posted by davidt on Monday September 06 2004, @03:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / I Like You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / I Have Forgiven Jesus / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Now My Heart Is Full / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Let Me Kiss You / I'm Not Sorry / Rubber Ring / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / Irish Blood, English Heart // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • The show was brilliant mates except when Boz whipped out his wang in front of the crowd
    Anonymous -- Monday September 06 2004, @03:10PM (#122717)
  • Don't expect any comments about tonight's show. They haven't got the internet in Bridlington Spa.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 06 2004, @03:57PM (#122733)
  • No sign of Carl Knight or the Mexican Bandits tonight, but i expect them to make a major re-appearance at the Preston show, Preston being Carl's old stomping ground.
    gonzo -- Monday September 06 2004, @04:06PM (#122734)
    (User #335 Info)
    Scene, but not herd
    • Hey Gonzo by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday September 06 2004, @04:08PM
  • Just back from Brid, awesome as per. Moz on form, lots of banter with the crowd. Even more surfing, and nutters trying to get on stage.
    We followed him quite by accident down the road in his black merc after it was all was well giddy.
    Pity he was'nt going all the way back to my home - Leeds. They headed off Hornsea, Hull way !!
    Great night and good time was had by all.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 06 2004, @04:41PM (#122745)
  • Wonderous (Score:0, Flamebait)

    The whole gig was a pantomime of pure mock homosexuality. Morrissey was like a young spring chicken again, adoring the men he was surrounded by, (In skirts)

    It was wonderous to see the Old queen almost in not in self denial after 25 years.

    Morrissey, I take my hat off to you and look forward to encountering you backstage for a second time.

    Under my Iron bridge you stood, oh yes you did.

    Good golly miss molly.

    Fantastic all round perfomance you gave us.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 06 2004, @04:44PM (#122747)
    • Re:Wonderous by mozmic_dancer (Score:1) Monday September 06 2004, @05:04PM
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  • Three songs in, during "How Can Anybody...", I was hoisted from the crowd by security after the fools behind me decided to ruin my night by crushing me against a barrier. As they dragged me away to be checked up on in front of the crowd, I managed to hold onto Morrissey's hands for a few moments, telling him I loved him.

    One of the best moments of my life. Really. Now, I must sleep.
    Ben Budd -- Monday September 06 2004, @05:00PM (#122753)
    (User #9454 Info)
  • good gig ,
    bit outta tune in places

    no november spawned a monster...

    but did do Jesus..

    No faded outro to there is a light.. it just Stopped!

    A few people got on stage, but all in all it was maybe a bit muted compared to blackpool..... only 1 shirt thrown into the crowd... etc etc

    Very very cool....but not as good as he can be
    Anonymous -- Monday September 06 2004, @05:00PM (#122754)
  • Happy Man (Score:2, Informative)

    Just got back too Newcastle so looking forward too seeing him again tonight (that sounds so unreal).

    The pick of the tour for me so far (read on for the reason why). The usual tweaks to the set list (from Shitpool) with Jack the Ripper, November and Little Thing replaced by Crashing, Shoplifters and I Know it Going to Happen (which was a pleasant surprise, he introduced as a song from Your Arsenal then left the audience hanging to see what it was for what seemed ages).

    There has been a comment or two about being out of tune. However, the only ropey song for me was Daddy’s which was a bit distorted but was exceptionally powerful.

    A couple of other bits of interaction I remember (not very good at this I am afraid as I get a bit caught up in it):

    ‘I cant remember anyone famous from Bridlington, does anyone know anybody’? Talked to crowd and said to someone ‘That might be good enough for your Mam but is not good enough Universally’. After a second discussion with the crowd and a quip about crushing rugby players not counting he seemed to have found someone, but didn’t let on who it was. If anyone does, I am mildly intrigued? This was the preamble to Crashing Bores.

    He did the usual pretend cry at the ‘Morrissey’ chant.

    ‘High Meatfreecotter, nice to see you on the stage’. Well he actually did not say that, but he did shake my hand, which was nice! The easiest Security too get past of the Tour.

    PS- Hello to the canny lass I met at the bar of the Southcliffe (great bar with more staff on than they had at Cacpool). Hope you enjoyed the gig!

    Meatfreecotter -- Monday September 06 2004, @06:55PM (#122777)
    (User #10088 Info)
  • Julia (Score:0, Flamebait)

    Well well well the mighty Queen Julia and her twat dark boyfriend Broken was watching like the Royal Family.

    Tell me - Morrissey doesn't invite the Queen. Maybe he should play The Queen is Dead and Julia might flee.................

    A few people got on stage and his personal guard got really ugly and want to strangle them.

