posted by davidt on Friday October 01 2004, @08:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / I Like You / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Bigmouth Strikes Again / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Let Me Kiss You / Rubber Ring / Irish Blood, English Heart / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Now My Heart Is Full / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / You Know I Couldn't Last // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by grlmopz
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  • Damn. Slept through the alarm and missed it.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 01 2004, @08:25PM (#127718)
  • harumph (Score:1, Funny)

    hooray for philly cheesesteaks! hey lets go check out that mozza fella after a wicked fat cheesesteak! meat is murder but damn its tasty!
    Anonymous -- Friday October 01 2004, @09:03PM (#127723)
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  • Our Morrissey was in top form tonight. He sounded and looked amazing. The band was fit, all wearing Jobriath tees. I think he really fed off the crowd, who was obviously loving every minute! He started out with a breathtaking rendition of "How Soon Is Now?" Such a showman, dancing and making witty remarks. I was most impressed. He introduced himself as Bruce Springroll, for Bruce Sprinsteen who is quite popular in our area. He also referred to Julia several times, so she must have been there...if she really exists. He seemed to be in the best of spirits, which I was most grateful for. He remarked about voting for Kerry which rendered many cheers. The sauciest remark he made was after someone came up on stage and grabbed him from the back, " I knew I'd be taken from behind one day". The crowd was the nicest I've seen, very friendly and accomadating and very vivacious! Here is the rest of the setlist, in no particular order:

    How Soon Is Now?
    First Of The Gang
    Let Me Kiss You
    Bigmouth Strikes Again
    November Spawned A Monster
    Munich Air Disaster
    Now My Heart Is Full
    Crashing Bores
    You Know I Couldn't Last
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    Lastnight I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me
    Rubber Ring
    Irish Blood, English Heart

    Encore: There Is A Light

    I sit here in awe of that which is Morrissey. Truly one of the best gigs I have ever been to!
    Anonymous -- Friday October 01 2004, @09:03PM (#127724)
  • Setlist seemed to be the same as DC but in a different order. "Munich Air Disaster" was played tonight also.

    Moz in fine voice, crowd went nuts and he had them from the beginning of the set. After reading about the opener, I wondered how it would work. It was perfect. Performance and presentation were top notch.

    A few stage invasions throughout the night, and quite a few at the end. Was hoping it would get out of control - there were a few close calls when it looked like the stage would be rushed by many.

    Band's T-shirts were white tonight, but I was too far back to see what they said.

    Moz referred to "Bruce Springroll" twice.

    The highlight musically was "Bigmouth". The energy in the crowd seemed to go over on that one. Mentioned the song being from "The Queen Is Dad"...or was it "Dead"?

    "You Know I Couldn't Last" - I read in one review that he lost the crowd on this one. The same could be said for tonight. When the song started, it seemed a lot of people left for the bathrooms. I like this song quite a bit, but I think that the verse just turned people off. The chorus however, Moz sang convincingly and with a lot of venom. I think overall it worked but may be a verse too long. Everyone applauded during the break before the last verse, and then when the verse started I could feel annoyance around me.

    I'm sure someone will fill in the essentials and give a setlist proper - as well as the stage banter. I can't remember much right now other than something about the Cosby Show (which Moz did not find funny).
    semidetached -- Friday October 01 2004, @09:17PM (#127727)
    (User #7853 Info)
  • To those who went to the DC concert, was this one better?

    Chills ran down my back when How soon is now? came on. That was by far the most energetic song of the night.

    All of the songs from YATQ sounded so brilliant live and I was happy to sing along.

    Did anyone get audio or pictures from the show?

    I can't wait to go again tomorrow!! Good night!

    "What's your name? Oh, I've never heard of you. Must have been an extra from the Cosby Show." ~ Moz quote tonight
    frac -- Friday October 01 2004, @09:24PM (#127732)
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    • Re:Loved it by MozCause (Score:1) Saturday October 02 2004, @07:19PM
  • David. (Score:0, Offtopic)

    opaeque -- Friday October 01 2004, @09:59PM (#127736)
    (User #9954 Info)
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  • I'm in the philippines. God, can you let moz play here?
    Kahit magkano pa ang ticket bibili ako...
    ikyan98 -- Friday October 01 2004, @10:07PM (#127738)
    (User #12540 Info)
  • I thought this show was great, and the crowd was good. I saw him three times in Philly, and this was near the top. Thanks Morrissey.

