posted by davidt on Sunday September 19 2004, @09:00AM
Belligerent Ghoul sends the link:

Morrissey Press Release -

Morrissey is unable to perform at KROQ's Inland Invasion today as scheduled. He was seen this morning at 11 am by Dr Joe Sugarman who diagnosed him with sinusitis, acute laryngitus and a high fever and advised that he not attempt to speak for the next 48 hours at a minimum. Morrissey is very disappointed and sends his apologies to his LA fans and friends at KROQ. He wants to make this up to everyone asap, plans are already being made and we hope to make an announcement next week on KROQ.

Please hold on to your ticket stubs, they will be your admission to a make up show with Morrissey to be announced in the future. Keep listening to KROQ and check KROQ.Com for details.
Salford Lassie posted refund information for the San Francisco cancellation at:

Morrissey is unable to perform at ALICE’s “Now & Zen” today as scheduled.

He was seen Saturday morning at 11 am by Dr Joseph Sugarman who diagnosed him with sinusitis, acute laryngitis and a high fever and advised that he not attempt to speak for the next 48 hours at a minimum. Morrissey is very disappointed and sends his apologies to his San Francisco fans and everyone at ALICE.

click here for refund information.
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  • i hope a lot of people on this site feel like assholes now.

    but i'm sure they won't.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @11:00AM (#125120)
  • My friend, DJ AM, told me that Morrissey was at the party in Hollywood he was DJing at last night. I only talked to him briefly so I didn't get the entire scoop. I'll try to find out who's party or which club it was at. I'm so bummed he cancelled the show in SF today.
    x Call Me Morbid x <[email protected]> -- Sunday September 19 2004, @11:20AM (#125125)
    (User #10793 Info |
    It's Morrissey's world... we just live in it.
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  • Can someone please help for a moment. I'm bummed that Morrissey will not be here in SF today, very sad, but i do not want to miss the Berkeley or L.A. shows in November. When do the tickets go on sale? What about the presale? I usually get emails but have not received any lately? [email protected]

    Thank you ever so much
    [email protected]
    craig -- Sunday September 19 2004, @11:26AM (#125127)
    (User #9847 Info)
  • This means good news that he's gonna make up for last night. Im happy once again. Stop talkin shit on Moz people, he is only human... I knew he wasnt going to let us down...!
    Mozzer66 -- Sunday September 19 2004, @11:35AM (#125130)
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    "Because we Must"...
  • I just had the same diagnosis last week!
    veradicere -- Sunday September 19 2004, @11:59AM (#125139)
    (User #8315 Info)
  • What an asshole, going and getting ill like that! At this time of year, too - it's not like people USUALLY get colds in Britain in September. After all, he's managed to tour the past few months solidly with barely a break - how dare he suddenly fall ill?
    charming lass -- Sunday September 19 2004, @12:24PM (#125147)
    (User #11741 Info)
    this is the last song i will ever sing, oh no i've changed my mind again
  • Haha (Score:2, Funny)

    It reads like a sick note for school. Who bothers to put down all their symptoms AND the name of the doctor??

    Moz, you sneaky lil devil.
    BBC Scum -- Sunday September 19 2004, @12:35PM (#125150)
    (User #8427 Info)
    • Re:Haha by AmericanMorrissey (Score:1) Sunday September 19 2004, @01:29PM
    • Re:Haha by moz_br (Score:1) Sunday September 19 2004, @01:49PM
  • Dr Joe Sugarman who diagnosed him with sinusitis, acute laryngitus and a high fever and advised that he not attempt to speak for the next 48 hours at a minimum.

    So rougly translated, he's got a spot on the end of his nose :)
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @01:35PM (#125161)
  • A 'very' close source informs that KROQ was aware that Morrissey was bound to cancel before the Inland Invasion, and he did just that. KROQ and the corporate folk sold an event on his name and being the selfishly corporate people they are now known to be, they held on selling tickets on his name and announcing his cancellation of Inland hours into the show. This is completely inappropriate.

    KROQ made a poor attempt on capatalizing on last year's success of Inland Invasion with the flashback theme but those who noticed - this year was not very good and poorly organized. The quality was lacking. It was obvious even in their concert program. Last year's program was quite good, with artist doing write ups on their favorite artist. If you bothered to read this year's program, ick. It was published a day or two before the event with a three year staff member writing the so-called bio's or artist write-up. The side stage at Inland this year was awful! The sound system was terrible. Blown speakers from the get-go and what was simply a really bad sound arrangement. Selective artists this year did impress and were well worth attending for, but the overall production was lacking.

    Morrissey sick, with a fever?

    A reliable source discloses information regarding Morrissey's Hollywood Athletic Club appearance last night at the Entertainment Tonight Pre-emmy celebration, during Inland Invasion. The source, who was a DJ at the hollywood athletic club last night, saw Morrissey several times throughout the evening.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @02:31PM (#125179)
  • I hope we find out about this so called appearance he made at a party. If he was there, my opinion and others opinion will be changed of him forever. By the way, was JULIA in que? If not, then she knew he was going to cancel and does have inside sources. Which means she didn't have to wait 6 hours in a crowd filled festival before hearing the sorry news.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @02:45PM (#125183)
  • I just read a reply to a post regarding getting to shows out of the whole ordeal. Here is my case.