    Maxine Carr wasn't there except she was in Blackpool.
    David James Tait -- Monday September 06 2004, @11:25PM (#122799)
    (User #12241 Info)
    • Re:Julia by The Riddler (Score:1) Tuesday September 07 2004, @05:27AM
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  • Anybody notice?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @01:15AM (#122812)
  • . . . that's really all I had to say. Now I can die (reasonably) happy. Did anybody else notice that Morrissey's crotch was half undone? I am assuming it was intentional. Hello to the taxi driver and his friend whom I learned are also from Newcastle. (Well, I suppose somebody has to be).
    Poppycocteau -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @01:56AM (#122818)
    (User #9489 Info)
    We are ugly but we have the music
  • We heard the band rehearsing Come Back to Camden (without vocals) during the afternoon. Shame they didn't play it on the night - I love that song.

    We met Gary Day before the gig - he is a star as is Deano (who gatecrashed me and my partner having our picture taken with Gary outside the venue so that "he could be on it too!") I'm still swooning! They were just so nice!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @03:37AM (#122840)
    • Re:Camden by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday September 07 2004, @06:50AM
  • After a few jars with regulars, over to the venue. The Dead 60's were a perfect reincarnation of the Ruts. Then Mozzer appears - he's in great form, chatting with the crowd all the time. The set list was damn fine - starting off with How Soon Is Now, and incluing all the regulars, but the highlight for me was Now My Heart Is Full - how many times has he played that recently? Another highlight was Hugh explaining in the bar beforehand how he was going to get on stage - and then two songs in he did and and genuflected before Moz before being hauled off. Best wishes to the invader who bounced over the speaker stacks, launched himself at the stage, didn't make it, and suffered a very nasty arm injury.
    The band all wore identical green T-Shirts - did anyone see what was on them?

    uncleskinny -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @04:06AM (#122846)
    (User #7815 Info)
    And so I drank one, it became four, and when I fell on the floor, I drank more
  • Just got back home after a fantastic day out in Bridlington yesterday.
    Arrived about One 0'clock after a two hour drive across a fog-filled coastal road, checked into a quaint B&B, whipped on our Moz T-Shirts and proceeded to down several pints of the local brew.
    Got into the gig at seven, having spent an hour with Moz fans from far and wide in the pub across the road from the Spa.
    It was a great venue, with a cracking atmosphere.
    We were dead centre of the stage, about five rows from the front, absolutely gasping for air in the crush.
    When Moz lobbed his pink shirt straight in front of me I grabbed hold of it, along with about ten others. I held on for what seemed like forever before I managed to tear some of it off. I stuck it in my pocket, only realising later that it is actually the side of his shirt, about two foot long. Ive just took it out of my sports bag and it is still soaked in sweat!
    Anyway, as far as i'm concerned these type of gigs are what live music is all about.
    Everyone I spoke to had the time of their lives.
    Moz looked great...a lot fitter than he did at the M.E.N.

    mick ransommich -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @04:13AM (#122848)
    (User #8642 Info)
    'Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less travelled by. And that has made all the difference'.
  • Moz called I Like You, last night.

    Do they really not know how to finsh this song? It seemed to me that Moz lost his way after being interrupted by a stage invader, but it led to a funny moment when Moz said of the band: "they refuse to stop" and asked of the audience: "somebody do something" :).

    ...on listening to the show again, the ending doesn't go on for as long as I thought.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @07:07AM (#122889)
  • His words not mine! He was on top form tonight, very talkative & witty. He said he could only think of Seth Armstrong as a famous Bridlington person & possibly some crusty old rugby player. Said he lost 5 stone in Blackpool & it would be the same again tonight! Tiny venue where the Morrissey backdrop could barely fit. Moz did his best to shake the hands of all the tonnes of people being dragged over the barrier, thanking them for their efforts and saying God bless you. One poor fella got a 'hey steady eddie' from Moz when he was being attacked by the bruisers. Gaz looked a doll when he came back topless for the encore. And Moz of course.Security had to re-arrange the barriers during the encore as they clearly had not expected so many people to be flinging themselves at the stage and sure enough all went mental during there is a light. Boz and Deano came in the bar after which was great and Gaz joined them outside for photos and signings. Boz said that Morrissey loved the Mozfather thing from the NME (which was on my t-shirt) and they had gotten him a big print of it. What a bloody great night! Roll on Liverpool & Preston
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @07:31AM (#122893)
  • Moz was on top form as usual last night with the highlights for me How Soon Is Now? and Now My Heart Is Full. Great banter with the crowd but the best moment for me was early on when this guy held his camera phone up towards Moz. Moz struck this pose complete with cheesey grin which was just hilarious. He really is on top form at the moment and knows how to work a crowd. The only downside eas Im Not Sorry which seemed out of tune and because of a stage invader Moz missed out a sizeable chunk of the words. Daddys voice impressed me and i really think he should do a single only release again like the old days. Overall a great night.
    English Blood -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @10:18AM (#122962)
    (User #12120 Info)
    • Re:Great Gig! by used to be a street (Score:1) Wednesday September 08 2004, @12:37AM
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  • Anyone got the set list from Brid?
    phcbr6 -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @11:57AM (#122993)
    (User #12311 Info)
    • Re:Set List by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday September 08 2004, @08:21AM
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  • last nights show was quality, an old fashioned, reasonably sized hall, great viewing, and great sound, mozz on top form, very much like an early morrissey show, lots of people trying to reach out to morrissey, and morrissey obliging, shaking many hands, Atmosphere, blackpool was better, but i enjoyed bridlington more, i had such a close view of morrissey, and the sound was better, apart from i'm not sorry, which did'nt sound right and mozz was distracted so did'nt finish it, the rest sounded great, roll on preston
    wrightytheman -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @12:39PM (#122999)
    (User #7063 Info)
    • Moprissey (Score:2, Funny)

