posted by davidt on Thursday October 07 2004, @07:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Bigmouth Strikes Again / November Spawned A Monster / I Like You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / I Have Forgiven Jesus / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / Let Me Kiss You / The Never Played Symphonies / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / You Know I Couldn't Last // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • Morrissey looked and sounded great. But what was up with the band wearing the mustard colored Locoste Shirts?
    jamesl -- Thursday October 07 2004, @07:13PM (#129437)
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  • Chloe Sevigny (Score:2, Interesting)

    Did anyone else see the actress Chloe Sevigny in the audience. She made it on stage and Morrissey definately recognized her and put his hand on his heart after she hugged him and shook his hand.

    Pretty cool - she's a great actress.
    jamesl -- Thursday October 07 2004, @07:17PM (#129438)
    (User #12618 Info)
  • First of all, the concert was amazing, as I expected it to be. And of course, people ran onto the stage to hug him, but whatever, that always happens. However, during There is a Light that Never Goes Out, about 20 people mobbed the stage, Moz only got 5 lines out of his mouth while he was up there. It got so bad that he had to be led off stage in the middle of the song and the band ended it early. That REALLY gets on my nerves. Why can't people have more self control? They ruined a beautiful song!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @07:18PM (#129439)
    • Re:Dumb people by Jim Rome (Score:1) Thursday October 07 2004, @07:22PM
    • Re:Dumb people (Score:2, Insightful)

      I don't think it's a question of "self-control," really, as much as it is possibly an error in judgement.

      Morrissey likes fans to come onstage at the end, but he doesn't like a huge number to come up at once, of course. So the people who jumped up after there were already too many people onstage are guilty of simply an error in judgement, I think.

      I think it takes the opposite of "self-control" (in the context you're using it) to try to get onstage -- for most people, it takes every ounce of courage and spunk they have in them to even attempt it!

      I doubt very seriously it was anyone's intention to 'ruin' the song. They probably just got carried away in the moment, the excitement -- the beauty -- that is Moz.

      Don't be so hard on 'em. Wouldn't you have tried to get up there too if you could've?
      swedo78 <[email protected]> -- Thursday October 07 2004, @07:52PM (#129451)
      (User #11761 Info)
      She said, "Eh, I know you, and you cannot sing," and I said, "that's nothing, you should hear me play piano..."
      • Re:Dumb people by bengolly (Score:1) Friday October 08 2004, @05:33AM
      • Re:Dumb people by markandmaria (Score:1) Friday October 08 2004, @08:41AM
    • Re:Not so Dumb people by Meatfreecotter (Score:1) Saturday October 09 2004, @03:31AM
  • Morrissey, you ARE the Quarry. But in a good way.

      Incredible, incredible, incredible.

    And if you play "These Things Take Time" in Nashville, I will die RIGHT there, in the venue, of happiness.

    I love you Mozzer!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @08:04PM (#129454)
  • Oh how I wish I had been able to go.
    Alas I had work and a lack of funds, so instead of being in Asbury like I had planned, I was stuck in Brick.

    Come on now, someone give me a nice review of the concert, then I can at least imagine I was there.
    Orin_Leland <reversethis-{moc ... ta} {dnalelniro}> -- Thursday October 07 2004, @08:13PM (#129456)
    (User #11984 Info |
    Bigmouth Strikes Again... And I've got no right to take my place in the human race...
  • Imperfect List Intro
    First Of The Gang To Die
    Bigmouth Strikes Again
    November Spawned A Monster
    I Like You
    The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice
    Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
    Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    How Soon Is Now?
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    Let Me Kiss You
    The Never Played Symphonies
    The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
    Subway Train > Everyday Is Like Sunday
    You Know I Couldn't Last
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (stopped before second chorus due to stage invaders)

    Tonight's pre-encore cryptic farewell was "and now let me whisper my last goodbye".
    semidetached -- Thursday October 07 2004, @08:15PM (#129457)
    (User #7853 Info)
  • Yes, I was one that got onstage during "There's A Light.." but I had to. It's been exactly 12 years since I was last onstage for the 'Your Arsenal' tour and I needed to go up one last time. It was amazing and made my whole night. Too bad the drunk guys up front kept stepping and pushing me around.

