posted by davidt on Sunday October 17 2004, @09:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / I Like You / Bigmouth Strikes Again / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / Let Me Kiss You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / I Have Forgiven Jesus / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / You Know I Couldn't Last // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • not much chatter, band sounded tight, Morrissey looked disappointed when crowd (sold out) didn't sing along with the final chorus of There is a light that never goes out...per usual set list, did include last night i dreamt though. Good Show from a sweaty Moz....
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 17 2004, @09:02PM (#131510)
  • Good show, but security was annoying. Here's the setlist. I'm not sure if the order is correct, but he definitely played all these songs:

    How Soon Is Now?
    First Of The Gang To Die
    November Spawned A Monster
    I Like You
    Bigmouth Strikes Again
    How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel
    Munich Air Disaster 1958
    Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
    Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday
    Shoplifters Of The World Unite
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    Let Me Kiss You
    The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
    You Know I Couldn't Last
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

    Also of note, Julia congratulated Moz on hitting the top 10. Moz then said that LMKY hit #9 (at least that's what I thought he said) in the UK.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 17 2004, @09:09PM (#131511)
  • Let me first thank everyone who I met in line and at the show today for creating a truly beautiful experience. This was everything I could have dreamed a Morrissey show could be.

    I arrived at the state theater with my friend Mark at about 3:30pm, and to make a long story short we in the line were occasionally berated by all the fucking normals parading out of the football game. The lions apparently lost, and there were some people from wisconson wearing cheese hats. It was about 35 degrees and windy as hell. Those of us who showed up early certainly won out though.. I met Kyle and.. erm.. can't remember the other person's name, from Ohio, two girls from Hazel Park I think, a woman whose name I can't remember and a few other folks - if you're out there and reading, hello - i'm the kid with the sideways haircut... and we stood there talking about music and how oppressively cold the weather was for a solid few hours. We were finally let in after the doors were opened an hour late. I took immediate flight towards the stage after getting patted down by security that was so tight they must have been expecting an attempt on morrissey's life.

    I reached the right hand side of the stage and it took a moment to register that I was actually standing in the front row. My friend Mark was next to me, and we spent some time being giddy about it. when i saw moz in '00 in chicago, I was as far away from morrissey as i am sitting at my computer right now. So being in front was fairly incredible.

    A heckler during Damien Dempsey behind me got tossed out by security, who were intimidating to say the least. Initially, we were told by a security guy that there would be no security on our side of the stage, that he would be bringing water out (!) and that he didn't want meathead security guards harrassing us as long as no one tried to invade the stage from the opening. There was apparently a change of plans, as we were soon flanked by security - a few guys that seemed decent if not perplexed and slighty off-put by the insanity that ensued, and one who I believe may have literally been an "angry Samoan," and my desire to get on stage was quelled by the fact that he looked like he was ready to visit death upon anyone who crossed his path. So I guess the establishment won on that one.

    Anyway, we got the soccer chant going, and when How Soon Is Now began playing I immediately freaked out and broke into tears... the rest of the show felt like something out of a morrissey video.. jumping up and down, hugging, constant singalongs, of course, and morrissey shook my hand. HE SHOOK MY HAND. Likewise with my room.. there were hugs all around, with the nice girls next to me and with my roommate. With the exception of the bar skank and her boyfriend grinding behind me and trying to push their way to the front.. it was really perfect.. moz was miffed when he thought he smelled bacon coming from the bar, but it was coming from the burger joint next door.

    Before one of the new tracks (can't remember which one) he said "Life tends to come and go... That's ok, as long as you know.." to which I exclaimed "you won't share me!" don't imagine he caught it.. I also replied to a statement about some of us in the audience having gained weight with a "because we must." Someone said "Welcome to Hockeytown," and Mozzer asked who had made the incredibly intelligent comment from the middle of the venue. He proceeded to joke that he "didn't get it," and made a joke about it with Julia.

