posted by davidt on Friday September 10 2004, @03:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Shakespeare's Sister / November Spawned A Monster / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Rubber Ring / Let Me Kiss You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / I'm Not Sorry / Now My Heart Is Full / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Like You / You Know I Couldn't Last / Irish Blood, English Heart // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by Hairdresser on Fire
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  • S-U-P-E-R-B !

    Only been to Blackpool and here @ Preston this tour, and if anything Preston was slightly better - superb atmosphere - thanks to all the crowd who made such a memorable night !

    Moz was of course on top form (and in an apparently very good mood) even if the setlist for me wasn't quite as good as Blackpool (no Jack The Ripper). The sound quality of the kit was much clearer here too - plenty subtlety in the instrumentation (and even the List) that was lost at Blackpool. There is a light was the 'quick to end' version.
    Couple of stage invasions & hugs, and a complete psycho hanging from the balcony !

    "Last time I was here was 31 years ago ... my god ... I was only 4 ... you're all too young to remember, and I'm too old to forget ..."
    "Julia's out the back making the sandwiches"
    "Blackpool ... what's wrong with Blackpool ...?"
    "you've come from where ? ... Malta ? and you didn't even get a bloody nose ! It's a miracle"
    "Ken ... are you alright ... ?"
    "Happy birthday Jackie"

    Thanks to Moz and the boys; hey - even my wife enjoyed it !
    Red Pullover -- Friday September 10 2004, @03:10PM (#123640)
    (User #7035 Info)
  • What a return! (Score:0, Offtopic)

    As I predicted, tonight was the night for Carl Knight to return to Preston, but also as predicted, the Mexican bandits were onto him almost straight away.
    The lugubrious buffoon managed to slip out of the Guildhall and ran into Tokyo Jo's, but the bandits saw him and soon followed him. They ran through the top section of Tokes before cahsing him down in to the big bottom section, fionally conereing him in the little food service room. However, Carl threw a piece of chesse & tomato pizza at them and made his escape.
    Running down Avenham Lane, Carl was then accosted by a group of laffin' laters. He was tarpped between them and the bandits, but managed to make his way across the carpark and came out by Waterstone's.
    Running down into Friargate, he made his way to the haven of The Adlephi, but changed direction at the last minute and ran to Roeburn Hall, his previous home.
    Just as he got to the forecourt, he went down in a hail of bullets from the mexicans, the first of which caught him in the nose.
    What a sad end to a debacle of a life.
    gonzo -- Friday September 10 2004, @03:10PM (#123642)
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    Scene, but not herd
  • Johnny Marr! (Score:1, Interesting)

    Wow, ran into Johnny Marr tonight! Told him he should be up there playing alongside and he just smiled. Did anyone else see him?

    This was the highlight of the show. Please, please, please let him play with Moz at one show.
    Anonymous -- Friday September 10 2004, @04:28PM (#123652)
  • just back, and listening to my bootleg. ages since a gig left such a smile on my face. well done that man. Richard in Lancaster.
    Anonymous -- Friday September 10 2004, @04:32PM (#123653)
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  • How wonderful that Morrissey's UK tour has been such a sell-out success. After a quiet seven years commercially, it goes to show how deep the passion lies, from his audience and in his own songs. A real English gentleman, he thanked everyone and mentioned the people who travel all over to see him,
    "You know who you are, and I know who I am".
    I think I also caught,
    "Thankyou for your support, it isn't taken for granted",
    but there was a tear in my eye (and in my ear) because I felt so proud of him.
    His caustic wit,
    "I said this in Blackpool, but try not to kill anyone on your way home. If you do have to kill someone on the way home, please, be selective",
    and caring heart,
    "May God, or someone who knows him, always be with you", just shows what this time really means to him.