    See everyone in NY. :)
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @08:32PM (#129459)
  • This is a good thing when people 'pace' themselves, like one or two invasions a song. The security doesn't usually get rough or headlock girls. It's usually a crazed guy that practically knocks Moz down, and then, all of a sudden, about 20 people want to go onstage at once (monkey see monkey do). That's why I went on in the middle of the set, because I knew at the end it would be hysteria. Thank you crowd, and Moz, for one of the best nights of my life *IkissedmyMozandHesmelledGorgeous! *

    The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get...
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @08:35PM (#129461)
  • Morrissey was wonderful indeed--good tambourine skills, too. I wonder who caught his sweaty shirt. (And I'm perversely intrigued as to what brand it is...)

    However, it seemed like a few of the people who bumrushed the stage weren't bonafide Morrissey fans, but just selfish thrill seekers. Which seems perfectly fine, but is actually quite a pisser if it means the man has to end "There is a Light..." early just because some hokey chick in a bedazzled shirt wants to achieve a personal conquest. But alas, what's done is done.

    What made the concert even cooler was seeing Deano walk to the tour bus a few feet in front of me afterwards, smiling and wearing a fresh green polo. It was just so casual and cool. We had also seen who we assumed was Morrissey lounging on the bus, watching a soccer game on T.V. earlier in the night.

    Oh, and yes, Chloe Sevigny was there--sitting in about the fourth row, center, on the left side and laughing profusely. I'm glad she enjoyed the show. We all did, eh?
    Oafloafer -- Thursday October 07 2004, @08:54PM (#129464)
    (User #12621 Info)
  • My favorite moments from the show were:
    When Moz said "You all aren't from Jersey, are you?" = that was so cute, and probably true.

    When he writhed on the floor during November Spawned a Monster, he looked gorgeous and completely consumed by the music...

    During Such A LIttle Thing, he chuckled the last line out and was grinning ear to ear like a boy with a secret...

    During a song, he literally ripped his shirt open slowly, button by button to a panting crowd...

    A few of the stage-invaders who went on looked genuinely like they were in h-e-a-v-e-n (as opposed to the 'cheap thrill seekers'). Have to give the 'shout-outs' to: In particular, Chloe Sevigny looked great onstage, also, a girl in a black conservative skirt outfit with a blonde bun who was very courteous to Moz, and also a girl with a bob haircut and green bag who had the guts to hold him and kiss him on the cheek. She looked as if she could die then and there, as did the others! Moments like that are few and far between, brother.

    Moz' talkativeness always impresses me in general... and Last Night I Dreamt was my favorite of the night...

    Man, am I grateful from such an awesome show.

    G'nite everyone, congrats to the lucky girls mentioned above, whoever you are, and also to the others who made it up there

    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @09:19PM (#129476)
  • Anyone catch what he said after "the never played symphonies". It was something like "you have to be an ugly person to sit at home and write a song like that." i found that rather sad/beautiful...

    Viva the Quarry
    Mr.Ann Coates -- Thursday October 07 2004, @09:31PM (#129479)
    (User #12622 Info)
    • Re:Great Show by swedo78 (Score:1) Thursday October 07 2004, @09:39PM
      • Re:Great Show by Mr.Ann Coates (Score:1) Friday October 08 2004, @09:15PM
        • Re:Great Show by swedo78 (Score:1) Friday October 08 2004, @10:52PM
  • Tonight was the first time I was actually able to see Morrissey live, and I thought the band was tight as can be. His music is great, and I see he puts just as much energy into live performance.