    Anyway, lots of attempted stage invaders near the end, a few got on, but security like I said was pretty brutal. A girl nearly made it on and mozzer told her it was a very good try. I know I'm missing a lot, but I'm incredibly tired and somewhat overwhelmed.. it was exactly the kind of cathartic experience I'd always wanted it to be, and I was very happy to be able to meet all of the people who were around me. I can discuss more specifics of the gig after I'm able to absorb it a little, but at this point i'm just sort
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 17 2004, @09:59PM (#131516)
  • stage invasion (Score:2, Informative)

    Goooooo Team Morrissey! Well, there was no Team Morrissey besides me. The show was incredible. He actually sang the ending chorus of "There is a light that never goes out" tonight (versus not singing it at all and walking off stage). I have never tried getting on stage before. Considering the possiblity of retirement, I asked all those around me to give me a shove and hoiste me on stage. I was the girl who nearly made it. As the bouncers were dragging me off, Moz hussled across stage and grabbed my hands, and told me it was a good try. I met some wonderful people tonight, despite the lack of TEAM MORRISSEY. The crowd was lack-luster. Quite disappointing. The was not. I had a wonderful time, as usual. I love his connection with the audience, it has increased and deepened as the years have gone on. An incredible night nonetheless.
    mozlike -- Sunday October 17 2004, @10:16PM (#131518)
    (User #11690 Info)
    I am MINE!
  • What were some comments Mozzer made? What was the feel of it? What did he wear? Apparently, only 5 people went!
    Anonymous -- Monday October 18 2004, @12:33AM (#131527)
  • some highlights of the gigs/comments etc.

    Morrissey walked on stage and looked stunning, was in really good shape for a 40 something year old. I was stood near the front got a great view of the man!

    some of Morrisseys comments were:

    "I would like to thank everyone for downloading my album you are not tory" - (which I thought was kinda weird)

    He intorduced the crashing bores as "The world is full of crashing whores"

    "what an incredible way to die, tonight on stage, right here" - (before there is a light)

    "Unfortunately, the sentiments in this next song are all about you! yes you my family" - (which I thought was kinda cute)

    all in all a great night and the best form I have seen him in ages (well its a few years since I last saw him) He looks older obviously but has still got a good bod.

    I was in tears at the encore, he nearly shook my hand and I nearly caught his wonderfully smelling shirt. :(

    Security were right mafia bastardos but I met some lovely people. I stoos 3 places away from julia and at one point Morrissey commented "Do you like meat Julia?" - (kinda weird again)

    superb show, cant wait for the next one :)
    Quentin <[email protected]> -- Monday October 18 2004, @02:16AM (#131532)
    (User #12258 Info)
  • I stood in line in the freezing cold in an enormous line for 2 hours, waited inside a packed house for a long time, but, it was all worth it. Morrissey was incredible. My favorite quip:

    "We stopped at a truck stop in Saginaw... once we saw the locals, we went right back in" (or something to that effect)

    It was my first Morrissey show and definitely something I will remember for a long time to come.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 18 2004, @05:18AM (#131551)
  • Excellent show! I have been a Moz follower for 12 years and this was my first show! First off, Damien was a good opening act and well received by the crowd. I was about 3 feet from the stage dead center---unable to get any close because I wasn't willing to push around the very nice smaller people in front of me. The crowd was very well behaved except for this clown who showed up at the last second and tried to convince all of us to let him up to the front. We refused since we had been there forever. He said he was getting on stage and would bet me $100. Once the show started the dude (and his bald friend who showed up) were shoving like mad and being real dicks. Anyhoo, he did get on stage and shook Morrissey's hand (he was the first one up) kudos to him or whatever. But there was no more shoving after that. Anybody who was around us (Carlton and wife, dude with fur coat and his girl, etc.) know exactly what guy I am talking about. The concert itself was great. The sound was fantastic and the setlist, while predictable, was very good. Morrissey had some funny comments. Something like..

    "Years go by and not much changes...except some of you get fatter."

    "I can't stand over here because my head gets blown's not because you have body order or anything...though, I am sure some of you do. Law of averages!"

    "We are here to ruin your night!"

    "I know I should be dead....but here I am!"

    "Must be Pistons fans...the Sex Pistons!"

    "Julia said we are #8 this week. We just shows that even after 100 years of making music--they still aren't convinced! So, I will have to hang around another 100 years...of course, we will all be dead by then. But me, I'm timeless!!!"

