posted by davidt on Saturday August 07 2004, @01:00PM
An anonymous person writes:

Due to his plane having technical problems (apparently, they had to fly back to London), at least that's what the Festival site says:

Noticias :: Morrissey cancela su actuación en el Festival

La organización del Festival lamenta informar que Morrissey nos ha comunicado, a las 19:30 horas de esta tarde, que cancela su actuación en el Festival debido a que los problemas técnicos del avión en el que viajaba le han obligado a volver a Londres.
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  • strange (Score:3, Interesting)

    But did anyone else notice that the Benicassim date was gone from the tour dates page of the official site a few days ago? Is that how the site normally updates their tour dates? I found it kinda strange anyway. What's also strange is why would they be flying from London to Spain right before the concert? I have no problem believing a plane had problems. I have had quite a few flights get cancelled due to what they say are 'technical problems,' but why schedule a flight at the last second anyways?
    Sharron Needles -- Saturday August 07 2004, @01:13PM (#118267)
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    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • Great (Score:1, Interesting)

    Oh, yesss!

    It is certainly strange that he was planning to arrive JUST before the gig started (he was scheduled to go onstage at 21:00) flying in his private jet and that, therefore, it had to be cancelled!

    And they say that he sent a note at 19:30 (ha,ha,ha!)

    What about taking another plane and do the show after Belle and Seb. or Lou Reed? (they were meant to play after Mo)

    I am sure there must be some dirt after this event but I am sorry about all the people who travelled and paid JUST to see him (I know a few of them!)

    Shame on you!

    Anonymous -- Saturday August 07 2004, @01:26PM (#118269)
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  • Bad publicity for Moz, no doubt.
    Private plane, my ass.
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 07 2004, @02:04PM (#118272)
  • He was offered a private jet to fly to the nearest airport by the organization. He said no thanks.
    They're just reporting it from Radio 3, the official broadcasters.
    Lancaster -- Saturday August 07 2004, @02:16PM (#118273)
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    Lancaster, Spanish Mod Sophisticate; A boy in Bush is worth two in the Strand
  • Matias, Manuel, etc...sorry folks.

    They're just saying they've seen fans crying as they arrived to the concert site only to be told it wasn't going to happen!
    Lancaster -- Saturday August 07 2004, @02:22PM (#118275)
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    Lancaster, Spanish Mod Sophisticate; A boy in Bush is worth two in the Strand
  • No agreement (Score:2, Interesting)

    El Mundo is reporting the organization offered him a slot on sunday but that they've reached no agreement.
    Lancaster -- Saturday August 07 2004, @02:29PM (#118277)
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    Lancaster, Spanish Mod Sophisticate; A boy in Bush is worth two in the Strand
  • This just in! Morrissey and I are having a late dinner in 20 minutes!! He cancelled the show to have dinner with me, well, it's my birthday. That's so nice of the lad. Anyway, thought you'd all like to know...

    Anonymous -- Saturday August 07 2004, @03:36PM (#118284)
  • sometimes seems like too generous a description for Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 07 2004, @04:15PM (#118288)
  • I am sorry for you all.

    I really am.

    Moz treats his fans like shite. Always has, always will.
    Peter Pan -- Saturday August 07 2004, @07:27PM (#118302)
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    "Every time you say you dont believe in fairies, a fairy dies."
  • All was ready, the soundcheck, the "Morrissey" title, Julia, me after 6 hours journey and running for be near the stage wearing a Morrissey's shirt, but... Morrissey was elsewhere. Well boy, the next time don't complain in a concert (like you did in Fuengirola) about your charts in Spain. They say that are plane's problem, and a little Morrissey's nervous breakdown (the same man how told "don't ask me how, but I know that if a plane crashed at 38.000 feet within 10 minutes I'd be walking on the ground"). Well MAYBE it's true but if you go to a country just 1 or 2 hours before the start (when if there are problems are difficult to resolve) that say a lot about what do you think about the country and your fans there. In the Benicassim's Festival web Morrissey has 17-18 pages with fans' comments when the others artists just have 2-3, this for a general idea about how many people went to that hole-town only for hear you, darling. See you boy, but the next time will be near my house.
    ArrigoXX -- Saturday August 07 2004, @08:51PM (#118306)
    (User #9131 Info)
  • Moz found out Julia was a card carrying
    NRA member and expert Deer Hunter.
    One shot one kill. He was both dillusioned
    and frightened and could not face her.
    He is having a Kevlar Sports coat make
    covered in tweed.
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 07 2004, @11:22PM (#118316)
  • It's really disappointing but it does sound like Morrissey bottled it with the flying, which, if you're a little apprehensive (paranoid) about flying anyway, then the pressure to perform in front of an 'unknown' crowd in combination will just tip it over that edge.....

