posted by davidt on Friday September 03 2004, @03:00PM
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  • How was the show? post your reviews! You selfish cunts!
    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @03:13PM (#122237)
  • I'm glad I decided to watch all of the Scottish gigs!!

    Morrissey was amazing again, this was up there with edinburgh and better than paisley!!!

    similar set-list, a few changes, Morrissey was very funny tonight and in a cool mood

    hmm what else? Oh "Let me Kiss You" was amazing tonight, it just sounded totally beautiful

    I saw Julia again, BOOOO

    I could just about make out the shadowy presence of hectorr/broken too, I gather this is the very sexy dark haired guy who keeps going backstage

    i think i saw him watching from the side of the stage then later he was in the venue....

    anyone know anything about him?

    lyn playboy -- Friday September 03 2004, @03:23PM (#122239)
    (User #12245 Info)
  • Do you thing Moz bought it for her?
    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @03:31PM (#122241)
  • Couldn't quite make out?
    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @03:45PM (#122247)
  • but is there anyone here who was actually looking in the direction of the stage?
    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @03:48PM (#122250)
    • Amen! by PiccadillyJim (Score:1) Saturday September 04 2004, @07:43PM
  • She looked amazing tonight, so much better than Paisley and Edinburgh. The only low point of the whole evening was that Manc geezer who kept singing bleeding songs all night.

    I hopes she sorts out decent security for Blackpool so that we don't have a repeat performance.
    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @03:51PM (#122252)
  • wow - great night tonight. Headmaster Ritual was awsome. Got involved in the bundle for the pink shirt. We ended up in the side passage where the security guards broke it up, confiscated the shirt and chucked half of us out (not me though) - bastards. Stupid really but a good laugh. Great atmosphere on the ground floor. Top notch!
    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @03:59PM (#122258)
  • How about less pissing and moaning about Julia, we all know she attends every show - fair play to her - but lets concentrate on Moz rather than a woman with no life of her own.
    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @04:02PM (#122260)
  • Mozza was great again tonight - love the way he keeps changing the set-list. I got to hear the Headmaster Ritual after all these years!

    Some good banter between songs too, but he wasn't quite as vibrant as he was at edinburgh

    After how soon is now he said "now is too late"

    I think he changed the lyrics of you know i couldn't last to "the critics who can't stand you"

    similar songs, but nice to see the headmaster ritual back and how soon is now blows me away every time as an opener

    roll on blackpool!

    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @04:07PM (#122264)
  • a plea to the fans (Score:1, Insightful)

    Can we try to keep the messages on topic - about the PERFORMANCE.

    I saw Julia and the guy by the stage side who everyone is saying is broken but who cares? As long as he posts another of his good reviews that's all that matters. We're there to watch Mozza not see which of his fawning fans are staring out from the side of the stage.

    Let's talk about the music. What a great night!

    Cheers all

    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @04:13PM (#122268)
  • Another triumph. Another music in a different kitchen.
    So it goes.
    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @04:42PM (#122270)
    • Re:McGig by ed is dead (Score:0) Sunday September 05 2004, @10:30AM
  • ...(a) the dickhead with the beard wearing a dark stripey shirt and his "blonde" girlfriend. They took no prisoners as they barged into anyone and everyone with no concern for where their elbows were going. Still they took a few blows from me and my good lady - I hope they have a slow and painful death.

    (b) people pointing out this Julia character and practising their booing before the gig had even started. It's so unnecessary. Leave the poor girl alone. The animosity towards her is driven by nothing but jealousy, a terrible trait. Having said that, I do wish she'd eat something.

    (c) An earlier start and finish would have made it easier for travelling fans to get the last trains to Dundee/Aberdeen/Edinburgh/Glasgow. The good lady wife and I made the trip in style - in the back of a white van, man!

    Highlight for me was Headmaster Ritual and I thought the set had a much greater balance about it than the Edinburgh one, which was a bit stop start.

    Haste Ye Back Moz.

