posted by davidt on Saturday September 18 2004, @12:00PM
An anonymous person sends the news (also confirmed by a reliable source):

the shows this weekend (LA - KROQ Inland Invasion 4, SF - Golden Gate Park - Now & Zen Fest 2004) are cancelled, due to Morrissey's illness.
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  • Thats OK . I wasn't going anyway....
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @12:07PM (#124928)
  • Skiveritus?

    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @12:09PM (#124930)
  • please don't tell me now I'm stuck with tickets for nothing but Tears for Fears. i hope they will be giving refunds.
    hergle -- Saturday September 18 2004, @12:39PM (#124937)
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    • Re:no way by javiertprewitt (Score:1) Saturday September 18 2004, @12:45PM
      • Re:no way by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 18 2004, @01:30PM
  • I knew there was nooo way that he would do it!!!
    Brutalful -- Saturday September 18 2004, @12:49PM (#124939)
    (User #3028 Info)
  • What´s happening here? Three festivals... No refund... As someone said round here...

    "Please excuse me if this has been mentioned a few times already.... It seems like Morrissey will flirt with or book an event, get alot of free publicity for his new and old CDs in papers, on the radio and TV in whatever city or country these festivals are...only to pull out as the date gets near(Spain!). The promotors don't have to issue refunds if there are other bands on the bill, and they benefit from the initial bump in sales when Morrissey was first added to the ticket. So everyone wins except the fans, right?
    My interest in this tour has just hit an all time low. I'm not gonna end up sitting on some non-refundable airline tickets to El Paso like some sucker"
    javiertprewitt -- Saturday September 18 2004, @12:57PM (#124940)
    (User #12416 Info)
  • No one should be submitted to watching from a seat.
    clownbait -- Saturday September 18 2004, @01:15PM (#124944)
    (User #10740 Info)
  • shit, meet the fan.

    glad i saw him five nights at the wiltern. who needs outdoor all-day festivals in the desert anyway?
    eugenius -- Saturday September 18 2004, @01:15PM (#124945)
    (User #1665 Info |
    I'm almost sure you can do better than that.
  • i just called the hyundai pavilion for tonight and they say if hes canceling, they would have heard by now, and that he is still on. so who knows. i dunno if i am up for the two hour drive if that's the case though!
    allikazoo -- Saturday September 18 2004, @01:21PM (#124946)
    (User #10277 Info)
  • I've called both radio stations (Alice and KROQ) and neither have heard anything about a cancelation. Anyone else heard anything like this?
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @01:22PM (#124947)
  • Morrissey the 23rd
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @01:31PM (#124949)
  • No news on the official site, and the Golden Gate Park show is still listed in the tour section.

    Of course, that doesn't mean anything, since the offical site is updated so infrequently.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @01:35PM (#124952)
  • Just get over it! If the man is sick the man is sick. Besides, you people in LA have seen him a million times anyway. Let him get well now so the rest of the nation has a chance to see him. Get well soon, Morrissey!
    texasbloke -- Saturday September 18 2004, @01:46PM (#124955)
    (User #8721 Info)
    • Re:Get Over it! by Davy_Havok (Score:1) Saturday September 18 2004, @01:53PM
    • Re:Get Over it! by savor the flavor (Score:1) Saturday September 18 2004, @02:01PM
    • Re:Get Over it! by NewGypsy (Score:1) Saturday September 18 2004, @02:02PM
      • Re:Get Over it! by njosnavelinx (Score:1) Saturday September 18 2004, @02:44PM
    • Re:Get Over it! by ProtestSinger (Score:1) Saturday September 18 2004, @03:41PM
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    • Re:Get Over it! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 19 2004, @12:33AM
  • Morrissey canceled a gig! Big fucking suprise.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @02:05PM (#124961)
  • His tour is not selling out and its embarrasing him. Lollapalooza was cancelled because he couldnt draw as the main act....most of the shows on this new tour in the states have not sold out yet. He is now bigger in England and the rest of Europe again than the states....Americans see through this fake, plastic record and his silly comments about the President. He is over in the States, or at least well on his way out and I mean that with the faithful as well, alot of the real true diehards are disenchanted and that is an undisputable fact...
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @02:31PM (#124965)
  • I just called Alice and they said Moz has absolutely NOT cancelled...they said apparently some rumors were posted on a "fan site" and unless you hear it directly from them or Morrissey's official site, don't believe it!

