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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / I Like You / Bigmouth Strikes Again / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / I'm Not Sorry / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / Let Me Kiss You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / I Have Forgiven Jesus / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / You Know I Couldn't Last / I'm Not Sorry // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • set time was 1h15m. Morrissey was mobbed before finishing first verse of 'There is a light...' and was quickly escorted off stage. Cue Sinatra's 'My Way', house lights up, show's over folks, go home... yes people boooed. Two people made it up onstage during 'more you ignore me...' That was it until chaos during encore. You had to expect something like this was going to happen because the Ryman stage is only ~4 ft tall with no barrier between people and stage. Big fat security guard did motion to lady in balcony with baby that she could have the set list... Banter concerning 'Bush Country' signs as tour buses cames into Tennessee... Lack of Vegetarian Cuisine in Nashville... 'all they offer here is flesh...' Boz started Big-Mouth with his pedal muted and had to restart the song. Nothing special in setlist... others can chime in here... he did not play symphonies or berlin... too bad... well, someone else can talk... the Hatch Show Print posters seemed to be a hot item...
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  • How soon was worth ticket price, great acoustics but tapered off at end. Omitted Munich added I'm Not Sorry. Figure out how to complete your encore and guests will leave happy. He half-assed There is a Light and left one of the most revered stages in all of music, country or otherwise. The Ryman is the former Grand Old Opry and Moz remarked about the privilige to perform there. Leave your audience appeased not shortchanged.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 19 2004, @10:20PM (#132022)
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  • I am a recording engineer here in BNA and have worked with Boz + Moz in the past along with countless other artists. I was beyond comment when, due to a few stage visitations, Morrissey just dashed off the stage and that was it....end of show. If you don't want affection - put up an electric fence. If you don't want MALE affection - don't sing songs with such obvious GAY content. You are happy to take their money - but not a simple hug....go figure. A producer and I went to the show to the tune of $170.00 - and as an artist - you better give what few fans you have left a good show or hell if they will be back next time round, Moz. Your fans pay your way - and if you ditch them like you did tonight - what is left of your career is over. As a 16 year fan and co-worker - I had enough tonight. On to better artists who treat their fans so much better. Too bad I say.
    tronseven -- Tuesday October 19 2004, @10:52PM (#132030)
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  • Lame (Score:0, Interesting)

    Hey Moz, why don't you be a clever swine and end your damn show on a different song like Couldn't Last or Last Night(Oye Esteban)? Don't sing two lines of a song and leave your band to mop up your mess.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 19 2004, @11:05PM (#132033)
  • some banter about sit-com Rosanne being on...

    some banter between he and Julia about how bad Detroit show was... can't wait to hear him complain about Louisville or even Nashville...

    refered to his band as original back-up band for Tammy Wynette...

    after Vegetarian/Flesh line he added... 'trying to avoid colon cancer...'

    Nice tussle for his first shirt...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 19 2004, @11:23PM (#132036)
  • seems like an odd tour stop for Morrissey, perhaps the energy sucked, thus Moz didn't give all that great a performance, as y'all suggest? a poster mentioned he got booed? why? not finishing the encore is shameful indeed and I'm sad to hear that happened..but as I often find myself defending the MOZ, perhaps it was revenge for the booing, segration in the past, and the rubbish that is today's country music?
    defari -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @12:44AM (#132051)
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  • Incredible (Score:2, Insightful)

    I've been dreaming of the chance to see Morrissey in concert forever. I finally got the chance and was not disappointed. I thought the encore was terrible, but it was entirely the fault of the morons who jumped on stage. Security was being pretty lax - which was great, allowed those of us up front to crowd around closely and get our handshakes in - but they took advantage of it. Moz was physically unable to sing with people pulling at him every which way. I'm not surprised he left under those circumstances.

