all of the shirt throwing and changing. And just...every single song was too much for me to handle.

    A perfect night. And it was sad that I missed the first five songs, but I think there was a reason really. Because I will truly never forget the second I ran in that venue and saw him for the first time, singing a song that means SO MUCH to me.

    So there you have it. Sort of a crap review, I know, but I really cannot explain everything. And the fact that I've managed to calm down enough to write this at all was quite an accomplishment. But I think that you all understand.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 24 2004, @11:04PM (#132904)
  • My sister and I drove up from Gainesville, Florida. The car ride was about seven hours due to a horrid traffic accident. Someone had beheaded a deer. Quite terrible!
    We were somewhere around the middle. I could see Moz pretty well except for when he laid on the ground [november spawned a monster].
    I thought the crowd as really good minus the shirt scuffle. I was surprised people weren't moved by "rubber ring" but wanted a shirt instead. What's more important? The music! It would've been nice to touch his hand but the music was more than enough.

      I'm used to the stony Florida crowds where you're not allowed to dance much because people would rather chatter and drink.I was happy to dance a bit. I've been reading the comments where people complained about the dancing but try a few Florida shows and you'll appreciate it. [No one danced to radiohead in G'ville. That's how bad they are.]

    Moz's mixed tape kicked ass! I was tempted to try a few Christian Bale dance moves from Velvet Goldmine because of all the '70s glam. I'm glad I didn't or I'd be reading loads of unflattering entries about myself. If you guys have seen that movie you'll remember he was asked to stop. My sister would've been amused though.

    I hope this isn't my last show. Life does pale in comparison when you're neighbours are out to get your dogs. It was nice to escape into Morrissey for awhile. I can't fault the fan Julia at all! More power to you!

    I really wanted to go the Miami shows but school conflicted so I went to Atlanta instead.
    Thank-you Morrissey!!! Thanks to all the fans too.
    lalk -- Monday October 25 2004, @09:05AM (#132986)
    (User #12835 Info)
  • This is probably a long shot, but I wanted to post to say THANK YOU to the girl who gave me a piece of Morrissey's shirt after the show ended.

    I think you were one of the many that my husband made sure that you could see the show okay. He's a tall man and he ensured throughout the entire show that all of us short women could see (what a sweetie!)

    You approached me after the show and told me that you had two pieces of the light blue shirt and asked if I wanted one. Of course I accepted, said thank you, and then freaked out!

    Unfortunately, that's all the details that I have, but if you happen to see this, I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful and thoughtful gesture.

    This was my first Morrissey concert, and hearing the music and seeing the man I've loved since high school was a moment I'll never forget. Your gesture made my night complete.

    It's nice to know there are people out there that are so kind and generous, I'm not surprised it was a fellow Morrissey fan!
    Steff73 -- Monday October 25 2004, @06:14PM (#133095)
    (User #12840 Info)
    Is Evil just something you are Or something you do ?
  • First and foremost, I went to see Moz at the Tabernacle and sang my lungs out joyfully. I was a little suprised with how old he looked in person (although its really just the thinning quiff...sorry, Moz). Anyhow, Someone pray it normal for people to punch, peck and bite for the Mozzer's shirt? I was there with a friend and he was standing right in front of the crowd tussiling for his top. My poor buddy got hammered left and right, while the schmos went at it. Why fight for the God's shirt when the God is right in front of you.'s only cloth, enjoy the beauty of the mans voice! Anyhow, I thought I should rant...
    PaupersandPeers -- Thursday October 28 2004, @05:13PM (#134162)
    (User #12898 Info)
  • I forgot that non-americans werent overweight or did not consume fast foods, nor meat.Interesting really;perhaps I should base the ignorant stereotype that Europeans all have dreadfull teeth upon you to see how quick you get upset.

    Then again, if you have something to say which is offensive, by all means use a name.
    morrisseyxcore -- Saturday October 23 2004, @01:00PM (#132674)
    (User #12823 Info)
  • Yes, let's all thank the English for so generously "giving" their language to so many of us around the world (the Irish, many in India, etc)!
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 23 2004, @01:38PM (#132681)
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