posted by davidt on Friday July 23 2004, @12:00PM
Morrissey on "Top of the Pops" - BBC 1 (July 23, 2004). Post your info and reviews in the comments section below.
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  • THEY CUT IT SHORT, how dare they.

    But aside from that, brilliant performance, Lil Barry was there, and Dean still had to moheekan. Must have been pre-recorded?
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @12:02PM (#116480)
  • Well I read that Dean shaved off the Mochican on 10th July. So unless he had a fake one stuck on!! was pre-recorded. Definitely before the Move Festival and they did cut it short!!
    Thunderthighs -- Friday July 23 2004, @12:05PM (#116481)
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  • Well what a terrible programme that has become. It used to be about the charts, what happened? It's full of adverts. I don't normally watch because I don't like much dance music, hiphop or boybands.

    Morrissey looked great but like he couldn't take it seriously really. He was laughing at the start.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @12:16PM (#116483)
  • quality collars!! looked very refreshed but a little embarrased by the clapping teeny boppers.
    Wish they'd let him sing live vocals.

    Viva Moz
    Pretty White Neck -- Friday July 23 2004, @12:16PM (#116484)
    (User #11975 Info)
  • What song was played?
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @12:17PM (#116486)
  • Cutting it short was terrible, it ruined it for me, the instrumental break is great and I enjoy watching moz go for it during the breaks so I was well gutted.

    Def pre-recorded because of Deano's hair and Little Barrie left the band after Move this was before he shot off back to the states I presume.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @12:18PM (#116487)
  • It's not as if FOTGTD is a lengthy song is it?
    I've never liked mimed performances, but the record label surely must be miffed when a powerful 20 second insrumental is edited out, then the song fades out with fully 30 seconds left to run.
    Moz did'nt seem overly impressed either.
    I noticed that the diabolical Rapper that was on before Moz managed to get some nice long air time though.

    mick ransommich -- Friday July 23 2004, @12:27PM (#116490)
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  • The ending faded and Morrissey stopped singing but the track (and Mozzas voice) was still playing...I take it that he miming...also the middle bit before "he stole all hearts away" seemed to be cut.
    DanielGaunt -- Friday July 23 2004, @12:39PM (#116496)
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    • Re:The Ending by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday July 23 2004, @12:49PM
  • Does anyone think he's had a makeover while he's been back in England? - Let's face it we do have a bit more style than the Yanks! ;-)

    Maybe Linder got hold of him and sorted out his wardrobe and hair. He just seems to have lost about ten years since his appearance on Jonathon Ross.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @12:59PM (#116501)
  • Maybe it was a different audience, given the early recording date, but did anyone else think the crowd's reaction to Moz was better than it was for the actual Number One? Whatever the Number One is... (makes futile attempt to recall it)
    And yes, he looked wonderful. And yes, I'd love it if they would allow him to sing live. If they could handle it.
    Madge -- Friday July 23 2004, @01:05PM (#116503)
    (User #11705 Info)
    Gentle and kind... which is unusual in a librarian
  • All right, let's get the torrents out.
    dallow_bg <[email protected]> -- Friday July 23 2004, @01:10PM (#116505)
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  • By which I mean, though it was pre-recorded, one could tell that Moz was singing live and that the band were playing live - they were more subdued than on the studio recording, I never understand why they don't rock out just that bit more on tracks like 'First Of The Gang' which are ripe for it. That said, I thought it was a great performance with Moz looking well and the song played tightly. If Moz WAS singing live then he sung extremely well - at the very least Dean was certainly playing his drums! Removing the bridge was a disgrace on the part of TOTP - it acts as a great crescendo before Moz returns for the denouement, and I feel that the song was deprived of a little of its energy by that decision to edit out the section - but not Moz's fault at all. This song is the best from the new album and deserves to be shown in its entirety - WE know what's missing, but the uninitiated might not quite grasp just how cool the song is cos of the way TOTP edited it. Compared to the IBEH performance I feel as though the audience got into it more - Moz fans or not, they gave a good cheer when it got to the chrous. I thought Moz seemed comfortable and relaxed. So, in many ways, great stuff - pity about the shitty editing decision. Also, agree with the above poster - the preceding songs were LAUGHABLY bad with only Ash having any credibility - and even that song was solid rather than spectacular.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @01:14PM (#116506)
  • On they are currently broadcasting a show from Chicago.
    Reeling around the F -- Friday July 23 2004, @02:16PM (#116516)
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  • It's late notice, but the Chicago show is being re-broadcast right now on

    it's halfway over
    Reeling around the F -- Friday July 23 2004, @02:38PM (#116521)
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  • just about to get my air guitar out and the clowns cut it short!made me look quite foolish in front of the wife and kids, and to top it all my video tape run out,so now it is even shorter,hey but who would of dreamt moz on totp a year ago,fucking top knotch or what.
    carnall -- Friday July 23 2004, @03:56PM (#116533)
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  • Tonight's TOTP performance - mpg format, 34Mb Register and download from here []
    lutewhine -- Friday July 23 2004, @04:28PM (#116541)
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  • Where in the name of Satan do they get their audience members from? I hate the way they always scream during the chorus of every song. King Crimson could go on TOTP and they'd still shriek like banshees... Reminds me of The Smiths' classic TOTP appearances in the eighties, what with all the jeering morons not knowing what they've got 'til it's gone, etcetera... I'm sometimes quite glad that they overdubbed the ones on The Complete Picture... Maggots. Stop throwing balloons at Johnny Marr and listen to the god damn lyrics, you fools! (Sorry.)
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @10:50PM (#116586)
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  • Bejaysus,aren't torrents great?!?
    I have got Kilborn and now TOTP using torrents.
    Torrents are Tops!
    O'Muirgheasa -- Saturday July 24 2004, @02:46AM (#116614)
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  • Hi - only just noticed this in the Radio Times - thought about submitting it as news item but i don't think there's time - Stuart Maconie's 'Critical List' on BBC Radio 2, which includes "picks for a stereo collection" has, as RT puts it, "a spotlight on Morrissey's 'Viva Hate'" tonight. So that will be the main album for discussion tonight (Sat Jul 24th) if anyone's interested - I believe it's an hour long, starting at 8pm but please check as I may be wrong (I'm doing this from memory).
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 24 2004, @03:10AM (#116616)
  • Top of The Pops sucks so bad now, Andi Peters has butchered it, he should go back to the broom cupboard (showing my age now).

    I was reasonably inebriated when I watched it, but Moz looked REALLY skinny, much better than when i saw him at the MEN in May. He looked brilliant, really handsome.

    Don't agree with the miming, and yes, they cut it short.

    It made me happy though.
    MyMelody -- Saturday July 24 2004, @12:37PM (#116696)
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  • This may seem incredibly naive of me, but i cannot decipher the spoken introduction to 'FOTGTD' (Los Angeles etc). Please can anyone help me!!!!

    Great performance on TOTP, but damn that Andi Peters for cutting it short!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 25 2004, @11:33AM (#116770)
  • Yeah i thought it was a great performance. At first i thought he was singing live but after watching it not too sure. Still good tho.
    I thought that it was really well recieved aswell, when everyone was jumping along with the chorus. And as for the 'teenyboppers'...well im a teenager and i like morrissey!!
    Morrissey Mad -- Sunday July 25 2004, @02:13PM (#116782)
    (User #11959 Info)
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  • Where can I find some pictures of this show? I am very curious because I can not watch the short clip from the (top of the pop's)website with the computer I am using.

    Thanks in advance :)
    northern_soul -- Saturday July 31 2004, @08:54AM (#117360)
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