posted by davidt on Monday October 04 2004, @08:00AM
stux writes:

The website has been updated and contains audio samples of the Let Me Kiss You B-Sides.
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  • beautifully composed tracks...
    all three B-sides...(DMFODV is the whole song & FM and IATP are just 1 min. teasers)
    can't wait to get both finally here in Canada.......
    Oct. 12th T.O. here we come!!
    Viva MOZ siempre!
    IdramosI <[email protected]> -- Monday October 04 2004, @08:09AM (#128123)
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    ...i'm sorry for smudging the air with my song...
  • I guess someone made a mistake, those 3 bsides aren't what they say they are, 2 samples of Irish Blood and one of America :P
    herzeleid316 -- Monday October 04 2004, @08:11AM (#128124)
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    • Re:so.. by herzeleid316 (Score:1) Monday October 04 2004, @08:15AM
      • Re:so.. by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 04 2004, @08:18AM
        • Re:so.. by herzeleid316 (Score:1) Monday October 04 2004, @08:27AM
  • Wow! This sounds very promising indeed...
    Joemoz -- Monday October 04 2004, @08:12AM (#128125)
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  • WHat are you talking about ? One guy had it right, the others are lying. The samples are all wrong. Daddy's Voice is America is Not the World... The other 2 are Irish Blood, WHat a minor let down...Hope they fix it soon.
    Micropenis -- Monday October 04 2004, @08:24AM (#128130)
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    • Re:Wrong Songs by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 04 2004, @08:29AM
    • Re:Wrong Songs by herzeleid316 (Score:1) Monday October 04 2004, @08:29AM
  • Moments later and the truth is discovered. I'll put it on the main page for all too see. It's in the "Latest News" section you must go to Click here. Then the songs and samples appear and you can download to your desktop. The ones in the audio section don't work... Good Stuff, Truly.
    Micropenis -- Monday October 04 2004, @08:36AM (#128140)
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  • something else concerning the lyrics... why can't someone click on the lyrics for "teenage dad"? can someone make a contribution of them for some of the non-english speaking people? sorry i tried to understand them, but i keep missing some. even some of my english friends cannot help...
      if you can assist it will be very kind.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 04 2004, @08:46AM (#128145)
  • friday mourning sounds perdy. i think i like it the most. it's well thought out it seems. has that classic, timeless feel to it. what a pretty girl, he is. he should perform this live.
    i am two people sounds is very clumsy, i wonder if it's "the public image" just renamed. i know and like the morrissey i know, i don't know who he really is and i'll never get to know who he really is. so rude to assume i don't want to know him. what if i do?
    don't make fun of daddy's voice is exactly like it is when performed live, with the "no te diviertas con papi" mispronounced again. i was hoping someone would correct him before it was recorded but it obviously went unchecked.
    imaman -- Monday October 04 2004, @08:49AM (#128148)
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    • Spanish lesson, por favour by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 04 2004, @12:17PM
      • Re:Spanish lesson, por favour by delta10km (Score:1) Monday October 04 2004, @01:04PM
      • moz sings "no te diviertes con papi", which means "aren't you having fun with daddy".
        what he is trying to sing is "no te divierTAS con papi" which would really mean "don't make fun of daddy" or "daddy's [voice]"... which is the song title and if we're fighting for consistency then that adjustment would be required. personally, i doubt this error is on purpose. but if we take into account the "something got stuck in his throat" and understand it to mean something sexual in nature than the mispronunciation would probably be intentional. assuming that moz wants to be thought of as a sex-toy. i've hearded him moaning and groaning on stage to "alsatian cousin" so who knows, maybe...
        imaman -- Monday October 04 2004, @05:44PM (#128372)
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  • even if it's just a minute of each song, i don't feel bad about spoiling the surprise of what comes on the b-side....

    will there be an american release?
    suzanne -- Monday October 04 2004, @09:08AM (#128155)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
    • Re:guilt free by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 04 2004, @09:22AM
      • Re:guilt free by suzanne (Score:1) Monday October 04 2004, @09:33AM
  • The correct link is:

    and for some reason the entire 2:51 of "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice" is available to stream.
    Luge -- Monday October 04 2004, @09:38AM (#128165)
    (User #1857 Info)
    • Re:entire DMFODV (Score:2, Informative)

      > and for some reason the entire 2:51 of "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice" is available to stream.

      Not STREAM, it just downloads it to keep forever.
      I think someone goofed.
      wemissumoz -- Monday October 04 2004, @09:58AM (#128172)
      (User #4088 Info)
  • As so the song I am Two People goes.

    From what I heard of these samples, this may turn out to be my favorite single yet.

    Not able to see any of the shows on tour this year, so this at least will have to do. Until next time.
    mozmic_dancer -- Monday October 04 2004, @10:18AM (#128177)
    (User #11277 Info)
    "I am the fun and the fair, on a Mozsite for the criminally insane..."
  • DMFODV sounds amazing. Jerry Finn finally hit it right on the head.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Monday October 04 2004, @10:42AM (#128188)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • I can't find the lyrics to Teenage Dad On His Estate!
    jp80 -- Monday October 04 2004, @10:46AM (#128191)
    (User #11999 Info)
  • B-Sides (Score:2, Funny)

    "Friday Mourning" sounds so wistful and beautiful! In a way, "You Are The Quarry" is like the gift that keeps on giving, with all these high quality b-sides. Good on ya, Moz.
    pezboy2u -- Monday October 04 2004, @12:00PM (#128213)
    (User #11848 Info)
    "you're like f*ckin Job, everything happens to you"
  • All the B-Sides sound very good. I wonder if the single will come out in the US?
    Anonymous -- Monday October 04 2004, @12:16PM (#128228)
  • especially by "I am Two People". Uninspired and tuneless as all the last B-Sides (except "Symphonies").
    Anonymous -- Monday October 04 2004, @06:26PM (#128377)
  • Friday Mourning seems like a bit of classic Moz b-side - very promising - but is this actually a Morrissey composition. There have been suggestions that this is a cover.

