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Set List:

How Soon is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / I Like You / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Subway Train (into) Everyday is like Sunday / Now My Heart Is Full / Let Me Kiss You / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / Rubber Ring / You Know I Couldn't Last / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Irish Blood, English Heart // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • Paisley - 2 Sept. (Score:1, Interesting)

    Great show, similar set to Edinburgh, but with How Can Anybody Know How I feel, Shoplifters, I Know It's Gonna Happen instead of Shakespeare's Sister, Such a Little Thing and I'm Not Sorry.

    He sang beautifully, and the band where tight as ever.

    Great banter from Moz, quite a few annoying arseholes in the crowd though.

    I followed Moz since the early 80s and seen dozens of solo and Smiths gigs. He is in the form of his life at the moment.
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 02 2004, @03:23PM (#122071)
  • I've never seen Mozza sing as well as he's singing right now, unbelievable, just like a Sinatra or an Elvis. I guess that's part of his comeback thing with the Elvis lights and everything.

    Great set tonight - he added shoplifters of the world unite and I think he dropped i'm not sorry.

    Opened with How Soon Is Now again, which blew everyone away. So cool that it was in a small venue.

    The new guitar guy is pretty good, alan is still not back

    great show, can't wait for newcastle in my home town! I have tickets for all the shows!
    sorry to make you all jealous!

    true to you 2004 -- Thursday September 02 2004, @03:33PM (#122072)
    (User #12248 Info)
  • Great night!
    A few fools in the crowd, but alas the world is full of them.
    I have not seen a better Moz since those old days when he was in that band..... now what were they called?
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 02 2004, @03:37PM (#122074)
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  • great setlist, fucking incredible singing but sorry guys, I wasn't naff enough to write the setlist down. couldn't believe how soon is now was played, i hadnt seen this site in a few weeks. One of the moments of my life when it started, so I charged me way to the front, sorry if I bruised any of you on the way...
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 02 2004, @04:01PM (#122079)
  • wearing their kilts?
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 02 2004, @04:13PM (#122086)
  • Did he participate in any of these shows, or was that all talk a pile of rubbish?
    someraincoatedlovers -- Thursday September 02 2004, @04:34PM (#122091)
    (User #10290 Info)
  • Having turned my girlfriend into a Morrissey disciple (which as she was a young drug fuelled clubber was no mean feat ) we were lucky to experience the most breath-taking gig we have both seen in our lives, most importantly, together. My girlfriend saw the light, and is drug free you'll be happy to know, but she simply adores Morrissey now, and in Edinburgh, I saw ( having seen him before ) a legend on stage who has evolved into the consumate performer..........his singing was pitch perfect, his touches of humour and risque comments showed he is a happy camper at present, and the band were breathtaking.....there were no lulls as has been mentioned...just appreciation that we were all lucky to witness such a lovely performance.......the only thing that was missing was Sid James and Bernard Bresslaw ( being Waldorf and Statleresque )in the balcony.........with Mr Hawtrey at the front amongst the rough Edinburgh women saying "Ooooh cant stick that there"........Morrissey......I thank you for the show...the music....the songs.....and the fact that you can turn a hard edged soul like my girlfriend into a teary-eyed we sit here, we are going to jump into our clapped out Renault 19 tomorrow, bound for Perth (with no tickets) and take a chance in life to see if we can get an encore.....we're bringing a police issue hat to cast on stage so perhaps MR S P can adourn it while he sings out against the authorities as only he can do.......I've been a fan for 20 years....girlfriend for 10 months and she's sold on me old fashioned but I believe in values and not having to wake up to Ibiza 2002 so something had to change......i'm glad it did !
    broccolispears33 -- Thursday September 02 2004, @06:08PM (#122104)
    (User #12250 Info)
  • What was the reference to Julia this time?
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 02 2004, @07:32PM (#122108)
    • Re:Again by ghost (Score:1) Thursday September 02 2004, @10:39PM
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  • great gig


    telling the crowd to stop booing Julia - 'you interneters'