    Some of you have posted that "There is a light..." was the only song buggered by the stage invaders, there were actually SEVERAL songs ruined. It really was quite annoying considering I spent $60 a pop on tickets for my wife and I. It was a very selfish act by many. Most of you did not conduct yourself nicely up there either.
    Tackling the man with your 300LB+ frame WILL disrupt the song he is singing. Just a little reminder that other people may be trying to enjoy the music, AND THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU!!!

    If you are going to Radio City, you will not make it near the stage.
    bengolly -- Thursday October 07 2004, @09:50PM (#129482)
    (User #12623 Info)
  • Especially one of Chloe on stage with Moz?

    Post anything you have, por favor.
    king leer -- Thursday October 07 2004, @10:06PM (#129484)
    (User #80 Info)
  • so was there a barrier up at the show tonight, or nothing?
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @10:14PM (#129485)
  • Sorry everyone this has nothing to do with the concert, but I wanted to know exactly which magazine had the pullout poster of Morrissey sitting in a chair, kind of laid back with a grey backround? I presume it's an NME from this year. Thanks.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 08 2004, @01:50AM (#129523)
  • i was one of the girls who went on stage right before the the big rush,and i dont understand why people are so pretentious. i sat in fear the whole show scared to do something i always wanted to. i am a recovering heroin addict and a couple years ago when i was away for a few months to get clean the only cassessete i had in my possesion was meat is murder. and getting to jump onstage and shake his hand really meant alot to me, so for all of the people who are trash talking you should try to understand that you never know what peoples motives are. and if people are just thrill seeking so what?
    Anonymous -- Friday October 08 2004, @05:08AM (#129549)
  • i just wanted to say what an amazing show. morrissey sang the smiths songs great like "last night i dreamt" and "bigmouth strikes again." the new ones sounded fresh as ever. "irish blood, english heart" and "i have forgiven jesus" really stand out. there were two i didn't recognize. i think one was "don't make fun of daddy's voice," and the other was "as life fades" or something like that. they sounded tight as well. this only adds to my morrissey concert experience(i was also at the roseland show for oye esteban) both were exceptional performances.
    mike hollow -- Friday October 08 2004, @05:42AM (#129558)
    (User #12626 Info)
    • Re:great show by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday October 08 2004, @05:48AM
  • No real deviation in the setlist from the Philly shows, but a great set nonetheless and I had awesome seats this time(2nd row). Seeing him up close like that makes for a completely different experience. He definitely looks better in person than in photos.

    My friend and I met Deano out back afterwords. He stayed out there for a bit and chatted with fans... really nice guy.
    fightingdog82 -- Friday October 08 2004, @06:11AM (#129568)
    (User #9465 Info |
  • Talking Points... (Score:3, Informative)

    Damien Dempsey said he had drinks with Moz the other night and Morrissey said he was "weird"... he said that's much better than Morrissey calling him "square".

    Morrissey's first words: "Hello, how are you? Welcome. I guarantee I will say something wrong tonight."

    Then later on: "Are any of you from NJ?" Crowd screams NO. He laughs and says "Where are you from? Staten Island?" Crowd groans. He says "There I go. I told you I would say something wrong. What's wrong with Staten Island?" He gives the mic to a girl up front who says "It sucks." He says "Oh, it sucks." and rolls his eyes.

    "I'm starting a campaign 'Jon Stewart for President'".

    Some banter with Julia about Boston and intellectualism.

    Some chat with two people from England in the front row.

    Asked if we've heard the New York Dolls album.

    Said something about Laura Bush (I think before Crashing Bores) and repeated her name "Laura" "Laura" as he swaggered across the stage.

    Ripped his shirt off button by button.

    He introduced the band like "Rah la da mum da - Boz!" "La da ra ra ra - Gary!"

    During Everyday is like Sunday, he pointed to us during "This is the coastal town, they forgot to burn down..." If you've never been to Asbury Park, you can't even imagine how true that is.

    Had a great time last night, managed to get up on the left side front by the stage... really nice people around us (except goatee man who probably didn't realize just how strong he was. It felt like a really intimate show... Radio City will be different I expect.

