posted by davidt on Sunday August 29 2004, @03:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon is Now? / November Spawned A Monster / First Of The Gang To Die / Subway Train (into) Everyday is like Sunday / Let Me Kiss You / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Now My Heart Is Full / Irish Blood, English Heart / I Have Forgiven Jesus / I Like You / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / You Know I Couldn't Last / Shoplifters Of The World Unite

setlist provided by George Bray
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  • WE all know that Moz could not have played Leeds, because he was in the chatroom pissing people off from there!!!!

    the miserable mancunian miserablist.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 29 2004, @03:05PM (#121404)
  • I think I like you is a completely under rated song - it's fantastic, especially now he's got that keyboard welly in it - did he play it at Leeds? hope it sounds as good as on the record, so much better than when it was done in 2002. I want someone to say what happened at Leeds? Surely somebody wants to spill the beans.... And please axe Crashing Bores. How can anybody possibly know how i feel is the business - that's the one to keep, drop the other perleease
    M x
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 29 2004, @03:25PM (#121407)
  • Setlist please ? Where is every one ??
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 29 2004, @03:52PM (#121414)
  • Leeds Set List (Score:1, Informative)

    Just got back from Leeds and the set list was:

    How Soon Is Now
    November Spawned A Monster
    First Of The Gang To Die
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    Let Me Kiss You
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
    Now My Heart Is Full
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    I Like You
    Don't Make Fun Of Daddies Voice
    You Know I couldn't Last

    Morrissey and the band were in fine form, he was quite chatty's some snippets:

    "Are you OK Julia? How do you know?" (whilst pointing the microphone into, what looked like, the press area)

    "Alan Bennett said Leeds has been desecrated..."

    "I met these in Armley swimming baths. In the ladies changing rooms" (Whilst introducing the band)

    Anyway, there's probably a few typos etc in there, I'm tired...Photos to follow.


    George Bray
    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 29 2004, @04:20PM (#121424)
  • Why is I LIke You listed on the stelist twice? It's a typo right? He did not play it twice did he?
    Sharron Needles -- Sunday August 29 2004, @07:53PM (#121431)
    (User #762 Info)
    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • "(He is) not the person he was. He is no longer David Bowie at all. Now he gives people what he thinks will make them happy, and they're yawning their heads off. And by doing that, he is not relevant. He was only relevant by accident."

    Look who is playing the crowd pleasers now. Time for some introspection Morrissey, considering the bland, unadventurous You Are The Quarry and now that you're playing the nostalgia-inducing How Soon is Now? in front of 30-somethings at festivals.
    Anonymous -- Monday August 30 2004, @01:46AM (#121440)
  • The Times (Score:1, Informative),,14769-1238144,00.html

    Morrissey has been written off more times than most over the years and so there was something particularly satisfying about his regal return to Reading’s main stage. Typically he had a few surprises up the sleeve of his velvet jacket, not least his choice of opener, the Smiths’ seminal How Soon is Now?, a song he hasn’t played live for over a decade but that sounded as fresh as it did on the day it was written.

    From that point on, Morrissey had the rapt Reading crowd hanging on his every hand gesture, magisterially mixing material from his recent record You are the Quarry with crowd-pleasing classics like Shoplifters of the World Unite and There is a Light that Never Goes Out. When he returned to the stage following You Know I Couldn’t Last for a curtain call, it was clear that he could have played all night.

    Even a band as renowned for their live prowess as the White Stripes would have struggled to follow that, and so it proved. Jack and Meg White whipped up a storm to rival any of those that had visited Reading during the preceding week, but they had already been uproariously upstaged. In a year of musical comebacks, Morrissey’s return has surely been the most complete
    Anonymous -- Monday August 30 2004, @01:51AM (#121441)
  • What can i say...... (Score:3, Informative)

    Morrissey stole the show, you really couldn't take your eyes off him. He was very playful and full of quips. Changing the lyrics all over "some people keep their brains between there legs...i do" as he lay legs arched and spread on the stage.
    He now actually sings "there is a light that never goes out", maybe he has for a while but he didn't the last time i saw him.
    He told us a vote for Blair is also a vote for that facist Bush, a great cheer followed.
    Its amazing that he is still the only one that actually speaks out and lets his opinions known, shouldn't it be new bands like The Libertines and and Franz Ferdinand leading the way? He also mentioned Ireland winning a gold before saying "show jumping isn't a sport, is it?", what followed then was a fantastic version of 'Irish Blood, English Heart" which was really breathtaking, i can't believe how good the band sounded.

    I hate to say it (regarding Alain) but that's the best i've ever heard the band sound, the guitars were perfect and the keyboardist has added many a new dimension to the sound. "Now My Heart Is Full" sounded beautiful, the intro just Morrissey crooning and a twinkling piano.
    Oh lest i forget "How Soon Is Now", what a start as it had the crowd sounded so powerful, the guitars and keyboards combined perfectly and the vocal was just wonderful as ever...glorious.
    The First Of The Gang" was treated like an old favourite, a mass crowd sing along It was really moving to see Morrissey just take charge of the festival, he just has that presence that no others have.

    I won't go on too much but i think that was the best show i've seen him do, just the whole thing..the crowd were receptive and he feeded from that, he loved it and you could tell.
    As they finished the mighty 'Shoplifters' the final song, he kept saying he loved us etc, i know he says that to all the crowds but he seemed really really touched. Just as he left the stage the heavens opened, it was soon as he disappeared the rain came pouring down, i wonder if he imported it in especially from Manchester? Then again nobody cared about the rain as it just seemed so apt. The Darkness have to provide pathetic firework displays where as Morrissey gets a natural send off, says it all really.