    'I know it's gonna happen someday'

    telling local music journalist Billy Sloan where to get to (bit harsh on Sloan - he's a fan and was singing along with every word)

    'There is a light' going on for ages at the end with the crowd singing to him - was it just me or did he seem genuinely moved by the crowd at this point
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 02 2004, @11:34PM (#122118)
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    • Re:good night by danbutt (Score:1) Friday September 03 2004, @02:55AM
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  • superb show from morrissey last night.

    the changes in the setlist from the edinburgh show making it a bit more special for me.

    really liked the venue (which surpirsed me it being paisley)

    superb banter from morrissey:

    referring to the local paper as the Paisley Parrot ('we played edinburgh the other night, that doesn't start with a p does it?)

    introduced the bad as musicans turning professional in a week, and himself as a scrubber from the north east of endlang ('i'm not ashamed')

    no morrissey stage lights tonight (didn't fit onto the stage!) but then moz has never needed them anyway.

    strange to see peoepl taking little children around 5/ to the show (think it was bit surreal in that respect)

    managed to get to the second row and was in the middle for the entire show (sadly the guy just to me left got the shirt he throw in)

    moz's singing was superb the whole set (especially on the more slower tracks where he waws really hitting the notes perfectly)
    sound died a bit on the encore (there is a light, so the crowd did most of the singing for the first verse ('he asked julia to do the singing at this point...)

    great gig, just a bit saddened i'm not doing all 3 scots gigs, tempted to go to perth tonight after the experience of the last 2 shows.
    bestdays -- Friday September 03 2004, @01:06AM (#122128)
    (User #7098 Info)
  • Paisley's gig was unbelieveable. The set list was tweeked just slightly so it was different from Edinburgh and included 'I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday' which I hadn't heard before live.
    'How Soon Is Now' took the crowd from the begining and didn't let them go.

    Every note was sung back to Morrissey, with maybe the exceptions of 'Munich Air Disaster' which had the mildest reception of the night and 'Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice' simply because it's not been released, still it got devoured greedily by the crowd.

    The crowd's jeering at Billy Sloan (Local HACK, perma-misery face, at every big gig trying to be cool even though he's a relic of the eighties)was really funny, during 'You Know I Couldn't Last' the crowd pointed up at him and Morrissey looked really puzzled, but when he heard who it was he said:
    'Oh, Billy Sloan, he's been following me around for years.'

    Other gems:
    'Hello Paisley we're for a night of poetry, song and violence' (Very apt as I was going to punch the idiot who elbowed me and several others out of the way to get a better view, ooo, and I never get violent too!)

    'This song is called 'Kilt-lifters of the World Unite!'

    He's the best form I've ever seen him in and he really deserves it, what a man, what a night!

    P.S. There was more laughs to be had outside when some chancers stole loads of the bootlegger's t-shirts, what were they gonna do? Call the police?
    Har har.
    usskerouac -- Friday September 03 2004, @02:16AM (#122137)
    (User #11148 Info)
    "Stop me from thinking, from thinking all the time"
  • Just discovered this site.

    Two top shows from the consumate showman.

    Paisley just edges it though, more a cosy fireside gig in your own living - room type of bash.

    I doubt if Billy Sloan's review will be favourable.

    Excellent gig.
    albert finney -- Friday September 03 2004, @02:41AM (#122141)
    (User #12255 Info)
  • As I can't get on the discussion board in work (blocked)I need to know a few things, such as where is Blackpool.
    No only joking..really looking 4ward to the catty comments about Geri Halliwell and McFly before the World Is Full Of Crashing Bores and of course Everyday Is Like Sunday in Blackpool (how apt!)

    Anyway my erstwhile Morrissey companion and I are coming from Cardiff for the gig (as Morrissey seems to have forgotten where Birmingham/Bristol and Cardiff are..) and after the pre match entertainment at the MEN gig (namely the Star and Garter) we'd just like to know a pub that will be playing the football match (Wales vs Azerbaijan not the Engerland game) at 5pm where other like minded Mozzer fans will be (near the venue obviously) AND where is the best place to go afterwards....
    Oh and how much are the rides on the pleasure beach?