    Great show!!!
    kevaxe2k2 -- Monday October 18 2004, @05:59AM (#131555)
    (User #12754 Info)
  • Last night's show was fabulous! It was worth every second of standing out in the cold. We arrived about 10am, and stood out in line with some nice people all day. Morrissey sounded great, and the band was really on top. After the show, the band came center stage to bow, and Mikey took my hand and winked at me, then handed me his personal set list! I was in shock. I had been watching him throughout the show, but didn't think he even noticed me. I have a "thing" for Mikey! ha Morrissey took the postcard my husband brought him as well. What a great show.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 18 2004, @08:11AM (#131569)
  • I stood in line since 9:30 AM & it was worth it! Most at the front stage were fine. I' ve been a follower since 1989, and its interesting to see & hear some of the newcomers and how they really dont know the older works & history of Morrissey. An insider to Mozzer's camp leaked that Morrissey finds the gifts & handshakes to be warm,but stage attempts to be an interruption to his performing art. In closing,Morrissey & his Gents were breath- taking(too cold for Kilts),Mikey personally handing his setlist to my wife. People wandering Detroit (Lions fans & drunk passersby)really need culture--Lost?
    Anonymous -- Monday October 18 2004, @08:29AM (#131572)
  • It was one of the best Morrissey concerts (in detroit), yet.

    Musically, they were spot on, fantastic. Morrissey's voice was just incredible. He seemed really "alive" on stage, not just moving around, but totally in his element. It was so refreshing and wonderful to see him performing so fantastically. I can't go on enough about how great he sounded; his voice, oh!

    There is a light...was the best song of the night. Beautiful, strong, perfect.

    Best Morrissey move of the night: when he opened his shirt and grabbed his boobs and squeezed them. Hi-larity.

    Best audience participation of the night: some jackass fighting with the security guards, having being asked to leave and not wanting to. 6 security guards were needed to physically remove him from the venue! He lost his shoe! He was in a headlock! He almost tore down the railing! Exciting!!
    imacolata <{imacolatarules} {at} {}> -- Monday October 18 2004, @08:42AM (#131573)
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    i'm still haunted by you...
  • This was my first morrisey concert and I was extreamly impressed - he was brilliant!!! Although the waiting and no smoking was a serious drag.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 18 2004, @09:03AM (#131575)
  • Hello to all the nice people we met in line. Hope you had a great show. The show was great but Ticketmaster totally screwed us. I flew in from DC to see the show (I have family in Michigan). Stupid me, I left the tickets at home. I called Ticketmaster in tears and they said that it was no problem and they would have replacements at willcall. We had seen Morrissey several times on the tour and geographically this was it for us. Heck we can't just travel everywhere (no money). So we decide to shoot the moon. We show up at the venue in freezing Detroit at 8:30 am. We stand in line for 10 hours. Yes, we are first in line. Did I mention it was freezing. When the box office finally opens we are told that are tickets are lost but that we will still get in. However we will have to be escorted in. I explain how early we got there and that we are first in line. No problem we are told, we will be let in first. But alas, we are not.
        Now I know second row is not bad, but we really made a serious investment and people who arrived hours later were in front of us. People who arrived at 5pm were n the same place we were. I was so sad, I actually cried. I am sorry to the friends who came with and the tickets I left behind. I need a hug.
        The good news is the show was great. Morrissey made eye contact with me several times, although I was too short to get a handshake. I left walking on air because it was my first time hearing shoplifters and Munich live. All the waiting was worth it and I would do it agin (but hopefully with different results). To the Canadian couple who had their car towed, just remember all those people throughout the city who had their car towed and did not get to revel in the euphoria of Morrissey love. And to the ass who pushed a five foot girl out of his way and tried to use my neck and shoulders as a spring board.. FUCK YOU. I'm glad you didn't make it on stage. We are all fans and it is not just about your obsession. You can't just roll over people to get what you want. Sure in the pit there is going to be pushing but that does not give you the right to manhandel anybody especially short women. And especially this short woman who refuses to be your step ladder.
        Got that of my chest! I had a great Morrissey experience (even though I might sond bitter). Cheers
    Anonymous -- Monday October 18 2004, @09:14AM (#131577)
  • Loved It (Score:2, Interesting)

    I was in the 3 people back on the left side of the stage. Didn't get to touch him, but was only a few inches away during the end of "There is a light...". For any of you who saw it on the way there or the way home, I am the girl with the Morrissey license plate.

    Anyhow, the show exceeded my expectations on so many levels. Just being in the same room with that man singing those songs brings me, and so many others, a great deal of happiness. Everyone around me was dancing and singing along the entire time. My throat still hurts this morning.

    One thing he said that no one has mentioned is :"Are you happy to be alive?" "And you've considered the alternative!?!" Or something along that line.

