posted by davidt on Thursday July 22 2004, @10:30PM
Post your info and reviews of Morrissey's appearance on "The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn" on July 22, 2004 in the comments section below.
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  • much more buoyant than the last time he did FOTGTD on kilborn. voice was fantastic, an effortless performance.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 22 2004, @10:36PM (#116325)
  • This time around he was much more alive. He seemed A LOT more comfortable. Great performance. Can't wait to see tomorrow's.
    Rebelda -- Thursday July 22 2004, @10:39PM (#116326)
    (User #4514 Info)
    She could have been a poet or she could have been a fool....
  • Was there an interview?
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 22 2004, @10:44PM (#116328)
  • The crowd wasn't as energetic as the audience during his first appearance on Kilborn. I did like his performance of the song. Is the other guitarist Barry?
    TooledUpAsianBoy -- Thursday July 22 2004, @10:48PM (#116329)
    (User #1732 Info)
  • Felt a bit like I was watching a repeat of the repeat from a couple months ago. What's tomorrow, Everyday is like Sunday?
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 22 2004, @10:49PM (#116330)
  • I was disappointed to see FOTGTD played tonight; however, Mozzer was in prime form. He was so much more animated and sure of himself than the 2002 performance. The tempo seemed so much more lively. I am very proud:)

    p.s. Is it me or is watching Kilborn just painful? Ah, the things we do for the ones we love.....................
    mozlike -- Thursday July 22 2004, @10:53PM (#116331)
    (User #11690 Info)
    I am MINE!
  • Anyone here go to the taping? Were there alot of Morrissey fans who didn't get in? Morrissey looked stunning.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 22 2004, @10:55PM (#116332)
  • when I saw him at the Apollo nyc. Don't get me wrong, standing 10 ft away from him, he still looked remarkably beautiful for 45 and for him - but tonight the camera really did him well. Did he lose a bit of weight? His face looks different, in a good, early-to-mid nineties throwback to that jaw he works. His suit (gucci, i assume)was really fucking hot as well.

    And FOTGTD was a predictable choice, but performed right on-target nonetheless.
    "Oh yeah, the music!"
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 22 2004, @10:55PM (#116333)
  • Kilborn Taping (Score:2, Informative)

    While it was a bit of a disappointment that there was no interview, it was probably for the best because Kilborn is a such a total schmuck! more on that later...

    Morrissey played three songs at the taping. FOTG, I have Forgiven Jesus (to air friday), and Let me kiss You (to air next week).

    I had the privilege of meeting Dean before the taping and he is a REALLY nice guy. Very friendly and outgoing. Got the scoop that Moz and the lads will be playing LA and Santa Barbara in mid Sept. However, while many of you were hoping for a "proper tour" you may not be pleased with the large venue they will be playing at. Say good bye to the beautiful, intimate Wiltern...

    Moz played the three songs for the audience(which was not tonights audience, rather we are friday's audience) and then they held us captive for another hour or so. I closely watched Craig when the cameras were off; He is such a smarmy egomaniac...he really takes himself way too serious for that dog and pony show he hosts. Anyway, he ordered producers to cut a whole segment of the show when we booed him, as he kept calling Morrissey miserable. He is a jackass.

    Overall it was a great time...
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 22 2004, @11:01PM (#116334)
  • well, come on... we all KNEW he(sancutary) would (want moz to) do the new single, it is only fair.... and damn, it looked and sounded GREAT!! as far as craigers... yeah, he's lame BUT he has morrissey on his show which is more than we can say for conan or letterman or, ick, leno... but damn... come on, conan would be the perfect show ofr moz to do but whatever.. i mean, conan has that fine coiff!!
    devoted101 -- Thursday July 22 2004, @11:36PM (#116341)
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  • A few years back, I remember on more than one occassion where Craig would reference the Smiths as being a favorite group, he would play snippets of some of their songs. Interesting how the tide has turned, or is he more a Smiths fan than a Moz fan? He really does seem like a jerk from what I've read. Moz would be better suited for Conan's show, based on his T.V. persona. What would Conan say about Moz?...
    Hidden By Rags -- Friday July 23 2004, @12:05AM (#116347)
    (User #10262 Info)
  • I'm confused about the taping. How did that work?
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @01:04AM (#116352)
    • Re:?what? by Anonymous (Score:1) Friday July 23 2004, @01:32AM
  • Oh, MY!!! (Score:0, Interesting)

    I heard a rumor that Moz was going to play The Staples Center of all places. That frick n' thing is huge. For all y'all that dont know , it's where the Lakers play.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @01:16AM (#116357)
  • We're now seeding an MPG of tonight's Morrissey performance from the Late, Late Show.

    Here [] is the direct link to the .torrent file.

