posted by davidt on Saturday October 09 2004, @08:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Bigmouth Strikes Again / November Spawned A Monster / I Like You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Let Me Kiss You / I Have Forgiven Jesus / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / The Never Played Symphonies / Rubber Ring / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Now My Heart Is Full / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / You Know I Couldn't Last // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • too bad it takes so long to get home in NY or we would have a review by now! I am truly looking forward to hearing about this one!

    Mike Ness
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 09 2004, @08:41PM (#129829)
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  • My first time seeing Morrissey and I can now die a happy man.

    I don't remember the exact order of the setlist but here goes:

    First Of The Gang To Die
    Bigmouth Strikes Again
    November Spawned A Monster
    I Like You
    The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice
    Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    Let Me Kiss You
    How Soon Is Now?
    Now My Heart Is Full
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    The Never Played Symphonies
    The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
    (Subway Train into) Everyday Is Like Sunday
    You Know I Couldn't Last
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

    Forgive me if I have missed anything.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 09 2004, @08:53PM (#129830)
  • Hey, just got back from the show. Setlist (this'll be in rough order, i can't guarantee it and somebody will have to back me up/correct me):

    First Of The Gang To Die
    Bigmouth Strikes Again
    November Spawned A Monster
    I Like You
    This World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    The More You Ignore Me...
    How Soon Is Now
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    Let Me Kiss You
    Rubber Ring
    The Never-Played Symphonies
    Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    Now My Heart Is Full
    Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
    Subway Train / Everyday Is Like Sunday
    You Know I Couldn't Last
    There Is A Light...

    Pretty sure that's all the songs, though like I said, I'm sketchy on the order.

    Radio City was EXTREMELY strict about stage invaders (Morrissey actually mocked them for this after the first fan was tackled during "Now My Heart Is Full" -- "This is hallowed ground! No smiling, no laughing, no touching! This is RADIO CITY!")

    I think Chloe Sevigny was there again; I thought I heard Moz say her name while shaking hands early in the set. Her, David Byrne from Talking Heads, and Conan O'Brien are the three celebrities I can't throw a rock in this town without hitting.

    This was my first Morrissey show, and even though I was way the hell up in the cheap seats, I really enjoyed it! Hope somebody can fill in the many blanks I've left here, just wanted to get something out there.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 09 2004, @08:53PM (#129831)
  • She was coming out of the ladies'

    As best I can remember the set list pretty much same as last night, but he did Rubber Ring (which the crowd was very blase about! I remember people went mad when he did it at the Apollo). Lots of banter about the legendary nature of the venue ("Bob Hope has been on this stage!") and the crapness of American sitcoms. He also namechecked my hometown! He asked the crowd if we were eager to go home (no!!!) then he said something like "Well, it's just another hometown Saturday night. This could be Louisville,, it couldn't!"

    I was born in Louisville! (I lived there almost exactly 20 years, 7 months and 27 days....) I tell you, I got goosebumps. Then he did Rubber Ring.

    Brief mention of Julia, 2-3 stage invaders. Absolutely smashing show!
    magic1 -- Saturday October 09 2004, @08:56PM (#129833)
    (User #2378 Info)
  • Another brilliant night but fo me I found the atmosphere a little down beat which was also commented on by Morrissey.

    "It's Radio City Hall, no smiling or touching".

    "Oh someone laugh and spoil the mood".

    Only people allowed to near the front were those in the Pit for which I was lucky to have a ticket. The pit was cut off by lots of security and people in the pit were told to stay standing by their seats.

    There weren't many invasions. One guy caught them by surprise and sneaked on around the side and grabbed him a bit too much which briefly stopped the singing.

    Lots of hand shaking though I'm very pleased to say. The pleasure the privilege was mine several times.

    One of the highlights was an amazing How Soon is Now which got the crowd reacting with a lot more excitement.

    References to several politicians he didn't like, Laura Bush, Donald Rumsfeld or did he say Bumsfelt.....

    I was at the front by the stage but kept being told to stand back by the big bouncer right next to me. When the curtains opened I moved from my front seat to the stage and he said "I told you you can stand but by your seat".

    Several references to Bob Hope having played there.