    Morrissey just took a 'sicky'. Unreliable as it is, it's a sad fact. As Morrissey fans we should consider that he is an artist foremost and this 'temperament' will be part of the bittersweet love we have for him...

    All that aside...I'm so glad I didn't go to Spain!
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2004, @01:23AM (#118328)
  • My dears...

    I know that this list if chock-a-block with Mo's die-hard fans but ...

    How can you justify that somebody can take a plane hours before jumping onstage, leaving the band soundchecking on their own (still to be believed) and with a legion of fans JUST waiting for him ... people who travelled hundreds of miles AND paid a fairly steep price for a ticket JUST to see Moz's show!

    Plane problems? Anxiety? Bollocks! This man does not give a shit about anything. He's full of ego and he thinks he is a semi-God and can dump people in a hot ditch because there is always somebody trying to justify that sort of despicable behaviour.

    Let me tell you something. In the other festival he played in in Spain (about a month ago) he forced the organizers to have a vegetarian dinner for everybody (including his 25 staff members). Fair enough. But .., do you know what he did? HE DID NOT EVEN ATTEND IT !!!!

    I am sorry, but you are fueling the ego of somebody who used to be something but, sadly, has now become a real twat.

    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2004, @01:27AM (#118329)
  • honesty or mistery? tell me, i´m not scared anymore... say anything you want, oh truly
    i´m not scared anymore---

    al final, lo del AV no fue una perdida de tiempo / dinero...
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2004, @01:28AM (#118330)
  • Morrissey fancied a Saturday night in watching the box
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2004, @01:29AM (#118331)
    • Re:The truth by Bill (Score:1) Sunday August 08 2004, @04:03AM
  • I dont care if he wont show up for the rest of his tour if he wants to. I love that man and as long as he is Okay Im happy.
    tenderliz -- Sunday August 08 2004, @01:54AM (#118334)
    (User #11301 Info)
  • I found a very good thread on the Pearl Jam Synergy website about The Smiths. I always post there too, but this time in the Other Music Section Somebody posted (There is a Light) that I think was from The Jools holland show Correct me if I'm Wrong. You could see the video.

    tenderliz -- Sunday August 08 2004, @02:02AM (#118335)
    (User #11301 Info)
  • Does anyone else think a lot of these no shows are down to depression? I'm only saying that because at the time he pulled out of the Bowie tour he made all sorts of pathetic excuses about it, but Jo Slee said it was simply because he was ill with depression.

    I've just been reading a biography of Spike Milligan who got a lot of criticism throughout his life because he could be very unpredictable and cancel things at the drop of a hat. What people didn't realise is he had days of physically not being able to get out of bed because he was so ill.

    As far as I know Morrissey has never had any real treatment. It's not just going to go away.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2004, @02:04AM (#118336)
  • Could please all Moz's fans stop talking in quotes? One thing is your super-clever super-man doing it and other is seeing a pathetic bunch of followers reciting Moz's songs and quotes for answers. Do you have a piece of brain left for other (more creative) things? What are you going to do next to become Moz's shadow? Gathering your friends in a hot place, making them travel hundreds of miles and NOT show up afterwards?

    Oh! How Moz that is!