    Too bad about the quick end to There is a light.... that's what happened in Red Bank last time Moz visited South Jersey. Philly and NJ encores were both cut off for me :( ... Maybe he'll get through it in NYC, I just want to know what songs he would play!

    Ellie <[email protected]> -- Friday October 08 2004, @06:19AM (#129571)
    (User #2185 Info |
    • Re:Talking Points... by Ellie (Score:1) Friday October 08 2004, @06:22AM
    • asbury park by bengolly (Score:1) Friday October 08 2004, @06:25AM
    • Yay! Thanks Ellie! I was left front too.
      just to add on to yours a bit-

      When the girl said it sucked, he said "well we all suck don't we"

      He said "Laura Muff, I mean Bush"

      The English people in the front, he started by looking at one of them (I think) and said - "were you actually at Meltdown?" Maybe a shirt they were wearing, I don't know.

      And a guy near us, before Last night, said "Civil Union me!" I thought that was pretty clever and funny and had to stop laughing for the serious song.

      I had a great great time!!! Thanks to all the people around me for being into it and not being upset that I was dancing nearly the entire time.
      AngelaM -- Friday October 08 2004, @07:00AM (#129589)
      (User #12630 Info)
    • Ellie by bengolly (Score:1) Friday October 08 2004, @07:54AM
    • Re:Talking Points... by suzanne (Score:1) Friday October 08 2004, @04:04PM
  • I don't think anyone will ever be able to rush the stage at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago this coming Friday Oct 15.

    I have tickets, and I'll try- but I am afraid I will be brutalised by burly and ugly security staff.


    Ken Stavitzke
    sycophantic_slag -- Friday October 08 2004, @06:33AM (#129578)
    (User #3940 Info)
    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • can somebody PLEASE tell Bengolly to SHUTUP or go away.
    Bengolly must be the most boring poster EVER!
    Anonymous -- Friday October 08 2004, @06:58AM (#129587)
    • Re:bengolly by bengolly (Score:1) Friday October 08 2004, @07:09AM
    • Re:bengolly by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday October 08 2004, @07:53AM
      • Re:bengolly by bengolly (Score:1) Friday October 08 2004, @07:57AM
        • Re:bengolly by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday October 08 2004, @11:37AM
  • I agree that the real fans are the ones who pay top dollar, read the lyrics, love the music and enjoy the show. The ones who ruin his best songs to get attention should stick with raves and clubs. It was a brilliant show which would have been perfect if the "look at me" idiots could have let him finish.


    1-Venues need security in front.
    2- Invaders need to be arrested.

    The sellfish people want the spotlight on them, the real fans want it on the music.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 08 2004, @08:18AM (#129612)
  • it was horrible! even the buttons!
    david w. -- Friday October 08 2004, @08:55AM (#129620)
    (User #11876 Info)
    • It was ok... by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday October 08 2004, @09:30AM
  • Many were annoyed that the encore was cut short by the stage rushers. My annoyance came in the form of a lispy man named Ricky. (Row 0, seat 21). He ruined my recording by heckling Moz all night. Why would you pay $60.00+ for a ticket only to make uninspired, dumb comments all night? Especially since due to the location of the seat, there was no way that Morrissey was going to hear him anyway.
    Even if I wasn't taping, I didn't come to the show to hear someone make dumb remarks all night.
    Helsabot -- Friday October 08 2004, @10:02AM (#129643)
    (User #12633 Info)
  • I'd really appreciate it - that song was very cool. I recognize a few of the other songs played between Dempsey & Moz's set as being from nme's 'Song to Save Your Life'. But this one was new, and it was the first song played after Dempsey went off stage. It's been played at every gig so far...
    Thanks so much!
    Anonymous -- Friday October 08 2004, @02:04PM (#129680)
  • A fantastic gig. Shame about the end.

    I was at the very front center stage wearing a Meltdown t shirt so he asked me whether I really went to Meltdown. I said yes, then he came over to me and asked me where I was from, he reached over to me with the mic and I replied London, then he said where abouts....