    "I'm not intimidated by the venue. Bob Hope sang on this stage. I don't care, things like that don't bother me."

    I got distracted a few times by 2 guys on the other side of the bouncer to me who kept talking to the bouncer.

    A hello to Julia and something like "A very special guest as always".

    Quite a long time before they came back on for the encore. I thought for a minute it wasn't going to happen, then they all came to the very front of the stage and took a bow, and went into There is a Light.

    Unfortunately There is a Light had a bad start with an out of tune guitar which had to be swapped mid song. Morrissey laughed and said "Why are you all quiet?"

    Roll on tomorrow, let's just hope the atmosphere is a bit more charged.

    sounds <[email protected]> -- Saturday October 09 2004, @09:01PM (#129835)
    (User #12303 Info |
  • using friend's computer so i could actually use this form.

    the show was great. . .question... near the end a woman ran up from all the way back trying to get to the stage. they caught you. you put up a struggle . . good job. are you ont his board? i actually managed to get from row Q to row RR so i was happy . . .because you know. . .the crappy seats and all they sold in the beginning. the ushers were not nice but i was surprised there weren't enough people rushing up. if we all went up they can't stop us. better luck tomorrow. then again New York is the police-state capital of the world and many new yorkers are conditioned. that said. . .i felt the crowd was fairly tame in the front center section. . .but then again that's what you get when you reserve those seats till the end. but the show was great!! the venue was too big, i liekd the venue more at the Apollo.

    Morrissey. . .there were plenty of us that are vegetarians. . .i hope you heard me scream "I'm vegetarian!" i thought you were going to go into Meat is Murder after you were talking about vegetarianism, but i know that was wishful thinking. it's great to hear so many people cheer when you put down BUsh and his lads. . .this is newyork after all. well i gotta go. my friends are calling me.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 09 2004, @09:07PM (#129836)
  • Is this a Morrissey fan site or a Chloe Sevigny site? Anyway first time seeing Moz and he was wonderful. Loved the mention of Cheney,Bush, and Rumsfeld before Crashing Bores! Wish the crowd was a little more into it. Suprisingly many didn't seem to recognize the old Smiths stuff. C'mon already! I hope everyone is a little more energetic tomorrow night. All in all show was great!
    chelseagurl -- Saturday October 09 2004, @09:17PM (#129837)
    (User #12643 Info)
  • That was one of Morrissey's greatest performances on this tour, he was clearly honored to be playing such a beautiful venue.

    However, there was nothing beautiful about the people working there. How oh-so-courageous of them to exercise the miniscule amount of power they have over paying patrons. It was disgusting; stand here, get up, sit down, don't do that, move away from that, etc.

    Morrissey was on fire, but the bouncers need to be torched.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 09 2004, @09:20PM (#129838)
  • THANK YOU Morrissey for reminding me WHY i fell in love with your words and your voice 12 years ago!!!!!
    A smashing performance from the band as always. Hate radio city and everything they do wrong, never fair that the blahs are the ones with the money and pull and get the front section that is barricaded from the REAL fans! there was so much room up there for those of us who would have given a spleen or two for the chance to have a drop of sweat land in our vicinity... Aside from that botherness, getting yourself up in front as far as the barrier was easy enough i moved from YY to JJ then right up there behind the last stage jumper. It's pretty much up to Morrissey and the guards who gets to go up there you know, i got to observe the whole thing and had myself a nice chat with the snooty guard about it. I offered up my services to go up there if they needed a nice unconfrontational "female" fan to meet the quota for crazy stage jumping fans but alas, they didn't call me up there.
    As we all know-Moz doesn't hang around after the show , so a quick exit to the side of the building left us waiting beside his car for a glimpse at the man on his way out, and boy what a glimpse in his cute cute cute newsboy cap and sheepish grin!

    A night to remember, that's entertainment!!!!!!!!!
    sooz -- Saturday October 09 2004, @09:24PM (#129839)
    (User #12642 Info)
    ~ take me out tonight, oh take me anywhere i don't care i don't care i don't care ~
  • "The microphone was out of tune at the beginning of that. It wasn't me."

    "In Boston I told them that Cheers wasn't funny".

    "In Philadelphia I told them the Cosby show was ...."

