posted by davidt on Thursday September 09 2004, @09:00AM
Robb writes:

Morrissey's session for AOL recorded at the Reading Festival have now been posted online for all to view.

RealMedia streams:

The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores

First Of The Gang To Die

I Like You

lutewhine has captured the stream and created a BitTorrent link - info here. Realmedia format, size 32.35Mb.
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  • I don't like realplayer and I don't like AOL.
    Please convert and share.
    mucho gracias.
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 09 2004, @10:21AM (#123372)
  • oh no another version of the first of the gang to die...i am quite sure moz will hate the song by the end of this year...

    Anonymous -- Thursday September 09 2004, @10:28AM (#123378)
    • Re:oh no by suededisco (Score:1) Thursday September 09 2004, @10:51AM
      • Re:oh no by jp80 (Score:1) Thursday September 09 2004, @11:55AM
  • yay for lutewhine!
    elsberry -- Thursday September 09 2004, @10:33AM (#123383)
    (User #418 Info | http://www.leavemealoneiwasonlysinging.not/)
    +++ Of all of the fuckups that I do, I saved the best one for you +++
  • For a poor sod like me in the land of cancellation (Japan) to see quite clear video with decent sound and lots of closeups is a welcome consolation.

    Jessie is pretty cool! He looks a bit like Vincent Gallo and someone else famous (and possibly dead) that I can't quite put my finger on... Epstein from Welcome Back Kotter? No... Now the group onstage is half American (although Deano was born in the UK) -- no underlying meaning to that statement... just factual.

    My favourite of the 3 is 'Crashing Bores' ("Fancy!"). The 50s ballad qualities really came out in this version. The last third of 'I Like You' is good, too. 'Gangs' has some nice inflections brought to it courtesy of Jessie, but this track is reaching (has reached?) its public saturation point. To its credit, probably no track since the early solo years has warranted it, and when Moz starts pining for Hector at the end, you can't help but still love it...
    king leer -- Thursday September 09 2004, @10:53AM (#123392)
    (User #80 Info)
  • I enjoyed watching them, but I always try to save these kind of things to my HD to view at my leisure. I visited the BT site and I'm still not able to download. Does anyone know how to do save these?

    Truer Poetry
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 09 2004, @12:01PM (#123415)
  • I really loved "I like you" !!!

    A really good moment ... thanks again !!!
    Bridget -- Thursday September 09 2004, @12:47PM (#123424)
    (User #10891 Info)
  • My G-O-D he looks stunningly handsome here! My bet is that he's lost quite a bit of weight over the past months, don't you agree? The difference between these clips and, say, the MEN show is absolutely enormous.
    He looks better now than he has done in a very long time. Yummy!
    Martin -- Thursday September 09 2004, @12:58PM (#123428)
    (User #278 Info |
    A Slight Case of Overcombing
  • We used EOVideo to convert and join these three files. The quality is shite compared to what gets capped by the likes of NG maestro, JoeFish, but all by itself, it's not bad. :)

    Click here [] to go to site. Click the "DL" links to download the .torrent file.

    Enjoy!! (unless your handle is GenderNectar)
    alainsane -- Thursday September 09 2004, @03:05PM (#123454)
    (User #460 Info)
  • Ow, I just noticed this.
    redpathetic -- Thursday September 09 2004, @07:44PM (#123497)
    (User #6184 Info)
    Happy in this final acceptance of his own absurdity...Albert Camus
  • but if dey did, I don't tink I couldah done a bettah job! Good woik Mozza! Now, if only I could get dis browsah tah play right.
    Frank Sinatra -- Friday September 10 2004, @10:28AM (#123592)
    (User #2616 Info)
    Ol'Blue Balls
  • Thankyou very much for putting these up, lovely sharing clever computer type person. Very much appreciated! :-D
    charming lass -- Friday September 10 2004, @01:36PM (#123623)
    (User #11741 Info)
    this is the last song i will ever sing, oh no i've changed my mind again
  • Why did Morrissey put himself through such a painful ordeal? Why did he so blatantly prostitute himself? What was in it for him? I wonder if it was worth it.
      The whole performance is wooden & uncomfortable, rather like some ghastly Pop Idol Audition. Is there an audience? Or are they playing to a Panel of AOL Executives?
      Surely he's rich & famous enough already, without having to take part in such shoddy & degrading marketing exercises.
      I'm not really that bothered, just slightly surprised & a little disappointed.....
    freeyourself -- Friday September 10 2004, @06:06PM (#123671)
    (User #12001 Info)
  • It's great that Moz is getting some live footage out there on the internet, but AOL sucks! Yes, you've all heard it before and that's because it's true. So why do millions of us continue to use it? Habit. Even though...

