posted by davidt on Saturday September 04 2004, @03:00PM
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  • i am first, and i am still best
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 04 2004, @03:05PM (#122325)
  • Just Got Back ! (Score:2, Interesting)

    My 1st date one of this tour, and everyone so far has been right - AWESOME ! At the top of the ladder ! A few comments -
    Sunset was gorgeous over the sea !
    Venue good but too HOT !
    No surprises setlist wise.
    Moz stood in some gum on stage - not happy !
    Julia got a mention - "up there operating the lights".
    "So you want (Handsome Devil) do you ?" (I think it was) so here it is then ... before November.
    November was a disappointment "better on the recorded version" Moz said, and "a few screws snapped, if anyone's bothered".
    To chants of MORRISSEY-MORRISSEY, Moz listened, put his head in his hands and pretended to cry.
    To requests for NF Disco, Moz said "it's a nice song, but so is happy birthday (I think it was) and we're not playing that either"
    Good crowd, noisy but not violent.
    Bit of surfing, but no one got on stage.
    Fairly quiet for Munich & Daddy's Voice.
    Moz's vocals & performance were spot on. He didn't get too involved with the front of the crowd during the vocal parts.
    Music a bit boomy, and LOUD !

    Outside - no Tshirts, only Smiths ones ... ?

    Roll on Preston ...
    Red Pullover -- Saturday September 04 2004, @03:38PM (#122328)
    (User #7035 Info)
  • "This one's off You ate the Curry"

    In There is a Light he sang "and in darkened underpants I thought Oh God my chance has come at last"

    Throws shirt into audience - "Mind that shirt, the material is very cheap - I bought it in Blackpool earlier".

    Excellent show, Moz still in good form.
    The opening "How Soon is Now" is very powerful and better than I'd expected. He sings There is a Light properly now with a many repeats of the last line.

    I think I saw Julia up in the gallery. Just in front of her some brave soul went tight-rope walking along the rail of the balcony. He was dragged down before he could drunkenly plunge to his death.

    Excellent evening. Venue hot as hell - a 4 shirts night for Moz.
    Holy Name -- Saturday September 04 2004, @04:17PM (#122332)
    (User #1418 Info)
    oh but I know what will make you smile tonight..
  • that's not to moz's discredit though, i just thought that the people at blackpool generally weren't as pleasant, i don't like blackpool anyway, and the acoustics were poor - loads of distortion. I enjoyed HOW SOON IS NOW though. Great opener.

    Looking forward to Preston.
    Sam Langfield -- Saturday September 04 2004, @04:22PM (#122333)
    (User #9964 Info)
  • My third gig (both this year and any year), and another amazing night. I think that Move was perhaps slightly better (and slightly cooler!), but still amazing nonetheless. I was a bit distant at the MEN and so didn't enjoy it as much as I may have done being a little closer, but being down near the front at Move and here was utterly fantastic.

    Only quibbles I had were with the heat (if I'd told you that I'd gone for a quick swim in the sea after the show, you would have believed me) and the fact that the mic was a little boomy, but they made little difference.
    Chickensoupcheese -- Saturday September 04 2004, @05:25PM (#122338)
    (User #8795 Info)
  • Flew over from Dublin to see this gig and wasnt disapointed. Number of Highlights How Soon Is now? But biggest highlight for me was You know I couldnt last. An instant classic
    cossy -- Saturday September 04 2004, @06:33PM (#122339)
    (User #6724 Info)
  • I'd like a copy of this show, if you bootleggers were out there?

    And DAMNIT, LEAVE JULIA ALONE, you jealous slugs!! She's very nice, very sweet. (Julia shall we dance again or have tea?)
    PiccadillyJim -- Saturday September 04 2004, @07:38PM (#122342)
    (User #20 Info)
    "Otherwise, kill me..."
  • people knock Julia. Her crime - following her passion. Is that sad? I know something that's worse - slagging someone off whose only crime is going to see a guy sing some songs. There are bigger things to get pissed off about in this world people - catch yourselves on!

