posted by davidt on Tuesday September 07 2004, @03:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Shakespeare's Sister / November Spawned A Monster / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Let Me Kiss You / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Like You / Now My Heart Is Full / You Know I Couldn't Last / How Can Anyone Possibly Know How I Feel? / Rubber Ring / I Have Forgiven Jesus / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / Irish Blood, English Heart // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • Just got back, what a show. Moz was bloody good, very chatty and in fine voice. Not sure about the venue though, it was a bit shitty.

    I didn't see Julia tonight but I was pretty surprised when I ended up seated next to broken from these boards. He's a bloody good chap, and smelled almost as good as my gf! No, seriously, a thoroughly nice chap and we had a bit of a laugh before Moz came out.

    Similar set-list, but changed slightly again, oh and the security at that place were total monkeys, they seemed to be looking for trouble.

    The venue wasn't the best choice, I enjoyed edinburgh more, but still a bloody good show

    Roll on Preston!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @03:19PM (#123029)
  • Myself and Meatfreecotter have now done six of the gigs this tour, I appreciate that others will have done more but as this was our home town gig it was extra special.We were right at the front ( as we have been for the other standing venues ) but as the City Hall is meant to be all seater, if you didn't get seats for the front most people will think it was pap. We had physical and verbal interaction with the Great Man and I came away with another set list ( 4 from the 6 we have done ) I thought it was a great gig and will never forget it and I even managed to have a crack on with the rather large bouncer who looks after Moz, nice chap. Respect to the Riddler who has also been on our tour and to the people who made it on stage after Moz "invited" people up, as they didn't take the piss and spoil it. Nice one.
    Uniformed Whore -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @03:43PM (#123032)
    (User #12304 Info)
  • I missed Morrissey at Newcastle but from previous gigs there I thought security would be on the "look out" for anyone "out" of their seats. Unless you're off to the bog they want you in your seats though you can stand up. God forbid anyone who tried to get to the stage though the lucky buggers in the first row will have got a good view !

    Who is this "broken" chap everyone talks about ???
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @03:43PM (#123033)
  • I was at the front, i think i met Julia, when her friend introduced her i didnt believe them, however she seemed very nice if that was her. At the begining Moz came over and i put my hand out and shouted Morrissey, he put his hand out and kept moving it away as to mock me (which was totally annoying). i was in high spirts as yesterday at Bridlington i was acknowledged by Moz as i crowd surfed and he nodded at me. later he commented on how people at Bridlington actually got on stage this started a mass frenzy of people attempting to get on stage, i got on stage but was just inches away when i was dragged off! Morrissey seemed in a passive, not bothered mood tonight which stopped tonight even coming close to the last few gigs. Maybe to do with the fact the venue was rubbish i dont know, but it was a total letdown for me.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @04:31PM (#123048)
  • I posted last night that the Bridlington gig was the highlight of the our so far. That was correct until tonight and I should have had more faith in my home town gig.

    This was just the most staggering night of the Tour so far (for me). There was so much going on it was unbelievable. Moz was so at ease and I think it was because the front row where the dedicated fans (I know I am wide open here, but people who have been to previous gigs will know what I mean) not wanting to take the piss, local fans who queued up for the tickets too see him (demonstrated when Morrissey referred to Bridlington and the people who got on stage, mockingly saying how surprising it was that they did. You know I couldn’t last, I was up again), I know the shitty Hall has its knockers, but it did provide a complete change of crowd and in my view a more laid back attitude from Morrissey. He just looked so relaxed! I have seen this great man on numerous occasions and never have I seen him like this. The banter was amazing. You just had too wait for a song break and ask him something and he would respond. I have seen this in moderation in previous gigs, but not on this scale. I also have to say fair play to the Security. Matched the mood of the night and were the tops. Never seen this clemency before at the Newcastle City Hall!

    I asked if he would ‘Manage Newcastle’ (Local Soccer Team for the Yanks) and he declined with thanks stating he as interested in Art at a higher level (or something on them lines, no doubt someone will correct me). When he introduced ‘Kiss you’ someone said they would kiss him before the song was knon (ah fuck it was me) and he asked if they were from Durham! Not sure why Durham got picked on, thought this was a bit of a Pit town and more a Homophobic area, but I bow. There were so many more examples I hope people remember and post.

    Sorry for those of you that deserve a night like this (and I have seen you on my travels), but I earned tonight as I queued from 06.30 in the driving rain for the front row seats (flood period). I have to agree this is a frustrating venue for those fans who are not local, as they are getting nowhere near the front unless they are ‘DON’T MENTION THE WAR’ or can afford the twatfull touts. But it is not often I get this sort of break, so big up for Location, Location and Location. The North has been fucked over so many times, forgotten and marginalized, but for ‘lucky’ Morrisey fans, it came up trumps tonight.

    Hello to those in the queue the morning the tickets went on sale and the MTR/Shimster Combo (forever in my debt for all accounts and they know it, but ‘I love u guys‘!). You know it couldn’t last!