    It was also a nice touch when he took my demo CD and tossed a wink and a "good luck" my way.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @01:16AM (#132056)
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  • ... but take it easy on old Moz. I'm all for fans getting up on stage & hugging Moz, but please, please, please BE GENTLE! I'm looking forward for more stage invasions in Texas, LA & Vegas. 2 more weeks!!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @01:42AM (#132060)
  • I want to express my profound surprise and regret at the abrupt ending of the Morrissey show at the Ryman on the evening of October 19th. Morrissey has always been known to be a tempestuous and enigmatic musical presence, but I was astounded to see him cut short his concert at the beloved Ryman Auditorium after fans rushed the stage.

    Morrissey has long held a cult following since his days, in the 1980s, as lead singer of The Smiths. Since those days, fans have adored him. This concert was my first Morrissey experience, though I have been a fan for many years. I paid $75 dollars for top seats to see Morrissey and he play barely over an hour.

    The Ryman made the tragic mistake of allowing fans to return to the crowd after rushing the stage. As the encore began, with a classic Smiths tune, multiple fans rushed the stage and Morrissey immediately called the show - long time fans were astonished.

    I blame both Morrissey and the Ryman for ruining what was on the way to being one of the greatest Nashville musical events of all time. It is indeed a shame that such a great show was abruptly halted in Nashville, a town that is very much in need of musical diversity to expand the Country and Christian sounds which have come to define the Nashville sound in recent years.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @01:49AM (#132062)
  • I wasn't there but it looks to me we have a Live In Dallas situation.

    Whilst I can understand people being angry at the high ticket prices and speedy exit, it would seem this is the fault of the security team. There's no way Moz would be able to carry on with the stage full of people (I know this happened during The Smiths era but it wouldn't now) and so considering there's only one song planned for the encore I can't see how he could re-appear.

    I agree with whoever said he could try changing the encore about but the stage rush is nothing to do with There Is A Light, it's simply because everyone knows it's the last song of the evening so it's time to go for it.

    Not only is a stage invasion and Morrissey fleeing a pretty spectacular end to the evening, surely it's preferable to everyone sitting cross legged and applauding politely?

    It seems Morrissey doesn't have the 'Mozzer's Men' security at every show, only one or two Security Chiefs who then instruct the venue's staff. This tour has so far seen knuckle brained violence in New York, and almost a polite hand up at other venues. There needs to be some sort of happy medium.

    I fully understand people feeling short changed, but it's not the first time this has happened and won't be the last. How was the bulk of the show? Good?
    Stan <[email protected]> -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @02:36AM (#132068)
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  •   So did he just got off stage or did "his men" literally carried him off stage?. Can someone describe the scene please?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @04:50AM (#132087)
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  • How many people got on the stage? I'm quite sure that if a gang of people rushed up to you and started grabing you, you would run off aswell. I'm not against people getting on stage but it does ruin the night when every body does it at the same time.
      Give him a bit of credit, do you think he wants to finish the set early? No. Do you think he wants to finish the set with no broken bones so he can continue the tour? Yes.
      I do understand the frustration of the people who didnt get on the stage, but ask yourself this. If you had the chance would you? And if you did would you care about the people who are stood or sat watching? probably not.
    The Grave Maurice -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @05:33AM (#132101)
    (User #12784 Info)
  • I know it's slightly off topic,but I am going to my first Moz gig in Dublin on 20 December.Luckily The Point allows under 16(I'm 15)if accompanied by an over 18.So,what exactly happens after you jump the barricade to possibly shake Mozza's hand.Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really want to do it.Thanks.
    dazzak -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @06:44AM (#132115)
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  • Yes, I too was dissapointed that the show ended the way it did, but...

    Don't blame Morrissey, he is so gracious with his fans. You can't expect anyone to be able to continue singing while being mobbed. And, to start the song over would have been anti-climactic.
    Don't blame security either. They were nice enough with the first two invaders. The right security balance must be so difficult to achieve at Morrissey concerts.
    I will, however, blame the "ungracious" stage invading fans. I don't mean all stage invaders, just the "ungracious" ones. After all, isn't it really just about the music. Let the man sing! If you really feel compelled to jump on stage, be gentle. If someone beat you to it, wait for another chance! But, whatever you do, let the man sing, damn it! Don't storm the stage in droves and ruin it for all of the other fans in the house.