    Turned out nice. :)
    blowblowblowaway -- Friday September 10 2004, @05:45PM (#123670)
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  • Can someone post it?
    Anonymous -- Friday September 10 2004, @06:13PM (#123674)
  • Was that Johnny Marr with Maxine Carr backstage?
    David James Tait -- Saturday September 11 2004, @02:16AM (#123704)
    (User #12241 Info)
    • Re:Preston by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 11 2004, @04:01AM
  • Good gig. Venue was dire. Wasn't sure whether I was going to see Morrissey or a Preston College Production of "Under Milk Wood"!! Did anyone else feel like they were at a student reunion? And couldn't quite work out why a bloke with a flat-top near me kept shouting "SELL OUT" during "You know I couldn't last". Not sure whether he was referring to Morrissey or his hairdo. Brid was the best overall gig, me thinks. Blackpool was ace, had more 'edge', but the sound was awful. Why do football fans always insist on trying to drape flags everywhere, like cats pissing in a corner? Who cares?

    Anyway, I love you all.....anyone for Austen?
    Keith Moon -- Saturday September 11 2004, @03:03AM (#123712)
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    • Football flags by Stan (Score:1) Saturday September 11 2004, @10:11AM
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  • Everything about last night was for me at least awesome. There was even several people making it onto the stage and were escorted off after meeting and greeting Morrissey. I was expecting security to be harsher but they were really chilled. At one point as one lucky devil was being led down the steps bak to the crowd the security man actually patted him on the back, great. A really lively and witty Morrissey last night, seemed genuinely pleased to have such a successful few months. Asked people to buy his album as they push their 'wheelies' in their supermarket tomorrow. Hello again to the Bootle Bruiser, you will get that flag hung somewhere someday!
    Sleepy lifeguard -- Saturday September 11 2004, @06:07AM (#123722)
    (User #4562 Info)
  • another top gig, stage quite low so not the best venue to view, great performance and good crowd, seen mozz at blackpool,bridlington and preston this week, brid was my favourite, preston a good night though, did'nt want this week to end, certainly have a anticlimax feel today, thanks morrissey and band for some really good shows, see you next time your up north
    wrightytheman -- Saturday September 11 2004, @08:27AM (#123730)
    (User #7063 Info)
  • What can I say! Just got back to London and straight on to here and I see people have already really summed the night up. By far the best gig for me. I thought Blackpool couldn't be beaten but well...he only gets better.

    Seems sad that it's over for a while just as he is obviously giving 130% and climbing.

    Put my foot in it last night at the hotel afterwards though. Drinking in the bar with a few fans and I said "what's all this Julia thing about then?" at which point I was told Julia was sat at the table with us! I don't think she was very happy but I didn't mean anything, just curious what it was all about. If you read this J I am sorry if I offended you, not that kind of person and I have better things to do than slag people of on here like some do. Nice to meet you and your friends, you all made the post tour blues easier to handle. Thank you. You would think that people with a common love of Morrissey would cherish that love and admiration not slag it off.

    Got to Preston station and saw copy of the Lancashire post with half of the front page pic of Moz on stage and whole of 3rd page article. "SEPTEMBER SPAWNED A MONSTER GIG. ANTI HERO MORRISSEY RETURNS TO THE GUILD HALL IN TRIUMPH". You would think though that they'd get the name of the single right "Let me Snog You"! They obviously didn't get the humour and didn't do the research.

    Got The album on now and in such a good mood and sad its over for a while at the same time. Moz was in such a good humerous mood last night. I expect he'll be glad to be getting home for a bit.

    I've been to loads of gigs by loads of bands and none of them match up to Moz. He sings from the heart and his words speak to straight to my heart.

    It will be a night I most definitely will not forget.

    "Are you trying to make me happy because it's a miracle, you've succeeded". If you were here in front of me know Moz I would say the same thing back to you. Thank you!

    Long live....and more of the same are the best!

    Off to check out New York options!

    And thanks to all the crowd who made the atmosphere electric.