      Irish Blood
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 04 2004, @08:24PM (#122344)
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        • Re:Julia by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday September 07 2004, @07:05AM
  • Johnny Marr W0W
    David James Tait -- Sunday September 05 2004, @01:10AM (#122348)
    (User #12241 Info)
  • Ah Julia my beloved one......comfortably in the gallery like the Queen......Julia and I had a cool reception regardless of Paisley and Perth abuse....hmm we ARE worthy...we ARE worthy.
    David James Tait -- Sunday September 05 2004, @01:14AM (#122349)
    (User #12241 Info)
  • I was standing too far back to see what the rest of the bands matching t-shirts said, any ideas? A great show with some vintage Moz banter too told people to be careful with the shirt after he threw it in for the first time "it's very cheap fabric, I bought it in Blackpool today" Much laughter. How Soon Is Now is an awesome opener. A geat show.
    Sleepy lifeguard -- Sunday September 05 2004, @01:47AM (#122350)
    (User #4562 Info)
  • great gig

    'How soon is now' sounded absolutely awesome, as did, surprisingly, 'I know it couldn't last'which i haven't really liked until last night's gig. 'such a little thing....' is the only song that falls flat for me.

    He referred to Julia up in a balcony, she was there with other faces I semi-recognise; his nephew and sister (Sam and Julie?), Damian Morgan (?), and a few others

    Some one shouted 'where's Alain ', which he ignored.

    On the subject of Alain Whyte, i think Morrissey is showing a certain contempt for his audience in not being frank about Alain's future. i reckon after this tour, and after the danger of people getting angry at any replacement guitarists has died down, Sanctuary will announce that Alain has been sacked from the band. why no mention from Boz on his website? why no quips or comments from Morrissey? Alain co-wrote most of the songs for christ's sake!
    we need to be told.....because the lack of information is damaging.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @01:59AM (#122351)
  • Dear Moz-Solo User,

    Whatever the lads had on their shirts, I will make some more. Wanna see a picture?!


    April Juggs
    Jim Rome -- Sunday September 05 2004, @02:12AM (#122353)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • top gig as ever, good crowd, good atmosphere, echo comments on venue- very hot, not enough bar staff. Saw morrissey here in 1995, can't believe it was so long ago, all the smiths/mozz 45's went down really well, especially irish blood, sure is some give in them dance floors- proper bouncing, highlight as such for me was after the show, i always thought mozz was away from the building before there is a light had finished, but last night while walking to my car, which was around the rear of winter gardens, a few people had gathered around a side door, black merc waiting, back door open, and about 5 security staff stood in a line, so we stopped, and wahey, our mozz slips into back off car and away, a quick cheeky grin from mozz a nod to the few stood around, oh and he had a flat cap on, which as i had found mozz highly amusing all night, just rounded it off, good show roll on brid.
    wrightytheman -- Sunday September 05 2004, @02:29AM (#122355)
    (User #7063 Info)
  • I come on this site to read about Moz. I couldn't give a toss about this Julia person. I have no idea what she looks like, where she's from or what she does. It's pathetic when someone cannot describe a Mozz gig without mentioning "Julia was up on the balcony", "Julia was wearing a Trumpton T-shirt" rah rah rah.

    Talk about the music....not this no-hoper!!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @02:31AM (#122356)
  • Superb setlist. Highlights included How Soon Is Now? (how could it not be?!?!?), Jack The Ripper, You Know I Couldn't Last and IBEH. Moz clearly wasn't happy getting chewing gum on the bottom of his trousers - 'the moral face of blackpool'. His wit was clearly on top form:

    'After the gig, no doubt you'll all be throwing up on the Pleasure Beach. I wish I could join you.'

    'Try not to kill anyone on your way home - just try, I know it's hard.'

    (introducing How Can Anyone Possibly....) 'This song was played on Constipation Street'

    A superb show, I'm just glad the drunk chap on the balcony didn't complete his death-defying jump.

    Does anyone have any sound recordings/pictures/video clips??? Is so, please let me know.
    deathfornoreason -- Sunday September 05 2004, @03:02AM (#122360)
    (User #11135 Info)
    You don't agree, but you don't refuse - I know you
  • I've been noticing a disturbing trend here lately, (maybe this started sooner but as i've said before, moz-solo is my spare time not my life). For the past few shows, it seems the crowd has been getting more attention than the performance. We've got people who are hating on Julia. We've got people who think they've spotted Morrissey's man-whore errrr boyfriend. We've even got people who try and 'hook-up' on this site after shows. While I don't necessarily think there is anything wrong with trying to get some 'Morrissey love', I have to pose this question: Is Morrissey not interesting enough to where we have to worry about everything else going on? How many of you are interested in The Man, The Myth, and The Legend? I mean, that's why we're all here right?

    Then again, when has a Moz concert, convention, or club night not also been a fashion show for little greaser boys and their 'Betty's'? (Boop or Page, you decide). This is part of the reason some of us dislike each other and label 'Morrissey fan' as an arrogant asshole. Despite our singer's lyrics, we're not all that insecure are we?