    Thank you Morrissey, Boz, the rest of the band and Damo for a great show! Thanks for digging out the gems for an old fan of the smiths.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @06:48AM (#132117)
  • I went to four of the recent UK gigs and not one person managed to get on stage, whilst at the American dates it seems to be a question of how many.

    Is there a different policy with the US security or are the American fans, dare I say, more determined?

    Does seem strange.
    Stan <[email protected]> -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @07:39AM (#132130)
    (User #9752 Info |
  • Why is everybody blubbing on about Morrissey "Cutting the concerts short" He always cuts the last song short if there are too many stage invaders.

    Besides... they are making out that they are being robbed of some more songs... since when did Morrissey ever encore more than one song? If you want to hear that one encore then get off the friggin stage!

    Tottenham Tom -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @08:15AM (#132138)
    (User #11165 Info)
    "I don't sound like nobody"
  • I was at the gig and feel so angry. After the scenes at NY last week, why are they still doing this? What the hell is the point in going to the gig if you're going to jump all over the atist and ruin the show for the artist, band and the rest of the money-paying audience? Can people not just niceley shake his hand and say hello, smile or whatever then leave the stage instead of jumping on him? Jumping on Moz is just an insult to him and a personal invasion of his body space as far as I'm concerned and he responded as anybody else would, don't blame the security for being unable to control the crowd, that's passing the blame. I don't blame him leaving the stage when some bunch of 'look at me' egomaniacs try to steal the closing moments of the show, which is always the most touching part for Moz when he usually says thank you and it's obvious he is so touched by all these people still turning up to listen to him and a bunch of idiots ruin it and people don't get to say goodbye. I can see the attraction in maybe shaking his hand or touching him, but jumping on him is out of line and I think he should continue to flee the stage until these glory seekers get the message properly. I hope you are proud of yourselves, nobody will remember you for your 'devotion', least of all Moz. All I will remember is you ruining that gig for me.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @08:20AM (#132140)
  • ...just wondering.
    thirsty fists <[email protected]> -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @08:21AM (#132141)
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    "world's ugliest boy"
  • Official Set List? (Score:2, Informative)

    Can anybody confirm the official set list for the Ryman show? this is what I've seen so far but would like its songs and their order confirmed, if possible:

    How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / I Like You / Bigmouth Strikes Again / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? /I'm Not Sorry /Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Shoplifters Of The World Unite /Irish Blood, English Heart / Let Me Kiss You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Last Night I Dreamt
    That Somebody Loved Me / I Have Forgiven Jesus / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / You Know I Couldn't Last // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (encore)

    Thanks for your help!
    ambersan <[email protected]> -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @08:47AM (#132146)
    (User #12788 Info)
  • does anyone know if the song leading into Everyday is Like Sunday was a cover of the New York Dolls "Subway Train"?
    ambersan <[email protected]> -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @08:57AM (#132147)
    (User #12788 Info)
  • The baby in the crowed was mine. His name is Geoffrey JR. his mother and my wife is a proud mexican mother who saw Moz for the first time and loved the show. JR. is 2.5 and listens and dances to Morrissey and Smith tunes all the time, he's a rock n roll baby. We thought it would be nice to take him to the show. Someone mentioned saftey concerns about bringing their children to concerts. I have no fear bringing JR. to a Morrissey concert, Morrissey fans are gentle and good people, we provide JR. with ear protection and he's fine. For a father who grew up on the Smith there's nothing more rewarding than taking his little boy to a Moz concert and watching him dance and enjoy the music. Jr. is the next generation Moz fan. :)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @09:57AM (#132163)
  • First off, the show was awesome and it was good to see a big name like Moz come to Music City, USA. His voice sounded great and the band was tight. Also, the crowd went nuts for the oldies...especially Bigmouth and Shoplifters, but I have to say I enjoyed his new stuff. I Like you and English Heart, being highlights.