    Grow up!

    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2004, @05:09AM (#118358)
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    • Re:Quotes (Score:2, Insightful)

      Moz plagarises all the time. Fans want to be like him so they plagarise as well.

      I think in to quote Moz's words in this particular instance is so ironic.. Fans are now using his words about how people are constantly letting him down to describe how he's let them down. Do you get me?!

      Dammit, I'd be annoyed as well if I travelled all the way there and he decided to pull a sickie... Although the line up for that festival was amazing this year, sure I'd be disappointed but I'd def be up for seeing other acts too..
      elmatters -- Sunday August 08 2004, @06:06AM (#118368)
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    • Re:Quotes by ghost (Score:1) Sunday August 08 2004, @04:55PM
  • Hi Moz,

    Si tu no me quieres a mí tampoco te quiero yo a ti.

    (Excerpt of the lyrics of one of the Los Planetas' songs in their repertoire yesterday at Beni. The lyrics read "If you dont want me then I dont want you too"). Los Planetas did show up yesterday. Course, they neednt to travel by air.

    Anonymous Spanish fan
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2004, @05:39AM (#118363)
  • My dear souls ...

    When are you going to understand that the person you adore is not that poor shy witty lad who lives in Whaley Range and writes songs while walking thru Southern Cemetery, reads Wilde and discuss about his (gay) celibacy... but a big loaded wanker full of himself who lives in a mansion near L.A. runs in big cars (see documentary about the MAN himself), moans about not having a record deal and boasts about sell-out gigs while deceiving fans who think he still is the solitary guy in a bedsit...

    Wake up and realize he's not the same person! Do not give your valuable time to people who don't care if you live or die! (ha, ha)

    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2004, @07:22AM (#118376)
  • shut the hell up! (Score:2, Insightful)

    would the mysterious person who has nothing better to do than post repeated messages claiming that Morrissey screwed his fans over take them and shove them up their ass?!?!?

    may one day, you, within your pathetic life, suffer from an anxiety problem.
    suzanne -- Sunday August 08 2004, @08:32AM (#118386)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
  • Mozz thanks for kill my dream.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2004, @08:48AM (#118389)
  • It seems like our Mozzer has ruffled more than few feathers by 'cancelling'. That's showbiz! I'm sure he's suffering more than any of you think or even care...
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2004, @09:01AM (#118390)
  • It even made it to the TVE 3 o'clock news today. That's the main lunch time news programme everybody watches here (nobody would have admitted they watched that channel's news before March, but it's ok now).
    Lancaster -- Sunday August 08 2004, @10:46AM (#118408)
    (User #1451 Info)
    Lancaster, Spanish Mod Sophisticate; A boy in Bush is worth two in the Strand
  • look at this:
    flashman -- Sunday August 08 2004, @12:12PM (#118416)
    (User #12095 Info)
  • ok, i was talking by phone with a person of the "real" organization (one of the maximum responsible of the artists) and he told me moz was in valencia airport when he has a "anxious attack" and he decided to return to london...

    so, moz was in valencia yesterday...

    probably he was dissapointed with the treatment he recived by the organization...

    i'm very unhappy, i cant believe how a person who i admire like moz can be so stupid: f***ing queen!

    probably this was the most important concert they played this year. And the spanish people was anxiously waiting him... there was a lot of people who take planes, ships, trains, and spend their holidays this summer only for see him.

    i agree:"moz is dead."
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2004, @02:36PM (#118425)
  • This is all I'm saying, I don't care if it was Morrissey's fault, or the Festival's fault, or anyone else's fault, I just want my money back!! Yesterday I was disappointed when I knew I couldn't see him, after travelling a lot and spending a lot of money with the trip and the hotel, but aftewards I was just REALLY MAD when I knew that the organization of the Festival just REFUSED to give us back the money!!!!!!!!!! Therefore I say out loud: I hate the Festival of Benicassim!! And not only me, but also the tons of people that yesterday where there as well. And you can be sure that we will try to do anything legally to have our money back.
    Alisson -- Sunday August 08 2004, @02:52PM (#118427)
    (User #12098 Info)
  • Strange things happen with flights and planes - I know because I am totally scared to death of flying.

