posted by davidt on Monday October 04 2004, @08:00PM
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  • Tell us all about it and rub it in
    TrekkieMoz_Fan -- Monday October 04 2004, @08:06PM (#128385)
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    Love is a trick that nature plays on us to get us to reproduce.
  • Overall, this was a great show. Morrissey and the band sounded good but the crowd was a bit dead. People were glad to just bounce about in their rows and security discouraged aisle filling although no one really tried in the center down front. I thought energy was a little low from Morrissey and the crowd was not helping that. It was also extremely hot in the theater and Morrissey commented on that telling us to go ahead and sweat. The big letters looked awesome (my first time seeing them on this tour) and provide some visual impact considering how little Morrissey dances now.

    He made a few amusing comments and I will let those with better memories give you exact quotes. He started by commenting that this was Julia's hometown and Oscar Wilde had been on this very stage. Twice he talked to his imaginary dog Max and gestured at him. No one seemed to know what he was getting at and I've never heard of him doing it before - a bit odd. Morrissey did go on a bit of a political tirade by saying what an idiot he thought Condoleeza Rice is and that we should be very afraid. He also commented that John Stewart would make a great President but that he must be short because he is never seen standing. Morrissey doesn't like John Kerry's face, but said he has to be President. He did not mention that JK was from Boston.

    During I Like You, he whipped the microphone cord around the front center security guard's neck which was quite amusing. Aside from stepping up on his monitors twice near the end, Morrissey stuck to the center of the stage and only shook a few outstretched hands. Only one stage invader during TIALTNGO and there was absolutely no barrier at all. No one else tried.

    The band wore dark green Jobriath t-shirts and Morrissey wore a black suit and three different shirts.

    The set list was similar to other recent shows and without any big surprises. I think I am missing something, but in no particular order, the songs were:

    First of The Gang to Die
    Bigmouth Strikes Again
    November Spawned A Monster
    I Like You
    Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
    The World Is Full of Crashing Bores
    Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
    How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
    Now My Heart Is Full
    Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice
    Subway Train into Everyday Is Like Sunday
    Let Me Kiss You
    How Soon Is Now?
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    You Know I Couldn't Last
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    Anonymous -- Monday October 04 2004, @08:29PM (#128388)
  • I don't know the setlist exactly but it was basically (not in order)

    first of the gang
    daddy's voice
    i like you
    let me kiss you
    how soon is now
    such a little thing
    know how i feel
    last night i dreamt
    now my heart is full
    crashing bores
    ignore me
    everyday is like sunday
    couldn't last
    there is a light

    no quarry b-sides
    no extended outro on there is a light

    said he met the band in the feminine hygiene aisle at right aid

    said he woke up drunk in january and agreed to do lollapolooza but there is a good and there is no lollapolooza

    asked the crowd if they knew how soon is now? from TATU

    asked if people were coming tomorrow.. lots of people said yes, he said "i don't mind"

    asked if we knew who jon stewart was. then said that he was 3/4 of an inch tall (or maybe of a foot) and said.. did you ever see him stand up? people said no..he said.. "nobody has"

    he mentioned that oscar wilde was on that same stage and then did bigmouth and change the line to "Now I know how Oscar Wilde felt"
    bored -- Monday October 04 2004, @08:40PM (#128389)
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  • ugh (Score:0, Troll)

    i'm sick of julia
    Anonymous -- Monday October 04 2004, @08:42PM (#128390)
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  • Hey all!

    I am going tomorrow nite. Does anybody kknow if they were checking for cameras? Or if you snuck one in if the ushers were being vigilent?
    Anonymous -- Monday October 04 2004, @08:57PM (#128393)
  • Steven, would you please play "Seasick, Yet Still Docked" in South Bend, IN?
    balfour3 -- Monday October 04 2004, @09:24PM (#128414)
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  • I got really great seat upgrades! High in the balcony to 20 rows from the stage on the floor! It was so amazing! I am so happy, I finally saw him!
    Viva Moz!
    -Candi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Mrs.Shankly <[email protected]> -- Monday October 04 2004, @09:28PM (#128416)
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    "I know I need hardly say,how much I love your casual way".
    • Re:Awesome! by VivaHateGirl (Score:1) Tuesday October 05 2004, @07:40AM
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  • If you are going to the show tonight. They sell beer at the Orpheum, but you are not allowed to bring your drink to your seat. You have to drink it in the lobby. I bought two 24oz beers right before Moz went on, thinking I could enjoy them while watching the show. Instead I had to pound 1 and ditch the other before going in. Sucks.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @06:20AM (#128543)
  • Damo Dempsey is a riot. Try not to miss him.