    does the original poster have nothing better to do than post a bunch of bullshit?
    glam72 -- Saturday September 18 2004, @02:48PM (#124967)
    (User #5468 Info)
  • If the show is not cancelled this weekend. Does that make the reliable source unreliable in the future?
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @03:05PM (#124970)
  • hmmmmmmmmm (Score:1, Funny)

    didn't know that egomania was now an "illness.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @03:33PM (#124971)
    • Re:hmmmmmmmmm by savor the flavor (Score:1) Saturday September 18 2004, @03:48PM
  • I got a call from a worker at the venue and they caught wind that morrissey is not playing anymore. He does in fact have throat probelms...I'm just glad I found out before I took off to LA
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @03:58PM (#124974)
  • Come on you lot,stop moaning about yourselves and spare a thought for poor lil ol Julia!Think how many times she has had to suffer this scenario!
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @05:37PM (#124992)
  • Morrissey Press Release
    Morrissey is unable to perform at KROQ's Inland Invasion today as scheduled. He was seen this morning at 11 am by Dr Joe Sugarman who diagnosed him with sinusitis, acute laryngitus and a high fever and advised that he not attempt to speak for the next 48 hours at a minimum. Morrissey is very disappointed and sends his apologies to his LA fans and friends at KROQ. He wants to make this up to everyone asap, plans are already being made and we hope to make an announcement next week on KROQ.

    Please hold on to your ticket stubs, they will be your admission to a make up show with Morrissey to be announced in the future. Keep listening to KROQ and check KROQ.Com for details.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @06:11PM (#124999)
  • I Just got back from the concert and Morrissey DID cancel. The good news is that If you keep your ticket you can use it for a makeup concert in the near future.
    onemoz -- Saturday September 18 2004, @06:13PM (#125000)
    (User #9754 Info)
  • why moz, why? (Score:0, Flamebait)

    you suck. no sympathy. mozzer, you've done this for the last time. go Billy Idol. nah! i'm just frustated. moz you are still the man. but this truly sucks. i had my jumbo sized popcorn and six-pack of corona's and had my dj speakers all connected to my computer. yes, sir i was all ready to be in concert without actually being there.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @07:07PM (#125006)
  • it's 7:50 PM....are they lying just to get people out for TFF?!?!
    Anyone know the real story?
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @07:51PM (#125007)
  • I don't care! I'm finding it hard to do so but I can't!
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @08:19PM (#125011)
  • Alice said that the Morrissey camp has given them a heads-up that he has laryngitis and unless he gets remarkably better tomorrow, he will probably not be performing at Now and Zen. However, nothing will be certain til the morning. The DJ also said that Moz is doing a make-up show in LA for KROQ so hopefully if he doesn't perform in SF he will do one for Alice, and that you should hang on to your ticket stub!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @08:42PM (#125012)
  • I have been watching the Inland Invasion Webcast, and Billy Idol just dedicated "Mony, Mony" to Morrissey and he said that something will happen until Morrissey brings in a sick note.

    The only message I can figure would be intended for any of this song's dedicatees is the line, "Hey, motherfucker, get laid, get fucked."

    Then again, mebee Billy was punning "Mony" with "money"? ;)
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @09:29PM (#125015)
  • Sick of working!
    Sick of being where he's supposed to be, when he's supposed to be!
    Sick of, God forbid, keeping commitments!

    I'm not losing any more money over this...

    I hope to God he shows...
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @09:43PM (#125017)
  • This was definitely the least painful Morrissey cancellation I've ever experienced (number four if you want to know).