    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @03:04AM (#122145)
  • I will come out of my long time lurk-dom to say this - Fantastic show in such a tiny venue! It was dead easy to get near the front. Moz was spot on and Deano - what a body! Between him and Moz and their topless antics, I didn't know where to look! Just amazing - highlights were How soon is now, Moz referring to himself as a slapper, a random insult hurled from behind me (to Moz, I presume) of "Yeh wine drinkin' bastard!", deano with his top off (I feel funny...), and the audience singing back at Moz on There is a Light.
    2 small gripes (nothing against the Moz) - the bar - why have 3 very slow people on the only bar in the venue and a huge queue? Just bizarre.
    Also - julia. I've never had any problem with her before, out of sight out of mind (mostly apart from Moz's mentionitis) as I stay away from the front row. Sadly at last night's gig, she was up on the first tier, right next to the stage, looking like some smug princess Di martyr/groupie girlfriend. I wish I had been standing on the other side of the hall in a similar prime location for the stage and I could have avoided seeing that s**t eating simpering grin on head tilted to one side for the WHOLE SHOW. GAH!
    She has made me an internetter!

    Right, I'm going back to lurking.
    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @05:43AM (#122158)
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      • Re:marvellous! by Brighton Rich (Score:1) Friday September 03 2004, @09:12AM
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          • Re:marvellous! by Brighton Rich (Score:1) Friday September 03 2004, @10:51AM
      • Julia Ono by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday September 03 2004, @03:13PM
  • I wanted to say thanks to the kind lady who ripped up her intact Morrissey sleeve that she fought for so that a few of us could have a piece. You are a star! The train ride back was a riot. Have fun in Philadelphia!

    This was the first gig where I've been at the front and not been threatened with organ failure. Not so steamy as Edinburgh either. The were both brilliant though, How Soon Is Now sounds far better live than I could have hoped! Wish I was going to Perth tonight, but I've got Blackpool to look forward to tomorrow! :D
    Miss Misery -- Friday September 03 2004, @07:17AM (#122168)
    (User #11670 Info)
    Turning rebellion into money
  • Anyone have a definitive setlist yet ?

    Seems weird we haven't got one by now !?
    Red Pullover -- Friday September 03 2004, @09:32AM (#122188)
    (User #7035 Info)
  • If you go over to MorrisseyTour,, there's a scan of the setlist in the bottom-right of the page. Halfway down we can clearly see the words 'I Know It's'; could this mean 'I Know It's Over' was due to be played?! Or is this a Moz solo song of which I, in my ignorance, have never heard?
    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @09:38AM (#122189)
  • How Soon is Now
    The First of the Gang to Die
    November Spawned a Monster
    How Can Anyone Possibly Know how I feel
    I Like You
    Shoplifters of the World Unite
    Subway into Everyday Is Like Sunday
    Now My Heart is Full
    Munich Air Disaster 1958
    The World is Full of Crashing Bores
    I Know it's Gonna Happen Someday
    Rubber Ring
    You Know I Couldn't Last
    Don't Make of Daddy's Voice
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    There is a Light that Never goes Out

