posted by davidt on Tuesday October 05 2004, @08:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Bigmouth Strikes Again / November Spawned A Monster / I Like You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Shakespeare's Sister / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Let Me Kiss You / I Have Forgiven Jesus / How Soon Is Now? / Now My Heart Is Full / Irish Blood, English Heart / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Rubber Ring / I'm Not Sorry / You Know I Couldn't Last // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • Rubber ring! Shakespeare's Sister!
    I shook his hand 3 times. Fun night!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @08:05PM (#128838)
  • Good show, but marred by an "incident".
    wemissumoz -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @08:06PM (#128839)
    (User #4088 Info)
  • I just left, incredible. I am totally high from how amazing it was. (I WAS WEARING THE "STILL" SHIRT.) i got to shake his hand during encore, rushing up... UGH... totally crazy amazing.

    8th row, center, aisle seat on right.

    the crowd was not crazy as i would have liked but i didn't care. "how soon is now", while not my favorite song was over the top as was "november spawned a monster". WHY WERE PEOPLE SITTING DOWN DURING "I'M NOT SORRY"... losers.

    i repeat, i got a handshake. anyone who sits close up who does not attempt is a fucking idiot.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @08:06PM (#128841)
  • ....and it seems he only cares about Julia. Give it a rest!
    BTW...the T-shirts for sale on this tour are AWFUL!!!! The only good thing for sale is the "I only brake for Morrissey" bumper sticker.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @08:15PM (#128845)
  • Another Superb Show (Score:1, Informative)

    Another great night at The Orpheum. Morrissey went on a little later than yesterday but I thought he started out with a lot more spark. The crowd was about the same as yesterday but I thought Morrissey had more energy. Musically, the band did not seem as sharp as last night. It was much cooler inside the theater.

    Morrissey was not nearly as talkative. He greeted the crowd with ‘Hello, Bostonians!’ He gave Julia the mic to verify that Oscar Wilde had been on this stage in 1882 or some such. He commented negatively about Donald Rumsfeld and told us about his car crash on Saturday on Walnut Street in Philly. Apparently Gary was also in a car accident at about the same time. He was annoyed that the crowd ‘laughed at him’ after that and said he wasn’t going to say any more. No comments to/about Max tonight. There was not much banter.

    There were about 5 stage invaders and a lot more of a push to the front than yesterday. One woman went up during I Like You early in the set which was impressive.

    Morrissey ended by saying sometimes goodbye means farewell and genuinely seemed to be signing off. He stayed to the end of TIALTNGO to shake hands with anyone who had one extended up front.

    The boys wore their kilts and Morrissey wore brown pinstriped pants and a black velvet blazer with blue trim. He went through four shirts. Doesn’t anyone else find it incredibly amusing how he sweats in the shape of a heart on his back in certain shirts?

    There were some good set changes from last night. My memory is terrible tonight but I know he sang these at least:

    First Of The Gang To Die
    Bigmouth Strikes Again
    November Spawned A Monster
    I Like You
    The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    Now My Heart Is Full
    Shakespeare’s Sister
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    Don’t Make Fun Of Daddy’s Voice
    Rubber Ring (he had to go around and tell each band member they were playing this next – seemed like a change in plan to me)
    Let Me Kiss You
    I’m Not Sorry
    How Soon Is Now?
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    You Know I Couldn’t Last
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @08:15PM (#128846)
  • setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    this is how it reads:

    01 FIRSTUV
    02 BIG M
    03 NOV
    04 LIKE Y
    05 BOARS
    06 SHAKES
    07 DAD'S
    08 LEMME
    09 JESUS!
    10 HOW SOON?
    12 PADDY
    13 HOW CAN?
    14 NEVAH P'D
    14a WUBBAH
    15 NOT SORRY
    16 Y'KNOW
    17 LITE

    the band got all set to play "Never Played Symphonies" but Morrissey had people change guitars and told them to play Rubber Ring instead.

    You should all be able to figure out those songs.