    Arrived early to the gig to catch The Walkmen and Death Cab. We then moved our way to the mainstage to enjoy a great set by The Killers. Ian Brown followed opening with my favorite Stone Roses song...I wanna be adored. I was on cloud nine, then Mr. Brown burst my bubble by announcing that Morrissey would not be playing. The crowd started booing him and he said (paraphrasing) "No, really...Morrissey is not playing and later when you find out you'll say hey that guy was right!" Ian Brown is quite the cocky son of a bitch so I wasn't sure to take him serious, but then after the next song he announced it again! He said something like "They told me to annouce it, Morrissey is not playing...I like Morrissey...we should play a Morrissey tune..." Talk about a buzz kill! The rest of the set was shit (probably disturbed by my mood). Anyway, after Ian Brown was booted off stage (that's another story in itself) a rep from "Morrissey's camp" came out and said Moz was sick and highly apologetic and we would all get a free concert at a later date. My disappointment lasted a bit, but I am frankly never suprised by his last minute no-shows.

    Devo and Franz Ferdinand finished off the day by playing FANTASTIC sets. I got to see a lot of great music today so I really can't complain much, especially if Morrissey reshedules like they promised. At least I didn't have to sit through Billy Idol!
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @09:44PM (#125018)
  • Morrissey seems to be ill, quite a bit actually, but then, somehow...

    makes a miraculous instant recovery!

    Sometimes within just a day! Just in time for the next show! And good god, he never looks like he's even been ill! Robust as ever!

    I need that doctor...
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @09:49PM (#125020)
  • So I Called Alice about an hour ago, and basically got the same info that others have posted. They aren't confirming anything about Moz's attendance tomorrow, but it sounds to me like he definitely won't be there. I asked about refunds - though I'd love to see Tears for Fears, the reason I (and most others) are going is to see Morrissey. They said they didn't know yet how they were going to handle that, they think they might try and plan a make-up concert like KROQ is doing, but they just don't know. The guy I spoke to seems to think they will be willing to offer refunds, but again-nothing definite.

    He said to turn on the radio tomorrow morning around 10 or 11, or you can also try calling the station at (415) 478-3697.

    glam72 -- Sunday September 19 2004, @12:41AM (#125035)
    (User #5468 Info)
  • There are people posting messages of intolerance and hate towards Morrissey for being ill. He hasn't missed a show for the whole UK leg of the tour this year so I believe he is ill, it happens, I have a cold and a sore throat as I write, it came on me on Friday, just like that. What do you people expect him to do, walk on stage unable to sing and feeling like crap? It isn't just Morrissey who cancels his shows occasionally, people on here have it in their heads that he is notoriously unreliable for turning up at gigs etc. but if you look at other major artists, they do it all the time, some more than Moz and I bet their websites are not deluged with psychotic, egomaniacal rantings about how much more important we are as admirers of a popular artist. It's unfortunate that he cancelled, it has also happened to me in the past, but this board should be sending him get well messages not abuse.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @12:42AM (#125036)
  • Well, the year in Morrissey for me (aside from record and single releases):

    Lollapalooza cancelled

    Went to Benicassim, cancelled

    San Diego cancelled (november 3rd)

    Inland Invasion cancelled (glad I didn't go)...

    So he might really be ill this time, quite understandable; but Benicassim and San Diego cancellations were never clearly explained. This year makes me no stranger to Morrissey's cancellations, unfortunately I'm getting used to this; good thing my trip to Spain had lots of other good reasons to get there aside from Moz at Benicássim alone. Some of you might think this as somehow insensible, but, we should get another favorite artist. Maybe someone like Marc Bolan, Ramones or whoever is dead, dead artists cannot dissapoint us anymore...

    And by the way, I'm not buying one more copy of You Are The Quarry.

    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @01:48AM (#125045)
  • Siouxsie was going to punch him
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @01:57AM (#125046)
  • Party People,

    Well we all know that Morrissey cancelled at the last minute- but the good news is he will play a FREE show for those who had tix for todays show.