    "American sitcoms. Which one makes me laugh. I'll tell you it's Unsolved Mysteries. It's presented by .... I wrote to him but he's dead so I didn't get a reply."
    sounds <[email protected]> -- Saturday October 09 2004, @09:25PM (#129840)
    (User #12303 Info |
  • After such a great concert, there were 2 or 3 bozos that ruined the night. Either 2 guys and one girl or just the 2 guys, but they took turns spitting off the third mezzanine rails over to where the crowd was buying merchandise. That was absolutely disgusting. If homicide wasn't a crime, I'd throw you guys off.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 09 2004, @10:17PM (#129845)
  • At least they had a better variety of shirts compared to the ones the first time around. I still am not paying $30 for one, though.
    TooledUpAsianBoy -- Saturday October 09 2004, @10:54PM (#129847)
    (User #1732 Info)
  • It was a blast to see our main man Moz tonight. And it was great to see him with the support of a record company...that sparkley curtain must have cost an arm and a leg.

    As that Imperfect List played, the Vegas style M O R R I S S E Y lit letters rose behind the band's gear on an hydraulic lift in very dramatic fashion. Soon thereafter they all came out and did their best indeed. But, whie listening to the barely perfect list, it got me thinking: here I am knocking back brews in one of the most beautiful halls in the world, getting ready to hear one of the greatest voices sing his life...all while people are being blown to bits (Western & Muslim alike), while people are being decapitated (Mr. Bigley R.I.P.), and while Western society is being led by not only the blind but by the the very blind, too. Such a sad state of affairs. Thank God for small graces such as pop stars.

    And Mr. Dempsey brought it all home when he explained how hundreds of Claddagh rings were found in the debris of the World Trade Center. As a born & bred New Yorker (& without meaning to sound too sentimental because even I am sick of September 11th being mentioned) it was very kind, decent, and nice of DD to dedicate one of his songs to the NYPD, FDNY, and to NYC. I look forward to buying his CD.

    But in any event, Morrissey was very chatty tonight and very funny. I was not planning on going to the show tomorrow night but will probably end up spending my Sunday evening in the company of a certain Englishman in New York. It's amazing how certain lines (such as "when you're all alone" at the end of 'Everyday is Like Sunday" & certain lines in "There is a Light..." amongst others) can move a grown relapsed (but faithful) Catholic such as myself to make the sign of the cross and say a prayer for the distressed, lost, confused, and broken-hearted while at a concert. Speaking of New York, it seems to me lately that Morrissey's recent fashion-sense has been taken directly from the book of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta's character in Goodfellas). But it works for him.

    Also, it was very funny when Mozzer adopted an Irish brogue at one point and said (in no particular order) fookin', eejit, and bayjesus. And it was also good to hear the Subway Train intro to "Everyday..."; it's lovely that 30 years after the fact, the New York Dolls have finally been introduced to Radio City. Would've also been nice if the between-set music included "Beat on the Brat" or some other Ramones song featured on between-set-music tapes on previous tours. We all know New York is ground zero in more ways than one (punk, art, fashion, news, media, etc.)...

    Anyway, although I am anonymous, my name begins with a B and ends with an N. It is not Brian; but I am very very proudly made of Irish blood and New York heart.

    Be well.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 09 2004, @11:03PM (#129848)
  • I must admit that this was the first full-blown star-turn Morrissey concert I've seen. Long ago, 20 years in fact, while a student, I caught The Smiths in Paris and have been an intense fan ever since, but I've never been to another concert.

    Given that, tonight was quite the amazing, surprising experience. I kept looking around the Hall ( I was seated, but stood the entire 90 minutes, in the center of row B) and was astounded by the intensity of the entire house. This was a new experience for me in this venue, in this City for that matter. So many people were on the same frequency as me, singing in unison, moving to the music, I was astounded. It was a truly great experience—I want to go back on Sunday night for more!

    Critically, I thought the man himself was in fine voice, sounding vastly better than in the majority of the recent bootlegs I've heard over the net. And, despite what seemed to be numerous equipment problems with the band (replacing guitars, replacing cymbals, replacing microphones et c., during the course of the show), the overall effect was a knockout, rocking performance. (Note to Dean, the gong requires a few warm-up taps prior to the actual striking—if you want it to truly sound.)