    miseryguts -- Friday September 03 2004, @05:03PM (#122278)
    (User #12056 Info |
    Every silver lining has a cloud
  • subject to whoever said i was a faker in terms of falling in love with morrissey later on from the smiths era when i regret i was too young to really get it..on a whim my loverleee man and myself tanked it up to perth in our car when i finished work at 6.30 tonite..with no tickets and with it being sold out, the fear of being disappointed. What can i say..very different from edinburgh as we were in the balcony (within stalking distance of julia but some of us have better things to do than feel bitter) ..perfect view of all of the great man's mannerisms and stage presence..both will be in my heart for a long time..edinburgh for jumping up and down with my 'gang' and being right amongst it..perth for being with the love of my life in awe of such a legend..oh and i also met my estranged cousin 10 months older i've not seen for 14 years in the balcony toilets in perth (and both we live in edinburgh..and my pals mate was one of the lucky to get mozza's sweat soaked yet incredibly aftershaved fragrant shirt off some of you may be sceptical..but i'd say fate has a lot to do with it..never a stranger yet more perfect night kx
    i_like_you_27 -- Friday September 03 2004, @05:35PM (#122282)
    (User #12251 Info)
  • Great gig, but somewhat spoiled when a group of Mexican bandits descended on the crowd, no doubt looking for Carl Knight. Once again, the lugubrious buffoon had given them the slip, but it marred an oterwise enjoyable evening.
    gonzo -- Friday September 03 2004, @06:17PM (#122283)
    (User #335 Info)
    Scene, but not herd
    • Re:One problem by tenderliz (Score:1) Friday September 03 2004, @07:11PM
      • Re:One problem by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 04 2004, @08:21AM
    • Re:MexiCAN??? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday September 06 2004, @06:36AM
  • Perth Show (Score:1, Informative)

    "I thought you would all be at home watching monarch of the glen'" And with that morrissey smiles and then turns away as the opening bars of how soon is now create instant pandemonium. Moz throwing shapes across the tiny venue just magical stage craft and his voice so clear in this tiny venue. Again, stage too narrow for the moz banner but ample white lights firing off in time to this legenedary song.

    Incredible how the band keep pace with morrissey - mirror his every twist, ducking and swooning to the delight of the crowd. Just a pleasure to be here. Cant be more than 50ft away, he looks bigger than i last saw him, blue suit jacket and black trousers, dark single breasted jacket - he seemed in a hurry to get it off too.

    Then straight into FOTGTD and its total bouncy castle time - the jackets off and he is nearer and singing right up close to the front rows. Totally mimes hilarious piss take of his own song by pushing fingers down his mouth and pointing gun at head etc Everyone in stitches laughing.

    Sorry i need to just wing the rest, set list etc - hell knows? - i went to have fun not to report for the inverness courier.

    He introduced this as a new song before rattling into a glam sounding dont make fun of daddys voice - preening on tip toes and glaring at us throughout in defiance. The crowd a little flat i felt - maybe catching their breath. Morrissey shouted up to Julia at the end - "what are they saying Julia", a lot of chatter just as this song ended amongst the cheers. I felt it pissed him off since worringly he said, "oh talk amongst yourselves then, it was bound to happen some day". Melodrama perhaps.

    A number of unusual choices followed, excellent ones to my hears - such a little thing, complete with moz swinging imaginary chain and whipping the mike furiously, he even dived to the deck at one point pointing to his crotch and shouted "yummy" as a foot note to the line 'most people keep their brains between their legs' - very funny.

    he asked if we still got take the high road on ITV1 and the crowd couldnt seem to agree, he said '"well after 30 years you think they would have noticed"

    Introduced the band as his "highland lassies" - deano in the kilt - moz wonders if we are still eating healthy whilst turning to boz boorer as if to say he has put on a few pounds. The banter was pretty non stop all night - gentle humour. he sang "i like you" and came as close to the front as possible - the guards holding him - stretching his hands out and every time he said 'this is why i like you' he gestured to us all and it was quite touching.

    As people through pants on stage - "are they clean" apparently so - "thats how i like them!" - then another pair almost catches him on the head - not so clean looking this time, a lucky escape. Plays, 'let me kiss you' and means every word, slower than i expected but just chills everyone out - the band really enjoy this one and moz allows some attention to filter past. But not for long, we rampage through - 'how could anyone possible etc' and then a stampede during headmasters ritual in a white shirt that is already soaked - he keeps showing his chest, nipple - what next. Nothing, thankfully.

    All the lazy dykes really stands out for me - not an album favourite of mine at all but live it really works, captures the moz drama, irony and he clearly enjoys acting out this one - a single white shaft of light just on him. The venue seemed to shrink even further. Crashing bores follows and then a splendid heartbreaking 'november spawned a monster' and he works it - lashing the stage in frustration and keeps grabbing the hands of the crowd - its bonkers time in the pit and even in the galleries (well done folks, they were great throughout - so often they sit there like wally dugs picking their false teeth) the crowd leap up and down, swaying and egging moz on - they were like this the whole gig. Now my heart is full - he plays this, and it is i tell you.