    LEAVE JULIA RILEY ALONE ALREADY! YOU ALL WANT TO BE HER, you can admit it now. Hell, if I could quit my gig, not have to work, and follow Morrissey around on tour, I would too. Some of you make it sound like she is following Morrissey's bus around the country, ready to collect the waste it dumps into local rivers and lakes ala the Dave Matthews Tour Bus! She is probably like most of us that like to sight-see as well as be at the latest Moz stop. I would love to travel to places like Scotland and England. Even more so if Moz is going to perform there. It's not as though she is making shirts one size too small in his likeness, selling them for $10 dollars more than they're worth, and parading herself on a website called 'emotion lotion'. She is 'Daddy's' favorite and it sounds to me like you children are jealous.

    As for Morrissey's supposed 'Meat on Feet': Who cares? We all come to this site to vent our opinions and appreciation for Moz (allegedly), so what if you find out who someone is? They, just like you, come here at the convenience of the internet so just leave them alone. Although we all have some degree of anonymity, it's the 'anonymous' posters who are the source of this b.s. A feature, which, we probably would rather do without. I don't run this site, however, I highly respect the person who does. It's one thing to get a screen name and be held accountable for your comments, and it's another to not even have the courage to do that.

    Point is, Morrissey is the reason we came here in the first place. If you take things a little less seriously and take a break from the PORN errr computer screen, maybe you won't stress yourself with other fans minding their own business.

    Jim Rome -- Sunday September 05 2004, @03:45AM (#122362)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • A warm, moist and fabulous occasion. I agree with those who believe the highlight was 'I know I couldn't last' - certainly better live and enhanced by the peformance of the balcony legend (who managed to escape from his captors in case you didn't see!) The only disappointment was my friend having to put her harmless Boots disposable camera into the cloakroom on pain of death and then us spending the entire gig next to someone filming away happily with a camera that wouldn't have looked out of place on a Hollywood film set (no doubt for sale on ebay this morning) - I think a level of consistency would be welcomed.
    twolumps -- Sunday September 05 2004, @03:49AM (#122363)
    (User #12271 Info)
  • So, Johnny Marr did not in fact show up at the Blackpool Empress Ballroon then? What a surprise! So much for people's "friends at Sanctuary" who let them in on this information!! Will those posting rumours about Marr/Moz reunion please desist from doing so unless it becomes official/99% certain, otherwise I think it's just a waste of space. Same with rumours about Bernard Butler and so on. This is a fantastic site which keeps me well up to date with all the latest stuff - but I think the seemingly weekly Johnny Marr rumour mill is now getting tiresome.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @04:29AM (#122365)
  • My 6th Moz gig. I thought Blackburn 2002 was never going to be beaten thou last night came extremely close.


    How Soon is now

    and the absolutely storming I know I couldnt last. That song was awesome.

    Moz on top form again. Crowd were wild at the front and packed out. Touts couldnt sell their tickets though so if you want to go to a show and dont have a ticket just turn up and you'll prob get one for £15 tops.

    Setlist was in the best order I can remember

    How soon is now?/FOTGTD/Daddys Voice/How could anybody Know how I feel/Jack the Ripper/Munich air disaster 1958/Shakespeares Sister/I like you/ Everyday is like Sunday/Such a little thing/Let me kiss you/Rubber Ring/Now my heart is full/November/I know I couldnt last/IBEH/TALTNGO
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @04:40AM (#122368)
  • great show obviously, but wish his lordship would refrain from politics, urging us not to vote for blair, is he suggesting we all go out and vote tory?
    wolves88 -- Sunday September 05 2004, @04:43AM (#122369)
    (User #12273 Info)
    • Re:blackpool by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 05 2004, @11:34AM
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        • Re:blackpool by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 05 2004, @04:32PM
  • All in all it was a good gig. The Band were still in kilts (well it was Blackpool!) and performed a very tight show.

    How Soon is Now? well it's not a song to get a set going really. I like Moz to come out and smack me in the face (so to speak). This song doesn't do that (it didn't when I saw The Smiths perform it). I have always thought of it as one of the weaker Smiths songs. But I know that everyone seems to be salivating over it on these pages - but just imagine if he came on and belted out The Queen is Dead, or The Boy with the Thorn in his Side ? That would be something!

    The venue has changed since the played in 1995, they seemed to have blocked off parts. I have never seen such a long queue for the Gents toilets in my life. The show was very loud and the crowd in good spirits.

    I thought Morrissey was looking a bit bored compared to other shows. Like fatigue was setting in! Which is not suprising. I only hope for the US fans sake that the little break he has planned invigorates him.