    Concerning his early exit... Moz does that crap all the time, so it was no surprise. Also, it was cool to see him play (slightly) longer than his usual "58 minute shows". He pulled that routine when I saw him at the Fox during Maladjusted and he's done it many other times... so, you just have to deal...

    What ya'll REALLY missed was the after party down the way at the local honkey tonk. Gary (bass) and Boz played at Lonnies ???(they keep changing the names) for a short set which was really cool!!! Even Nick from the Blue Moon Boys sang a couple of songs and it rocked. I think they closed the place down, not sure cuz I was pretty hammered. Anyway, it killed and they looked like they had a blast! Playing rock-a-billy in best form. Almost as great as seeing the Moz in a small venue like the Ryman. Definite hi-light! Cheers boys!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @11:06AM (#132172)
  • Does anyone know what it was that was playing right before Moz and his crew came out on stage? It was a woman's voice reciting various things, and I wasn't sure if it was a sample he has or some noteworthy spoken-word...
    ambersan <[email protected]> -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @11:32AM (#132180)
    (User #12788 Info)
  • more on the stage invader argument..

    i don't think anyone has mentioned morrissey's comments last night regarding them... after the first two went up, he said something along the lines of it being a great privilege to have people want to come up, and then added with a sly grin that "the night is still young." that's about as strong an invitation as you are going to get from moz.
    jay m <[email protected]> -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @12:23PM (#132193)
    (User #12419 Info)
  • has posted their review of the show here []:

    They say it ended "on an incomplete note" given the stage crashing.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @02:18PM (#132214)
  • Contrast the Nashville encore with Lisa's posting from the Milwaukee show:
    "The encore had Morrissey coming out saying "Years come and years go, but the tears remain. Right, Julia?" as the band started up with "There Is A Light". I think Morrissey must've been a little miffed that either the crowd wasn't into it enough or that no one got on stage, because he kind of left without saying goodbye. He usually says goodbye, right?"
    Very revealing. Now that I've witnessed them in Nashville, Phoenix, Salt Lake, and Milan, my conclusion is that Moz prefers the melodrama of abrupt endings. He certainly rewarded crashers who attempted earlier in the show, one in particular who kissed Moz on the cheek and was returned to the front row.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @02:46PM (#132218)
  • This is the second time that a concert has been cut short because of overzealous stage invaders, and I just want to point a few things out.

    Toronto show? Three venue security guards, who never moved throughout the entire concert. No barricades, and the people at the front literally had their elbows on the stage, within about six inches of Moz' feet, if he were so inclined to walk your way.

    Everyone who wanted to get up, did get up, and were gently escorted back to their places in the crowd.

    FACT #1. MORRISSEY LIKES STAGE INVADERS. He likes them. He really does. He doesn't want to be tackled like a linebacker, but he does love people coming up. That's why he insists on shaking their hands before they are returned to the crowd.

    FACT #2. Security, or lack thereof, has nothing to do with it.

    The key is to stage invade in moderation, people. Don't MOB him; because then he can't sing, and it's not really a concert then, is it?

    If there are already one or two people on stage, hold your ground. Wait a few seconds until the coast is clear, and then make your entrance.

    Stage invading is part of what makes a Morrissey concert a Morrissey concert. That's just the way it is.

    Just don't mob and I can guarantee you there will be no more encores cut short. Get it out of your system BEFORE the encore - that way there isn't a great panic when TIALTNGO comes on and they realize NOW'S THEIR CHANCE.

    Besides, wouldn't it be much nicer to have him to yourself on stage, rather than muddling through a group of similarly crazed fans?