    I will post more tomorrow but this was the first time in a long time (at a show that I saw) that Morrissey was on stage when the band finished the encore. He may have done it other times but I just can't remember when he last did. Maybe 97 after Satan Rejected My Soul.

    As hinted in Philly...

    He said something along the lines of...

    "Sometimes you say goodbye and sometimes you say farewell."

    A very sad moment indeed.
    bored -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @08:17PM (#128847)
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  • I see on an above post that the Never Played Symphonies was on the original setlist. I really wanted that one. Oh well, got to hear Rubber Ring for the first time. Also glad to hear "I Have Forgiven Jesus" again.

    All in all, great show. I don't know what to make of these pseudo 'farewells' though. Seems like it MIGHT be legit, but chances are hes just teasing. At least I hope he is. If I were to have to bet, I'd say he'll be back.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @08:43PM (#128853)
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  • I like how he squats down and is ready to punce on anyone trying to get to the Mozzer. Discuss.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @09:08PM (#128860)
  • My daughter and I were in Row B of the orchestra, which is basically the main aisle left to right across the Orpheum. A little while after Damien Dempsey's set ended, Gary walks by and heads across to a side door -- and no one notices! About 5 minutes later Boz does the same thing. One person notices and shakes his hand. And the night before we were standing on the sidewalk before the show and Jesse walks right by with his guitar and into the main entrance. It was kind of funny how casually they all strolled the venue.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @09:36PM (#128868)
  • Another great show. I actually liked these better than Philly. I am miserable though after hearing the sincerity in his voice when he said "sometimes goodbye means farewell". WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN??? Are we losing Moz? He certainly doesn't owe us anything but he would leave a gap that would never be filled. I for one will take Morrissey the 65 year old balladeer at the local casino...I will. Much better than no Morrissey at all :(
    Why have the fans changed so much? In Philly and in Boston it was the same. No flowers at or two others beside myself chanting Morr-i-ssey but overall just a bunch of lumps. In the 80's there was no prozac I suppose but it was sad to see the audience loose that ferver they once had. No doubt the love is still there but people have become so reserved...sad.
    THANK YOU to the people who jumped on stage. You are the true fans and that is what a Morrissey show is all about. The man, the music, a legend named Morrissey.
    MOZ IS GOD -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @09:42PM (#128870)
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  • That Morrissey chant seems really tired. Who made that up and who seconded the motion ? I can't imagine sitting in your bedroom with Vauxhall or Queen is Dead playing and thinking that chant is suitable to the singer.

    All that aside... Is the sound loud enough during the songs to drown out any would be jerks ?