    Also I was hanging out in front of the Orpheum for about an hour and there were only about 8 other people there.

    Only one bouquet. Only one stage invasion. The man next to me didn't sing.

    But there were plenty of cool folks there too. It was an older crowd so maybe that's why no one was really doing much, but everyone was dancing in their seats and singing along, it wasn't as low-energy as other people have said.

    Also I wish I hadn't seen the setlists from the other shows because there weren't any surprises for me. I told the guys next to me to watch out for Bigmouth and How Soon and when Bigmouth kicked up they gave me a nod.

    My first Morrissey show, I have no prior reference, so it was awesome enough for me.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @06:35AM (#128549)
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  • Is it true that Oscar Wilde stood on the stage of the Orpheum?
    handsome devil -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @07:18AM (#128560)
    (User #94 Info)
  • Review (Score:1, Informative) s_with_resolve?

    Appreciative Morrissey returns with resolve
    By Renee Graham, Globe Staff | October 5, 2004

    The last time Morrissey played a show in Boston, he hadn't had a new album in three years, and didn't even have a record label to call home. That was in 2000, and throughout his concert that evening, he continually thanked his audience for their loyalty.

    Last night, even with a critically-acclaimed new album and a resurrected career, the singer-songwriter was no less gracious during his more than 90-minute performance at the Orpheum Theatre. Backed with a crackling sharp five-piece band, Morrissey took the stage flanked by a backdrop of oversized letters spelling out his name in flashing red lights. Brandishing his microphone cord like a whip, he charged into the "First of the Gang to Die," one of the best songs from his current album, "You Are the Quarry." It's a sorrowful song of a young man's needless death, but as often happens with Morrissey's tunes, the most dire tales are wrapped in the sunniest melodies. And it was impossible not to get swept away on Morrissey's cascading final lines, "And he stole all hearts a-way, ha-hey, ha-hey, ha-hey."

    At 45, Morrissey has gotten somewhat fleshier, but his voice remains solid and strong. This being a tour to promote his album, Morrissey served up several tracks, including "The World Is Full of Crashing Bores," "How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?" and the ferocious "Irish Blood, English Heart."

    But he also tended to his lengthy catalog of songs, which date back to his tenure in the Smiths, one of the 1980s most influential bands. "Bigmouth Strikes Again" shimmered like a charm, and "There is a Light That Never Goes Out," which he performed during his encore, remains one of the loveliest songs ever written to include a line about getting squashed by a 10-ton truck.

    A high point, of course, was "How Soon is Now?" which is arguably one of the greatest rock songs of the past quarter-century. Its youthful yearnings for love have grown even more poignant and desperate as Morrissey (and his fans) have gotten older. And he didn't neglect his earlier solo hits, rolling off such favorites as the dazzling "Now My Heart is Full," "The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get," and "November Spawned a Monster."

    In between songs, Morrissey was very chatty, criticizing President Bush's national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice ("My advice is to be very scared") and offering an endorsement of sorts for Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry, who, Morrissey said, "has a really funny face, but he's got to be the next president." And when he tossed one of his sweat-soaked shirts into the audience, there was such a scuffle you would have thought it was a record-breaking home run ball.

    Morrissey is scheduled to play again tonight at the Orpheum.

    With Damien Dempsey
    At Orpheum Theatre, last night
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @07:21AM (#128561)
  • Boston Herald Review (Score:1, Interesting)

    `Pope of Mope' Morrissey brings joy
    By Sarah Rodman
    Tuesday, October 5, 2004