    broken -- Friday September 03 2004, @09:41AM (#122191)
    (User #12260 Info)
    It took a tattooed boy from Birkenhead
  • Absolutely fantastic, but here's my sad story...From the moment I entered the hall it turned into a guantanamo bay scenario. Security, not the brightest by any means; give them a bit of authority and they turn into megalomaniacs. They, as the maestro says, shoved their fat faces into mine. Take your camera from you, meanwhile there are signs up warning of stroboscopic lighting, but it is ok to take in a modern mobile that takes and stores pictures- something not fair there. Then you find that the barrier is further than normal from the stage, which doesn't allow moz to interact with the audience in his usual tactile manner. You could tell he was a bit peeved by that near the end. I wrote a short letter to him before I went hoping that I could pass it to him (that is before I knew about the barrier). Big brother bastard bouncer treated me as if I had a letter bomb or something- no sense of reason or anything with these people- he wouldn't pass it on. And I did it all in my treasured Oscar Wilde stationary a good friend bought me years ago. I ended up throwing it on stage so it's in the hands of the gods I guess.It sounds silly, but when you're caught up in the frenzy of it all it matters. By the way, I've subscribed via my work computer so I need to wait until I get home to find out my alloted details, but my nickname is Riggy.I'll end by saying the fact he came to Paisley is unbelievable and I'm still on an adrenalaine high. Bouncers; get a life: fans; fight the strife. Regards.
    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @09:45AM (#122196)
  • can anyone confirm hectorr/broken was the tall quite muscular guy about 23 talking to julia at the edinburgh show?

    I think he bought her a drink

    anyone confirm?
    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @10:42AM (#122206)
  • ‘The reason why I’m not wearing a kilt is because my legs look as if they’ve been imported from Dundee’

    Before – Let Me Kiss You –

    ‘Just close your eyes for a few minutes and imagine Nancy Sinatra. I’m sure it won’t be too hard’

    After a blistering rendition of – Everyday Is Like Sunday – ‘You understand’

    It was either during this or Shoplifters that he lay down, facing the drums in what I construed to be as if he was praying or kissing the ground. Also after Everyday Is Like Sunday, someone from the front shouted – Do you still love Jesus?’ A reference from Edinburgh, in which he did not reply.

    And Billy Sloan –

    ‘Shall we tell him to piss off?’

    ‘No one has noticed him for seven years, so why should they now? (could be directed at himself as well)

    Before IBEH – ‘Has he gone home to write his nasty review? Knowing him he probably wrote it yesterday’


    If it was left to the audience to provide the quips – I think I would have cried a death

    Reported in an earlier post – ‘The wine-drinking bastard’ quote man was next to me. He also shouted – ‘10.45’ (possibly predicting the time the concert would end, correctly) –

    Also, the idiot in black who must have wrote his heckle down the day the concert was announced. The immortal line being directed at Morrissey . This being - ‘Sing your life’. This heckle was grasped after the dying of a song. It wasn’t the funny the first time and …

    Also, noteworthy – the man who, loved up on drugs, proceeded to demonstrate what it must have been like at an 90s rave. He nearly danced himself to death, with the same excessive swaying for every song (yes, even the slow ones). I’ve got nothing against swaying but there is a limit and he soon found out when upon requesting water, he nearly fell down dead. Also, several persons, who contributed to the free flowing of cigarettes and alcohol in this man’s bloodstream – disappeared in the midst of his turmoil. Were they merely demons or did they tire of the swaying? – If anyone knows, please do, hopefully tell me, they died – several times.

    Obviously this bares no relevance to the man on stage but it bothered me that much that it became part of my concert experience.

    It’s almost certain that they have not witnessed a concert since the early 80s and Paisley Town Hall being the venue that it is, I’m sure the Regional Pipers never helped this need to sway.

    Also, not wanting to be drawn into this escalating – Julia – situation - I will be, after last night. I completely understood how others were feeling, when upon viewing her up on the balcony – smiling and doing the cardinal sin of using the barrier to tap her hand to the beat of the song, with her head tilted, it almost made me sad to see such a drab woman have Morrissey drawn to her. I only hope she is a ‘plant’ and (doesn’t) get an – Alan Bradley – in Blackpool. To anger others even more, I had a perfect view of her throughout the concert (as if in an American movie and spying a woman through the curtains in her bedroom). During the World is Full of Crashing Bores and other assorted songs – she looked down at the throng – smiling and being very smug. As if saying she would never be involved in something like that and was above everyone, well – because she was on the balcony. I’m sure she’s very lovely at home.