    Now, if I could only get my hands on that lovely orange shirt our hero wore, I'd be the happiest 'mo in New York.

    Hope everyone enjoyed it as thoroughly too.

    Anonymous -- Saturday October 09 2004, @11:23PM (#129853)
  • Can anyone tell me if Mr. Alain Whyte is back or is still out? Was he at this show???
    This Charming Dyke -- Saturday October 09 2004, @11:33PM (#129854)
    (User #12510 Info)
    Love, peace and harmony
  • Just a few things to add to what's been already said...

    Moz and the lads were in excellent form tonight.
    The band sounds better than ever with Jesse Tobias....I like Alain and wish him well, but even on newer additions like Bigmouth and Never Played Symphonies, the band is tight and sounds great.
    Radio City Music Hall acoustics didn't hurt, but Morrissey's voice is aging like the finest of wines, and he gave a powerful vocal performance tonight.
    He's not dancing much these days, though....A few of his little twist moves, and much mic-cord whipping, but mostly posing and touching himself.
    The crowd was appreciative, but a bit underwhelming. As has been said, Rubber Ring seemed to fly over everyones head, and Symphonies doesn't get as much attention as it should from much of the crowd. HSIN was the most well-received tonight by far. I was too enthralled by Bigmouth to notice how it went over...It sounded phenomenal...also looks like "as her Ipod started to melt" is becoming a permanent lyric...

    Anyone know of any spots for after-show get-togethers tomorrow night?
    headlongintoharm -- Saturday October 09 2004, @11:41PM (#129856)
    (User #11071 Info)
  • When introducing How Soon Is Now?, Morrissey said it was controversial when released in England. But then in American accent he said how no one understood it in America.

    I know I didn't say it so, but when Moz said it, it was absolutely hilarious. Perhaps others can bear witness?
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 09 2004, @11:58PM (#129859)
  • The pit contained about the same 20 superfans, but then contained some corporately comped assholes who went to get beer during Let Me Kiss You, Now My Heart is Full, and even Bigmouth, for crying out loud.
    You know, there are some fans who would saw off their left arm to get thisclose to the Mozzer, and, be able to shake his hand. If you are in the pit and don't really care about Moz, give your seat to someone who does.

    I was in row BB, right in front of the Pit , and noticed that Moz noticed this doldrum crowd right in front of him and seemed a little annoyed (not to insult the F A N S that were in there). But these jerky guys who get beer every song clearly couldn't give a fuck about Moz, and that's a shame.

    See you tomorrow, I hope there's a little more enthusiasm and a little less oh-so-jaded types of people hanging around.

    - Ella
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 10 2004, @12:04AM (#129860)
  • Besides Chloe.

      At the Wiltern in LA there was plenty familiar faces and spottings.

      Davey Havok (AFI)
      Anthony Keidis (chilli peppers)
      Perry Pharrell (Juanas Addictsion)
      One of the Twins from Good Charlotte
      Tony Kannal (No Doubt)
    tenderliz -- Sunday October 10 2004, @12:14AM (#129861)
    (User #11301 Info)
  • He makes me cuh-razy, the way he tugs and tears at his shirts this tour. Hell, he even ripped his shirt clear off at one point. He is looking beautiful, dapper, clean, and fit. His eyes are so sparkling blue, and his skin is so smooth. His red, satin blue, and black shirts look gorgeous, and not 'ray liotta' at all, like someone here said.

    Moz is so subtly sexual that it almost becomes not-so-subtle, the way he touches himself all over and kind of rubs at himself during the set. At one point in NJ, he actually took his chest pec in his hand and was sqeezing at it in the most sexual way I've E V E R seen. Whoa. And the way he collapsed to the floor and kind of writhes around during Novembah is such a turn-on.