    I'm going to my first Morrissey show in 6 Days in Toronto... and I can't wait. Been a fan for many years. But the nagging fear that some idiot will be behind me yelling "Play Bigmouth, Play Bigmouth !!" through the whole show plagues any excitment I feel. Does that happen at his shows ? I hope it is all lovers of Morrissey and not some guy who had to go with his girlfriend sitting next to me. There's always a thousand to ruin it for one.
    Micropenis -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @10:37PM (#128873)
    (User #10753 Info)
  • Is Morrissey planning on permanently retiring? I'm talking about these farewell comments. Please say it isn't so. He has much more to give musically. Quarry isn't perfect, but it's a step along the road to getting back to his old VERY high standards. Such a shame for that journey to be ended. He is in great voice at the moment. Age need not debar him at all - I'm thinking of the late, great Joe Strummer (whose 'Streetcore' album was vital and compelling) and, perhaps even more pertinently, Johnny Cash, who both came across as immensely cool despite being older. Indeed, the Man In Black actually looked far cooler in the 1990s, when he was in his late 60s/70s, than he had done in the 70s and 80s. I hope Moz doesn't think his card is up, because more importantly, aided by a sympathetic producer in Rick Rubin, Cash did some of his very best work in those final years. When Columbia kicked Cash out in 1986 he thought of retiring - thank God he didn't, because his covers of 'Hurt', 'One', 'The Mercy Seat', 'I See A Darkness' as well as his own compositions like 'The Man Comes Around' were among his very best work. Point is, The Man In Black was be timelessly cool in his old age (Cash knew that black was the best to wear - also, at age 70 when he cut 'Hurt' he had more punk spirit about him than the likes of Busted will ever, ever muster; he also had honesty and integrity in his life and music which are automatically cool qualities. I think that his album 'My Mother's Hymn Book' from the Unearthed box set is cool - I'm not religious and I'm only young, but those old hymns are exquisitely performed on acoustic and, IMO, they're cool because they were true to him and his conviction shines through on them), and so can Moz, a man with immense taste. So yeah, Moz won't gain too many new fans in his dotage (though Cash gained a few more after 1994's superb Glastonbury performance) but he could well make some brilliant music. I know Moz doesn't owe us anything, but, as someone else already noted, our lives will be far emptier without his wit and unique worldview. Yeah, there's his autobiography (allegedly) to come, but really, fascinating though that would be, it can never replace the joy of listening to Morrissey's music. I really can't think of any other artist who I'd so strongly wish NOT to stop making music. I mean, even Dylan, though I loved 'Love And Theft' and I look forward to his next record as he seems to be back on form, I probably wouldn't care too much if he never made another record. Morrissey, on the other hand, I REALLY want to make a new record. Don't leave us Moz! You've still got years of music left in you if you care to share it!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @01:41AM (#128893)
  • People often say they are sick of Julia and many people say that she is really nice. In the past, I have on many occasions defended her. I now have a complaint about her. A true story of what she does.

    For this show I had front row center seats. I paid $300 for them. When I got to my seats right before Imperfect List, there was 4 people in the seats next to mine, Julia and three friends. I said hello and got a smile.

    About a minute later a bunch of people came down to get their seats. The seats these four people were in. The staff asked them to leave. The guy from Dublin quickly moved out of the way. One of the girls said that she was on the guest list and that was why she didn't have a seat. I told her that I've been on guest lists before and you get a specific seat and if she couldn't provide proof she was going to have to move. They basically tried to stand in front of me and my girlfriend between the front row and the stage. I told them they were going to have to move. The venue security asked them to provide tickets and they again said they were on the guest list. During this time I told Julia at least 10 times that she was going to need to move. Every time I said it, her response was "It’s ok. Just relax."

    Finally, when she was forced to leave the area and the big security guard on Boz’s side came over and told the venue security to let her drop back a bit and come up when the show started. I told him, "I know who she is and I know she's on the guest list but I paid $300 to sit here and she is not coming back into my section." He said it wouldn't be a problem. As it turns out, the two seats on the other side of front row center were empty so once the lights went down, the four of them crowded into those two seats. I was glad they weren't on my side but I felt bad for the people in the seats next to them who had to deal with being crowded all night by people who did not belong there.

    To me, Julia is an incredibly selfish person. I only asked her to respect the fact that I paid a lot of money to have the place in the venue that I had and she refused to move. When she did move from in front of me, she moved in front of my girlfriend. It is sad that I even had to have security move her. My anger was quite clear and she was content with saying to relax over and over until the show started thinking I wouldn't do anything and she would basically take my seat.

    Julia may be a very nice person when she is not trying to be in the front row but when offered the choice of showing class or selfishness, she chooses the latter without shame, at least inside any venue that Morrissey is performing in.
    bored -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @06:12AM (#128942)
    (User #8415 Info)
  • Got there around 7:45. There were less scalpers stuck with wads of unsold tickets tonight compared with Monday. (They were selling good seats for $20 on Monday). After another thorough frisk at the front door I bought my 24 oz beer and decided to wander around the theatre before the show. They won't let you take drinks to the seats so I just headed up the stairs. I continued 3 floors up to the top of the balcony, where no one was guarding the door, so I found a seat (the place was virtually empty up there) and watched Daimien Dempsey in great comfort, able to spread out and sip my beer. Damien has a great voice, but I wasn't a fan of the songs he played.