    MEAT IS FUCKING MURDER AND CAPITALISM MUST DIE! Q the usual suspects too respond (Damn Loser Pacifist I am)
    Meatfreecotter -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @04:52PM (#123059)
    (User #10088 Info)
  • Amazing gig, I loved it. I managed to touch?@him with both hands so I was pretty happy. I did consider getting on stage but I was a bit scared.

    He mentioned Morpeth at one stage, I can`t remember what he said, but I`m amazed at his knowledge of provincial towns.

    He`s a lot smaller that I thought he was and he does a lot of sweating. He had lovely shoes on, but his fly was slightly undone, I don`t know if that was on purpose or if it was because he is getting a bit fat.

    Anyway it was fantastic. He is a genius.
    geordie -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @05:33PM (#123068)
    (User #11228 Info)
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  • Anyone know the running order of the songs last night at Newcastle?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 08 2004, @12:39AM (#123092)
    • This is taken from the list that was at Morrissey's feet ( word for word )
      1.How now brown cow ?
      2.First of the gang to snuff it
      3.Dads vox
      6.Munich air disaster
      7.Give us a kiss
      9.I like yuh
      10.Now my h is full
      11.Y'now I couldn'a
      12.How can anybody
      13.Wubba wing
      15.I know its gonner
      16.Paddy blood
      Someone must have a sense of humour as some of the other lists I've blagged this tour are written up in a similar style.
      Uniformed Whore -- Wednesday September 08 2004, @02:12AM (#123111)
      (User #12304 Info)
  • Terribly sorry as I know this is meant to be for chat about the newcastle gig but I'm getting a wee bit worried that the supposed presale for earls court isn't working as is not letting me buy a ticket. Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks xx
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 08 2004, @02:22AM (#123114)
  • Last Night (Score:1, Interesting)

    The set was great, much better than Bridlington I thought. He and the band were also on much better form.

    Morrissey was very, very chatty and answered all questions thrown at him, and he seemed to be really enjoying it! The sounded absolutely fantastic.

    I was at the front so that made it much, much better. I can see that if you were stuck way back in a seat it wouldn't quite be the same, but I still think the overall quality of the gig was so great you just couldn't complain really!

    The bouncers weren't too bad at all either. At Bridlington they were quite agressive and used the gap between the stage and the crowd to be a bit rough shall we say with those who tried to get over. But at Newcastle you could get right at the stage with only the City Hall staff there to stop you, who clearly did not give a shit. I would have been up there like a flash if I wasn't pregnant!

    Morrissey's Security Guard was actually laughing from the side of the stage at people trying to get on and at the stuff Morrissey was saying to the crowd. He seemed quite nice really! Fair enough, they did drag a few off but mostly those who got on did get a chance to touch him!

    There were a few idiots around us who knocked around the place spoiling it for a while but other than that it was OK. They also thought they were No.1 fans but didn't even know what 'Now my heart is full' was. ????

    Some more banter:-

    My greatest ambition is to be in Q Magazine as it is the greatest publication.

    NSAM actually got to No.12 in the pop charts. An unbelieveably high position.

    He introduced Let me kiss you as his next single. When everyone cheered he said Yes but will you actually buy it. To which everyone cheered and someone shouted 'twice'. Which he found amusing!

    Sorry can't think of anymore for now.

    He didn't look fat at all, in fact he looks sexier by the day. And his quiff was great again! When he went off stage at Bridlington at one point his quiff was totally flattened and when he came out again 1 minute later it was back up there.

    Overall, bloody fantatstic! Oh, also saw him speed off in his blacked-out Merc in his flat cap and looking very shy. We'd looked in it before the gig and he had 2 apples waiting in it and a pile of music magazines. How cute!!!
    Truman C -- Wednesday September 08 2004, @04:42AM (#123150)
    (User #9412 Info)
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  • Thoroughly enjoyed my first ever Morrissey concert!! Seats were pretty rubbish as i couldn't even see the left hand side of the stage and some idiot kept leaning over the balcony and obscuring my view.

    Never mind, still a great night and would definitely go back again. Had a good laugh at people jumping on stage and yelling stuff out to Moz - have never seen that happen at any other show before!!

    Does that julia woman have a cane? Cos if she does I saw her at the show last night.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 08 2004, @06:47AM (#123168)
  • or did i miss that post?
    nowmyheartisok -- Wednesday September 08 2004, @07:49AM (#123179)
    (User #4875 Info)
  • Wow! is all I can say, I'm a recent fan of Morrissey, Paddy Blood won me over after years of refusing :) I left that gig a bigger fan. I was giddy with excitement before the gig, which is funny cos my mates (big Smiths fan) were really scared about the gig, would he be a tosser etc etc.