    My pix from the day:

    Here is my quick review of the bands:

    Side Stage:
    11:30 The Walkmen - Music sounded pretty good - but the lead singer's voice was a bit screechy. It got better later
    12:25 Missing Persons- loved them
    1:20 Death Cab For Cutie - great Seattle band
    2:15 A Flock of Seagulls - the sound check took too long- and they played too many obscore songs- but the 3 hits they played (including the massive closer "I Ran") brought the house down
    Main Stage:
    2:00 Muse - missed them
    2:45 X - caught the end of the last song only. sounded fine
    3:30 The Killers - not as good as was hyped
    4:15 Ian Brown/Stone Roses - sounded high or drunk or both. A few of his Stone Roses songs were on key- but mostly he was off. Had the misfortune of having to announce that Morrissey cancelled to the stunned audience. They cut his show short.
    5:00 Tears for Fears - sounded great after a false start with no sound check.
    5:55 Devo - amazing
    7:00 Franz Ferdinand - awesome
    7:55 Billy Fucking Idol - he was the star tonight- played an extra-long set and thrilled the crowd
    9:30 Siouxsie - a bit boring set but looked and sounded beautiful
    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • The greatest day ever..... I love how they "Run out" of the smaller $5 beer cups too, so you are forced into buying the $10 cup after they hand it to you, and you take a sip. Having fun in the pit until Ian bursts my bubble. I would be on the I 5 on the way too SF right now. Kinda glad I am not.
    Sharron Needles -- Sunday September 19 2004, @03:28AM (#125053)
    (User #762 Info)
    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • He was ill so couldnt play, but he could jog around manchester...... strange........
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @05:02AM (#125059)
  • Did it ever occurr to anyone that Morrissey might just be simply exhausted. He's been pushing himself very hard. As for depressed people being lazy,....speaking as a depressed person I happen to work very hard and resent the "lazy" tag. I just "get on with it" no matter how I feel but Mozzer needs a rest so let him have one!
    Thunderthighs -- Sunday September 19 2004, @05:27AM (#125061)
    (User #11175 Info)
  • who cares. morrissey needs to get out and play in other parts of the country anyways. i wonder how many LA area shows he has done in the last 5 years??? oh, i know, its too many! move on moz. the world doesnt revolve around LA
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @06:32AM (#125063)
  • a real fucking asshole!
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @06:38AM (#125064)
    • Re:Morrissey... by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 19 2004, @07:50AM
    • Re:Morrissey... by Meatfreecotter (Score:1) Sunday September 19 2004, @05:11PM
  • Just woke up in SF to the sound of rain... for the first time in many months. Fitting, it seems.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @08:16AM (#125071)
  • is there any 'official' word yet on the festival in s.f. today? i was supposed to be driving up from l.a. to see him play, and if for any reason he did still play i would have to leave within 40 minutes or so in order to make it in time. the radio station doesnt answer their phones! anyone know?!?!?
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @08:24AM (#125072)
  • Just announced on the radio and at

    Morrissey is unable to perform at ALICE’s “Now & Zen” today as scheduled.

    He was seen Saturday morning at 11 am by Dr Joseph Sugarman who diagnosed him with sinusitis, acute laryngitis and a high fever and advised that he not attempt to speak for the next 48 hours at a minimum. Morrissey is very disappointed and sends his apologies to his San Francisco fans and everyone at ALICE.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @09:10AM (#125083)
  • It's obvious they know he's not turning up as he told them after seeing the doctor, otherwise there wouldn't be the rumours so soon.