    Quick hello to Dickie and Ian. Nice meeting you. See you soon.

    sounds <[email protected]> -- Saturday September 11 2004, @10:34AM (#123745)
    (User #12303 Info |
  • "preston!" moz growls. "preston!" again. Not sure if thats hello but Moz is once again in fine mood & seems to have been all year. Not really surprising though with the response he has had. The Guild Hall wasn't quite as good a venue for Moz & didn't generate quite the same atmosphere as the previous night had in the royal court. Liverpool's premier flea pit for some reason seems to suit Moz, his observation being 'the thing I like about the royal court is that there is nothing royal about it.' Well, the guild hall is more home to snooker than Moz but the mix of Smiths 'how soon is now' as the opener & solo highlights such as a vibrant 'first of the gang to die' (better here than in the M.E.N. gig) make for a memorable addition to Moz's tour of the North. He has certainly made life easy for those in the NorthWest, hurrah. As for the guy with the Liverpool flag. Was that an LFC flag? couldn't tell. I was tempted to wear an LFC top but chants of "Manchester!" "Manchester!" kind of put you off.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 11 2004, @12:07PM (#123764)
  • did anyone spot julia or broken? What in god's name were you call doing? watching the bloody show?
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 11 2004, @12:07PM (#123765)
  • Fantastic gig - Moz on top form once again - one of the best I have seen. I think Mozz dealt with the idiot element in his usual excellent manner. It was great to meet so many nice people - Roll on New York!
    Inverness -- Saturday September 11 2004, @02:32PM (#123782)
    (User #12368 Info)
  • this is the last time i even look at this site!
    those who agree will soon follow.
    blowblowblowaway -- Saturday September 11 2004, @09:26PM (#123796)
    (User #11962 Info)
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  • Best moment of the night for me was the response to some of the crowd chanting 'manchester'. mozzer replied ' are you trying to make me happy? - well, its a miracle - you have!' Morrissey was in great form- his singing voice has been fantastic this tour and his banter has been terrific as always. slight amendment to an earlier post- moz tried to shake the hand of one guy but couldnt strecth far enough- the guy had said he had come all the way from Malta and Moz replied ' and i still cant reach you! ' One guy then said he'd come from Stretford and Moz then said ' and your nose isnt bleeding? '
    One loser who kept shouting the tedious 'play some Smiths songs' was ravaged by mozzer who said ' Play some smiths songs? very imaginative- shall i play somes beatles as well? or some Stones' (shake of the head)

    Venue was an eyesore but very intimate and Moz seemed genuinely moved by some of the crowd reaction- it seems to me he looks even more touched when there is a great response to a song from his solo career- he looked really pleased when everyone went crazy to FOTGTD.

    Moz said he'd been to the venue 30 years previous to see Roxy Music- when they were still worth seeing. and also asked had anyone seen the smiths play in preston many years ago - ' a night to forget!'

    Great night and a fitting end to the UK stint of the tour. Thanks Mozzer!
    Manchester Neil -- Sunday September 12 2004, @12:39AM (#123800)
    (User #8271 Info)
  • When morrissey says the past is past then please listen.I loved the smiths but when i go to see morrissey i want to hear his solo songs only.I would rather listen to older material like disapointed, pashernate love,will never marry, sea sick,alas no it is always smiths faves.Each night this tour has finished with TIAL,and it is tuning in to pure pantomine,The song is a sacred cow and should only be brought out once every blue moon.So Roll on earls court and for an encore of at amber,mute whitness,and interesting drug.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 12 2004, @09:11AM (#123835)
  • ...on several counts.

    Only just discovered this forum, for a start.

    Well...... this was the first time I'd seen Morrissey live since The Smiths split! Why did I wait so long? Well, actually it was something to do with not being sure what he'd be like solo - and I never really recovered from that prejudice.

    I was still a big fan, with plenty of records to listen to..... but then he disappeared off to LA and I'd missed my chance.

    I loved YATQ though and considered going to the MEN Arena - but I hate those big venues. I thought Moz was only doing a few festivals - me being a bit slow.

    How did I miss the fact that he was touring???

    Suddenly discovered that he was playing Brid. Couldn't believe it. It's where I'm originally from but the gig was the night before!!!!!!!!!
    Looked for venues closer to me....Preston had tickets left (2 days beforehand,really!) and suddenly I was going to a Morrissey gig.

    What can I say? All the emotion and passion I remember from The Smiths days and a better singing voice (LOL). The atmosphere was superb. Incidentally, I think the mix of Moz/Smiths songs is a good thing - after all, they're his songs.

    I was in my twenties when The Smiths were at their peak..... so that means I'm no youngster - but I felt like one tonight!!!