    Moving back to the downstairs lobby prior to Moz, it was a sea of yuppies and a smaller percentage of college-age fans. As a broad unscientific generalization, I would say that you had 3 main groups: 1) Couples, where one person was a big Moz fan and the other person was just dragged along 2) Big fans who just came by themselves because they knew they would enjoy the show more if they didn't have to explain that "Daddy's Voice" isn't on any of his albums 3) The one high school kid in the 3rd row standing with his mother who clutched her purse next to her and looked around at the rest of audience throughout the entire show.

    The show started 10 minutes late. Is it so hard to start the bloody intro music AS SOON AS THE LIGHTS GO DOWN? Tonight the lights went down and then everyone stood there like idiots for maybe 2 minutes before the endless line of babble began. Talk about sapping the crowds' energy!

    The show started about the same as Monday. Moz seemed in good spirits to start. I actually shouted, "Tell us about the car crash" about 5 songs in. Two songs later he started to tell the audience about how he and Gary had both been in car accidents at almost the same time. Some jerk in the balcony (?) started yelling some nonesense as Moz was talking and he got wicked pissed (as we say in Boston). He just launched into the next song and didn't say anything for a couple of breaks. Then he said, (rough quote) "I was trying to tell you about how I was almost killed and you laughed at me...." The audience kind of moaned, as if to say, "No, No we DO care." But it was too late and he never really was chatty after that. With the exception of the "farewell" at the very end, he seemed cold and aloof after that exchange.

    As noted by others, about 5 people made it on stage and he was very generous with the hand shakes (even I got one, walking down from the 5th row). In my opinion, Rubber Ring and Daddy's Voice were the best songs of the night. How Soon is Now seemed surprisingly inert tonight, but it was played right after the car crash story, so perhaps I just felt he wasn't into it.

    I am convinced that the audience was skewed to be much older (I'm 42, but I would go no matter what) by the high ticket prices. I can't believe that there are so relatively few younger Moz fans. I think they just got priced out of the show. $65 is ridiculous, even for Morrissey.

    In summary: If Moz is coming to your town, GO! If Moz is coming to your state, GO!! If Moz is coming to your region, GO!! The song selection and his voice are both at their peak. Just an amazing show.

    wemissumoz -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @06:23AM (#128943)
    (User #4088 Info)
  • I don't think Morrissey is retiring from touring, I simply believe this may be his last American tour. Yes, he lives there, but the shows have been a failure in two ways.

    1) He is failing to draw full houses in relatively small venues, whereas in, say England, he was drawing full houses at anywhere upto 16,000 seaters.

    2) The crowds have apparently been "dead" compared to normal Morrissey crowds.

    So, perhaps this is his last American tour. Notice how he wasn't saying this at the English shows? Also notice that the Earl's court date hasn't been added with extra draw value by saying "Morrissey's Last Show Ever", which would create an EASY sellout.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @06:42AM (#128951)
  • For the first night, I went with my wife and two friends. Buying the four tickets together put us pretty far in the back, near a "dead spot" in the theater where the sound wasn't that great.

    Last night, I went by myself and did much better: I managed to score row HH seat 101. Just before imperfect list I noticed that the second row was empty (I imagine the tickets were in the hands of scalpers outside.) So, I moved up with the girl from seat 103, Kim. It was a great spot, and the sound was just amazing.

    After that girl got up near the end of the main set, I resolved to go up myself. So, I had Kim watch my coat, and I asked the couple in the front row if it was ok. So, as soon as Moz started singing the encore I put one foot on the arm rest of the seat in front of me and one on the stage, and was there. Quite frankly, it felt a little bit like cheating. After half a dozen attempts to jump from the barrier to the stage (and getting dropped on my back the second night of the Wiltern shows!) it was so easy. It was my second time on stage, but my first where I wasn't being dragged off. I managed a hug, and was escorted back into the crowd. After that, my feet didn't touch the ground for the rest of the night. As a guy said to me after the show: "it's quite a rush."

