posted by davidt on Saturday October 16 2004, @09:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / I Like You / Bigmouth Strikes Again / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / Let Me Kiss You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / I Have Forgiven Jesus / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / You Know I Couldn't Last // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by Robert Rice
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  • First one on. Fantastic show. Way better than Chicago. Very Chatty, sound was better, lots of hand touching.

    The shirt is a YLS 44/17. Sweat and colonge intact. This will go right next to the British Flag I caught at the House of Blues Show in Chicago early this year.

    Morrissey come back soon!!!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 16 2004, @09:04PM (#131351)
  • Great Show...

    Loved the older stuff. Good crowd, great sound and cheap bootleg t-shirts outside. :)

    Can't wait to see him again!
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 16 2004, @09:08PM (#131352)
  • I waited with hunger for the shirt to come off and to show that bod. No luck. Maybe the ballroom was too cold.

    Loved the Lavern and Shirley into.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 16 2004, @09:22PM (#131356)
  • amazing show tonight. i think i've made a Moz fan out of my girlfriend. finally got to hear "Shoplifters Of The World Unite" and loved "Munich Air Disaster 1958." nothing compares to hearing "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out". thank you to the couple who saved us the seats in the balcony!
    Anthony -- Saturday October 16 2004, @10:04PM (#131366)
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  • Why (Score:0, Troll)

    oh why have the comments been so lame from the Chicago-area shows? 300 people at the South Bend show?! Moz should shoot his manager for booking a place that reveres John Deere more than the arts. God, it makes me remember why I vowed never to step foot in the backwards-ass Midwest again. For all of you Midwesterners, I feel pity for you -- move to some place civilized (ie civilized DOES NOT mean Chicago or Milwaukee!).
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 16 2004, @10:25PM (#131368)
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    • Re:Why by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday October 17 2004, @12:42AM
  • So, being that you folks were lucky enough to get Morrissey the day/evening of the 150th anniversary of Oscar Wilde's birth, did he not make any mention of the fact?! Surely he *must* have said *something* to honour the occasion!?

    Someone please step forward with some *quotes*!!
    J. Razor -- Saturday October 16 2004, @11:41PM (#131370)
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    I'm Alone
  • Set List (Score:3, Informative)

    Here's the rundown from the actual setlist

    01 How Soon Is Din Dins
    02 Firstuv
    03 Nov
    04 Like Y
    05 Big M
    06 Daddys
    07 Munich
    08 Sucha
    09 Sub-Sun
    10 Kiltlifters
    11 Oirish
    12 Kiss Us
    13 Boars
    14 Last Nite
    15 Jeez
    16 More Yig
    17 Y'Know
    18 There Used To Be A Light
    Robert Rice -- Sunday October 17 2004, @12:55AM (#131376)
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  • Anything?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 17 2004, @07:10AM (#131397)
  • Hello Milsquakee (Score:2, Informative)

    ''you are known for Happy Days, Lavern and Shirley and Jeffery Dahmer which are you proud of?

    ''Julia where are you" (something about being cold in Milwaukee)

    ''I truly believe Dick Cheney and his wife are evil. And I think they Know it. And they dont care"

    Something about the world we live in and asks ''what can we do" (holds microphone to someone in front saying ''defeat Bush" replies ''But how did he get there, how did he get there?"

    "a few years ago I came to Madison, were any of you there (crowd) I'm sorry. "