    So, if anyone knows who that gorgeous young brunette was, dancing on the stairs (towards the rear right) who was shouting for Smiths songs (bless!) but had to leave before the encore, tell her I love her!!!
    criso -- Monday September 13 2004, @04:12AM (#123965)
    (User #12382 Info)
  • Gary Day popped into the record shop where I work on the night before the Liverpool gig. We were chatting about the tour and he kindly offered to put me on the guest list for Liverpool.
    I went along and had a wonderful night with a perfect view. The Margi Clarke prelude went down a storm, particularly the 'scouse impersonators' and 'The Sun newspaper' lines.
    The Royal Court was perfect for Moz in all its shabby splendour.
    I sang myself completely hoarse.
    After the gig Moz emerged from the stage door looking sheepish in a green velvet cap!
    I spoke to Gary and thanked him for an awesome evening.
    The night after I went to the Preston gig (my hometown).
    The guild hall is beautiful inside, not an eyesore!
    The sound was great and the venue operated a relaxed policy, which allowed you to sit or stand where you liked. I sampled both the mosh-pit and the seats. Lads are so fucking rough at the front! Bruised all over!
    My hands are still raw from clapping.
    Both gigs touched to me to the core. Moz is the only artist around whose perfect diction allows audiences to digest every word.
    Thank you to Gary and the rest of the band for inspiring me.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 13 2004, @05:11AM (#123977)
  • Paid £60 for a ticket outside the venue then heard two days later tickets were still on sale at the box office, inexperience would you suggest, or just some sort of mug?.Next time i will just walk away drive home and forget the petrol costs this i would rather do than give touts my £4.85 an hour wages,Thank you and good night.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 13 2004, @11:57AM (#124042)
  • I never imagined what an impact Morrissey would leave on me after listening to his albums and the Smiths. It all started when a friend of mine gave me an MP3 with "you are the quarry" and I just couldn't stop listening to it - simply love at first listen. At that time for me it was just a great album by an anonymous guy - then I get to dig deeper to find the whole world of Morrissey's complex mind through his lyrics thanks to another Maltese friend who has been a Smiths fan for ages and who lent me all his CDs. He gets excited too at discovering that Morrissey was not dead and gone at all after I lent him "you are the quarry". So we make our way to a few websites to find a Morrissey concert - and we managed to be there at Preston. The whole thing was an incredible experience - almost 2 whole days of travelling all the way from Luxembourg (me and my friend are from Malta but working in Lux at the moment) just to see the king. And it was worth all the hassles. Morrissey was fantastic - and unforgettable. I wanted to touch his hand so at one point I shouted "we came all the way from Malta!!" and as you who were there know well, he just came up to me and said "all the way from where?" and I started shouting "from Malta, Malta!" and in typical Morrissey he replied "why? why?". I couldn't believe my eyes and my hands - I had actually spoken to and shaken hands with Morrissey ... phew!! And then at the very end of the concert came the cherry on the cake. Mark told me "come on jump over the barrier, I'll lift you and then follow you". And that's what we did - it was already enough with Moz's acknowledgement before so I could not believe he actually came up to me again and said "you're Malta right?". You really don't know what to say in these situations and I was so awed that all I managed to say was just an idiotic "we love you, we love you!". At that point I didn't know what had hit me ...
    Well Morrissey's concert in Preston is certainly an experience I will hardly ever forget. Simply incredible.
    Just wanted to share this with all you other Morrissey fans. I am a new one but definitely here to stay.

    maltese moz fan -- Tuesday September 14 2004, @08:48AM (#124165)
    (User #12403 Info)
  • a late comment but having heard "how soon is now?" on radio yesterday and the memories of last friday's opener, felt i had to add my pennies worth.
    only the third time i've seen morrissey live - the last time was blackpool in 1995.
    but he is still fabulous, charming, and coming from a straight guy - very handsome. i got on stage in 1995 but only got to shake his hand this time, not that i'm complaining.
    i will carry on going to his concerts as long as i can, and won't here a bad word to say about him, "there are more than enough to fight and oppose".
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 16 2004, @06:53AM (#124454)

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