    I managed to get home without killing anyone, I hope you all did.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @04:51AM (#122370)
  • What was that bloke thinking of?
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @05:03AM (#122373)
  • There is nothing wrong with going to all the gigs but the problem most have with Julia is that she seems to think she has some divine right to be always at the front without standing in the queue all day like the rest of us mere mortals.It is not good enough to show up at the start of the day and then disappear off to your hotel or wherever for a snooze,a meal etc and then reappear ten minutes before the doors open and expect to resume your position at the head of the queue.The people who let her do this are just as bad.She also is not the only person to do this,I note that she has a male equivalent,anyone else noticed?
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @05:47AM (#122376)
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    • Re:julia by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 05 2004, @04:16PM
  • ...Linda, Susan, Rusty, Mark, and your other lovely friend whose name I didn't quite catch (sorry!)

    Thank you for looking after me.
    It was the very best night of my life. You might have noticed that I was crying like a child throughout most of it - well I haven't actually stopped yet!
    Hope you all had a safe journey home. Thanks again.

    Roxanne xx
    ([email protected])

    P.S - What did Morrissey's hand feel like, Linda??!
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @05:50AM (#122377)
  • "Morrissey is an undeniably fascinating and enigmatic figure, however compared to his fans, he seems comparably understandable. They indeed could be considered the stars (You Are The Quarry). Much is made of the 'special' relationship between the legend himself and his dedicated fans, therefore it stands to reason that when one looks up at the stage, the mirror sometimes turns the reflection and attention back towards the passionate throng. Maybe attention shifts too easily to certain fans, but it is inevitable and unique. It could be argued that having a 'community' whereby fans are also part of the entire experience is a good thing, I doubt that many faceless pop acts would even consider getting remotely close to even one fan, who those fans are is actually irrelevant"
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @06:20AM (#122382)
  • great gig as usual - really beautiful venue and quite an occasion - despite the pricy beer and lack of barstaff - and THE HEAT!!

    however - thumbs down to the girl who fell and grabbed onto me as I was nearing the front during "now my heart is full' - she grabbed my bely hook and managed to pull othmy jeans and shorts down to my knees - forcing a speedy retreat in an awkward shuffleing type manner to retrieve my dignity.

    a big thumbs up to the bouncers who pulled a lot of very distressed looking young 'uns from the barrier - they did their job well!!

    a word about the omnipresent Julia - i've never met the woman and have absolutly no gripes with her or what she does - good luck to her - but she did look a bit lonely up in that box on her own, although she was obviously enjoying the crown and atmosphere as much as the performance - and there is nothing wrong with that - so lets give her a break.

    talking of break - was she on crutches ?
    Brighton Rich -- Sunday September 05 2004, @06:51AM (#122383)
    (User #8270 Info)
  • Please advise.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @10:16AM (#122404)
  • What a great night, Morrissey seemed so relaxed and chatty, highlight had to be How Soon Is Now? Never heard it live, it blew the roof off the place.

    The venue was very nice to look at, but a bit of a nightmare, no bar staff and only 1 ladies and 1 gents toilets for a venue that size? And the heat, never been anywhere as hot, ever! But didn't let that spoil a very special night, finished off with a walk a long the illuminations and a couple of drinks in a pub with a drag act!
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @10:21AM (#122407)
  • it was too hot and it was poo and i couldn't see morrissey


    it looked liked I'd pished mi pants but i saw morrissey and i enjoyed it and i would definitely want to see him again

    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @10:44AM (#122412)
  • Many thanks to the big guy 4-5 rows from the front who helped me crowd-surf my way to the barrier during 'Rubber Ring' and fight the security guard to shake Moz's hand! Thanks also to the girl who congratulated me as I was shepherded from the pit area; I was too stunned from my encounter with the great man to respond, but it was much appreciated all the same :)
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @12:33PM (#122423)
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      • Re:Thank-yous by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday September 06 2004, @03:46AM
  • Good gig , Went up on the Balcony and Watched the full show after being at the front @ manchester Arena , was nice to Watch the Full thing without being bashed about a bit for a change...

    Loved How soon is now...

    Shocked at how many people left before the encore !!!!

    But , moz in good form , Great vocals... Looking forward to brid now
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @01:02PM (#122425)
  • I can't remember a show when Morrissey chatted more. Can anyone? It was between EVERY track and often something aproaching a ramble, not that anyone's complaining. I think this is a sure sign of how content he is.