    ''I also played a place called the Riverside...were any of you there? (crowd) You must be very old now.
    SOUTHPAWmuse -- Sunday October 17 2004, @08:47AM (#131420)
    (User #3123 Info)
    Southwest six with someone like you, keep thieves hours with someone like you...
  • Suprisingly LARGE crowd at the Ballroom. I was worried Milwaukee might not show up, but it was a very good sized crowd. Unbelievable show, the sound was great and Moz's voice was stellar. He seemed in very good spirits. Bigmouth was amazing...EILS was great. Simply brilliant.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 17 2004, @09:20AM (#131425)
  • Who the Fuck is Julia?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 17 2004, @10:47AM (#131434)
    • Re:Julia by Meatfreecotter (Score:0) Sunday October 17 2004, @11:14AM
      • Re:Julia by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday October 17 2004, @12:51PM
        • Re:Julia by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday October 19 2004, @02:09PM
  • last night was the most amazing concert of my life. up until the skinhead boy shoving into people beating up the girl next to me, (it was her birthday.. that concert was her birthday present to herself) everything was so great. i was standing behind julia.. she was very smiley and slightly drunk. talking about the new york show and how people were so rude. then the aforementioned girl to the very front of me let me stand next to her, and it was grand. i never noticed what fine condition morrissey was in til last night.. wowza. lots of nipples and those grand microphone cord whips. whoever the man was in the salford lads shirt, you made me smile. and the girl in the green jacket and skirt, you looked so nice. but i was shy. hello to the boy with the emo glasses who stood next to me. and thank you to the older ladies who kept people from shoving into me. hello to the fellows in the balcony. morrissey has a very firm grip. the boy with the huge smile on his face who got onstage during the encore, BRAVO!

    ..i think that's all.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 17 2004, @11:35AM (#131451)
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    • Re:thank you.. by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday October 17 2004, @03:42PM
      • Re:thank you.. by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday October 17 2004, @11:47PM
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          • Re:thank you.. by Joe Benzon (Score:1) Saturday October 23 2004, @08:04PM
        • Re:thank you.. by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday October 19 2004, @02:26PM
  • What a wonderful show last night was! I enjoyed it more than the Move Festival. Moz was so much closer, and more accessible... it was lovely. He was being so cute, like before The More You Ignore Me, when he put his index fingers to his cheeks, and made a gesture that seemed to imply "time to turn the frown upside down," or something like that. Many thanks to the nice girl to my left who gave me a pretty Moz pin after the show, and to the group of four in front of me who were very nice (and did not crush me, despite my poor taste in music). I can't wait to see him again in the future!
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 17 2004, @12:54PM (#131464)
  • Milwauk (Score:2, Funny)

    From my spot in the middle, the guitar amps-stand blocked out the diagonal leg of the first "R" in the "MORRISSEY" hollywood-sign, so it read MOPRISSY... or pronounced MO' PRISSY. Intentional?
    taxman75 -- Sunday October 17 2004, @04:30PM (#131490)
    (User #12748 Info)
  • I drove all the way from Minnesota, six hours. I never regretted the long journey, for the results were fantastic! I thought Moz sounded absolutely right on, as did the rest of the band. I've seen him twice before, in Mpls. in Feb. of 2000 and Las Vegas 2002. This was by far the best show. Way energetic. "Bigmouth," what a great choice!

    I was standing by Julia. I still can't decide whether to hate her or admire her.

    Anonymous -- Sunday October 17 2004, @05:04PM (#131493)
    • Re:Fantastic! by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 18 2004, @04:32AM
  • Not to be picky, but I'm starting to wonder why they aren't changing up the set list along this tour.

    It seems to me mozz is trotting out the same show night after night. When you have a body of work as expansive as him, it shouldn't be difficult to show a little variety.