    PS. Anyone know the answer to the Philly sitcom question that he asked?
    Anonymous -- Friday October 01 2004, @10:33PM (#127741)
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  • Setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    Here's the setlist in order.

    First of the Gang
    I Like You
    Such a little thing
    How can Anybody?
    Let ME Kiss you
    Rubber Ring
    Irish Blood
    Crashing Bores
    Now My Heart is Full
    Subway Sunday
    Last Night I Dreamt
    You Know I couldn't last
    There is a light....
    grlmopz -- Friday October 01 2004, @10:49PM (#127742)
    (User #8206 Info)
  • Show was beyond exciting! Lots of classic Smiths, Morrissey even gave his suppoprt to John Kerry!

    There Is A Light almost halted due to stage invasion. I ahte that. I want to hear his words, not look at you. I didn't payu to see you- I refuse to give you attention. Look at the LIve AT Dalls video, it's a shame. Give it arest won't you? I think it's sellfish.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 02 2004, @05:31AM (#127771)
  • Anyone?
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 02 2004, @05:46AM (#127775)
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  • but still no Daddy's Voice.

    It's a shame because that's been one of the absolute highlights in the shows I've seen so far.
    broken -- Saturday October 02 2004, @06:45AM (#127786)
    (User #12260 Info)
    It took a tattooed boy from Birkenhead
  • Or something or another like that. So who was that in the audience that told Morrissey that the Bill Cosby Show was filmed in Philadelphia?

    Morrissey was definitely playful and very talkative. He doesn't dance really anymore though. It's like he 'half-dances' - he sort of twists, points and then pats his body. No more dancing... that was pretty disappointing. I've seen him 7 or 8 times now and this was probably my least favorite show. I don't mean to sound negative, it was a good show. The band sounded good, Morrissey's voice was good, the set list was a mix of 'best of most of.' It just wasn't anything special really. I admit I didn't have the best seats, but I was still within a good distance.

    Good. That's the best descriptor I can give for this show. Not great. Not fantastic. Just an ordinary Morrissey show. My friend kept saying that Morrissey seems to be preparing for his Vegas act days... and the sad thing is, I won't be surprised if that happens soon. Time has not been kind to Morrissey. Also - I amazed... he did not come close to selling out the venue. My sister just called me and told me she was sitting in a completely empty row, with practically no one in front of her for four rows. My seats were the same way, except there were empty seats behind me and some people at the end of my row and a couple in the middle of the row. I noticed a lot of empty seats.

    EAlvin -- Saturday October 02 2004, @06:46AM (#127787)
    (User #725 Info)
  • That same night as Morrissey, and I encouraged the Pearl Jam fans that will not get to attend their concert. To go to the Morrissey one,and many of them said they would.
    tenderliz -- Saturday October 02 2004, @07:07AM (#127789)
    (User #11301 Info)
  • I'm going to see him Philly tonight, drivgin down from NYC. I'm sooooo excited, will be leaving soon. I hope he does the same setlist- sounded excellent.

    Anyone need any exta tix for tonight? I have 3 extra, let me know!

    :) denise
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 02 2004, @07:35AM (#127793)
  • my first morrissey show and i must say it was just as i imagined it. i've been a fan for too many years to never have seen him live but it was worth the wait. last night they were selling tickets for tonights show, buy one bring a friend for free at the door. so i hope enough people arrive tonight to fill the place out. it is me or was moz motioning to have his mic turned down a bit? did deano knock out his sound during now my heart is full, or was that a soundboard snafu? any chance he'll change the set list up a bit tonight? was there any merch on sale at all? i didn't see anything but then again i didn't look too hard, i was kind of dedicated to finding my place asap. hope to see you all in rare form tonight. anybody think moz is staying at "the quarry motel" on wc pike.
    Southpaw_75 -- Saturday October 02 2004, @08:32AM (#127802)
    (User #12551 Info)
    I am a simple man with not much to gain or lose
    • Re:The Tower by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 04 2004, @07:13AM
  • Here's a link to some photos I took last night:

    Philly Photos-Oct. 1 []

    Amazingly, we ended up with the shirt He's wearing in these photos. If anyone's interested (and I'm sure you are), it's a Yves Saint Laurent silk shirt, size 42/17, and it smells like it was soaked in what may be Guerlain men's cologne. We're currently trying to extract DNA from the perspiration in the shirt in order to clone a MOZ ARMY. Wish us luck, and VIVA MORRISSEY.
    Butch -- Saturday October 02 2004, @08:41AM (#127804)
    (User #12552 Info |
  • amazing. so much energy! very talkative & happy! can't wait for tonight!
    *puella* -- Saturday October 02 2004, @09:43AM (#127815)
    (User #11105 Info)
  • One thing I did forget and didn't see mentioned -

    The house PA cut out at the end of (I think) "Now My Heart Is Full". I was at the back and we could only hear what was coming from the stage - HUGE drop in volume. I dunno what happened, but it was straightened out right before the song ended.
    semidetached -- Saturday October 02 2004, @09:50AM (#127816)
    (User #7853 Info)
  • Once you get onto stage to shake his hand/ hug him, do they throw you out, or, make you go to the back of the venue to still see the rest of the show?

    There was one viscious security guard last night who pryed Moz' shirt from about 6 people's hands in one piece and then scoffed off, probably to sell on eBay. Well, Moz gave it to US, didn't he? Damn meathead security man.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 02 2004, @10:12AM (#127823)
  • Moz, as always, the quintessential showman!! This being the first time I have seen him, and The Queen is Dead, getting me through HS, I was in awe. It was pleasantly surprising to see the great mix of people who adore him. The grandkids with grandma (at least in her late 60's)trying to find their seats, was the best ever!! I counted at least 8 older ladies (at least AARP age) in the balcony area. The fathers with their sons, the mothers with their daughters.... Only got tears in my eyes twice... When he appeared on the stage after what felt like forever and "There is a light...". A little annoying was the kid who almost tackled him from behind. We do NOT treat Moz like that!!!
    sami -- Saturday October 02 2004, @10:24AM (#127824)
    (User #12554 Info)
  • i happened to score front row center seats for the show last night, and it was the best night of my entire life. it was the 4th time i've seen him (2 times on maladjusted tour 97 and once in DC in 2000) and the other shows were all general admission, so i got there at 6:30am each time, and was up front for all of them. those crowds were much rougher, and it was such a struggle to continue breathing. and it was harder to have any sort of connection, because the physical pain was pretty intense. but this time, i had a couple of interactions with him that were just absolutely amazing. he sang part of 'i like you' to me while locking eyes with me, and during the encore, i was the only person that he actually HELPED onto the stage! he saw me, smiled at me a little, and then he reached out his hand, and when i took it, he pulled me, and i just went for it. i just stood there, holding his hand in both of mine and said, 'thank you. thank you for everything.' he stopped singing the song to say, 'no, thank you' back to me, before i was very gently escorted off the side and refunneled into the pit. the bouncers were being very nice, and while they did get a bit rough with some people, they were not actively trying to keep people down. they were by far the nicest security staff i've ever seen at one of his shows. and to the guy who jumped on his back, you're the reason that bouncers start getting rough with the stage invaders. and to the anti-stage invaders, this is just a thing that happens at his concerts. it has happened since the days of the smiths, and the true fans are absolutely nothing but the most gentle they can be. he encourages it. he literally pulled me onto the stage! and speaking now from personal experience, it was something that has changed my life forever. thank you moz. i'll be in the second row tonight. i can't wait.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 02 2004, @11:04AM (#127829)
  • Does anyone know, since obviously he planned this show to happen in Philadelphia the same night as the big 'Rock for Change' show, if Moz considered this show to be part of that tour? Since he kept referencing Bruce S. he was obviously aware and approving. Did he meet with Stipe anywhere I wonder? Too bad he didn't make an appearance at that show, surprising REM fans. I'd have laughed. Charles
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 02 2004, @11:18AM (#127830)