      The last three songs in what seemed a l
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 04 2004, @01:35AM (#122296)
    • Re:Perth Show by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 04 2004, @02:24AM
    • Re:Perth Show by miseryguts (Score:1) Saturday September 04 2004, @02:30AM
    • Re:Perth Show by Orin_Leland (Score:1) Saturday September 04 2004, @06:05AM
      • Re:Perth Show by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 04 2004, @06:36AM
        • Re:Perth Show by mivvyheights (Score:1) Saturday September 04 2004, @08:02AM
    • Re:Perth Show by diamondlight (Score:1) Saturday September 04 2004, @03:13PM
  • perth 2004 (Score:1, Informative)

    How Soon is Now, The First of the Gang to Die, Don't make fun of Daddy's Voice, I Like You, Shakespeare's Sister, (subway intro) Everyday is like Sunday, Let Me Kiss You, How Can Anyone Possibly Know how I Feel?, Headmaster Ritual, Such a Little thing Makes Such a Big Difference, Now My Heart is Full, All the Lazy Dykes, The World is Full of Crashing Bores, November Spawned a Monster, You Know I Couldn't Last, Irish Blood, English Heart, encore: There is a Light that Never goes Out

    Wow what a great show Morrissey and the band were storming. This was my first show of the 2004 tour (I last saw him at the Royal Albert in 2002). I couldn't believe how much he's changed in two years. He's full of himself again! He's so arrogant and brimming with humour on stage, and that was really missing in 2002. It's like the Morrissey I remember from 1995, only with an even better setlist. Just amazing.

    He changed the order around from what I saw of other recent shows, Daddy's voice came early and it was such an amazing opening three - How Soon Is Now, First of the gang to die, daddy's voice - amazing. I managed to hear a bootleg of daddy's voice but it sounded weedy compared to last night. What a great song!!!! If this is the kind of stuff Morrissey is writing right now, I can't wait for the next album!!!

    Shakespeare's sister was funky and cool, Morrissey changed the words of let me kiss you to "you open your eyes and see someone you physically revile"

    Lots of shirts thrown into the audience - I touched one but someone stole it from my finger tips!!

    He was sexy on stage and very charming. Just a great show. I can see why he's got so many glowing live reviews recently.

    Julia was there again, I've read about her on here but I saw her for the first time. She seemed pretty nice, I thought the booing was pathetic.

    I saw the broken/hectorr guy too, at the side of the floor, moz's new bf anyone? He was wearing a t shirt with an andy warhol print on it I think under a black suit - he only looks around 23 or 24!

    I loved you know i couldn't last, loved there is a light, loved now my heart is full

    less keen on all the lazy dykes and headmaster ritual

    Morrissey was quite camp during such a little thing - he rubbed his body and close to his groin and said yummy, looking at someone in the crowd - maybe broken/hectorr! I don't know who he was looking at.

    Anyway, this was a fine show, hopefully I'll be able to afford to see him again soon but I might have to borrow my borther's credit card!!!

    Katie Saunders

    PS Thanks for looking after me after the show Neil - it was great to meet you
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 04 2004, @05:39AM (#122300)
  • Thoroughly enjoyed it and totally different venue and atmosphere to Edinburgh and at least no 10 mile queues to get into the place! Highlights for me were Headmaster Ritual, Let Me Kiss You and also Now My Heart Is Full was particularly desirable. Almost half expected him to break into Phantom Of The Opera and sing to the ghostly figure in white on the balcony at one point though :p 8th time I've seen him over the years and he's certainly very much in his prime at the moment, voice matured like a fine wine and long may it last........if you haven't seen him yet then why don't you find out for yourself?!
    Mozster -- Saturday September 04 2004, @07:16AM (#122306)
    (User #6823 Info)
    Ready with ready wit, still running round................
  • The whole band except for Moz were wearing Jobriath T Shirts. I dunno why Moz is so taken with Jobriath - I used to think he was shite.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 04 2004, @07:55AM (#122307)

  • Is he ever coming back?
    tenderliz -- Saturday September 04 2004, @08:19AM (#122310)
    (User #11301 Info)
  • A few questions as I'm a bit of a novice to this site. Sorry.

    1. Where is Julia from?
    2. Why does everyone hate her?
    3. How can she afford to go to so many gigs?
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 04 2004, @08:42AM (#122313)
  • Just on the slight chance that Morrissey might read this, I would like to thank him for adding Now My Heart Is Full & You Know I Couldn't Last to the setlist. I requested these songs in a letter I gave him at Meltdown and as if by magic they appeared. As being a vetran of attending Smiths/Morrissey concerts since 1984, the presence of the great man is stronger than ever on stage.I've been lucky so far this tour 3 nights in New York, Manchester MEN, last 2 nights at Meltdown, Edinburgh, Paisley, Perth and Blackpool, Newcastle, Liverpool and Preston to come. Keep up the excellent work Morrissey, a loyal fan for eternity.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 04 2004, @10:52AM (#122320)
  • Morrissey was absolutely amazing again. He was perfect!