    just my $.02
    Anonymous -- Monday October 18 2004, @08:02AM (#131567)
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      • Re:Set List by Mozzerello2 (Score:1) Monday October 18 2004, @06:41PM
  • A great show nontheless! Another cold day of waiting outside paid off. After about 3 hours of standing in the bitter cold, security let everyone in to sit in the bar area, right outside the stage. Unfortunately this allowd late comers to cut in line, and quite a few of them did! When the doors finally opened there was a mad rush for the stage, security made no attempt to get us in some kind of order before the opening. My sister didn't get a rail spot thanks to a very selfish fan who arrived after 6 and decided to cut in line! Not only that, she elbowed me so hard during the show, hellbent on not relenting an inch of the enourmous amount of space she was holding, that security asked if I needed to be taken out because I nearly passed out. She cut off my air supply quite a bit. They gave me water and told me if I'm not going to be alright they'd help me out of the crowd. Seriously, it's people like her who make people like me NEED Morrissey. To top it all off, I don't think she or her girlfriend, who was being similarly rude to my sister by elbowing, shoving, and basically trying to keep anyone from getting within 5 feet of her girlfriend, knew a damn word to a single song! I can't fathom why you would cut in line, take up half the rail, and be incredibly rude to the people around you if you don't even know what Morrissey is!! It's ridiculous. But the bruises and annoyance I incurred from her were not enough to ruin Morrissey. I honestly don't think a gun shot to the arm would stop me much from enjoying the presence of him!

    His voice was beautiful, and he was so much closer than in Chicago. Munich Air Disaster, 1958 is awesome live!

    I think I've decided I'm heading to Nashville on Tuesday to see him again.
    They All Ignore Me -- Monday October 18 2004, @09:21AM (#131579)
    (User #12718 Info)
  • Milwaukee was the third of my three show Morrissey extravaganza, which I would do again in a second next tour. The two things I've conluded are this:

    First, there are some rawly mean and angry Morrissey fans (although I still think they're a tiny minority). Both my girlfriend, who weighs around 105 pounds) and the girl in front of me, right against the front rail, were openly assaulted by two guys trying to push their way up front after we'd waited 3 hours for Morrissey to take the stage. The security was useless, when these guys should have been immediately arrested the first time they grabbed the girls, and I would have needed much more support to have stood a chance with these 300 pound gorrillas. The second attack, during There Is A Light, resulted in the girl in front of me getting her hair nearly ripped out of her skull, while myself and at least five other peopl tried to drag this guy out of the packed front. It was brutal, and an experience I won't soon be able to separate from watching Morrissey rather abruptly walk off stage rather than shaking more hands and saying goodnight.

    Second, Damien Dempsy sucks! How doesn't Morrissey see through his ridiculous lyrics and silly little songs? The emotion seems to false and childish. I cannot imagine a much worse opener. Morrissey seems to have diverse tastes in music; he should bring a higher quality opener next time.
    Vervano -- Monday October 18 2004, @10:02AM (#131596)
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  • Well this was my 3rd morrissey concert-I saw him on the last tour in 02 in colorado springs and in denver-but anyways I am from South Dakota and me my fiance and my little brother drove 10 hours to see moz...and everyone at the fricken show was going off on how they had to drive TWO hours to the gig from chicago-but I didn't go off about my drive from hell....ANYWAYS-the morning of the show me and my brother were going to wait in line really early but it was raining and it was VERY VERY cold with high winds so we waited and we kept looking out of our window of the Ambassador Hotel to make sure the line wasn't getting too long...finally we got bundled up and headed outside with a blanket-my fiace though stayed in the room (he isn't a moz fan) then me and my little brother got in line at 1:30 and there was a group of four that had been there since like 10 in the am and after them it was like another group of 4 doing their homework and a few stragelers in between...anyway me and my bro. looked like homeless people waiting to get inside-we were all bundled up and covering together in a dragonball z blanket...but finally my bro was getting too cold so I told him to go sit in the truck that was parked on the other side of the venue and this was like at 4:30 and as he left a few min. later security told us we were going to be let inside-so I freaked out and ran to the truck but my bro was GONE-and I got sooo mad so I ran to the hotel quick got my hunny gave him my brothers ticket and told him to give it to my brother when he got back with the truck and so I ran into the bar were we had to wait and tried to remain in line but alas the line really wasn't a line anymore everyone was just standing around talking and competing to be by the entrance-anyways I guess some security guy told my bro he had to move the truck so thats why he was gone but he finally came into the venue...and we waited in their till like 6:30 and THEN the battle began they opened the door and didn't make us form any kind of line so it was mayhem....and the security had us all "walk" up like 2 or 3 flights of stairs I can't remember I was concentraiting on not falling or tripping on the steps...but I grabbed my brothers hand as we went up the steps and so no one could seperate us...and finally we were in the room were moz would play..and me and my bro darted for the stage-just walking as fast as we could otherwise security threatened us that we would be escorted out the building if we ran....
    so both me and my bro got in the FRONT ROW and from my past moz concert what I did when i got in the front row was I grabbed onto the bracade and held on for dear life because people were seriously pushing for that front row spot....
    IT WAS CRAZINESS!!!!!!!!
    We waited what seemed like FOREVER till Damien Dempsey took the stage-then he started and I almost cried I can see why moz likes his music-it was very touching...he is inspiring...
    I liked him....but I am sure he is "weird" in person to talk to....
    Anyways then moz took the stage I LOVED the MORRISSEY LIGHTS!!!!!AHHHH!!!
    Moz is too sexy he flashed his nipples at us...
    and on the song LMKY he did a motion like he was grabbing a chicks was funny...
    It was my brothers first morrissey concert and he loved it-on the song NSAM morrissey looked at my bro and grabbed his hand.....when moz got to me though I couldn't quite grab his hand, I was looking at moz and he was looking at me as I lipped to him,"I'm too little" and he made a face like I know and got closer to the edge of the stage and I boosted myself up more and we touched hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ahhhhh!!:)
    Then later in the show moz took a flower from a fan and threw it to the audience and me and my bro both caught it at the same time-it was cute....
    Anyway-it was an amazing concert-moz was fabulous-but the fans that waited in the cold were being dicks-esp when we got inside...
    It pissed me off that I drove as far as I did to see ONE SHOW on this leg of his tour and everyone who was wanting to be in the front row had
    a bullied child -- Monday October 18 2004, @11:58AM (#131617)
    (User #4166 Info)
    FAMOUS WHEN published, in other words, WHEN DEAD.
  • Friends,

