posted by davidt on Thursday August 26 2004, @10:30PM
Post your info and reviews of Morrissey's appearance on "The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn" on Aug. 26, 2004 in the comments section below.
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  • It was nice, the trumpet was good. Very nice...
    Lon -- Thursday August 26 2004, @10:41PM (#121045)
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    • Re:Craiggers by suzanne (Score:1) Thursday August 26 2004, @10:47PM
  • this is what I was looking forward too...
    Anonymous -- Thursday August 26 2004, @10:47PM (#121046)
  • Morrissey's voice started out not very strong like he had been singing for
    a long time and was tired.

    Great camera action of all the members of the band.

    Excellent performance.

    Morrissey enjoys dancing by hisself.

    I can picture Morrissey in his own home dancing like that in front of a
    full length mirror to Kraftwerk!

    And then he laughing at hisself.

    Oh...ha..ho....Let me Kiss you!
    Anonymous -- Thursday August 26 2004, @10:49PM (#121048)
  • sitting the Kilborn waiting for Moz to come on is like waiting for paint to dry...almost like kissing your cousin, fun but only cause it sucks!
    Anonymous -- Thursday August 26 2004, @10:57PM (#121049)
  • I know for the other 2 songs mp3/ bit torrents were posted. This would be SO appreciated, because I missed it due to my horrible job.
    Thank you!
    Anonymous -- Thursday August 26 2004, @11:03PM (#121050)
  • Boz looks great! Song was done incredible! Looking forward to the tour!
    Anonymous -- Thursday August 26 2004, @11:09PM (#121052)
  • thats all you guys can say that were there is "nice, nice," thats bullshit. how about what song he sang, was there an interview, come on. you guys suck
    Anonymous -- Thursday August 26 2004, @11:33PM (#121056)
  • I waited for 4 hours to see him...all to my dismay, he didnt even show up....the guy at the door said he wasnt even scheduled!!! i waited anyway cuz the guy at the door seemed like he had something against MOZ and his fans, so maybe he was trying to get us to leave so that others in the stand-by line could get in....well I got in and was disappointed to realize that he was telling the truth....they're using a clip from a previous appearance or pre-recorded appearance. We in the adience didn't even get to see the I am writing, I am watching channel 2 to see the no he wasn't there....
    KenDogg -- Friday August 27 2004, @12:54AM (#121070)
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  • just saw the show, he was great as always. now where will we here, in the USA, get to see moz on tv........damn u Craig kilborn you was only good for that.......CONAN help us please
    leiton75 -- Friday August 27 2004, @01:43AM (#121075)
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    If I see you And I tell you How I've watched you Don't make fun of me later Cause I'm just Lost
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  • somebody knows where I can find this on the net? Somebody has this on Soulseek? thanx :)
    xrenatox -- Friday August 27 2004, @08:43AM (#121111)
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  • Hello Fine People,

    Couldn't stay up to watch him last night. The reviews seem mixed. I'm brand new to the Morrissey fan internet community. I'm thrilled to hear about the U.S. tour. From looking around I understand that his tour dates aren't always set in stone. I see dates in South Bend Indiana and Louisville Kentucky. Do you think he'll do these shows? Should I wait or should I try to get tickets for Chicago? I'm going to REM in Chicago the next week and money is tight.

    Thanks All. Henry.
    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Friday August 27 2004, @09:53AM (#121117)
  • 'Let Me Kiss You' was fantastic! Moz looked so cute dancing by himself to the song.

    Did anyone happen to notice that one channel up, on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Robert Smith was on? The Cure performed 'Alt.end' and 'Why Can't I Be You?'.

    The Cure and Morrissey both on network TV on the same day. What are the odds?!

    Next time they're both on TV on the same day, I want to see them in a boxing ring. Moz could kick the shit out Robert's bloated butt!
    Anonymous -- Friday August 27 2004, @09:56AM (#121118)
  • It wouldve been funny if Morrissey went over to Kilborns desk and sang Let Me Kiss You to him like what Bette Mitler did for Johnny Carson.
    Anonymous -- Friday August 27 2004, @11:40AM (#121128)
  • I too agree, the trumpet was a nice touch. Hope to hear it when Moz comes back to L.A. in Nov.
    Anonymous -- Friday August 27 2004, @12:12PM (#121132)
  • Very good (Score:2, Insightful)

    The guy in the back was very talented he played three different instruments during the performance. He could have played more cause I wasn't paying much attention to him until he played the saxaphone. He also played the tamberine and keyboard.
            After all these years and Morrissey still gots it!!!!
          *I wish Alain was there, we miss you*
    HandsomeAngel -- Friday August 27 2004, @01:12PM (#121140)
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    I could have been wild and I could have been free but nature played this trick on me.
    • Re:Very good by HandsomeAngel (Score:1) Friday August 27 2004, @01:15PM
  • that performance was amazing!!! he did start out a little shaky, but it was fantastic!! he really blew me away.

    i watched the cure on jimmy kimmel last night too...robert's interview was sweet...kimmel was a bit too rude about the "old" fans. some people should get over the fact that music appeals to all ages, not specific age demographic... the old jokes are getting, well...old, to be precise. sadly, their performance of alt.end wasnt as "words-cant-describe-how-great" as they usually play it. i was expecting something more...but then again why cant i be you? DID get cut off...and that's when the fun obviously started.

    im pleased to say, however, that for once...ive seen morrissey truly enjoy himself while on kilborn. and i still cant get over the performance. he went off that show with a bang, there's no denying it. kilborn wont be able to even come near TOPPING that!
    sunday -- Friday August 27 2004, @04:23PM (#121152)
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    "a hundred other words blind me with your purity..."
  • I'm so glad there is Moz.
    redpathetic -- Friday August 27 2004, @04:56PM (#121155)
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    Happy in this final acceptance of his own absurdity...Albert Camus
  • yes yes moz was wonderful last nite, so was robert smith on jimmy kimmel. i dont care what you crazy psycos are going to post about me now, you just dont want to admit the cures amazing as well, so lets hear it....give it to me.
    Anonymous -- Friday August 27 2004, @05:20PM (#121157)
  • I totally forgot about it!
    TooledUpAsianBoy -- Friday August 27 2004, @09:15PM (#121169)
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  • But Morrissey looked very gay. Moves and everything, gay.
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 28 2004, @06:43AM (#121186)
  • I know this has already been asked, but it seems no one really answered in that thread. I missed the performance and would love if someone could post it to Bittorrent or some similar client. Please let me know.
    Notallan -- Saturday August 28 2004, @10:48AM (#121196)
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    Anonymous -- Monday August 30 2004, @05:28AM (#121453)

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