    I was one of those who dithced TIALTNGO to rush around the stage door to see him come out (I'm 27) and he did appear about 15 minutes after the show finished. Beforehand I got talking to a member of security who had been in the pit for the gig, stopping the brave from mounting the stage. He's a nice bloke and said how he'd been a Morrissey fan for twenty years and seen The Smiths perform. I asked him what it's like to stop people touching him when he's also big fan and he admitted he'd considered turning around for a feel himself. So the security aren't all as we might imagine, infact the guy in charge of Moz security was a huge American who was exteemely affable. Bear that in mind the next time they throw you over a speaker stack.

    Amazing gig. His comments on Blackpool "I drove around Blackpool today and saw... yes, lots of drug addicts. It's not what it was.." didn't go down all that well and I met a couple of locals afterwards who didn't appreciate it either. He was introducing EILS though, so...Any Amercians here get over for this one? What did you make of Blackpool?

    Favourite Moz comment of the night was after How Soon Is Now, introducing First Of The Gang... "Welcome to a big fat slice of Saturday night!".

    I don't like all this Julia-Solo rubbish.

    Wanna know some Julia goss? I met with a very old friend at the Blackpool show who has Julia stay with her for a couple of months at her house in Walthamstow. She used to know her pretty well but eventually fell out. My friend says that Julia's not a bad person at all, and that her Mum's lovely, but did know the one incident that apparenty made Moz REALLY sit up and take notice.

    Morrissey had made it known he'd been after a specific Oscar Wilde 1st Edition for ages but couldn't get hold of one. Julia found it somewhere and spent £30,000 on it as a present for him. Aparently it freaked Moz out a bit. Anyway, my source for this knew her very well and isn't the sort to mess about. So there you go.

    Best Moz gig of the year, easy.
    Stan <[email protected]> -- Sunday September 05 2004, @01:30PM (#122430)
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    • Re:In really late... by broken (Score:1) Sunday September 05 2004, @01:38PM
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      • Re:In really late... by broccolispears33 (Score:1) Sunday September 05 2004, @06:15PM
        • Re:In really late... by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 05 2004, @06:25PM
          • You may have recourse to give me a new nickname here....perhaps "The Salmon", because i've took your bait.....yes, Liverpool has a bad taste in my mouth....a bit like a liquorice allsort thats been dipped in bonjela.......however my last sortee into the 'Pool was marred by meeting a woman by the name of Crystal Tips, who swiped my wallet and used my credit card numerous times, fraudulently I may add, in Homebase at the Liverpool thing has stuck in my throat.....but yes, sweeping generalisations are wrong, and I apologise wholeheartedly.....but if you see a 6ft man, with a black wig (with sprinklings of glitter) and particularly hairy forearms......let me know......the e-fits dont do her/him justice
            broccolispears33 -- Sunday September 05 2004, @06:56PM (#122475)
            (User #12250 Info)
    • Re:In really late... by freeyourself (Score:1) Monday September 06 2004, @07:21AM
  • Any kind souls out there have any information on bootlegs of this or any of the past few days shows?
    I know there are a lot of us around the world who don't really care about slagging Julia or broken---we're just dying to hear some of the new tunes in the setlist!
    So who has great news about snagging a copy off the soundboard?
    If anyone has these I'll be happy to sit on soulseek all day with the files available to share!
    headlongintoharm -- Sunday September 05 2004, @01:36PM (#122431)
    (User #11071 Info)
  • Can i just say the 2 scottish lads 6 foot wide and tall took up all the room infront of me at blackpool, not only were they so tall no one could see anything at all they also stank, i was so upset by their rudeness it wrecked the gig! Why dont they get seats next time or 2 each for the large arses.

    thanks the 4 foot tall one behind!
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @03:24PM (#122442)
  • The warnings I read about somewhere that would apply to the American Tour were in force at Blackpool. There was an A3 Laminate on the front door warning that everyone would be searched and that any recording devices would be confiscated (can they legally do that ?), and anyone found inside with recorders "may be" ejected from the venue. Sure enough, there was a line of security checking everyone. It was enough to put me off and dump my gear in my hotel, but I saw one guy on the balcony with a camcorder, so I guess the cunning and/or brazen succeeded.

    The point of all this is this: What are they trying to achieve here ? There's the age-old argument that it's breach of copyright, blah blah blah. But everyone knows that the only people who bother listening to these things are those obsessive people who have already bought every official release under the sun. Being able to trade such recordings with fellow followers around the globe only helps to fuel the fervour. In the 7 year absence of a new album from Moz, it was such recordings that helped keep us keen, like the 2002 tour with the few new songs.

    In my experience, traditionally security at venues are looking for bottles and knives, and don't mind too much about recorders. This, however, is a sinister new twist against the faithful, to specifically target Tapers.