    That's all, and happy stage invading :)
    BoredatUnemployment -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @03:24PM (#132223)
    (User #12483 Info)
  • he's 45, you're 37. it's not dignified to act like a bereft teenager. the odd stage invader is tolerable nostalgia (i saw one guy manage it in 3 UK shows this year and he was grabbed instantly) - but some of you make a morrissey concert sound like some jock outing where it's no fun if you're not all naked and tearful by the end.

    and pay no attention to moz's pronouncements. he is recreationally perverse, one day employing SAS bodyguards, the next daring you onstage. it all depends on what he had for breakfast or whether he caught coronation street

    also please stop fussing about set length. this is probably the best performer you'll ever see, so enjoy it. most bands play an hour too long anyway
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @04:19PM (#132228)
  • It looked like a ball or something, did anyone catch what that was?? It was bouncing off the stage rushers and bouncers and fans for a while.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @05:17PM (#132234)
  • I was pleased to see in fifteen years not a great deal has changed with Morrissey. He still looks great, he still treats his microphone cord like a whip, and he's still spot on with witty stage banter. There was an amusing scuffle for a few minutes over his shirt and the classic end-of-show stage rush I'd only seen in the "Dallas" video until now.

    I was one of the first to take a seat - in the balcony which I prefer. So it gave me a bit of time to look around at all the other fans streaming in. Some of the most unexpected people were there, from bikers to goths. Eh, but what do I know about Morrissey's core fans?

    I'd never heard Damien Dempsey before, but he was instantly likeable and quite a pretty vocalist. His guitar strap came loose right as he swung the instrument around his shoulders and he handled it quite well, joking that Morrissey must've done it.

    I doubt I'll see a show that tops this life is now complete.
    AmericanMorrissey -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @07:56PM (#132239)
    (User #12428 Info)
  • Hi, everyone. I've been checking out the message boards at, and I'm having great difficulty replying to messages there or posting new threads. Has anyone on this board become a registered user at his website, and have you experienced glitches within the message board forums? I have tried it time and again, and I keep getting asked for my username and password over and over again, then I get an error message. Just wondering if I'm the only one affected by this. Thanks.