    I refuse to fly at the best of times, in good weather, via british airways and so on. As far as travelling on a private lear/gulfstream jet is concerned these things are just tempting fate.

    Plenty of time for all those Spanish fans in the months ahead. And for all those fans who are questioning what's going on - well as you know - Morrissey has spent almost all of the past 6 years of his life pleasing his fans all over the world, travelling around the world (at his own cost) and organising some amazing concerts.

    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2004, @03:39PM (#118431)
  • Would surely be for Morrissey to play a few dates around Spain, to show willing at least. As ever numerous rumours surrounding the events causing various knee jerk reactions, so at least this would offer an olive branch of sorts....

    It would be nice if Morrissey for once communicated with fans and put pay to rumours using todays modern technology (phone/internet). Even a fax to his website just to let people who have paid hard earned money to see him know what happened. Then hopefully some understanding and a little less confusion would prevail, those fans then might feel a little better at least, hence it'll be the usual silence i'm sure.

    I do however hate how there always has to be someone to blame as it's not always the case.

    thank you and goodnight.

    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2004, @04:31PM (#118437)
  • Jodete, hijo de puta arrogante inglés. i will burn your records. Stay in your beautiful (and "sunny")country..You don´t deserve your irish blood.
    warma73 -- Sunday August 08 2004, @04:56PM (#118439)
    (User #12100 Info)
  • "Inside scoop coming soon...."
    Sharron Needles -- Sunday August 08 2004, @07:21PM (#118446)
    (User #762 Info)
    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • Dear friends:

    I am one of so many people that remained without seeing MOZ in Benicassim.
    The sensation of impotence and anger they were going of the hand, it is a shame that treats us as this form, to us that we are the few ones that in Spain we follow him.

    Luck that I it could see in Fuengirola and my disappointment was not major. At least I could see the Scissor Sisters and I can promise you that it me served something of.

    Alone fact of less my money....

    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2004, @07:39PM (#118448)
  • look at this thread- its pure insanity. the reactions relayed here are so extreme its scary. a pop singer cancelled an appearance, thats all. yes, it is disappointing and perhaps frustrating for those who planned on seeing him perform but some here act as though there lives were revolving around this moment. people talking about lives being ruined or pursuing legal action. sick statements like 'moz is dead' and others vows to burn their personal possessions. people offering their sympathies discussing how they hav already lost hundreds of dollars on airfare to attend multiploe and now cancelled lollapalooza gigs. this fanaticism is extremely disturbing.

    to most, Morrissey is pop singer- nothing more. as such he can be capable of providing much enjoyment and entertainment and inspiration and even some comfort. for most, he cannot create fufillment and he cannot create pain. there are many more people in each and everyone here's lives who are infinitely more important, for better and worse. get a bloody grip on reality some of you because a lot of the behaviour exhibited here is juste not healthy.
    chrisarclark <[email protected]> -- Sunday August 08 2004, @08:52PM (#118452)
    (User #9259 Info)
    "I'm just passing through here on my way to somewhere civilized and maybe I'll even arrive, maybe I'll even arrive..."
  • "At 5:00 PM I was tipped off that Moz wouldn't show up. Here's what happened.

    We were staying in a hotel 80km from the festival in a town called Valencia. Coincidently Lou Reed was staying at our hotel too (although I didn’t find that out til much later)

    So at 5:00 PM I’m at the hotel. There’s a problem with our piece of shit Smart car that we rented – which I referred to as the “dumb car.” We have to take the car back to the airport where we rented it because the stupid Dumb Car won’t lock.

    Before I left the hotel I had to run back in to get the parking ticket. When I re-entered the lobby there was some English guy talking on his phone saying that there was a problem with Morrissey. So I assume that this guy works for Camp Morrissey. So as I’m getting directions from the concierge am actually listening in on this guy’s conversation. I heard.