    here's a link to a review done in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel of the concert.
    Mozzerello2 -- Monday October 18 2004, @06:27PM (#131744)
    (User #12769 Info)
  • i just wanted one good day to hold close when the suffering begins again and it will. it always does. i was just born to suffer all i can do i maintain some sort of dignity.

    i've spent my life trying to maintain some sort of dignity. this has been humiliating in a way i can't even think about without starting to cry.
    i'm still not sure that somehow it wasnt my fault. the guy was an asshole to everybody. why'd he pick me to out and out attack? he was crushing my sternum against the rail, i just wanted him to get off of me. maybe i should've just let him crack it in half and puncture my lung. at least when i died from internal bleeding and asphyxiation no one would have missed out on the rest of the concert and morrissey wouldnt have left so abruptly.

    yes i am so pathetic that i bought my own birthday present and was there all by myself and didnt have anyone else there to stand up for me and i'm not pretty enought to warrant it from strangers.

    i had no business saying i was happy...even to myself. and i was happy too. just for a little while the whole world didnt hurt so bad. everytime morrissey would come by this surge of people would lunge for him and try to touch him and i wouldn't. i cant even convince the people i know to hold my hand so why would a complete stranger with an adoring throng ever pick me. so i didnt reach for him the least i could do is maintain some sort of dignity, it's all i have. but he noticed that i wouldnt, he looked at me and waited. so i reached out my hand as he reached out his other hands came in to. so i took my out and put mine above it and he actually specifically shook my hand and nodded. it was civilised and if i hadve been capable of thought i wouldve said nice to meet you too. i didnt want anything else.

    the guy didnt nearly rip out a chunk of my hair. he did rip out a chunk of my hair and i have a scratch above my lip that i hope doesnt scar because there goes the "but you have such a pretty face" statement.

    i couldve really hurt him but i didnt want anyone else to get hurt or have it go on for any longer than it had to ruining what was left of the concert for everyone. that and i mistaken assumed that security would do their job.