    So yeah, thanks to Kim and the couple in front of me for being so great. And for those of you who wanted to get on stage but didn't: last night was the night to try. No barrier and security was very relaxed.
    Aaron -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @07:03AM (#128957)
    (User #238 Info)
  • I didn't go the 2nd night but I think that "last night I dreamt" and "Every day is like Sunday" was two great songs that was not to be missed. I'm glad I went the first night.
    handsome devil -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @10:13AM (#129011)
    (User #94 Info)
  • I am appalled at your rudeness!!! Some people actually pay for their seats. I have a suggestion, why don't you try buying front row seats like the rest of us? Oh so you are in the guest list? SO? AND? If you are so special, why are you even with us peons watching Moz in the audience? Well let me tell you something missy, I will be damned if I let you have my front row seats in the upcoming shows!!! Consider yourself and your entourage warned. You think Bored made a stink, you haven't seen nothing yet!!! You are not the only one that feels strongly about Moz. Just because we can't travel all over the world, doesn't make us less of fans. Some of us had to sacrafice to get those tickets.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @12:26PM (#129041)
  • great reviews guys!! Can't wait for my first moz gig in Toronto !(from the sounds the last as well :(
    are any of you out there willing to give some tips on how/when to go to the front to get a shake of the man's hand?
    much appreciated
    canada's waiting moz !!
    fitztomoz -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @01:55PM (#129065)
    (User #10667 Info)
  • Did anyone close to the front who was able to see down the sides of behind the stage notice that when Moz did a wardrobe change, they brought his freshly pressed shirt out on a hanger, dressed him, patted him down and blotted his face like a boxer, and lastly spritzed him in the face with some sort of tonic spray? This happened in Phillie a few times.
    To me this is endearing and comical. I can imagine Moz in some shape or form requesting this be done. Kinda prima-donna-ish, but lovable.

    Seeing little things like this make the experience more 'real' and tangible. Also, a person on here posted that when Moz sweats through his shirts, he always seems to sweat in the shape of a heart on his back. This is great. Call me weird, I don't know.
    It's M A G I C !
    - J
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @03:35PM (#129097)
  • but idearly hope he plays 'You Know I Couldn't Last' at Toronto. ihope it doesnt somehow disappear that night- iso want to hear it live. it seems the perfect closer to the set and then havin 'There Is A Light...' as the encore- its so perfect!
    chrisarclark <[email protected]> -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @05:28PM (#129115)
    (User #9259 Info)
    "I'm just passing through here on my way to somewhere civilized and maybe I'll even arrive, maybe I'll even arrive..."
  • What a fabulous show. Morrissey always sounds beautiful and has the most powerful stage presence. I've seen him four times now, and every time, it seemed like the audience was less and less enthusiastic. I read an interview with Morrissey where he said that if people are sitting down during his concerts, he feels like they're bored and he's not performing well. My friends and I ended up in the back of the balcony just so we could stand up and dance and not be surrounded by other boring onlookers. All that aside, 'There is a Light That Never Goes Out' still remains to be the most beautiful song in existence and sounded simply gorgeous, like every other song. 'How Soon is Now' was a surprising addition. Wished I could have heard 'These Things Take Time'. Would have made my night! What was with the kilts?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @06:06PM (#129119)
  • Did anyone see Morrissey at the Apollo in NYC this year? He did the same encore of TIALTNGO, but it was great how each band member went off stage individually while the others continued to play. He didn't do that this time @ the Orpheum and I really wish he had. Still, what an amazing always.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @06:11PM (#129120)
  • Don't worry about the damned idiots who were yelling/laughing after you told of your car accident. I wasn't even there, but I can only imagine. We love you here in America; you know this; I don't know what the hell the problem is with these American crowds, I really don't.

    I was genuinely concerned -- I know how scary it is to be in an automobile accident; it brings out an almost Satrean mood and can affect one deeply. I'm sorry those slags weren't more considerate. They are not indicative of your true fans, please know this.