    Too bad Morrissey can't vote.
              If he could John Kerry [related, bio] would have the mopey British dandy of indeterminate sexuality vote sewn up.
              Alas, the junior senator will have to settle for the onstage support of the former Smiths frontman, who told the audience at the Orpheum Theatre last night, ``John Kerry's got a really funny face, but he's got to be the president.''
              This was one of several asides that the 45-year-old crooner made during his generally delightful and compact 90-minute set. For the record he also likes Jon Stewart, doesn't care for Condoleezza Rice and would like all declarations of love sent to him in writing.
              While the 17-song setlist never quite approached the transcendence stage, it never fell below solidly entertaining either. It was a B-plus of a performance for the Pope of Mope and the mannered delight of the crowd - the show was nominally sold out but there were many empty seats and lots of scalpers outside - reflected that. He even quipped at night's end, ``You've been a college prep professor's ideal crowd.''
              Choice moments from the Mozzer's back catalog - played out in front of a comically huge Elvis-style neon sign of his name - included the raw nerve-ending guitar wriggles of the Smiths classic ``How Soon is Now,'' the snappy groove and crunch of ``November Spawned a Monster'' and the melancholy sway of ``Every Day is Like Sunday.''
              The material from his splendid new album ``You Are the Quarry'' - with its familiar midtempo guitar grind, acidic wit and crushing pessimism - stacked up nicely next to the older stuff as Morrissey continued his themes of self-loathing and hopelessness set to pretty, lilting melodies.
              Especially good was the ambling, almost conversational ``The World is Full of Crashing Bores'' and the jittery guitar riffs, galloping rhythms and swooning melody of ``Irish Blood, English Heart.'' His five-man band did a bang-up job and with each number you were reminded of just how influential this man has been as echoes of dozens of post-Smiths bands could be heard in the chords.
              Since the Orpheum doesn't have air conditioning, the house was a sweatbox and Morrissey perspired through three shirts, which he threw into the crowd, where they were fiercely coveted. The crooner never lost his cool, however, as he was in great voice and good spirits throughout.
              Damien Dempsey opened with a brief set that toggled between earnestness and absurdity topped off with a thick Irish brogue.

    ( Morrissey, at the Orpheum, Boston, last night. Second show tonight. )
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @07:24AM (#128565)
  • anyone going to the NJ show on Thursday?
    papa jack -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @07:47AM (#128576)
    (User #5569 Info)
  • Have to plan my dinner accordingly.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @08:08AM (#128587)
  • Morrissey was amazing. Great setlist. His voice was incredible and the band was great. (May I also say that the drummer is HOT!) The crowd SUCKED!!! I've seen Moz quite a few times, mostly on the West Coast (in LA), and maybe it's not a fair comparison, but the crowd just sucked - no energy whatsoever and all they wanted to hear were popular Smiths songs (i.e. How soon, Bigmouth, There is a light...) He made some great comments and wonderful banter that would have had any other crowd going crazy. I loved the Lollapalooza comments. If you're going tonight, I hope to God that the crowd is better.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @08:38AM (#128598)
  • Last night was wonderful. Having seen over 7 Morrissey shows since Kill Uncle era, I enjoyed the hell out it. A skillfully put together set list.

    The crowd was warm...and that is good. Having grown up and lived in the boston area for my 37 years (born MAY 22, 1967) and having been in two Boston bands I can say this about a Boston audience:
    1. Silence means they like you.
    2. A Smattering of applause means you did a good job.
    3. Applause and movement (head bobbing, shifting around to the beat) mean they LOVE YOU!

    That's all there is.

    And that's not even taking into account the fact that it was a Monday night...we go to be early on a monday night around here.

    Deano became a bit overheated during the performance and had to remove his shirt. Did anyone else notice that his built like a brick s-house. HOLY COW! I'm going back to the bench press.

    Boz is such a tasty guitar player and a great band leader (I assume he is the leader).
    Dashingdan -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @11:39AM (#128666)
    (User #12582 Info)
  • I don't think its been mentioned thus far, but Moz said that "Let Me Kiss You" is a European-only single and that us Americans would need to buy the import.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @11:50AM (#128670)
  • Some other little tidbits from last night:

    Morrissey intimated hand over heart twice but had his hand on the right side of his chest.

    I thought the "Mozzers Men" t-shirts that the bodyguards wore were pretty cute.

    When he unbuttoned his first shirt, he pulled it apart and exposed his chest, then grabbed his right pec in a sort of creepy way.