    Highlights for me:
    * "I have forgiven Jesus" I loved this one; the lights were pretty: green and purple
    * "I like you"; I love this one, its my fave and I danced my heart out to this one
    * all the little gestures and actions by Moz, so funny and enjoyable; waving away those who didn't get to him, pretending to grab someone during Kiss You
    *hugging my boyfriend to Everyday is like Sunday
    *getting tears in my eyes towards the end of There's Light...
    * The comments: Q, payroll(Silence :), Durham, Skipsea ha ha ha. After How Soon is Now? "that's all we do, goodbye"
    * The sweat and shirt changing

    The City Hall isn't that bad a venue, considering the rest in the area, the arena is crap; Newcastle Uni IMHO is the shittest, grotty; dark and a poor view of the stage if you get in the wrong area. I was in the stalls for Moz and had a fantastic view. We do get shafted in the North East we miss a decent (biggish) music venue, Maybe with the Sage opening up we could get one.....

    The crowd around me were fab hello to the Bridlington guys in front of me, it was cute when Moz mentioned the Bridlington gig, you all cheered and went "we went", I could see you mouthing all the words too, which was sweet (not a stalker I promise)

    Foo -- Wednesday September 08 2004, @09:20AM (#123199)
    (User #12327 Info)
  • It didn't quite match Edinburgh, but that was partly due to the venue. All-standing venues are far preferable! I don't know anyone who chooses to sit at Morrissey gigs.

    Another great show, and excellent set-list!
    broken -- Wednesday September 08 2004, @09:51AM (#123209)
    (User #12260 Info)
    It took a tattooed boy from Birkenhead
  • Does anyone know where I can find any photos from last night's gig? Have only been able to find one so far on

    Also, I thought that the Dead 60s were a great choice for a support band, better than I expected and if there's any justice in the world they will be huge by next year!!
  • This was a first fffffffor my friends and I. Being 19 (but a smiths fan for 'years') the oppertunity to see Morrissey didnt come along too often. It turned out to be a very special night, The set list was diverse, not as jerky and awkward as it could have easily been. I'd been reading on here what he'd done on the nights prior, and this was by far the best combination for me (minus possibly shoplifters, and TWIFOCB).

    It still seems totally surreal, to think that was actually him. E£specially seeing him come out and escape (fashionably late) into his car. I'm just very thankfull, and he is very witty up there.

    Thanks to you also, for providing information on past dates. Helped alot. Now, if only Rammstein and Morrissey would tour together...might singe his lovely hair though.

    I was the guy who looked like a total cure fan by the way (white oscar Wilde T shirt + newrocks + long hair + crappy eye makeup.)

    You all seemed very nice.

    Advah Cadaver
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 08 2004, @10:47AM (#123224)
  • . . . and once again I have told the story via the title. I was right at the side on a balcony and he threw the last shirt (the black one) right at me. An almighty struggle ensued, culminating in me getting a sleeve (complete with YSL cufflink!) and half of front, and stuffing it down my jeans when the lights went out . . . which is a little disturbing, in retrospect. Anyway, I'm going to have it framed and will cherish it forever. It smells absolutely gorgeous.
    Poppycocteau -- Wednesday September 08 2004, @05:20PM (#123283)
    (User #9489 Info)
    We are ugly but we have the music
  • For some of us, life is not as bright and cheery as it might be. Not everyone gets to live in places where Mozzery chooses to tour regularly. Spare a thought, for example, for the likes of I, who laboriously teach salarymen how to order apple juice on the southern backstreets of Japan. The last time the Big M hit Fukuoka City was back in the balmy days of '92, when a single November could spawn a month of Sundays and my love life was like a monster.

    Since he has announced no plans to set foot around these parts again, I wonder if someone might be kind enough to point me in the direction of a decent set of mp3s, specifically the all new, "How Soon is Now," and, "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice."

    That'd be most awfully kind.
    Michael Bones -- Wednesday September 08 2004, @05:56PM (#123285)
    (User #10877 Info)
  • I think "Irish Blood English Heart" would be more appropriate these days, now wouldn't that go down a storm at Ibrox.
    Sorry to report no seat damage tonight but we can all wallow in the memory of days gone by when the old Shitty Hall was pretty much trashed.Happy days indeed.
    The Riddler -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @04:35PM (#123050)
    (User #12286 Info)
  • Enough, with this Julia Riley nonsense. Ms. Riley is what she is and does what does, because she can. If Moz likes her and wishes to acknowledge her, that's his business.
    Personally I couldn't give a damn about 30 grand books, or the fact that she's loaded she means nothing to me, I just enjoy the music.
    Please, please, put this matter to bed once and for all.
    Thank you!
    The Riddler -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @05:02PM (#123062)
    (User #12286 Info)
  • I would like to see the Souness influence extend to the pre and half time match music. The crowd could do with livening up these days!

    Not happy with the appointment, but behind him all they way (fuck off you homophobe innuendo twats, headed off at the pass).
    Meatfreecotter -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @05:04PM (#123063)
    (User #10088 Info)
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