      Agreed - this was the perfect venue to see Morrissey close up and he didn't disappoint. I've given up going to massive venues and spotting the act at a distance, so I certainly won't be at Earls Court! Would have liked November, but got Shoplifters instead, so can't complain!!

      Did anyone else notice that the placing of Gary's amp turned the neon sign into "MOPRISSEY"? Must just have been me then ...
      Georgethetwentythird -- Wednesday September 08 2004, @04:08AM (#123134)
      (User #8698 Info)
      Judge not, lest ye be judged...
      • Re:Moprissey by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday September 17 2004, @09:11PM
        • Re:Moprissey by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday October 05 2004, @12:43AM
  • ive been lucky enough to see moz 5 times and this has been the best yet from the moment i started queing at midday meeting some fantastic people chris,lucy,lois,rachel and some ginger cunt among others the queing was helped by the chip shop and pub across the street.doors open a sprint to the front just left of centre stage(so far so good) MONDAY NIGHT BRIDLINGTON WHERE ELSE were the first moz words.set list as per usual most of yatq daddys,nmhif,ikighs,shoplifters,rubber ring were all there amoungst others starting with hsin encoreing with tialtngo.the band looking dapper as always navy green jobriath t shirts on moz sexy as ever very sweaty changing shirts 4 times only 1 ending in the centre crowd.plenty of crowd banter "i cant ctually think of anybody famous from bridlington can you" moz said in my direction, "me" i replied ,moz said "you are famous for what" a brief pause "for been me" i said moz replied "well that isnt really good enough good enough for your mother",you know the feeling where you just dont know what to say ideal venue compact plenty of surfers everyone seemed to have a great night in an electric good not ott.ive got a plectrum at home which boz flicked in my direction overall a tremendous day thankyou moz,the band and the early birds who formed the que,if you guys are reading this and thinking who the fuck i am its russell the good looking dude with morrissey tatooed across the upper back. only 1 regret, lois i didnt get your number!, a long shot i know but if your reading this or if anyone else can help id be very number is 07930911670 ill wait and hope cheers
    beni -- Wednesday September 08 2004, @03:02PM (#123275)
    (User #10068 Info)
  • The Site has some great photos of the gig plus a short accompanying review. Well worth a visit
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 09 2004, @08:46AM (#123347)
  • Can someone please post the set list of this gig
    Anonymous -- Friday September 10 2004, @12:56AM (#123514)
  • Let's end this now,brid was fantastic great set, great fans,great atmosphere, what more do you want.Enjoyed blackpool but not l'pool or preston due to many reason's mainly the view,L'pool do not i repeat do not sit down or you will regret it i promise.Preston better to sit than stand due to the low stage, very young crowd that night looked like student's to me.Friendly enjoyable atmosphere which was great,unlike l'pool were most people were more concerned with getting a drink than watching or listening.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2004, @11:54AM (#124927)
  • Got down to bridlington around 1 o'clock. Started waitin outside the SPA at around 3 o'clock. You might have noticed me - I had a huge quiff and was sitting with my girlfriend. All I remember was there was a ginger guy playing guess the morrissey song and a few asian girls and an american girl who wore Moz Angeles on her t-shirt.

    By the time every1 else had queued up, there was abou 30 people infront of me, Even though i should have been about 10th in the queue. The tickets got took and every1 ran down the stairs. I didnt even get on the front row. Once moz startin singin, ALL the f*cking animals started pushing, spoiling it for every1. I thought i was gonna pass out (they were crunching into the middle, where i was). Eventually, the security saw me and acknowledged that i was in despair. He leaned over and pulled me out of the crowd. What annoyed me most, I tried to put my hand on the bar (just so I could regain consciousness) and the american girl in front of me -Elbowed me in the hand (and kind of sed 'F*uck Off).

    It just dissapointed me so much, to think of all the animals at that concert. Luckily i was goin to the newcastle city hall to see him the next day - and it was much better - coz i was seated !!!!

    I noticed the american girl at the same concert, but i didnt acknowledge her - her ignorance was unbelievable, not to mention when in the bridlington concert -i had ran down the stairs to get front row, the girl from the U.S was spreading her arms out (reserving a spot for her friend)....For f*ucks sake - its first come first serve. And out f niceness, i waited for her friend to arrive 10 mins after so she could have front row.

    I watched the concert from the back of the room, and enjoyed it much better (i could move)
    AnthTaylor -- Saturday September 25 2004, @03:44AM (#126333)
    (User #12484 Info)

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