    And yes, I agree that Deano looked great without a shirt! Morrissey might want to leave the skin to him!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @12:01PM (#128679)
  • I guess this leg of the tour we are going with the open trousers, as oppsoed to the thistle as cod piece?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @12:45PM (#128713)
  • Last time he played the Orpheum they stayed at the Bostonian near Faneuil hall (and the venue). Maybe the sucess of YATQ bumped him to the 4 Seasons?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @01:11PM (#128726)
  • I would love a picture of myself on stage!
    afraid teacher -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @03:16PM (#128792)
    (User #12587 Info)
  • Hello sexy children!!! Well, he did it again.
    Mr. Morrissey, after many different tours attended, I never expected what went on last night. I knew for a fact, each and every song from the setlist but for the first time ever, The More You Ignore me, The Closer I Get, was played live the same way it was recorded in the studio, two electric guitars one acoustic. The sound quality at the Orpheum Theather is really poor, but still, the keyboards(how soon i now? Last Night I dreamt...)and the extra guitar on The More You... made a world of a difference.
    Best live performance by the Lads in a while, all the credit in the world to Deanno.
    p.s. Morrissey, still, can outsing a lot of the so called best act's in the bussiness, It's a great felling to be a Morrissey fan isn't??

                                John Kerry with the funny face
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @03:31PM (#128798)
  • What a awesome show last night! The Oct 4th show. Maybe some of you guys saw me,I was the lil short chick with the big green eyes and snug black shirt. I had brown spikey hair and a fringe. I kept screaming "I LOVE YOU!!!!",I was jumping up and down and up and down. Last night was amazing. I got a really good seat upgrade,way in the balcony to 20th row,behind the stage. I really felt connected with him. Now I'm complete.
    -Candi xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Mrs.Shankly <[email protected]> -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @04:00PM (#128806)
    (User #4262 Info)
    "I know I need hardly say,how much I love your casual way".
  • I just left, incredible. I am totally high from how amazing it was. (I WAS WEARING THE "STILL" SHIRT.) i got to shake his hand during encore, rushing up... UGH... totally crazy amazing.

    8th row, center, aisle seat on right.

    the crowd was not crazy as i would have liked but i didn't care. "how soon is now", while not my favorite song was over the top as was "november spawned a monster". WHY WERE PEOPLE SITTING DOWN DURING "I'M NOT SORRY"... losers.

    i repeat, i got a handshake. anyone who sits close up who does not attempt is a fucking idiot.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @08:01PM (#128837)
  • Well what a hell of a night! Posting late, I know, but I had to work today....anyhow......I had a great night---thanks to some friends I made : Keith and Oliver....thank you so much! I had to pull a lot of strings to get out of work on a Monday, but it all worked out perfectly! My boyfriend even had fun and he is not really a Moz fan, so that has to say something.
      The setlist was just perfect---perfectly executed. Saw the whole band before the show (we waited for a couple of hours outside). The only real complaint I had was my seats. Center, but far back so that sucked. And, not to mention that the last show I went to was general admission. The crowd was decent I guess, for an east coast crowd....
        In the end, I missed the encore and I barely made my train home....but I had fun, got a t-shirt, made some friends and had a smile on my face all day. ;0)

    Rebelda -- Tuesday October 05 2004, @08:58PM (#128858)
    (User #4514 Info)
    She could have been a poet or she could have been a fool....
  • Why no setlist here?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @12:59AM (#128887)
  • I'm Anonymous who posted early notes for Monday and Tuesday and I concur with Bored's list - I forgot The More You Ignore Me. But it looks like neither one of us is going to do any better on the order. Sorry, all.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @07:51PM (#129142)
  • I would like to thank Connie, who I met outside in line before the show. I brought flowers to throw at Morrissey, but when I got inside I was way too far away to throw them, and I felt stupid. I saw her, way up front, and ran up and tricked her into throwing them for me. I watched all through the show and was worried that she wouldn't do it, but at the very last second as Moz was walking off stage, she tossed them and hit a monitor. Daddy noticed and grabbed them himself before leaving for his limo. I thought that a stagehand would just pick them up for him and was so happy to see Moz pick up the flowers I brought him. This is my seventh Morrissey concert and I've always wanted to give him a gift and was never able to before. So thank you very much Connie (write to me if you see this). It was nice talking to you before the show as well. I also met a lovely woman named Delaney and was able to finally meet VivaHateGirl, who I've written to before but never met. All in all a lovely evening (even if the sound in the Orpheum was terrible).
    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 06 2004, @07:59PM (#129143)
  • Is there no proper setlist please?
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 07 2004, @12:53AM (#129177)
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