    i did what i was supposed to, i let the appropriate persons handle him and i would have taken the legal course of action.

    except... i didnt get to press charges even thought the security officer asked me if i wanted to. apparently it didnt go through on the radio and they just let him go. they told me that since he attacked me and not one of them they had no legal right to hold him.

    the staff and security at the venue were condescending and dismissive. insisting that these things happen at concerts and i wasnt really hurt that badly. and there was nothing they could do about it anyway.

    i actually got thrown out after i asked for all of their names and their supervisors names as well. they refused to take any sort of responsibily for what happened to me at all or admit how horribly they handled it.

    during the whole debacle my discman fell out of my shirt. i named him dudley and he's my best friend in the entire world. i've had him since 99 and he refuses to die. and when i asked about they told me that it was just too bad and i had no business bringing a discman to a concert anyway.
    triskaideka -- Monday October 18 2004, @07:00PM (#131752)
    (User #12771 Info)
  • "We're gonna make our dreams come true,
    Doin' it our way." Laverne & Shirley theme

    Who knew the theme to Laverne & Shirley would be so quotable?

    I actually grew up in a small town just outside of Milwaukee on a steady diet of Laverne & Shirley and Happy Days. Can you spell Irony? And some people think I bear quite the resemblence to The Fonz, "Ehhhh!"

    Anyway, I knew we were in for something special after the Laverne & Shirley theme ended. I must say the Chicago show the night before was lacking in so many ways, but the wise trainspotterhopper that I am made my way to MilSquakee. Back to my old mourning grounds, but sadly not "Back to the Old House".

    I must say Mozzer never looked happier, even at one point using his fingers to illustrate a "smile" on his mug. I seen him several times in the last 15 years (yes, I'm an old sod) and his aura was never brighter. Very witty & chatty. Where the Chicago show sagged, the Mil-Squakee show soared. No "Rubber Ring" but we get "Shoplifters". No "How could you..." but "Munich 1958" which Moz quizzed the "zealous" of us if we knew the title. Course, we did! This isn't Dave Mathews!

    "Let me Kiss You" almost brought tears to my eyes. But the breast-honk brought me back to earth. However, a particularily heart-wrenching version of "Last Night..." brought those tears right back. I could clearly see something maudlin in Morrissey's blue eyes that tonight begged to be seen. And heard. A somewhat subdued and forlorn Mozzer left abruptly during "There is...", deciding to forego the nightly striptease. Sometimes, even strippers need a good cry.

    Anonymous -- Monday October 18 2004, @09:06PM (#131765)
  • All I can say is that I am in AWE...... I did not get to see him when he ventured to Chicago this year, so I was thrilled to see that he trekked it up to the cheese state. I am just reminded of how wonderful Morrissey is(like I needed reminding). I wanted to get there first thing in the morning, but the other members in my party thought I was being irrational. So I had to settle to be like everyone else and get there at 7:00. So as you guessed I did not get to see the sweat from his beautiful chin, but I did have a nice view from the balcony. I thought his voice was enchanting. I was a bit disappointed at the lack of enthusiasm that crossed the audience. I have been at Morrissey shows that the crowd is screaming his name. Especially for an encore. But I guess what do you expect from Milwaukee concert goers. But overall I thought Moz did a wonderful job and if I could afford it I would be a groupie and diss my day job....

    When did Moz start playing more SMITHS songs at his concerts?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 19 2004, @08:35AM (#131858)
  • Went to the Moz shows at the Aragon and Eagles Ballroom/the Rave.

    Since its already been a couple days past, I won't add in my complete two cents - i'll just say that the Aragon security sucks and the acoustics have always been that way (such a shame for a beautiful venue) and people who know only the chorus of his latest single need to stop elbowing and screaming profanities for no reason. We are all Morrissey fans and we all want to see him just as desperately!

    Does anyone know the setup songs played after Damien? Were these handpicked by Moz?