    Oh, and if you drop by that site, be sure to check out some of the great photos in their gallery! Awesome.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 21 2004, @06:29AM (#132322)
  • I've got to say that Morrissey's show at the Ryman was the best night of my life. I had been browsing the message boards on his website,, and I had read that his encores tend to be cut short (and it's only a one-song encore, anyway) due to the stage invaders, so I was mentally prepared for that. I did not go on stage although I had a brief window of opportunity to do so (people in front of me were looking behind them to see if they could help anyone who wanted to get up on stage during Light). I was right up at the stage on the right side, and the guy in front of me was the very first one on stage during The More You Ignore Me, I think was the song. I don't think I've ever seen a happier person, and when he was lifted away from Morrissey and carefully placed back down in his exact spot in front of me, I thought how cool is it that he wasn't kicked out or roughed up by security. The people surrounding him, including myself, patted his back in congratulations, and he was absolutely glowing. I thought it was great. Yes, it sort of got out of hand at the end when so many people rushed the stage at once, but I think Morrissey wanted it. His words before the encore seemed to be a thinly veiled invitation for fans to come up. I don't think he was pissed at all, at least from my perspective being right up at the stage. He looked happy and grateful for the affection. How rare and cool is it for a performer in this age of strict and intimidating security measures, terrorist threat and overall dread to allow such an intimate connection with his fans? I could hardly believe it that I could get as close to the stage as I was (I started out with a balcony ticket, and my best friend swapped tickets with me so I could be closer...what a guy!). The whole mood in the auditorium shifted when the security guards who had been lining the front of the stage after Damien's set all left in a parade right before the lights went down, and it became deliriously clear that I could actually improve upon my fourth-row seats. Unbelievable. And as if the night could have gotten any better, during November Spawned a Monster, I was blessed with a firm and sweaty Moz handshake coupled with direct eye contact. I'll never be the same! It was surreal and beautiful and transcendent, and it has made such a profound impact on me. The venue was amazing. The set list was perfect. His voice was beautiful and in perfect form, and his energy was infectious. The band was profound. Even the Mozzer merchandise was plentiful so I have wonderful items to commemorate my beautiful night (how awesome were the raven hatch prints!). The crowd was gentle, friendly and giddy with all the positive, benevolent energy that filled the auditorium. I don't think I could have scripted a more perfect night, and it will go down in my history books as the absolute best and most beautiful night of my life. I hope so many others who attended had similarly wonderful experiences. I've loved and respected Morrissey for over a decade, and I could never have imagined experiencing anything as wonderful as the show at the Ryman.
    ambersan <[email protected]> -- Thursday October 21 2004, @07:43AM (#132341)
    (User #12788 Info)
  • I've heard that someone recorded last night's show in Louisville. Does anyone know if such a recording exists for our Nashville show? (not holding my breath...)
    ambersan <[email protected]> -- Thursday October 21 2004, @08:26AM (#132351)
    (User #12788 Info)
  • I got on stage (alone) just to shake his hand. I felt compelled to do it. He does invite it. The problem was that it should be done one person at a time, and thats where security failed. I used to stage dive in the early 80s to bands like the Vandles and Black Flag, I never thought at the ripe old age of 36 I would be on stage with Morrissey wondering where to make my exit into the crowd. You may have saw me, the green stripped shirt. The show got cut short 1 song. I don't understand the big deal. Complain about paying 65.00 for and hour long show, because you wouldnt have gotten much more, no matter what happened. I bought two tickets at that price and practicly gave one away. A small price to pay for me. Where I grew up in Orange County Ca, tickets would sell out in 5 minites. Welcome to Nashvile where bullshit pop country music is king, I guess that makes the Moz a peasent here. I dont see him coming back to Nashville, and I do see this as a fairwell tour, I hope I am wrong. See you in L.A. Morrissey, and Moz fans! VIVA MORRISSEY!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 21 2004, @05:34PM (#132427)
  • I think stage invasion has a place and a time, and it does require a bit of prudence.

    As I've stated before, as have many others, if there are many people trying to get onstage, DON'T DO IT. If someone is already up there, DON'T DO IT. However, if you're the lone wolf with the courage, go for it.

    I got onstage at South Bend (girl with blonde hair during "There is a Light") and was able to hug and kiss Moz. I can say with zero shame that it was the best 10 seconds of my 26 year old life.
    But I was gentle and calm with him, and I jumped off of the stage right afterward. He finished the song and seemed very, very happy that people were able to get up onstage and yet not 'rush' the stage, if you will.

    If people treat Moz with the love and respect he deserves (and hopefully, we all have for him), he will continue to finish encores whilst allowing a few calm stage invaders.

    The problem is with people who get onstage just for the glory or 'thrill' of it. Strictly BS, that is. The only reason someone should get onstage is to show Moz the love and appreciation you have for him and nothing else. Oh, well, one can only dream, yes? Hopefully that will be the case from now on...
    swedo78 <[email protected]> -- Thursday October 21 2004, @06:27PM (#132433)
    (User #11761 Info)
    She said, "Eh, I know you, and you cannot sing," and I said, "that's nothing, you should hear me play piano..."
  • I thought that I should write something about the show as I was quite visible to anyone who was there, but there seemed to be a little confusion as to who, exactly, I am. This is understandable. I am not very visible in the fan community. Nevertheless, I am a fan like you...