    Sorry for rambling but it was such a good night.....

    btw I loved the quip about him meeting the other band members down at 'Armley' swimming baths in the ladies changing room. That's not far from where i live and the ladies is a regular hang out for me....he does his homework for sure.

    The new guitarist Jesse is really great but he needs to lose that dodgy moustache, it looked pencilled in.....why underline your nose anyway?

    CaKeS -- Monday August 30 2004, @02:45AM (#121442)
    (User #10399 Info)
    "stop the world, i want to get off"
  • My 10 year old daughter has just told me that she is sure she heard mentioned on TV this morning that Moz will be on something called T4 (possibly on Channel 4) today at 12.35. I assumed it is Reading/Leeds highlights but I cannot see it in any TV listings. Might be worth a look just in case...
    Anonymous -- Monday August 30 2004, @03:23AM (#121444)
    Anonymous -- Monday August 30 2004, @03:55AM (#121448)
    • Re:Review by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday August 30 2004, @04:37AM

  • Libertines - amazing

    White Stripes - cool

    The darkness - ok

    Morrissey - the king
    Anonymous -- Monday August 30 2004, @08:46AM (#121477)
  • An excellent performance from Morrissey, although I felt it wasn't as good as Manchester Move for instance, which was remarkable.

    I just felt that the Leeds crowd weren't quite as receptive as the ones in Manchester (which is of course only natural). Maybe it was due to the fact he wasn't headlining - a lot of people were waiting to see the White Stripes...

    I think Morrissey himself could feel it after 'Such a Little Thing...' when he said to the crowd: "You didn't like that one, did you? It's alright, I know..."

    To be honest, a lot of people around me didn't like it, which I was annoyed about!

    Nonetheless, the actual performance was once again outstanding. I just felt that some people in the audience turned up just for 'Irish Blood...' and were happy to sit through the rest of it until it came, and I reckon Moz felt a bit undermined by it. Still great though.
    PicholasNarsons -- Monday August 30 2004, @09:35AM (#121481)
    (User #12227 Info)
  • no crashing bores in leeds - this is a shame but we hope he was as incredible in leeds as he was in reading festeval

    daddys voice over -- Monday August 30 2004, @09:42AM (#121483)
    (User #12226 Info)
  • That was my first time seeing Morrissey but loved every minute. I'm 16 but have been into Morrissey for a while and have told my friends about his brilliance and was I really looking forward to his set. He didn't disappoint and even thogh my friends were determined to spend the entire time mocking him for being older than the average act, or for being boring, they were actually impressed. He was definately the highlight of my weekend and I hope I get another chance to see him again soon.
    Anonymous -- Monday August 30 2004, @10:12AM (#121490)
    • Re:Brilliant by HandsomeAngel (Score:1) Monday August 30 2004, @01:29PM
      • Re:Brilliant by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday August 31 2004, @10:36AM
        • Re:Brilliant by HandsomeAngel (Score:1) Tuesday August 31 2004, @04:50PM
  •[email protected]/
    Anonymous -- Monday August 30 2004, @11:03AM (#121509)
  • Morrissey is again listed to appear on Kilborn.....anyone know waht song he is supposed to sing?
    Anonymous -- Monday August 30 2004, @11:08AM (#121511)
  • I just got back from Leeds today, and Moz was the highlight. (Greenday's set was a surprising second, and I'm not even a big fan.) He was on tip top form, seemed to be in a great mood, he was very chatty and witty, and the performance was brilliant. When he came out and the band started up How Soon is Now, I think I had an orgasm along with half the crowd. Stunning.
    Anonymous -- Monday August 30 2004, @02:22PM (#121545)
  • i spent most of the franz ferdinand set, and all of the libertines set trying to get to the front, and i just got there about a minute before they came on stage. I just loved that he played a few smiths songs, and sang hard all the way through, even if all the security guards were looking at me very strange, i thoroughly enjoyed it. i got a bit of a rib crushing, and my pants fell down, but it was just amazing.
    i also thought the shins were stunning, and then greenday's set was just brilliant (i'm not even a fan), they did so many great breakdowns, and billy jo got the crowd doing a number of chants.. and then towards the end they got members out the crowd and formed a band. they had 2 encores and finished with a cover of queen's "we are the champions" and still left everyone begging for more. well thats all i have to say about that
    mynameissam -- Tuesday August 31 2004, @03:04AM (#121581)
    (User #11710 Info)
  • I thought he was really good though not at his best. What really impressed me was the crowd. The one's round me seemed not to bothered about the older songs but went wild for the new stuff. To me, that's really great.
    Best song: Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice
    Worst song: November Spawned A Monster (too damn slow!)
    As good as Moz was, I thought the Ordinary Boys, Graham Coxon and British Sea Power (Heron Addict!) were real stars.
    AnthonyGlamour -- Tuesday August 31 2004, @06:15AM (#121593)
    (User #7618 Info |
  • AND!!! don't just leave it at that! tell us more!
    realicky -- Sunday August 29 2004, @03:44PM (#121412)
    (User #12054 Info)
    ...and if they're northern that makes it even worse! Eh up!!
  • i don't believe ya tiger, ya cheeky lil thing playing with our heart strings.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 29 2004, @03:54PM (#121416)
  • Sir, you are a knocker-of-cock (i.e. wicked cock-knocker)
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 29 2004, @04:27PM (#121427)
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