    I thought I heard Serge Gainsbourg, not sure, just wanted to know what else was played.
    handinmittens -- Tuesday October 19 2004, @03:24PM (#131974)
    (User #12777 Info)
  • In case anyone is still reading this string, last saturday was the most amazing concert of my life. Thank you to all the incredibly kind people around me, except for the huge, hairpulling republican assholes. And, thank you to everyone who assisted me to kiss Morrissey and get on stage, yup, that was me with the goofy grin, and the pretty girls nmext to me. Good god, nearly a week later and I'm still glowing.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 21 2004, @02:41PM (#132410)
  • Saturday October 16th 2004
    The Eagles Ballroom -- Milwaukee, WI

    After already seeing Mozza 4 times in the past two weeks, I was still ever so eager to see him yet again. This tour has really been so invigorating that I am savoring every moment and every show. I hadn’t initially planned on hitting up a 5th show on this tour, mainly due to my time off for the year having been whittled away at this point. So I looked at the Mozzer itinerary in search of a Saturday show that I could possibly hit on the east coast where I wouldn’t have to worry about taking more time off from work. It basically came down to the Radio City Music Hall show last weekend in NYC vs. Milwaukee.

    Why did I choose Milwaukee? Quite simply, it is one of the few general admission shows on the tour out here and at a significantly smaller and more intimate venue than that of Radio City. General admission of course allows you to pretty much control your own fate as to how close you wish to be to the stage. If you want to be first row, you’ve got to get in line outside the venue in the morning. And for Morrissey, I am indeed ever so willing to do so!

    So Milwaukee it was. I asked around to see who would like to accompany me for the long pilgrimage. And indeed, Milwaukee is quite a stretch from the humdrum town of Buffalo…a good 11 hour drive away. My friend Alex was down with the cause….but at the 11th hour, unfortunate events unfolded and he could no longer make the journey. However, I did not have to make the long haul entirely by myself…my friend Melissa was wanting to get out of town as well. She also invited her friend Michelle along. They aren’t Moz fans, but trekking for a weekend with two fine lasses is never a bad thing really.

    I got out of work early on Friday afternoon and we hit the highway around 3pm or so. Somehow we made it all the way to Milwaukee that night…arrived in town around 2am and crashed at a cheap motel a block down from The Eagles Ballroom. We awoke early in the morning and quickly transported ourselves across the street to the more posh Ambassador Hotel.

    As all of the other shows I have attended this year have been seated venues, I really had to switch gears back into general admission mode…the mode I have been so accustomed to in the past. For me, there really is no substitute to being at the very front for a Morrissey show. I have been further back at a few shows, and although I have always enjoyed myself in such positions…it is nowhere near the same as being within touching distance of the Man himself.

    I headed outside the confines of my swanky hotel room, leaving the divine hot tub behind in favor of a day waiting in line to endure the freezing cold and rather blustery winds with my fellow Moz devotees. As I made my way across the street to the venue, there were about 10 or so people lined up at this point. In the middle of the group was my new friend Mike from NYC. We had corresponded online a couple days prior to the show and had planned on meeting up. So we all put our time in, enduring the elements to secure our place in line. Conversed with some of the other diehards also in wait. Saw and spoke with the girl who is briefly interviewed on “The Importance of Being Morrissey” documentary. We took turns…a couple of us would wander off seeking food and warm refuge, while some would stay behind holding our precious places in line.

    Our first break paid off though. After hitting up Taco Bell for some sustenance (if it can be called that), we walked over to my hotel, The Ambassador. Mike wanted to check it out as he was still considering where to stay for the night himself. As soon as we entered through the hotel doors, we ran smack into none other than Boz himself! He was most amiable and we proceeded to chat it up with him for several minutes…talked about some of the shows, he was asking for directions to a local record store, and he told us that he purchased his trademark “tommy gun” guitar for 80 GBP on eBay. I was going to ask him about Ala
    thelastofthefamous -- Saturday October 23 2004, @08:22AM (#132638)
    (User #11673 Info)

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