        Also, if I were in your position, and someone had been following me for years (obviously, I'm speaking of Julia), I'd say hello to them every damned night too! These people are just sad and jealous. Keep it up (and I know you will), if only to put these small-minded people in their place! I, for one, think it's wonderful that you always acknowledge someone who's so very kind and has continually shown you so much devotion.

              Just remember there's at least one American fan who's not completely and totally filled with vitriol; one who simply loves you and will travel all over the world (and has done so) to see you. I hate that you're having these bad experiences on this leg of the tour; you deserve so much more! (i.e., sold-out shows and respectful, intelligent, revved-up audiences!)Hopefully, I'll see you soon in Indiana or Nashville or Chicago. (again!)THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. Don't let these wackos get to you. I know you won't.
    And, you know what? It WON'T fade.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @06:54PM (#129123)
  • I am the voice of finality. I am self appointed and decide all for all. I am the word in last word. Hear this judgement.

    Julia is loved. Why? Because she is a Morrissey fan. You will all love her just like you do the other fans whether they bash on the messageboards or act selfish. For we, united as Morrissey fans are a different type of person all together and we are relatively few when compared to the population of the world. All of us as humans have unique failings...all of us. I am 6'3" and am guilty of pushing to the front of a general admission show because...well....honestly Morrissey to me is the greatest lyricist, singer and performer to ever live. That passion can make people do rude and selfish things no doubt. I am also the first to reach down and pull people up that have fallen. What am I trying to say here? Julia we love you and share in your enthusiasm and adoration for Moz but you simply must show more consideration for others. Julia is not here to defend herself although she may browse the site. I think now, away from the moment, she would feel a bad about this. I have doubts she is some metal toothed monster out to ruin your day. In the heat of the moment though I can easily see people making bad judgements intoxicated by Morrissey's art. I myself would walk over hot coals to hug the Moz.
    So love all Morrissey fans and learn from our mistakes. That's all it takes. That's really all it takes.

    My experience at this show was I had 2 extra tickets because my best friend entered a substance abuse program that day we had planned to see Moz. When I got to the show I yelled "2 Morrissey tickets to a fan without them...for free.". Anyway over came this guy with a look on his face like "are you serious" but I could also read in his face "please let this be true so I can share a moment of my life with Morrissey". I handed over the 2 tix ($150 face value...mezz row A) to him...a real fan...I believe a student. As I was going in I could see he was looking at the tickets and he looked over to me and said the only thing that could sum up my experience as a Morrissey fan for the last two decades. I swear it was like a movie...the ONLY thing. He didn't even say it quietly but he yelled it to me, a 6'3" 300lb male in a very sincere voice. He said.....
    "Can I Hug You?"

    I don't know if you get that or not but I won't forget that. I won't forget that difference in who Morrissey fans are as people no matter what petty preferences and weaknesses differentiate us.
    MOZ IS GOD -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @07:07PM (#129126)
    (User #3249 Info |
  • Listen to the words of the last song on YATQ: "You Know I Couldn't Last"...he's practically telling you that this is the end...but then, on the other hand, "your royalties bring you luxuries"...but, on the other hand: "the squalor of the mind", he can't make up his mind what he wants to do. Brilliant lyrics, really. One of the best Moz songs ever!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @07:08PM (#129127)
  • Does anyone get the feeling when Morrissey sings There Is A Light That Never Goes Out at the end of a show that they're going to die, like there are credits rolling somewhere? Maybe I am psycho dramatic. The song is so beautiful, that played live, it moves me to feel like it really Is the end, somewhere, somehow. Maybe, the end of the show, maybe, the last time I am seeing Morrissey. Maybe, the last show I'll see of anyone. At the same time, it is not a doomed feeling, kind of a peaceful one.
    Am I stretching too far or revealing too much here with this one?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @07:59PM (#129144)
  • C'mon I hope my hometown of NYC comes through and is not a dead audience. Who is going???????

    and what does Julia look like so I can give her the look of death.