    I was entirely let down when they announced the no show, in fact when the Ian from the stone roses evened mentioned something about "he won't be here you know," my heart sunk a little as I am sure it did for most MOZ fans. Then the KROQ rep stating a no show to do illness sealed the fate. At that point my girlfriend and I almost got up and left. We hung with the shock, bought another $13 hurricane and reflected, we stuck it out.

    Tears for Fears were good with their "hits" and utterly slow with newer/un-known tracks. DEVO ROCKED, as far as I am concerned they saved the day. Franz Ferdinand were also impressive. Stayed for one Billy Idol song and split, beat the crowd because we came to see the "MAN" and not many others can stand in his place, although the concert was good.

    Back to my point, I do not think that Moz, even with his history of no-shows, would risk the monetary and also the public backlash just to skip out. He had over 65k people to play for and I would have to say a few thousand of them were to be "new" impressions or so called fence sitters. They know who Morrissey is "oh that Smiths guy?"

    Having SF cancel as well, solidifies the deal for me. In another post a response was made the "he (MOZ) is only human'" I agree. NOW, if a make-up show is scheduled and completed, in realitively short period of time, I'll be coupasetic with the whole situation. If it does not happen, may have lost a total committed MOZ fan.

    In a sense, while it is not what we all wanted, we could be getting to shows for one, with some great performances at the Saturday show, and then seeing the MAN hold a "full concert set" would be satisfying. It all rest on the promoters and MOZ's shoulders to schedule something and make it soon, or else there is going to be a whole lot if fans who have supported MOZ for a long-time ready to take another look at the man and his music and pass it to the side.

    What does everyone else think?. I want to know how others at the show felt and are feeling now!

    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @02:58PM (#125186)
  • I will be completely amazed if "Camp Morrissey" and/or KROQ can pull a FREE 60,000+ attendance concert out of their asses. The costs involved with renting out a venue, paying the employees, getting security, police, city approval, etc is a far from easy process. And to think, it's supposed to be FREE?!?! I brought this to the attention of a KROQ employee, who suggested they would probably hold some sort of first-come-first-serve small concert (like the Depeche Mode show at the Roxy in 2001) at some club. Of course, you would have to have your Inland Invasion ticket to have any chance at gaining entrance.
    werthhh -- Sunday September 19 2004, @04:07PM (#125204)
    (User #12442 Info)
  • good news: I will get a refund and didn't have to sit through TFF.
    bad news: if info proves true, looks like this is just another flakage episode at fans expense.

    We'll see how the "hollywood party" rumor pans out.
    hergle -- Sunday September 19 2004, @04:15PM (#125207)
    (User #12197 Info)
  • These frequent no-shows aren't helping his record sales, his ticket sales, or his relationship with his new record company.

    Therefore, I conclude that he would not purposely cancel shows unless he suddenly had a revelation that the music business isn't worth it and now he's trying to get out. If that is the case, more power to him.

    Otherwise, I conclude he really IS very sick (either physically or psychologically or both) and has working so hard to promote himself that he's not getting better (hence all the no-shows). Comebacks are stressful, and I get the impression Moz isn't the best under stress.
    veradicere -- Sunday September 19 2004, @04:18PM (#125208)
    (User #8315 Info)
  • But 48 hours? Is that IT?! How is Morrissey ever going to manage? You know how sociable he is. Afterall, this is a man who has said that he wakes up every morning without the expectation to see or talk with a single person throughout the day. Do you really think he can handle it? I wonder how this went down:

    Sugarman: Well, i'm sorry Steve, but you're gonna be on the backburner for a while.

    Morrissey: Erm, um....what do you mean?

    Sugarman: I would advise that you cancel your shows and...not speak a word for the next 48 hours.

    Morrissey: 48 hours, is that all? Surely you don't think this horrible uugghh *cough* condition of mine is going to go away after that. How about 72 hours? A week perhaps?

    Sugarman: No, you should be fine without a single word for about 48 hours.

    Morrissey: You don't seem to understand. I am in a very bad way. Shan't I wash it down with a mixture of greased tea with honey and lemon...and perhaps a hint of, bleach?

    Sugarman: Okay, win. A week it is. I'm sorry.

    Morrissey's Personal Assistant: (slipping doc a twenty) Well done my good man. You will be on the VIP list very soon.

    No, I don't think it'll be a problem at all for Moz to go on for a couple of days without saying a word to anyone. How do you think he is with his crew? He doesn't speak to anyone even when he is healthy. A nod, a point, screaming, it's all the same for Mozzer. The only inconvenience I see for our man, is tomorrow when he decides to make a run for the Virgin Megastore or Sam Goody's...maybe Suncoast, to shop for some more DVD's. If it isn't the usual salesperson, who is already well-trained, Moz may have to write down his order on a napkin with his fountain pen. Look for that on EBAY some time soon.