    So the questions are: Who is behind this ? And why ? I understand that they may want to act to the letter of the law, but if seems folly to target the faithful in this way.

    Tapers of the World Unite !
    Anonymous -- Monday September 06 2004, @02:39AM (#122499)
  • hi all,
    can anyone that went to the show let the rest of us know what the temperature was like inside the concert venue?
    Anonymous -- Monday September 06 2004, @02:43AM (#122501)
  • I may never return to Blackpool again. That is of course unless moz returns there again. Arrived mega early so decided to have a walk round some of the sights where unbeleiveable !

    Great gig - How soon is now was perfect and Jack the ripper was the best I have ever heard it. Thought is was highly amusing when he sang "how could anybody know how i feel" and pointed to the facist bouncers with their uniforms.

    Could of done without the guy at the front puking up before he had even come on.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 06 2004, @04:38AM (#122519)
  • Is the "the Rock" still in charge with moz security, I saw some other guy in Edinburgh standing by the side of the stage, short, dark hair (was it a security guy or the mysterious broken?) "The Rock" usually stands in a corner of the stage, he also was in that channel 4 Moz special, I saw him at the A.Bennett evening, he was sitting next to Moz and was very protective.He's very muscular and rather good-looking Anybody knows his name,?
    Anonymous -- Monday September 06 2004, @05:12AM (#122524)
  • Lovely to be so close to Moz. who was so careful to make sure we all got a good look at him !! He was gorgeous.He didn't miss a word or a note.Absolutely loved "The Passing of Time" and all the Lalalas.Wish I had been lucky enough to get a cheap( ? ) sweat-soaked shirt thrown to ME!! We drove back down the motorway singing very loud - brilliant ! Hope all the very hot wet fainty fans were O.K. after. Bet st. Johns Ambulance were busy...... and on that subject it was very wrong and negligent of security to take all our water on the way in ( and the stick of Blackpool rock I bought for my kid !!!) as it was hard and long to get to the bar. Actually it was scandalous on such a hot day.Love you Moz. and looking forward to seeing you here in our Southern Coastal town ( only two bombs fell here).LOve to all the Mozzer fans reading this.Bye.Alexandra. Bournemouth xxxxx
    Lexy -- Monday September 06 2004, @05:46AM (#122530)
    (User #11909 Info)
  • This is my third (turd) attempt…

    Patience is a virtue! I must bear with it as I travelled 200+ miles, so please bear with me!

    Great gig, pity about Blackpool! Do people actually go to see the illuminations, cos they are rubbish!!! For those of you who may know it, Blackpool is like Barry Island multiplied tenfold. Yes its that tacky.

    Anyway the gig itself…well highlights for me, were, in no particular order, Irish Blood, Munich, EILS (Especially after the intro.. ‘it’s not what it was!’), How Soon Is Now (obviously, having never seen it done live before), Rubber Ring, November (‘Handsome Devil’... Moz pulls a funny face…’err, ok Handsome Devil’) and Let Me Kiss You… my personal fav. (‘This is going to be our next single, so please buy it and get it into the charts’ or words to that effect. Some bright spark in the audience, not me, no, neverJ, shouted out, ‘At number 37’.
    Moz: ‘I heard that!”)

    I did feel some sympathy towards those at the front who had either never been to a Morrissey gig or were completely unaware of the surge that was about to occur just after Imperfect List, a great song to build up the anticipation by the bye, and lo and behold as far as I could se the first 10 rows were all men after 30 seconds of How Soon Is Now! Having read through some posts though it appears that some of the female contingent managed to survive intact.

    As did Julia Riley. Ah Julia, gawd bless her. What has she ever done to you? I met her after the gig and in the euphoria decided to amuse myself by asking for her autograph, before anyone says stop encouraging her. (I may even put it up on E-Bay.) She seemed very pleasant and maybe because she has a walking stick is the reason why she goes to the front of the queue…. I dunno, I don’t care. I sympathised with her oversome of the more aggressive posters here and asked her, as she is in Morrissey’s inner sanctum (well more inner than me, anyroads) whether she could have a word with the Moz and get him to play in South Wales or South West England. Its been FIVE YEARS….THAT IS FIVE YEARS…you Northerners, Cockneys and Scots don’t know how lucky you’ve got it!