    “They want to push the time back. Yeah, he’s supposed to go on at 21:20”

    “What? And play a 17-minute set”

    “We’re leaving here at 8:00”

    Okay, so knowing Morrissey’s penchant for canceling concerts I say to this guy, “I’m driving to Valencia now. Morrissey didn’t cancel did he. He’s still going to play, right?”

    So this guy is like very busy, can’t be bothered to talk to me. He’s on 2 phones at once, but I figure I’m not gonna drive like 50 miles to a cancelled concert. So this guy says to me.

    “Yes, Morrissey’s going on, but the time’s been pushed back. There’s a problem. Now I’m really very busy” Then he goes on to answer one of his 2 mobile phones.

    I get the parking ticket from the room. We drive the Dumb Car back to the airport and try to get a Ford Focus. They stupidly give us another Dumb Car. At least this Dumb Car locks. And it was a convertible – which was a bonus.

    Okay we get to the festival at 9:45. Theoretically Morrissey’s already on stage and we’re super late. The parking situation sucks – but we’re in a Smart Car so it isn’t THAT bad.

    As soon as we get to the entrance of the festival we look for someone to buy tickets from. I see a line of people wearing Morrissey shirts. Somehow this does not strike me as odd. I timidly approached one of the Spanish Morrissey fans. Asking him if he speaks English. Then I asked what time Morrissey comes on stage. He points to a sign and says that Morrissey has cancelled.

    Somehow I’m so Not shocked.
    We stayed around for a while. Listened to the Scissor Sisters (we never bought a ticket to get in). We also listened to Lou Reed for a while. We then went back to our hotel.

    This morning I went down to the lobby to see if I could find that guy that works for Moz who told me the show was going on yesterday. The guy is there in the lobby and asked if I enjoyed the show. I said back to him, “Um, Morrissey cancelled.” And he said, “yes, I heard.” Then he goes on to explain that he works for Lou Reed – who was due to play after Morrissey. I then asked him why it was cancelled.

    The guy says that it was cancelled because there was a problem with Morrissey’s private plane and that the festival organizers couldn’t hold the show for him any longer. Apparently Morrissey and the band were going on the same plane. The equipment made it to the show but Moz and the boys didn’t.

    Later that morning we went for a swim in the pool. As we were lounging by the side Lou Reed enters the area. We’re the only ones to recognize him. He was wearing red board shorts. He does some yoga moves in the pool and leaves 10 minutes later.

    The trip to Spain had been good. Seeing Moz would have been a bonus. I feel kind of angry that the cancelled. Not angry in an in-your-face way. But maybe more frustrated. Cancelling shows embitters fans. And I feel like one embittered fan right now"

    Anonymous -- Monday August 09 2004, @01:05AM (#118466)
  • From the Morrissey Tour site explanation, it seems like a genuine reason. the band did not make it there either apparently. it does sound like bad planning however.
    I expect Moz feels quite bad about this and may schedule a Spanish date in the coming couple of months.
    Remember, he did go on Kilborn in the end after the first cancellation.
    Anonymous -- Monday August 09 2004, @02:04AM (#118470)
  • Statement on Benicassim
    August 9, 2004 Due to a technical problem with our airplane on Saturday, we were forced to return to London rather than continue on our way to Spain. We offered to play on Sunday and had booked other flights, but the festival was unable to accomodate us - thus we were forced not to play.

    Morrissey and the band were very much looking forward to playing at Benicassim, and will return to Spain as soon as new dates can be arranged.

    Sanctuary Artist Management
    Vincent <[email protected]> -- Monday August 09 2004, @02:47AM (#118474)
    (User #1110 Info |
    Don't rake up my mistakes, I know exactly what they are!
  • Sheeesh! When Morrissey cancelled most of his Australian tour in the early 90's we had to wait a whole DECADE before he came back...
    Anonymous -- Monday August 09 2004, @03:08AM (#118475)
  • To solve all these "where's Mozzy" problems I have a solution. In the week after the Dublin gig he was supposed to do Kilborn and Pepsi Smash. There were dozens of posts on here claiming he'd been in HMV in Hollywood, etc. Subsequently turned out the problem was with Alain but no one retracted their accusations/abuse.