    Does anyone have the actual set list? I'd like the correct order of the songs, if at all possible.

    God, can't wait for the next one.
    BrookeluvsMoz <[email protected]> -- Monday October 18 2004, @09:16AM (#131578)
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    I still don't belong to anyone: I am mine.
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  • Stunning (Score:2, Insightful)

    The best performance I have ever seen! Although I didn't get the rail today, it seemed impossible to drive from Milwaukee to Detroit and get enough sleep and arrive at a decent time. Plus the time changed didn't help; lost an hours time that way. I have to thank the trendy fans though, they pretty much move out of the way and let real fans get the second row at the very least. There were four people on the rail tonight who were extremely rude to everybody! One guy almost got in fights with three or four different people, he was such a prick. I was behind this girl, she was leaning on the rail sticking her ass out trying to push me back. It was pretty impossible though, there was quite a push from the back. Also she would grab my arm and push it back when I'd reach out to Morrissey, whether he was around to shake hands or not. She also uttered many vulgar, obscene things to me and the few people around me. It really wasn't anybody's fault, there was a mad push for the stage, it was an amazing crowd! I had so much fun!

    Morrissey was perfect tonight. "Everyday is Like Sunday" "Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me" "Let Me Kiss You" and "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" were enough to push me to tears tonight, it was quite enrapturing. I got his hand two times... the second time I grabbed with both hands and pulled myself over two people, trying to get over the barrier. Lowsy security wouldn't allow it. I also climbed over the mean spirited lady in front of me, got my hands on the stage, halfway over the barrier before I got pushed quite violently by security. The crowd in Detroit was so much fun, everyone pretty much lost it at some point... except the four lame people in front of me. I think they were actually suprised when Morrissey mentioned there was a somewhat new album out.

    In conclusion, Detroit has an awesome crowd! It was incredible, and so many people attempted at the stage. Congratulations to those who made it! I'll never forget tonight, and I hope to God (or somebody incredibly similar) that I make it to Nashville tomorrow night!
    They All Ignore Me -- Monday October 18 2004, @09:39AM (#131584)
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        • Re:Stunning by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 18 2004, @03:06PM
  • Don't you love them days when you don't have to look after the kids?
    When you can live for yourself a bit, I dunno, get some culture, maybe listen to classical music in an armchair by the fireplace, reading something thought-provoking, something in a book or a magazine that'll make you feel like you're more intelligent at the end of the day?

    Maybe you can live without that but I couldn't go on and on without input. I mean I could but if I was aware there's a world outside, with new stuff in it, I know I'd find "family life" extremely stifling and frustrating after a while.

    I do now. (Then again it ain't MY family...)
    But I hope you look after your self, Janice. Where has it gone to? I hope you know, cos I sure don't! It's so thin I can't see it from here! You want to get some proper food child!

    (Gosh I sound just like her mother don't I! I must have been something like Margaret Thatcher in a former life.)

    Yes. We do bring out the worst in each other, but I agree; it's too cold outside for a showdown. Better stay where it's comfy, and warm: in our own houses, in our own countries.

    It's funny, here it just went from summer to winter. (metaphor and meteorology.) What's the weather like on the road? (uninterested question to Julia as usual.)

    I have to apologize for something b4 going so: apologies for not being able to con you. I'm appalling at the moment.

    "I'm a loser baby,... so why don't you ask John Kerry to shoot me." (He's a hunter, you know). (Well I wasn't sure if you knew, Michael Stipe didn't know he was in a band, apparently!)
    Anonymous -- Monday October 18 2004, @09:45AM (#131590)
  • As I was standing in a line that was several blocks long, this car drives by, an elderly woman rolls down her window and has the following exchange:

    Elderly woman: What are you standing in line for?
    Crowd: Morrisey
    Elderly woman: What?
    Crowd: MORRISSEY!!!
    Elderly woman: Is that a new movie???