    The other word to the wise is Morrissey can expect to get some flak from the local paper (and council) over the policy to ban meat from the venue. This is because my mate and I, whilst sitting in one of the shopping streets having a dubious cigarette beforehand, were accosted by two 60yo women (lucky us) who enquired whether we were going to see Morrissey. I replied in the affirmative. I quote word for word the following exchange.
    “He’s out of order ‘cos he has banned meat from the Winter Gardens and I can’t have my chicken or y turkey and I’m a diabetic.”
    “Well you can go elsewhere srely, its not like there is a lack of dining establishments here.”
    “That’s not the point, my father didn’t fight the Jerries to have some so-called singer dictate what and where I can eat.”
    I laughed, loudly, a lot.

    A big hello to John and Sarah and their friend whose name escapes me this moring/ afternoon (apologies if I got your names wrong) from the Cardiff Maniax. One day we may meet and I will be the height of sobriety. Doubtful admittedly, but you never know. I believe you may go to the Star and Garter in December, if so I should see you there!

    Also a big shout out to Gripper Stepson and the lad from Nottingham who kept buying me drinks in the club afterwards!

    And a big hello to all you lucky Northerners who are seeing the remainder of this leg of the tour. I honestly believe that people from the North understand the essence of Morrissey, or more specifically his songwriting, than the rest of us mere mortals. I suppose its to do with the commonality of being Northern. (I’ve just read this and apologies if it sounds patronising/ a bit like that song, “Life In A Northern Town!” It wasn’t meant to, just I’m tired.)

    Anonymous -- Monday September 06 2004, @06:09AM (#122535)
  • OMG, This nob with a pony tail, a union jack t-shirt and a very bad skin condition was standing about 4 rows from the front drinking his beer. The dead 60's hadn't been on so the crowd was still growing up front. Anyway, this jerk decided he needed another beer, he pushed his was past my wife without an excuse me, so i decided i'd stand in his way until he remembered his manners, my wife pushed me backwards, thank god, and as he rushed past he puked on the floor and down a lads pants and shirt, he didn't stop to apologise, or get a thump. People were quite astounded, as you can imagine, we could only muster one baby wipe between us to help the poor soul clean up a little. Eventually a fellow arrived with paper towels to clean the floor. By this time, mabe 15 minutes later, i notice a man pushing his way from the bar, beer in hand, back to the front of the crowd. It was the vomiting idiot. Returning to the scene of the crime. The funniest thing was, he had tried to disguise himself. He had let his hair down and turned his t-shirt inside out. HA HA, He must have figured he was undercover or something. So this time as he tried to push past, i stopped him, there was no where for him to go anyway, the crowd was much bigger and more tighly packed by now. I said, "Do you realise that you puked up on this guy?" He goes, "No, i'm sorry, i'll buy him a drink." Several people began to question the prudence of him drinking more beer, given that he had already been sick. He explained; "i've just had some greasy chips", i'm not drunk at all." By the time MOZ was on, the guy was swaying all over the gaff, and nodding off, I'm sure he had a great night.

    The best bit thought was at the end of 'How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?' this joker shouts to MOZ, "I know how you feel!" Ha ha, of course you do, of course you do.
    xPOIx -- Monday September 06 2004, @06:36AM (#122543)
    (User #10146 Info)
  • I know some posters don't like people doing this, but I'd like to take the time to say thanks to all the people who made our night great, and to wish some form of M3 pile-up or similar to those who went out of their way to ruin it. Me and my flatmate came up from South London to see the gig and Moz was sublime - in fact, it would have been perfect if I hadn't been a leaning post for the pair of animals on my left (I'm 5 foot 3 for heaven's sake. What can you be leaning on???) and an elbow rest for the drunken cow on my right. You three caused my so much physical pain I cried for half of the gig, and crawled out of the venue barely able to breathe. But on a brighter note - Hi to the two girls who were behind us in the queue, to the Irish group who were all along the front row in front of us (and I really wish you HAD bitten that blonde girl, as she spent so much time claiming you had done!), and also to the Scottish guy who was next to me at Reading as well! It was lovely to see people who went to the gig for a good time and you all really brightened my otherwise painful evening. Rant over. Moz himself was so chatty and very charming and I am already scanning eBay for Liverpool tickets. Also I met Julia afterwards and she's a darling; I have obviously missed some heinous crime she once committed or can only imagine it's the jealousy talking. And I love Blackpool.

    By the way, did anyone else think that The Dead 60s sounded exactly like the entire 2-Tone back catalogue ripped off?
    charming lass -- Monday September 06 2004, @08:14AM (#122571)
    (User #11741 Info)
    this is the last song i will ever sing, oh no i've changed my mind again
    • Re:Hello! by So English, Frowning (Score:1) Monday September 06 2004, @11:10AM
      • Re:Hello! by charming lass (Score:1) Monday September 06 2004, @04:26PM
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      • Re:Hello! by charming lass (Score:1) Tuesday September 07 2004, @01:44PM
  • Just a quick post about Saturday at The Empress in Blackpool. I've got a superb photograph from the night if anyone would like me to send it to them. I'm new to this lark so I'm not sure if I can send the picture so that everyone gets it, or if there is a gallery.