    Now we must all chip in - perhaps some sort of direct debit thing like they sign you up for on the street in your lunch break - and hire a private dick (the detective type not the drop-em-and-bend-over type) then we need never wonder again if he's had to go to hospital, visit a sick relative.

    Of course someone in his position is not allowed personal/domestic problems.

    Don't be fooled by the learjet he's got, he's still Stevie, Stevie from the block.

    Anonymous -- Monday August 09 2004, @05:04AM (#118480)
  • must be very frustrating for those who travelled there, and every one of them has a right to come on here and vent their disappointment

    But we've got 130-odd strong thread speculating about what may or may not have happened when no-one on here actually has any idea other than the statements issued on the subject.

    It's all a bit silly.
    Hairdresser on Fire -- Monday August 09 2004, @05:43AM (#118482)
    (User #1016 Info)
    "The typewriter is holy the poem is holy the voice is holy the hearers are holy the ecstasy is holy!" Allen Ginsberg.
    • Absolutely agree, Hairdresser on Fire (can I get you some water, by the way?) - half this thread at the very least could be filed under fiction. And we criticise the tabloids for publishing before they have the facts! I can well understand those who travelled to Benicassim being very disappointed - I would have been devastated - but many of the posts on here seem to be from people who have just turned up with the sole purpose of criticising Moz and the fans alike. I resent wasting my retinas on their words.
      Madge -- Monday August 09 2004, @01:25PM (#118575)
      (User #11705 Info)
      Gentle and kind... which is unusual in a librarian
  • Statement on Benicassim
    August 9, 2004 Due to a technical problem with our airplane on Saturday, we were forced to return to London rather than continue on our way to Spain. We offered to play on Sunday and had booked other flights, but the festival was unable to accomodate us - thus we were forced not to play.

    Morrissey and the band were very much looking forward to playing at Benicassim, and will return to Spain as soon as new dates can be arranged.

    Sanctuary Artist Management

    I think they should make this a free doo by showing your ticket stub (if they didnt retain them at the festival). I'd be severely angry if i had spent a fortune booking hotels and travelling across countries for this one!

    mbb321 -- Monday August 09 2004, @06:26AM (#118488)
    (User #1889 Info)
    "Dink Dank Doo!"
  • Rumours came true when one of the FIB organisers confirmed to me that Moz wasn´t gonna perform that night. I do not believe the far too simplistic explanations given by the FIB as to why MOZ was absent. I can´t believe for a second that Moz flew a couple of hours before his performance started. At least one would expect him to staye overnight in view of the preparations for such event. Some thing else must have happened.I´m pissed off, so many inconveniences for nothing.
    Gorbachov -- Monday August 09 2004, @08:08AM (#118496)
    (User #12105 Info)
  • No more private planes Moz ! Rock Stars and little private planes not good. Oh and I forgot
    Lynrd Skynard. No No No. Get with the big airlines again Moz. You probably think it is Romantic but dead is dead. Stay Alive and brooding.
    Anonymous -- Monday August 09 2004, @09:14AM (#118503)
  • who cares, haha
    screw 'em!
    Anonymous -- Monday August 09 2004, @10:17AM (#118524)
  • so, i guess you must buy your tickets for concerts there..

    we all know that Mozza is likely to cancell gigs if there are not in the UK or scandinavia (for some weird reason). if you're still buying tix for concert anywhere else, you know what is likely going to happen... just don't go there!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 11 2004, @02:49AM (#118868)

  • There are some photos of the cancelled concert in Benicassim. It was a shame 'orrissey did not make it. &prodid=&.done=http%3a//
    rigsbody -- Thursday August 12 2004, @01:58AM (#119072)
    (User #12123 Info)
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