    Jim Rome -- Sunday September 19 2004, @04:19PM (#125209)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • I didn't go to the inland invasion show, but I am sick of this little pussy confirming shows and not showing up. I remember he did the same thing during the vauxhall tour and one the post-Maladjusted shows in vegas. the vegas show was the worst b/c he cancelled the night of the show. Everyone in my group flew to vegas, spent $$$ on hotels, etc for his pussy-ass to cancel the night of.

    I refuse to support his next leg of the tour and will not see another show for 2004.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @04:45PM (#125215)
  • I've got this terrible cold coming on,.....

    so he's the king of excuses, get used to it people and then get your refund and get over it.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @04:56PM (#125218)
  • tears (Score:3, Insightful)

    i keep wondering what moz would have felt like if he saw all of those kids crying yesterday after it was announced.

    seeing guys sitting down, their heads buried in their knees, sobbing, was just a little too much to handle.
    megyn -- Sunday September 19 2004, @05:03PM (#125220)
    (User #12444 Info |
  • Does anyone know if there is somewhere to download inland invasion live mp3's? Billy Idol and Siouxsie. Thanks.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @10:31PM (#125241)
  • The guy your friend saw was TOM MORRISSEY, not Steven Morrissey. There are a lot of pics of this guy at the pre-Emmy party at
    No way Morrissey would go to that kind of event, even if he was healthy. Stop talking crap about him, he's only sick, he didn't kill anyone. What the hell.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @10:59PM (#125244)
  • I had the chance to see MOZ on 2000, Im not US American nor European, so the chances for me to see moz perform are not very common.
    So I made a trip to California to see MOZ at the Inland Invasion.
    Im not the moz stalker Julia, so I dont have tons of dollars, I have a Job and most important I have a life!!!!
    Having said that, I made the trip to Cali and got there while the Killers were performing. Some more bands came out and then Ian Brown (aka Liam G) said something about Moz not performing that night, he said "If you dont want, dont believe me, but when they announce that he canceled, youll remember me" (Only for that reason I did).
    Then they announced that he cancelled because he had a fever...
    Im not judging him, and I believe it if they said that, eventhough I dont believe that they had just heard news from MOZ, Im sure they knew even before the day of the show, but they had to keep selling tickets in the name of Morrissey...
    The most important thing is that I really dont care much of what has happened to him, I just wanted to see him perform live (even if it was to be at a huge venue, with terrible sound and thousands of people not knowing his songs) and I just couldnt.
    I was not making a trip from a few miles, I travelled thousands, so if he gives a show to make it up to the Kroq listeners, I wont be there...
    It´s so sad that he does that to fans, it´s just sad... But then, in the end he has just lost a few fans... For him it´s better to lose a fan than stop making money...
    Sorry moz but you are turning into an old fart...
    I know some people will say that I need to get over it, and stuff like that. I know that, actually Im not frustrated at all (not anymore), I just wanted to post the reaction of the things that happened to me... that´s all
    Anonymous -- Monday September 20 2004, @05:55AM (#125291)
  • Morrissey seems to be making a habit out of skipping out of performances. Was it because Muse was performing too? Or, simply, he just felt like sleeping in. I think it's because he's not the big cheese, the main guy at these festivals. He knows that other acts will get a better reception than him and his tired wares. God, it is becoming harder and harder to be a Morrissey fan. He just doesn't care. And, if he truly was sick, then he really should be taking better care of himself. Perhaps a change in diet...;) I'm kidding. I'm vegetarian too, but he obviously is not eating correctly if he's catching menengitis, sinusitis, acute laryngitus and a high fever, etc., etc... Not to mention that he is also obese. Lay off the pastry and fluffy breads, and instead eat some vegetables and beans! Later chauch...
    Anonymous -- Monday September 20 2004, @11:58AM (#125381)
  • Just like you enjoy posting crap on a website!

    Wow, you have so much in common! Except that he's talented and handsome and has fans, so I guess there's not much resemblance after all. Nice try though.

    Keep reaching for the stars!
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @10:24AM (#125112)
  • Wow, thank you for that wonderful insight.

    Your name wouldn't be Robert Smith by any chance....would it?
    AmericanMorrissey -- Sunday September 19 2004, @10:45AM (#125118)
    (User #12428 Info)
  • Wow I'm all surprised and crap that I got flamed. Look, Chumpy, it's bait! Jump, jump Chumpy! Right through the hoop! Good chumpy. Sit.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @01:55PM (#125168)
  • I think, my Maladjusted compadre, it's you who's sick. Have you really got nothing else in your life other than Morrissey? Only a psychopath would post such terrifying comments. It's a CONCERT. Not Armageddon. It was cancelled. So boo-hoo. You will not die of cancer because of it. You have been mildly inconvenienced. So what? If it really drives you to make these kind of psychotic comments, you need to see a psychiatrist. I'm deadly serious. You have a severe attitude problem. Life's full of letdowns. So grow up and deal with it, fool.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @02:24PM (#125174)
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