    Help, anyone? Please.

    Red Rob 67 -- Monday September 06 2004, @02:51PM (#122710)
    (User #12294 Info)
  • Well, not totally, cos a few audience members did crack some funnies at the gig, but I hardly think those morrissey,morrissey morr-i-ssey chants are Wildean wit are they? His mock tears at blackpool when the inevitable chant started hinted perhaps that he now finds this more than a crashing bore. No wonder he's always going on about never listening to his audience.....I think there should be a campaign for a moz chant to a different tune in between songs. Someone mentioned he's a big man city fan. How about 'mo-o-zzer mozzer-mozzer mo-zzer' to the tune of blue moon? That'd take him by surprise... Or maybe a snappy 'mozzer,mozzer,mozzer,mozzer, mozzer,mozzer,mozzer,mozzer MOZZZER' to the tune of batman?
    Also, i dont think its fair that he's stipulating that his band have to wear that ludicrous t-shirt and kilt get up. How would he like it if they turned round to him and said that they think it would be more 'rocknroll' if he wore an axl rose bandana?
    Poor old Boz, I couldnt look at him without him reminding me of super scary god-botherer 'Cameron' out of big brother. Maybe it was the scottish connection.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 06 2004, @03:24PM (#122720)
  • Stick a few thousand people in a large room on a Saturday night - whatever the circumstances - and you're going to get a few thousand different versions of what happened, when it happened, how it was shit, how it was fantastic, etc.

    I never saw the Smiths. Until Saturday, I had never seen Morrissey. It was hot, it was packed, the bar (as always at the Winter Gardens) was overpriced and understaffed, there were a few 'dobbers' who you would have sworn had wandered in from some other event just to piss everybody off, the security was random, the 'no meat' policy was bizarre, Blackpool in general is a shitehole.

    But, all things considered, it was still a cracking night. Unless you were buggered in the toilets by a Lithuanian dressed as Batman which is probably the only thing not mentioned here as having happened on Saturday.

    Shit happens, but great things happen as well. That's life.

    Remember, you can't have too many good times.

    Red Rob 67 -- Monday September 06 2004, @05:37PM (#122763)
    (User #12294 Info)
  • What a night! I couldnt believe my luck-
    for a while I got incredibly close to the stage, but thought Id better move out a bit as I was dangerously close to spontaniously combusting...
    Mr M sounded incredible (and looked delicious may I add) and the crowd were shoving (it was lovely not to get squished for once)just lots of noise, heat and a very bouncy floor!
    I had a shirt made for me which stated' Morrisey is God'...and to be honest I thought I might get some stick(that, or a good wearing it in town, so blazenley, all day..
    Im delighted however to report, that I was amazed at the number of people who passed comment and agreed with me..
    I was grateful also for the comments and observations of my mammary glands,er...Thankyou?!
    Even though it took for bloody EVER to get back to sunny Wolves (Cheers to the silly buggers who moved the diversion signs for the M6 S/B?!?)
    Im not complaining at all..
    Besides,Wigan is very pretty at night, Yah..
    (after driving in, around and through it like, 3
    A spiritual experience during TIALTNGO, goosebumps all round methinks.
    Morrissey, THANKYOU!
    See you in London x
    purplegirl <[email protected]> -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @07:32AM (#122894)
    (User #7092 Info |
    'I prefer women with a past. They're always so damned amusing to talk to' Oscar Wilde
  • If you're the lad that was in the Winter Gardens bar (across from the ballroom) putting up the red banner, There is a light...., you had a Morrissey No 10 shirt on with Dagenham Dave on the front. I said hello briefly in the bar. Where did you get your shirt mate? You from Dagenham. Saw you at Meltdown too.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @08:10AM (#122905)
  • I've now posted the photograph from the Blackpool gig onto the Forums/General page as instructed. Enjoy. I think it's a cracking photo.

    Red Rob 67 -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @10:46AM (#122972)
    (User #12294 Info)
  • I'm trying to get in touch with the bloke in the denim jacket in the bar near the Empress ballroom just before the show. I was with you at the end of the bar in Meltdown shirt with friend who left and I went into ballroom but lost you. You going to Preston?
    sounds <[email protected]> -- Tuesday September 07 2004, @04:16PM (#123041)
    (User #12303 Info |
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