posted by davidt on Monday September 06 2004, @08:00AM
Jay Int'l Playboy sends the Boz Boorer tour diary update:


September 3rd

We had an early start for Reading as we had to do a session for AOL backstage in their tent, which seemed to go well. The gig was a blinder, the weather stayed OK, both the kids seemed to enjoy it. But I did manage to lose my spectacles somewhere.
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  • Who still uses AOL? What a load of crap.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 06 2004, @08:17AM (#122582)
    • Re:aol? by neondisease (Score:1) Monday September 06 2004, @10:20AM
  • Just mozza pimpin' himself for 15 minutes for another 10 grand ofr cheapo live downloads.....oh dear oh dear.

    The transparency of this site has to be congratualted the way it brings the truth to light.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 06 2004, @03:50PM (#122751)
  • ...I would be that this was the 'secret' Reading warm-up gig, which took place the same day at the Reading festival. As reported earlier by the NME
    robert -- Monday September 06 2004, @06:11PM (#122779)
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  • I know there are a lot of savvy people that frequent this board, so I was hoping somebody might know how to contact Boz Boorer or his management via email. I wanted to get into contact with him regarding a potential endorsement deal with the company I work for. I saw that he has a guest book on his site that I could leave a private entry in, but I was hoping that there was a more direct way of contacting him. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    ericjames -- Wednesday September 08 2004, @12:24PM (#123263)
    (User #12331 Info)

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