    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @08:44PM (#129153)
  • Did anyone catch this comment on Monday night? Morrissey is probably so disappointed in the crowds at his shows. I know I was. Half of the audience looked like they were watching some dull foriegn film at the movie theater. Come on! It's Morrissey! Show the man some respect and appreciation. Just because you have a chair, it doesn't mean you're forced to sit in it. Get up and dance! Morrissey does. If you look bored, just stay home, listen to the album, and give your ticket to some angsty teenage fan who would give their right arm to be 100 feet away from their idol.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @09:54PM (#129168)
  • That's why I'm waiting for the Texas & Cali shows. With all the bitching about how lame the crowds have been thus far, I'm glad I did not venture to the Eastside. Plus, it's too damn cold there.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @10:21PM (#129170)
  • I had respect for Julia until she proved herself a cheater. Julia has cut in front of me at 2 shows. I waited HOURS in line, while she left. Once the line started to move, she cut like it was nothing. Both times! To all of you who defend her, may she cut in front of YOU one day.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @01:56AM (#129182)
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    • Julia by Hairdresser on Fire (Score:1) Friday October 08 2004, @01:46AM
    • Re:She TOTALLY cheats by rxsuede (Score:1) Friday October 08 2004, @11:28AM
  • I have always heard a great deal about how England no longers loves Morrissey and how he left to be closer to his stronger fanbase....etc etc.

    However, the US shows are barely selling out (if at all). And everyone is moaning about the lack of crowd energy. Whearas in England the venues sell out very very quickly and the place goes nuts.

    So what is the truth?
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @07:10AM (#129222)
  • Who is the cute guy with the Moz quiff/sideburns who was up front for both Boston shows? First night in a white tuxedo-style shirt. Moz asked him: "Is that my shirt?"
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @07:36AM (#129228)
  • anyone have any photos of this gig?
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @08:38AM (#129243)
  • Who cares if people were sitting down -- Morrissey isn't Metallica. He should know most of his fans are shy repressed types who are too afraid to draw attention to themselves by standing or yelling out.

    As for him retiring from whatever, it's probably a good idea. Maybe he should just put out Christmas albums from now on -- "There is a Colored Light that Never Goes out" and "Minced Meat is Murder."

    YATQ is a totally piece of shit, and anyone who feels otherwise is delusional. Listen to the Smiths debut and you see that there's an urgency missing from Morrissey now. He's more like one of his fans now, wearing Gucci shirts or whatever, as opposed to being the "I don't give a sod what you think about me" 20-something fop who carried the weight of the world in his heart.

    I wanted to like YATQ, I really did, but it is just terrible. Hang em up 'Moz.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @01:38PM (#129362)
    • Re:So What by crabwob (Score:1) Thursday October 07 2004, @01:48PM
    • Re:So What by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday October 07 2004, @01:53PM
    • Hi Morrissey! by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday October 07 2004, @06:32PM
    • Re:So What by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday October 07 2004, @09:35PM
      • Re:So What by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday October 12 2004, @02:40PM
  • Does anyone know who's voice is used for the "Imperfect List" song that is played before the show? The band is called Big Hard Fish or something, but who is the girl?
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @02:36PM (#129375)
  • Morrissey has befriended a fan, and heavens above it is not me, must get on the net and bitch about him/her,for crying out loud read this drivel on and on endless pants about pushing in,kicking people, whatever next,its so unkind and pointless to single this person out for no other reason just good old fashioned envy, if you really feel the need for whatever reason to post the nasty comments on here about people who Morrissey feels comfortable with, it says more about you than anyone else.
    crabwob -- Thursday October 07 2004, @03:03PM (#129380)
    (User #12501 Info)
  • did anyone happen to see the guy with MALADJUSTED tattooed on his throat???
    fucking crazy.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @06:12PM (#129415)
  • I was at the show in Boston on Monday...AMAZING any idea as to what album Don't Make Fun of Daddys Voice.

    It was beautifull...and I can't seem to find it.
    Stotan -- Friday October 08 2004, @07:05AM (#129563)
    (User #12627 Info)

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