    ... at least I thought it was amusing...
    Anonymous -- Monday October 18 2004, @12:14PM (#131620)
  • this wasnt my first moz show. truthfully, it was the least favorite show of his i've seen. something about threatening your fans to walk off stage if you so much as smell a cigarette hit me in the wrong place. ive never thought of moz as the kind of guy to threaten his fans like that. the pat down frisk at the door and LONG list of band regulated rules was kinda a downer too. the HUGE morrissey sign was baddass and they sounded really good after a few warmup songs. I would probably blame the lack of enthusiasm from the crowd as a result of not being able to smoke, and drinking to compensate for it. i know i did personally and thew down 90 bucks on drinks :( all in all i'd say it was still money well spent, but i'll prob pass if he comes back to tour again.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 18 2004, @12:56PM (#131636)
  • "This is, as of course, Morrissey on a stage, at the State. Nothing really changes as the years go by... except some of you get fatter."

    You know, that was pretty much the sentiment that I felt throughout the night. Have noted that many people have commented on security being bad. That is basic security for the State. As it is, going in through door #2 allows one to be handled gently.
    I have been a Smith's fan since the mid-80's. Up until this time, I have refrained from seeing Morrissey-solo. As such, a bit below what I had anticipated but was worth it. I work in the mental-health/counseling field & Morrissey has a classic example of narcissistic personality disorder. Just a note.

    The show was not sold-out. There were plenty of tickets available. The main floor was sold-out but general admission was not. I got to the show at 8:30, walked in & had plenty of time before even the intro music came on. Standing in line since 10am like some other person who posted reports to have done blows my mind. I was working until 4:30. Wow.

    Anonymous -- Monday October 18 2004, @02:58PM (#131681)
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  • Here's the set list, straight from the stage, word for word:

    02 FIRSTUV
    03 NOV
    04 LIKE Y
    05 BIG M
    07 MUNICH
    08 SUCHA
    09 SUB-SUN
    11 OIRISH
    12 KISS US
    13 BOARS
    14 LAST NITE
    15 JEEZ
    16 MORE YIG
    17 Y'KNOW

    Detroit, my "hometown", though no one really lives in Detroit. This was my fourth show this year and for many reasons the best. He's found a way to mix up the set list just enough every night so that there can always be a surprise. I'm glad he's taken up his tambourine again-so sexy. Boz's Attack machine gun shaped guitar was very cool. Boz on the clarinet, also enjoyable. Gotta love the gong work, too. Think Jessie is getting more in touch with the band every show. Thought they all sounded incredible, flawless. While I thought the vocals sometimes weren't musically perfect, it's the delivery that pushes it over the top.

    We were right up front on the left. Got to shake the man's hand several times. In fact, I was the one who pointed it out that it was the burger joint up the road that was causing the bacon smell. Damn my instantanious fear/joy as he approached me, as I couldn't think of anything better to say ("meat is murder at the crap burger joint down the way" or something similar). I also snagged a pick Boz threw to the crowd and Dino gave me one of his drumsticks. And thank you Dino for again removing your shirt. Yes, please!

    I thought the crowd was much more exciting than the other shows I've seen this year (New York, Chicago, Boston). The amount of people who attempted to rush the stage outnumbered those other shows combined. Major appreciation for those of you who did make it. Thank you for not tackling him and pissing him off. The guy who made it up there early, untouched was the best yet. Couldn't see perfectly, but think he stopped and knelt before him. The little bouncer guy grabbed him but didn't push him off the stage until Moz got to acknowledge him.

    Again, I've had the luxury of meet some very cool people both in line before the show and once inside. I'm not sure how people can complain about how the crowd reacts (please do not take this as an invitation to explain it to me, thanks). All the Moz shows I've seen, most people are just in such awe to see the man they can't even react normally. Everyone around me was singing along, reacting to when he was speaking to the crowd, reaching for him at any given opportunity; are we expected to crowd surf or mosh or something more? Let's hope not. I will add though, to those of us who sing/scream along--more specifically, to the guy in the light shirt behind us. Please at least consider brushing your teeth or maybe chewing gum, as your halitosis does not promote good crowd karma.

    I was a bit surprised he didn't do any Bush-bashing tonight. Um, aren't we a swing state? He had fun again introducing the boys in the band, typical lyric changes (Bigmouth: "her ipod started to melt"). Most of the other posts cover things I can't remember. Another entertaining moment of the night was when he changed the lyric in I Have Forgiven Jesus to "by sunday life has killed me."

    All in all, a memoriable evening. I touched our god; I'm still smiling, just can't stop. Am I slightly obsessed with the whole experience, the man, the music? I've changed my plea to Guilty. I'll have a beer tonight for all of my friends who were there with me at the shows this year and to all the great fans I've met and the rest of you.