    He truly is a charming gorgeous man, tonight this was more than evident. How could he not look in the mirror at himself and kiss it (or maybe he does?). If anyone has the right to do this without being laughed at, he does. Even if I wasn't a fan, I would still be so intrigued and pleased by his style and his image. 45 has done him more than well.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 10 2004, @12:15AM (#129862)
  • What was written on it?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 10 2004, @12:52AM (#129865)
  • Was Radio City sold out and if so how many people does it hold
    denisc -- Sunday October 10 2004, @03:35AM (#129882)
    (User #2722 Info)
  • setlist scan (Score:2, Informative)

    Here's the setlist -


    First of the Gang to Die
    Bigmouth Strikes Again
    November Spawned a Monster
    I Like You
    The World is Full of Crashing Bores
    The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get
    Let Me Kiss You
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    How Soon is Now?
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    The Never-Played Symphonies
    Rubber Ring
    Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice
    Now My Heart is Full
    Last Night I Dreamt that Somebody Loved Me
    Subway Train...Everyday is Like Sunday
    You Know it Couldn't Last
    There is a Light that Never Goes Out
    prisoner of wombat -- Sunday October 10 2004, @06:58AM (#129892)
    (User #54 Info)
    that's no hydroxolide...that's my wife!
  • If you were at last night's show, you'll know full well than many of the big fans were shut out of the usual Morrissey concert experience because security guarding the pit was insane. If you want a handshake from Morrissey this evening, you'll need pit tickets. RK:MESE:IT
    grlmopz -- Sunday October 10 2004, @07:46AM (#129900)
    (User #8206 Info)
  • Morrissey sounded and looked superb, his set list was flawless, and his band was tight as always (even without Alain). I would have paid double for that show.

    Un-Moz-related items:

    The tickets I got pre-sale through sucked. Really. I was still orchestra, but far back enough to feel removed and insignificant.

    Radio City, as wonderful as the sound was, and as historic a site as it may be, is not the best venue for a Morrissey show. Seats kill the enthusiasm of an audience, because of constriction and because you're not really mingling with your fellow concert goers, now are you? You're all cordoned off, lined up, and sat down. More ballrooms and dancehalls, please. The past two Mozzer shows I've been to have had the plague of seats, and in both shows the audience lacked major charisma. Last night, as wonderful as Moz was, I must say the crowd was a bit, well, inhibited. And that's not saying anything bad about them: it was the fault of theater seating, I'm sure.

    Too much security. Listen, guys, no one is going to pay a hundred dollars for pit seats just to stab Mozzer. They're just gonna hug him and tell him they love him, that's all. Chill. No barriers, and no security guys in blue blazers guarding the front of the stage, wearing earpieces. Listen, if anyone is going to be wearing an earpiece, it's Morrissey. That doesn't mean no security; it just means reasonable security. People are afraid to even throw flowers. How repressive!

    All that said, it was worth every penny.
    aavernal -- Sunday October 10 2004, @08:01AM (#129903)
    (User #12406 Info)
  • Does anyone know how to get one of these great Morrissey posters at Radio City?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 10 2004, @08:22AM (#129905)
  • OK, Who's in? If we all go at once, at a precise moment, what can security possibly do? Start shooting at us?

    Maybe 3/4 through the set. Let's come to a concensus during which song we all make our move.

    If enough people are down, I'll give out an email which will discuss all the elements and details of this very cunning plan.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 10 2004, @09:43AM (#129909)
  • I saw Morrissey last night at Radio City. My first time ever seeing him in concert. It was AWESOME!!! I think his band was excellent, his choice of songs was overall pretty good (would've liked more Smiths and earlier solo stuff but whatever) and loved his banter and interaction with the audience. My boyfriend who joined me also enjoyed the show and we were both very impressed how much Morrissey sounds exactly the same live as he does on his albums!! We were way in the back on the floor, but we still saw him fine and had a wonderful night.
                    One question though: Who IS Julia? I've been reading a lot about her on these message boards and how does she know Morrissey and get into his concerts?
    Melissa Y -- Sunday October 10 2004, @10:13AM (#129912)
    (User #12647 Info)
  • Did anyone record it or got their hands on a soundboard boot?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 10 2004, @11:08AM (#129917)
    • Re:Bootleg by headlongintoharm (Score:1) Sunday October 10 2004, @10:11PM
  • What time did Moz go on?
    Fingal -- Sunday October 10 2004, @03:59PM (#129931)
    (User #6356 Info)
  • my details (Score:2, Interesting)

    Sorry to post this quite late in the day
    I got home late, slept late and then well anyway here goes....