    Infact everything was great except for the homeless, alcoholic, Irishmen who bothered me in the line...bah!
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @01:39PM (#122433)
  • Hello folks,

    I suppose I'm a bit of an outsider on this site in that I don't really know a lot about Morrissey as a man and I've never really read any of the several websites (well done on this one btw) devoted to him, but I am a huge fan of his music and have been for many years.

    Friday night was the first time I've had the pleasure of seeing him live and would like to say that it was a magnificent gig - wonderful to hear some of my personal faves like How Soon Is Now, FOTGTD and - probably my all-time fave - There Is a Light, performed live. Morrissey also came across, I thought, as a lot more personable than I'd expected (although I thought he seemed to become increasingly disenchanted with things as the night went on).

    I was a bit disappointed not to hear some of my other favourites of his, namely Suedehead and perhaps a couple of other Smiths numbers (This Charming Man and Ask, perhaps?), but I appreciate that it's a massive back catalogue to choose from and I'm certainly not complaining!

    One thing I am complaining about though is the distribution of tickets (although this isn't something aimed at Morrissey per se - more how tickets are sold for these things in general). I live in Perth (actually, just round the corner from the City Hall) so naturally when I heard about this gig I was desperate to go. Now obviously Ticketmaster sold out within about an hour (it would have been nice if a small allocation had been made available for locals, because otherwise what's the point of touring? I doubt many actual local people were actually in attendance in the end). So I was left with having to go to EBay - an option I also eventually didn't go with because I didn't want to have to pay such inflated prices. In the end, I got my ticket from a tout in the street just before the gig. Now, you can say that if I'm so against giving touts business I can just choose not to use them, but if I didn't I would have missed out on the experience of seeing one of my favourite musicians play live in my own home town. Surely it is high time Ticketmaster clamped down on this re-sale of tickets for inflated prices? I for one will be e-mailing them with the details of my ticket in the hope that they track down who originally bought it and impose some sort of sanctions on them. It's all very well saying a concert sold out "within the hour", but it really gets you thinking why that is when it's so obvious there are people who've bought huge numbers of tickets simply to make their own profit out of someone else's music. This is unfair on Morrissey and it's unfair on us. I realise this is something that affects all concerts these days but I'd really be interested to hear people's views on this.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant, and I'd just like to say again how much I enjoyed the night!! Well done Morrissey and thanks for coming to my home town.

    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @04:04PM (#122450)
    • hypocrisy by broken (Score:1) Monday September 06 2004, @08:19AM
      • Re:hypocrisy by Cazza (Score:1) Monday September 06 2004, @08:37AM
        • Re:hypocrisy by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday September 06 2004, @08:44AM
        • Re:hypocrisy by broken (Score:1) Monday September 06 2004, @08:55AM
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        • Re:hypocrisy by broken (Score:1) Tuesday September 07 2004, @06:52AM
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            • Re:hypocrisy by broken (Score:1) Tuesday September 07 2004, @09:26AM
  • I'd just like to say thanks to the jumped up little runt from the 'Stage Events' team strutting up and down in the Gallery at the Perth show. The irony of him goose-stepping up and down the aisle, with the headset he got when he achieved his second star at McDondalds, while Mozzer was signing 'Crashing Bores' was lost on no-one and made for hilarious viewing.

    He was on such a power trip that you could almost see him salivating as he scoured the (generally well-behaved) gallery for the slightest misdemeanor. The old saying is true 'search and ye will find' and he certainly searched and found some of the most heinous offences - dancing with one foot on the stairs, standing too far to the left of your chair, dancing with your hands in the air so that they strayed into the spotlight beam occasionally.

    A complete numpty! I'm not the tallest guy in the world but I could see over the top of this guys head as he spread his meagre chest with pomp and revelled in his new found 'authority'. Like an over-theatrical football referee he actually believed that we feared him and, even worse, that we had come to see him! Funnily enough he was completely oblivious to those sparking up throughout the gig! So vigilant!

    Him apart, a cracking show. First time I've seen the great man as a solo artist and well worth the journey from Bristol to Perth. How Soon Is Now was awesome and transported me back to my youth. Thought the Smiths songs sounded great - a real raw, hard edge to them.

    The greatest talent of his generation bar none. But get some better venue security...preferably some who understand the audience and aren't just looking for a fight.
    moz_b -- Monday September 06 2004, @10:38AM (#122625)
    (User #12290 Info)

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