    So why do they delay making it public? Is it because they are scared noone's going to turn up to their crappy events?
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @09:21AM (#125089)
  • See
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @09:51AM (#125095)
  • from getting something stuck in his throat? :^)
    suzanne -- Sunday September 19 2004, @09:54AM (#125096)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
  • I'm not a big Morrissey fan (in that I only went to the show to see him), but came to this site to see if I could find out why he cancelled. I was most annoyed that I had sat through the shitty Souixie show only to discover that Morrissey had cancelled (at the last minute). We had VIP tickets and thought Ian Brown was kidding and no official notification was made back there-clearly there were others that didn't know he wasn't going to show and waited only to realize that the concert was over (i.e., those of us practially sleeping through Siouxie's show and rising only to realize instead of cheering for Morrissey we would be walking to our cars). Whatever his reseasons (legitimate or not) it was a bad thing to pull in terms of pr. If you base fandom on the shirts people wore, there were many people there to see Morrissey and perhaps only Morrissey. I feel sorry for those people and I hope that Morrissey feels this 'no-show' in the pocketbook. Often when we mere mortals make appointments and then cancel at the last minute we are forced to pay a 50% to 100% cancellation fee. Perhaps if these sorts of penalties were enacted on Morrissey you wouldn't see the last minute cancellations. That being said here is my two cents on the rest of the concert.
    The sound on the side stage was horrible. I've heard Death Cab a few other times at different venues and they are an awesome live band. There was tons of feedback and other related issues for them as well as the other bands. It was a diservice to the find musicians that performed on the side stage. With the exception of Ian Brown and Siouxie all the other bands were great. I am a Franz fan and was very impressed with the live performance. Billy Idol was fucking amazing!
    As for all of the other posts about the venue, etc. these people obviously need to learn how to see a concert and buy tickets. The set list was available before the concert. You didn't have to go all day (i.e., be in the heat) if you only wanted to see Morrissey. Furthermore, with the advent of ebay and other online vendors you have the option of buying a wide range of seats offerred at an array of prices-quit your bitching. I have to second the guy from Boston that reminds those of us lucking enough to live in SoCal that we get to see so many bands that never go to many othere cities in the US. Yes, it's hot, but not as hot as it could have been. If you plan well it's not even an issue. Coachella was much, much hotter, but you didn't hear all the moaning and groaning at that concert. Perhaps Morrissey doesn't show up to many of his concerts because of, what appears from these posts, to be a lackluster collective of fans.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @10:55AM (#125109)
  • everyone seems to think morrissey is this larger than life god from the heavens who comes down to grace us with his presence. before this new album of his came out he was doing great, his tours were awesome playing at smaller general admission venues doing his own independent thing just what a man like morrissey should be doing. now with this bullshit label everything has changed and i hope you all have realized this as well. i cant afford to pay 60 dollars a ticket for a show..not only that but nobody around knows when the hell another shows coming around, they post the dates but they arent confirmed. do they think morrissey fans are these pathetic people with no lives or jobs and all we do is sit around and wait for him to arrive in a town near us so we can run to him and praise him????moz is not a mega superstar like they want him to be. he should stay independent. he should stay respectable. he should stay off the meat market selling himself like a whore.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @12:06PM (#125121)
  • I am bummed of course that MOZ isn't going to be here today in SF, and it is a beautiful day, but I want to try and see him in Berkeley and LA. does anyone know when those tickets will be on sale? Just hoping someone could help? Thank you ever so much.
    [email protected]
    craig -- Sunday September 19 2004, @12:50PM (#125132)
    (User #9847 Info)
  • As everbody else, I was much dismayed to learn that Moz cancelled. He was without a doubt the reason that I went, and dumbass that I was, spending $$$ on orchestra seats, perhaps next time, I'll be a bit more cautious...props to Idol though..he saved what was a pretty uneventful show (with the exception of Tears for Fears's nostalgia-induced emotion, Franz Ferdinand's energetic set and Ian Brown's sorry ass getting booted off stage). Honestly. Idol might not be a poet, but he seriously kicked the crowd in its nuts. My favorite moment of the night...after introducing everyone else in his band, the spotlight came down on him only, and with his trademark "rebel yell" pose, he screams...."and I'm fucking BILLY IDOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!". Lol. Awesome.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @02:41PM (#125163)
  • morrissey is an asshole
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @03:00PM (#125170)
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