    AOL censors. Yes. Messages are frequently pulled from AOL public posting areas. (sound familiar?) Messages that contain anti-government and anti-religious content, advocate the use of drugs or have sexually suggestive gay themes are most often the targets.
    Your service can be revoked if you say certain words in public chat rooms. Anyone seeing you use a word they find offensive can "Notify AOL". A monitor will appear in the room to observe it's content within 5 minutes. (This has been used by ultra-conservatives that taunt gay users into using profanity, then summon a guide to get their access revoked.)

    And you can forget about contacting AOL Customer Service when you need assistance. Many times AOL customers are told to call back because they're too busy! Understaffed AOL can't handle it's call volume. AOL knows nothing about 'world class service'.

    Frequent disconnects from AOL's server and the spyware they install on your computer are just added bonuses.

    Earl AOL user
    Earl Graphite <[email protected]> -- Friday September 10 2004, @06:51PM (#123680)
    (User #2253 Info)
    Speaking your mind gets you in trouble every time.
  • Could'nt Deano or one of the guys wispered in his ear and mentioned that his Jacket collar was ruffled? Come on guys, Moz is getting on y' him out!!....other wise....very nice!
    Sheridan's Ghost -- Saturday September 11 2004, @01:40AM (#123699)
    (User #11993 Info)
  • It's a shame he had to record this crap. In a time when he has such a huge amount of attention, it would have been great to see him use the spotlight to back up what he has been saying for years. What happened to him saying that the music industry in America should all be machine gunned? Or was this only said because they weren't paying him the credit he deserved?

    This reaks of commercialism, and it's clear he's only done it for the money. This stiff performance for one of the largest companies ever comes off as nothing but an AOL advertisement, and that leaves me feeling very disappointed.

    P.S. I still downloaded it and watched it, so where does that leave me? Desperate for any scrap...
    Matt Smith -- Saturday September 11 2004, @02:51PM (#123784)
    (User #1832 Info)
    Oh god, how much longer?
  • Thank you*
    and I've also learned creating spirits
    You are lucky Morrissey.
    I love you Moz.
    I'll help your collar!
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 11 2004, @11:09PM (#123797)
  • Horrible (Score:0, Troll)

    Watching that stiff performance made me cringe. i would much preffer to see footage of the actual reading performance, where he is in front of fans.
    mynameissam -- Sunday September 12 2004, @07:01AM (#123825)
    (User #11710 Info)
  • I feel no shame.
    I'm in love sweet love.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 12 2004, @08:08PM (#123934)
  • Please leave these aol sessions on indefinitely. I play them lots and never tire of them. Thank you!
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 19 2004, @06:03PM (#125219)
  • S'wonderful. Thank you so much, lutewhine.

    To those who say they've heard enough of FOTGTD, hard luck: I predict that this will be being played on some fairground, somewhere in the world, at any given moment until the end of time.

    (Probably on one of those terribly fast and dangerous rides which has a mile-long list of disclaimers near the kiosk. And handwritten additions at the bottom as new calamities occur.)
    Madge -- Thursday September 09 2004, @12:28PM (#123419)
    (User #11705 Info)
    Gentle and kind... which is unusual in a librarian
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