    In Moz we trust.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 18 2004, @03:54PM (#131704)
  • To respond to the confusion of the original line, at 9:30-10:00ish we arrived to huddle with the original First(very nice people who TicketMaster screwed) in line under the State sign. This was only to be moved by State employees next door, across the street, at the corner. Later, the original First threesome was moved due to their ticket problem.This made my wife & I "First" outside. In response, I'm the guy with the Morrissey Quiff & RockaBilly burns. We landed 2 bodies over from center stage and one person away from Julia's locale. We wait, because we make sacrifices for Morrissey, shouldn't all of us?
    Anonymous -- Monday October 18 2004, @08:33PM (#131761)
  • I don't remember "Munich air disaster 1958" being on Detroit's set list. I'm pretty sure our set order is off- and fairly certain we've got that one song too many.

    Am I the only one that dosen't remember Munich air disaster 1958?
    Astronaut Bread -- Tuesday October 19 2004, @10:35AM (#131889)
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  • I recorded the Detroit 10/17/04 w/the following information:

    Core Sound Binaurals > CSB Bass Mod > Sony PCM-M1 (Oade Bros Mod II) - Front of Stack left

    I am not interested in a trade or sending out the entire shows but I will post a song or two if someone would like it. I do not see why Mozz is anti-recorders, the majority of people that would actually record a show are fans of the act & have the studio stuff as it were already.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 19 2004, @02:13PM (#131952)
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  • My first MOZ show, and it was great! Didn't know much about him till recently (I know, I must live in a cave I guess). I taped the Craig Kilborn show for a friend when he was on it, then a friend got me started listening to You Are The Quarry and thought it was good. A friend had extra tickets, figured I could go. So I went, and it was AWESOME, so much better live. He stared with How Soon Is Now? A song I've always loved but didn't know much beyond it. Long story short, I wasn't much of a fan before, I AM NOW! I have two friends to thank for that (THANKS, Katie & Lisa).

    I love the thing he does with the microphone, and oh man, best part of all, HE SHOOK MY HAND, several times! I almost got a souvenir (a drumstick) but not really coz Dino gave it straight to my friend so it’s all good. Only thing missing was him taking his shirt off. But that’s okay since he kinda almost did that while singing “Let Me Kiss You” (aaahhhh!!! Yes please!!!). Ya, his hands going all over him *yummy*; Dino, shirtless *yummy*. Love the machine gun guitar. "Her ipod started to melt", fantastic (big apple/mac person)!

    I had such a great time I couldn’t sleep. The night turned out so much better than what I had expected. I fell asleep with a big grin on my face. Next day was great, coz I got to talk MOZ all day with my friend who I was at the concert with. Didn’t get much work done but its cool since I’m the boss. Oh and the other friend needs to stop by work soon and bring Starbucks so we can talk MOZ some more.
    ninerook -- Friday October 22 2004, @02:22AM (#132472)
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  • Hey Moz fans! I just uploaded my recording of the Detroit show to EZT. Here's the link:
    ninkaasi -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @05:22PM (#133556)
    (User #12864 Info)
  • that was the one downside - i'd liked to have heard speedway, tomorrow, a swallow on my neck, and - dare to dream - i don't mind if you forget me.. but a lot of the newer tracks i wasn't to into sounded fantastic live, and the ones that i was really into (First of the Gang To Die, The World Is Full of Crashing Bores) were incredible, even if the man himself seems to be a bit critical of TWIFOCB.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 17 2004, @10:02PM (#131517)
    • golden lights by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 18 2004, @06:02AM
  • The UK shows have been fantastic, but the set lists could always have been better.

    Although I absolutely love it, Southpaw is not everybody's cup of tea, but Vauxhall is everybody's cup of tea and I think he should have played three or four off it.

    You are the quarry is incredible, but I think it has been a relatively slow grower and some of the songs have to be heard live in order to appreciate them to the maximum. I went home from the shows craving to listen to certain songs that I had not completely appreciated back in the early weeks of the albums release, such as 'Let me kiss you,' which is a great Morrissey song.

    All Morrissey shows are special, but the man has the repertoire to constantly change and dazzle, he seems intent on not playing what everybody is crying out for, yet still delivering great shows. Only Morrissey could get away with that.
    Jacknife Johnny -- Monday October 18 2004, @07:46AM (#131563)
    (User #12307 Info)
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