    And he shook my hand. Just wanted to have a real conversation with him and explain I am originally from Warrington and went to a belligerent catholic school in Manchester called Stalag St Bede's in Whalley Range. So much I want to say to him. I seem to know so much about him from his lyrics, seems only fair to let him know about me too :)

    Not a night I am going to forget in a hurry.

    Met up with some other UK fans earlier in the day and we had a get together in my hotel room before the gig. The Ipod was starting to melt.

    When we left the hotel we walked passed the tour bus and saw the band sitting there. We knocked on the door and asked them if they would mind a group photo. They got off the bus and one of the crew took a picture of us all on a camera phone.

    Just checked into the hotel in NY and can't wait until tomorrow night. Got AAA ticket for tomorrow and HH for Sunday. Have to wash the Meltdown t shirt so that he can see me again.

    It would be very very sad indeed if these comments about farewells etc haved any factual basis. Although I'm sure the same rumours of goodbye did the rounds in 1992 too.

    I suppose he can't go on forever but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't give up yet. I will be more than happy for you to sing for me in my retirement home.

    Morrissey has been in my life now since 1984 when I first saw The Smiths at Leeds University and a life without him in it would seem very silent and grey.

    Did anyone do a bootleg last night? I would really like to get hold of one please.

    You keep me going so PLEASE carry on
    F O R E V E R M O R E.

    Mike Wilde
    [email protected]
    sounds <[email protected]> -- Friday October 08 2004, @03:09PM (#129696)
    (User #12303 Info |
    • Re:Excellent by sounds (Score:1) Friday October 08 2004, @03:21PM
    • Re:Excellent by sounds (Score:1) Friday October 08 2004, @03:29PM
  • Morrissey asked the crowd if a place beginning with T was in New Jersey. I couldn't understand what place he mentioned. Did anyone catch it? When no on seemed to repsond in the affirmative or negative (likely due to confusion over what he said), he then said, "Oh, none of you are from Jersey."
    Anna February -- Friday October 08 2004, @03:45PM (#129705)
    (User #11029 Info)
  • Maybe I missed mention of this below but one of the highlights of the night had to be Deano shirtless ....... Oy!

    I thought it was a direct challenge to Morrissey.

    Just kidding. The theater was actually a tad hot.
    Jackosuede -- Friday October 08 2004, @10:41PM (#129745)
    (User #944 Info)
  • Is it me or did Morrissey make reference to various American soap operas at one point by saying something like "...oh the young and the restless...the days of our lives...general hospital.." I think I heard something like that.
    By the way, thanks to Deano for coming out to the tour bus and talking to everybody after the concert. He must have signed an autograph for 40 or 50 people. Such a charming fellow. Lovely evening.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 11 2004, @05:53AM (#130071)
  • God, I really hope you're wrong. I've seen him 4 times this tour and going for a fifth, and it still doesn't seem nearly enough. The shows I have seen I've literally gotten to 'by hook or by crook,' as they say. It's been difficult, but it's been so worth it.

    Autobiography? Interesting thought. I hope, though, I hope to GOD he's got at least one more tour in him. (One that I can plan for and follow around shamelessly, heehee.) He's got 5 years until he turns 50, who knows? His voice has never sounded better and good god, he's never looked better. Come on Moz, one more tour!!!

    BTW, I don't think Quarry is lackluster; in fact, I think it's his second-best solo album, after Vauxhall.
    swedo78 <[email protected]> -- Thursday October 07 2004, @11:35PM (#129495)
    (User #11761 Info)
    She said, "Eh, I know you, and you cannot sing," and I said, "that's nothing, you should hear me play piano..."
  • He didn't say that. He said he wasn't 50 yet so he had plenty of times.

    If you're basing this information on something other than a misremebered NME interview and a few sentimental stage goodbyes then fair enough, but tell us your information.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @11:38PM (#129496)
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