  • but please, Morrissey, drop 'Such A Little Thing...'. the setlist is so strong rightnow save this far overrated b-side which has been played to the death already yet is continually dragged out on stage for all to bear its fermentation. removing this track and replacing it with something from 'Your Arsenal' or 'Southpaw Grammar' would make sucha big difference.
    chrisarclark <[email protected]> -- Saturday October 02 2004, @02:33PM (#127853)
    (User #9259 Info)
    "I'm just passing through here on my way to somewhere civilized and maybe I'll even arrive, maybe I'll even arrive..."
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 02 2004, @08:14PM (#127874)
  • did anyone get a video of this show?? i would pay a lot of money for it, just cos i want to have a record of my very first stage invasion. absolutely lifechanging.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 03 2004, @07:36AM (#127947)
  • Hi. I was one of the stage-rushers. I wore a black coat, grey plaid pants, an orange shirt and I had long, red hair. I simply walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I would kill for a video or photo of this. Let me know!
    Also, I gave him my old Pennsylvania driver's license and told him to write me a letter. I hope he does.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 03 2004, @12:39PM (#127993)
  • Enjoy
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 03 2004, @05:08PM (#128027)
  • I thought he was great at this show!! I went to the one in DC, and I thought the Upper Darby one was much better. It could have something to do with my jumping on stage and touching him, though!! :-P I thought some of the other people who jumped on stage took it to the deep end though, especially that Asian dude who basically jumped on Morrissey's back and started humping him. Show a little respect!
    Alexis Gray -- Friday October 08 2004, @01:57PM (#129674)
    (User #12635 Info)
  • Chances are no one's even reading this, since it's been over a week, but I needed some time to process the experience. This was the first time I had a chance to see Morrissey, (I also went to the Oct. 2nd show), and I must say I have never been more excited than I was when he walked out on that stage.
    I think I almost cried just from sheer anticipation. I haven't listened to any music that is not by Morrissey or the Smiths since that night. I'm trying to preserve the memory.
    I just wanted to say that most everyone that was in the audience was great. It was so wonderful to be around so many people with that much enthusiasm for good music in general, and especially Morrissey. I don't have a lot of friends who are really into Morrissey so it was nice to be around people who are. There was this fantastic older gentleman (I don't mean old, just older than me)a row or to in front of us, we were on the right about near the front, who was there by himself and was dancing like crazy! He was awesome. I wanted to break out dancing myself, but not that many people were so I held back.

    I haven't seen any pictures from Sat. Oct. 2nd. If anyone has some I'd love to see them.
    i-am-a-satellite -- Monday October 11 2004, @10:03AM (#130144)
    (User #12666 Info)
  • Piss off, worm.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 02 2004, @09:13AM (#127810)
  • To those viewing in non-flamebait vision the above comment is directed at a homophobic little scrote and not the person claiming Julia is Moz's girlfriend by the way, just thought I'd make that clear.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 02 2004, @09:17AM (#127812)
  • I don't think it really matters, since I view him as an artist. MOZ generates the same sort or presence as the beattles/grateful dead, etc., for this reason I also consider him sort of an Icon.

    I hope that he is happy whether it is with a man or a woman. If he were to come out and say which "church" he goest to, well then that would destroy the mystery and allure that is "Morrissey."

    Anonymous -- Saturday October 02 2004, @09:53AM (#127819)
  • I wouldn't care. I'd be more worried he's lost his marbles if he's dating an obsessed fan!
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 02 2004, @10:04AM (#127821)
  • The woman that Moz is walking arm in arm with in the First of The Gang Video is Linder Sterling - a lifelong friend and photographer. Julia is just an obsessed fan. You don't need to behave like Liberace to be gay, you poor deluded soul....
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 02 2004, @10:12AM (#127822)
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