              The night, like the venue, was beautiful. The back of the Grand Ol’ Opry House, now called the Ryman, is lined with cases of relics from those who had played there before. The seats were church pews, more comfortable than they looked. They opening act was good, and the fans were great.
              You sit fifth row. Your older sister, the one who introduced you to Morrissey’s music when you were fifteen, sits to your left on the edge of the row. To your right is a pretty girl you have never met, but is a comrade nonetheless. Not far away at all, you see that nice guy from Chattanooga that you met in the hotel lobby while checking in with his girlfriend, introduced to you outside as you were catching a smoke. After waiting the thirty minutes between acts, you are filled with nervous energy. Then, the last song of the recorded music ends, the lights go down, and as you stand up and move, you are pushed by the surge of people to the stage. There you stand, at the very edge, wondering how you managed a spot like this.
              In the dark, the monologue is in a cockney too thick to understand all of the words. And then Morrissey is there. He bows. He jokes. He opens with How Soon Is Now? That’s only the beginning. The best from You Are the Quarry is mixed evenly with the old, highlighted by a couple more songs from before that. He is as charming as always. He charms the crowd. He shakes their hands; he shakes your hand --twice. Jesse walks over to give you his guitar pick. He doesn’t toss it. He gives it just to you.
              Morrissey looks a little perplexed towards the end. He’s looking for people to come up. You wonder why no one else will. You think to yourself that it would be unusually easy to get up there. His eyes are open and he’s slightly closer to your side. He could see you coming. You think that now would be a good time to go, and realize that the stage just hit the bottoms of your shoes. You run for what seems at the time to be a whole ten minutes, but later you will remember everything as happening much quicker than it actually did. You feel a set of hands grab you from behind by the shoulder and waist, but Morrissey is in front of you. So you close your eyes. You reach forward, and put your arms around him and lay your head on his shoulder as if he were your best friend. And for that second or two, he is. You let go, and walk towards the side exit. Did you remember to wave to everyone? For the first time since he took hold of you, the security guard steers you; not outside, but right back to your spot. You will remember to shake his hand and thank him after the show. You watch the rest of the concert and you are just plain happy. Another guy goes up. A few more, then a lot more go up. After that the lights go up. The show is over and as far as you can see, there is no one not beaming.
              After the show (truly a night of your life if any others ever were) you aren’t any different. Not really. Not in any way that will show. But maybe, just maybe, years and years from now, at a time when you are scared or alone, you might just remember to close your eyes. Close your eyes and reach.
    doctorgloom -- Thursday October 21 2004, @08:46PM (#132451)
    (User #12810 Info)
  • Fantastic (Score:1, Funny)

    This is the second time I've seen Morrissey and the first time in seven years. I thought the show was amazing. All you over-analyzing tour sluts can go home. Thank You.
    navin <[email protected]> -- Friday October 22 2004, @11:57AM (#132548)
    (User #9301 Info)
    very much yours-
    • Re:Fantastic by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday October 22 2004, @09:07PM
  • compliments of a couple of anonymous message board friends who have helped me confirm the Ryman's setlist, here is the official, accurate setlist, having been hand-delivered to said friends by Mozzer's Men:

    How Soon is Now?/First of the Gang to Die/November Spawned a Monster/I Like You/Bigmouth Strikes Again/How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?/Such a Little Thing Makes Such a Big Difference/Subway Train (into) Everyday is Like Sunday/Shoplifters of the World Unite/Irish Blood, English Heart/Let Me Kiss You/The World is Full of Crashing Bores/Last Night I Dreamt that Somebody Loved Me/I Have Forgiven Jesus/The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get/You Know I Couldn't Last/I'm Not Sorry/There is a Light That Never Goes Out (encore)
    ambersan <[email protected]> -- Saturday October 23 2004, @12:01PM (#132661)
    (User #12788 Info)
  • But .. what about Elvis ?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 19 2004, @10:46PM (#132028)
  • Stop that !
    Your taking all the attention away from
      Julia Ono!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 19 2004, @10:51PM (#132029)
  • Your God is DEAD!
    Opolus -- Wednesday October 20 2004, @12:07AM (#132042)
    (User #5987 Info)
    "Slit my eyes, for they'll remember..."
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