    Daddy's Voice seems to have been well captured, though I find the organ a bit grating and repetitive - it would be better if it was more guitar driven.

    I Am Two People seems a little weaker but we'll have to wait to hear the full song.

    Any general info on co-writers - with Whyte out of the picture does this mean they are Boorer compositions or have Mikey or Jesse been involved in the writing?
    JonnersB -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @03:35AM (#128509)
    (User #8247 Info)
    Would you like to note my inside-leg?
  • While Moz's output is still of a high quality, the music is getting so generic and mainstream now that I fear Moz is following suit. Is anyone hearing Moz do his imitators, doing Moz if you know what I mean.

    Latest case in point is Friday Mourning. Compare that to Pony Club's 'single'. I am afraid the impact of emotion has gone because the man himself is accepting and accepted, no cutting edge there.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @03:36AM (#128510)
  • While I do feel that Morrissey's music has recently moved more towards the mainstream - mainly due to the shiny production and the generic nature of some of the music - let's put this in to perspective. As an REM fan (though by no means am I as much a fan of theirs as I am of The Smiths - my fave band - and Moz), I am HORRIBLY disappointed by that band's new album. Think Quarry is a bit MOR? - it sounds positively energised compared to 'Around The Sun'. Now, I'm not saying that I'm overjoyed by YATQ, because I'm not. I still feel, after all these months, that the production is too polished, that the music is often too predictable, and that some of the lyrics are clumsy. But be thankful that there are stand out moments like 'First Of The Gang' which show that Moz can still pull off something great when he wants to - cos REM sound totally asleep on their new album, and Stipe's lyrics are banal on this record to say the least. It made me think - at least Moz still has the balls to write about the monarchy in such a direct way on 'Irish Blood' or to pen a song as potentially controversial as 'I Have Forgiven Jesus'. 'You Are The Quarry' is by no means his best album, in fact it's rather average overall - but at least it has moments that give hope for the future, as did 'The Never Played Symphonies' and, IMO, 'It's Hard To Walk Tall...' (ok, this one's a bit generic musically, but you can't deny the energy of the performance). Point is, if you're saying Moz is still putting out music of a high quality, which, intermittently, he is - then be grateful, cos it could be a hell of a lot worse. Morrissey is now in a better position than REM - where they are drifting fast towards the nondescript, Moz is looking and most likely feeling confident after a mostly praised comeback, and has shown us in the likes of 'Gang' and 'Symphonies' that there's still some magic there when he cares to tap into it. While I'd still say Quarry is average overall by Moz's standards, I feel confident that Morrissey WILL make a really, consistently good album again at some point. (I know many of you like Quarry, so that's just from my own point of view). He's just too cantankerous and individual and bitter to ever truly fit in to that mainstream idiom. If 'Friday Mourning' is as good as some people are saying, then let's be thankful at least - Moz can still deliver the goods, even if only occasionally these days (again, my opinion).
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @08:10AM (#128611)
  • below. If these are the lyrics of the Morrissey song, then it's a cover. I've not heard the Moz version but the lyrics sound like the kind of thing he'd sing so my guess is that it's cover...

    A desperate breath inhaled, then it leaves you.
    Hollowed out, and you struggle to feel something.
    Abandoned eyes that drowned in the disbelief and
    doubt, when you woke up Friday morning.
    It still seems so surreal.
    These scars should slowly heal.
    I remember when you kneeled, you didn't say goodbye.
    You knew she wasn't gone.
    You whispered,
    Until we meet again, you'll be
    watching me, I know.
    Please save a place for me and when I'm finally
    called back home, I'll see you smiling there.
    The angels in your bedroom softly sing her name.
    It's getting easier to sleep now.
    So you feel some comfort, but still it's not the same.
    But it's better than the twisted silence.
    You woke up Friday morning.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @02:28AM (#128914)
  • Well seeing as no-one else has been bothered, I felt inclined to help the poor souls who can't understand a word he's saying!

    "You chase in the rat-race
    and you always feel so hollow,
    You marry because it's expected of you,
    And it only makes you feel more lonely,
    But still you look down on the
    Teenage dad on his estate
    He's happy - so leave him alone!
    With his baby, and his modest home,
    He's happy - so leave him alone!
    With his Jensen Interceptor
    It's just a runaround

    You defer to the views of the television news
    Let someone do your thinking for you
    And you still buy a daily newspaper
    And you find everything there - but the news
    And still you look down on the
    Teenage dad on his estate
    He's happy - so leave him alone!
    With his baby and his modest home
    He's happy - so leave him alone!
    With his Jensen Interceptor
    It's just a runaround

    You become your parents parents
    And you love them
    But you cant help feeling used
    And you hate the teenage dad on his estate
    Because hes poor ... but hes happier ... than you
    Theyre all laughing at you
    You're a dipper, a slider, cart-horse provider
    Nobody cares about you
    Just as long as you're out there bringing it in
    Despising the grin on the face of the boy
    With the methadone ahh
    With his methadone
    He's happy - so leave him alone!
    With his methadone ahh
    He's happy - so leave him alone!

    I'm not gonna take any credit for listening to the song and transcribing it all, I just got it from the lyrics booklet with the new special edition of YOTQ, so thankyou whoever made my job a hundred times easier! Hope you people who didn't understand, do understand now
    PatDbS -- Wednesday December 01 2004, @02:03AM (#140779)
    (User #13227 Info)

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