    Oh yes and the singing was good also.
    Anonymous -- Friday September 03 2004, @11:21AM (#122217)
  • A friend of mine remarked last night that it was the best fun he'd had at the town hall since St.Mirren won the Scottish Cup in 1987. I am inclined to agree.
    After waiting over twenty years for Morrissey to play Paisley, I can say whole-heartedly it was worth the wait. The question on everyone's lips was 'Why Paisley?'. Why not I say. Personally I believe that having spent some time with a band from Paisley a couple of years ago, he made a mental note to check the place out and see if it was as bad as it is painted. Being a gentleman of leisure at the moment I took the opportunity to mill around the venue in the afternoon and observe the behaviour of the super-fans. They seem like a lovely bunch of coconuts, but sadly it's not for me. But good on you if that rings your bell. I think I'd rather accidently run into him in the street or the pub, than hang around the stage door. It didn't rain too much, so we must be thankful for small mercies. I found the weather rather clement, although a couple of the international brigade ladies felt it a tad parky. They now know why no-one winters in Scotland. Or summers for that matter.
    The notion of standing around all day didn't appeal to me, so I asked a roadie what time the band were due to arrive. He reckoned around 4.30, so off I popped to a local hostelry for a guinness or three. Of course one cannot speak to a roadie without the perfunctory request for some grass, weed etc. I told him I would see what I could do, but, remarkably [for Paisley,] I didn't run into any Huggy bear types, so I hope someone else sorted him out as he seemed like a sound fellow.
    Upon returning I found the band had already arrived. Speaking to a bequiffed Irish bloke, we learned Morrissey was due to re-emerge, so we hung around, and hung around until my companion decided it was time for his dinner. I stayed. Had another friend not given me his band's CD to pass to Morrissey, I would have headed back to the boozer. There is a rather long story associated with the CD, but I won't go into that. In short, Mozzer helped them out with studio time in LA, and some of the album was the result.
    In between bitching about standing around, myself and the Irishman from earlier gave interviews for the Glasgow Herald and minced around for some photographs. All rather embarassing, especially infront of the home crowd. I am led to believe my ugly mug is in the Sunday edition. Oh the shame! I hope I am misquoted.
    Having balcony seats I was a little concerned, as I like to be in the thick of it at the front. Luckily security was slack to begin with and we all rushed the front and found a tasty perch stage right. My sister firmly believes Morrissey lurks at this side more than the other. I personally do not agree, it is all psychological. Whatever side you are on, you alway think he spends more at the other. The support band seemed not bad although they did stray rather close to being a Clash tribute band at times, but there's nowt wrong with that. Better than the usual duffers he has in support. Had much fun inventing alternative listings during the silly poem. Surely a little harsh to have Jimmy Tarbuck in the same list as Myra Hindley. I know he's bad, but he hasn't killed any children. Or has he?
    Being at Edinburgh on Tuesday, I knew what to expect, but judging by the orgasmic roar at the start of How Soon Is Now, the Paisley massive must have been caught on the back foot. I found myself somewhat sardined in and became rather jealous of my mate Simon in the balcony, although as it later transpired, he was right beside Billy Sloan. The envy did not make me cry then. I was similarly envious of another old friend Avril undulating like a lovely Morrissey tree in the fresh air of the balcony whilst I was reduced to pointing and other bizarre gestures, which I have to admit did make himself laugh at one juncture. I was that poor twisted child!
    Many have remarked on the hecklers. I have to agree. A couple of the worst offenders stood behind me, effectively cocooning me. 99% of their patter was guff.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 05 2004, @05:38AM (#122375)
  • Re:Great Show (Score:0, Offtopic)

    Now that is some funny stuff. LOL. Yeah I'm sure it was great.
    cbmoz -- Thursday September 02 2004, @03:14PM (#122070)
    (User #10445 Info)
  • will the american bashing never cease?
    i am not american, but please, it takes quite the extreme case of narrow mindedness to stereotype 350 million people.
    neverhadnooneever -- Friday September 03 2004, @12:29AM (#122124)
    (User #12252 Info)
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