    I have a great memory and an eye for details unless someone already beat me to it
    here's what happened, so live vicariously through me,....

    Moz said Hi to Julia something like "always a special guest"
    Moz shook hands with everyone in the front row. ...
    someone on the front row-left side of the stage gave him something ...he looked at it and then put it in his pocket
    and I know later I saw he took something out of his pocket and gave it to someone in the front row -left side of the stage
    A few stage poor guy almost made it before dragged away...
    Moz was humped by some guy when he approched the right end of the stage...god I laughed
    Moz stuck his ass out at someone when he shaked their hand
    at another point Moz obviously wiped his hand after it was kissed

    - I thought comments about Unsolved Mysteries was irrelevant
    - I liked the comment about damien and "what you say you're not a vegetarian"
    -various other comments amusing aswell ..about cheny, bush, rumsfeld etc

    -crowd reacts more enthuiastically during smiths songs
    -saw a bride and groom there...groom in orange tux..nice touch
    -saw some rather preppy looking people there..odd

    Now I have question....

    --what was the music they were playing before the show? of those artists Moz is into that well I have to say I 'm not exactly crazy about.
    --what was the voice over just before the start of show?

    now about Damien ...
    he plays and sings well....sings from his heart..
    to the girls sitting next to me talking loudly and then who said during damien's performance " oh my gawd this is so boring" I say fuck a little respect to a guy who's just trying to sing his fuckin songs. Go have your little conversation outside if you dont like it, damn

    in all i had a nice time but the perfomance was really only like an hour and half....too short... too short

    emails welcome anytime :-)


    [email protected]
    task -- Sunday October 10 2004, @07:03PM (#129939)
    (User #12649 Info)
    • Re:my details by *puella* (Score:0) Monday October 11 2004, @07:25AM
  • hi,
          the sat nite show was a great show, and people shouldnt be too tough on the venue or the crowd. a place that holds almost 6000 people isnt going to have the intimacy of the apollo. i felt priviliged to be there. the place is a jewel, a palace , the envy of the entertainment industry. to be there that nite, with morrissey, i truly felt for that time i was at the center of the world. i thought the security was actually showing some kindness. when was the last time you saw a place let a stage rusher go back to their seat? usually, you are kicked right out. also, i saw the girl who try to run the stage all the way from the back, carried out by security like she was a little child. and then, she was allowed back. compare that to the apollo security, where heavy breathing was an offence.
            what a grand stage. with the lighting, at times there were 50 ft tall sillouhettes of morrissey on the walls all around me . awesome!!!
              i made a tape, and listed it under the marketplace forum if you are interested.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 10 2004, @07:05PM (#129940)
  • "Keep me in your prayers, that is if you pray. You're all in mine, it's only fair."

    I was almost moved to tears when he said this. There was this sadness in his voice that just seemed as though it were a final good-bye.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 10 2004, @09:36PM (#129990)
  • Does anyone know about the music they were playing between sets?
    Anonymous -- Monday October 11 2004, @07:54AM (#130097)
    • Re:Music? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 11 2004, @01:14PM
      • pony - job. by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 11 2004, @01:31PM
    • Re:Music? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 11 2004, @02:19PM
  • on the way home from the AMAZING show,I was waiting for the train and couldnt believe how rats the size of rabbits just walking around from the tracks to were I and other people was standing.Bloomberg,please do something about NYC's rat problem!
    Anonymous -- Monday October 11 2004, @01:18PM (#130221)
  • during the Never Played Symphonies, i was sneaky and quick enough to have been able to cross the majority of the stage to hand-deliver a letter to Morrissey. i am failry sure i made no real interruption to the song or the show (this comment is for the people who are lambasting invaders) i tried to remain respectful. and was treated with the same respect as i walked mywelf away and off the stage. security was very nice to me allowing me back to my spot. and i had ample opportunity to go again when he came closer to my spot but i had no need as i had done what i needed to. so for what its worth i enjoyed myself and hope the majority of everyone else did as well. and for those who have complaints. well noones gonna be happy and pleased all the time i suppose.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 11 2004, @05:31PM (#130271)

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