    ~40 megs in size. Enjoy!
    mozchildren -- Friday July 23 2004, @01:44AM (#116360)
    (User #6214 Info)
  • I have a nick to pick... Was it just me or did all the boys (including moz) forget to tie their knots properly? I couldn’t stop starring 'cos I didn’t know if they were wearing tie's or very skinny scarves... wonder why they did that? hmmm.. oh well another thing to add to the mystery of it all.
    Boy, moz looked like he was shaking ants out of his trousers and stepping on them. Of course he could have been doing that or dancing "la cucaracha" hehe!
    Great performance, looked very pleased and fashionable! *HE LOOKED YUMMY! I WANT TO DIP HIM IN CHOCOLATE*

    I'm a bit mopey right now 'cos if the rumor is true about him passing on by California in September I swear I will cry until eternity! I'll be leaving on the 4th and won't be home for that whole month! Its so unfair, I want to cry~

    p.s I miss you Alain! come back soon!!!!
    Bigmouth Struck <reversethis-{moc ... } {noissesbOdaM}> -- Friday July 23 2004, @01:48AM (#116362)
    (User #1626 Info)
    That was very cheesy of me...
  • it was superb. he was more inthusiastic than the previous time he performed the song.i hate kilborn and his mockery of morrissey.
    shane sarabia <[email protected]> -- Friday July 23 2004, @01:50AM (#116363)
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    "My only mistake is i'm hoping"
  • Moz had an after party at the cat and the fiddle with boz, gary, deano and a few other people
    bobmoz <[email protected]> -- Friday July 23 2004, @03:48AM (#116375)
    (User #841 Info)
    • Re:after party by blowblowblowaway (Score:1) Friday July 23 2004, @12:16PM
  • Did anyone else cringe during the five questions segment when Kilborn told Marlee Maitlin's (sp?) interpreter to sing a line from a Morrissey song (Suedehead) as they'd discussed, and he replied that he'd thought Kilborn had meant a song by the Cure?


    But Morrissey was wonderful! He looked fantastic, and was in far better spirits than he was back in 2002 (and no wonder!). I had hoped for an interview too, but perhaps it's best that there wasn't one, since it seems there may be some lingering resentment regarding the cancellations in May (at least, to me it seems as though Kilborn was a bit less cloying this time around and a bit more bitter in his mockery).
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @04:51AM (#116385)
  • I think Mozzer's looked half shitfaced last night.

    Also, this Jessie guy..... so young! How did he fall into this gig? Lucky bastard.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @05:21AM (#116387)
    • Re:Drunk by mozlike (Score:1) Friday July 23 2004, @07:27AM
  • So what were the three songs he performed? I'm assuming that they'll only show one of them, so I'd like to know what we're missing.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @06:26AM (#116397)
  • Fortunately for me, I taped the show , so I could fast-forward and not subject myself to Kilborn's lame attempt at being a talk-show host.

    No suprises here: Morrissey was divine, the band looked was a spirited performance and that's all that matters.
    mozmic_dancer -- Friday July 23 2004, @06:37AM (#116398)
    (User #11277 Info)
    "I am the fun and the fair, on a Mozsite for the criminally insane..."
  • I think the 2002 performance was better; more exciting and Moz looked fitter and more tanned. That's all.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @06:58AM (#116399)
  • Mozzer had as much swagger last evening as I’ve seen from him in quite some time…he was beaming and it was beautiful to see!

    Like everyone else, I was hoping for an interview (despite Craiggers less than adequate questioning)…but alas, I suppose we shall take what we can get. Glad to see from posts above that it appears we will be getting two more songs out of this (jesus & LMKY) as opposed to just one.

    As for Craiggers, I wouldn’t mind him playing on/making fun of the typical Mozzer “miserable” stereotype…but c’mon, if you’re gonna drudge the stereotype up, actually be FUNNY, WITTY, or COMEDIC with it! I’m certain us devotees and Mozzer himself can deal with him taking the piss out of us, but when Craiggers continues down the same beaten, dull path…it does send some mixed messages and make one curious as to what he really thinks about Moz…and/or severely question his comedic abilities.

    The performance itself, as noted above, Mozzer exuded so much confidence it was quite breathtaking! He looked sharp, sharp, sharp! The whole band really shined and seemed proud of what they were doing. They were really sped up in playing the song though…I do think it sounded brilliant, but definitely significantly faster than normal…which I believe changed the dynamic of how Moz layed down his vocals which was also noticeably different than usual. Not in a negative way really mind you…but this was especially apparent on the closing repetitive lines of the song “he stole all hearts away..a-hay..a-hay”.

    The new guitarist Jessie certainly seemed adequate for the job. Where was Alain severely missed? THE BACKING VOCALS!!! Mikey and Boz doing the backups was glaringly not good. Again, overall I LOVED the song and this didn’t significantly hinder it…however, Alain is far more competent with the backing vocals and would have made it that much better. I loved seeing the increased enthusiasm and energy from Deano on the drums…you could even see him shouting along to the song sans mic! Seeing him at The Apollo in May and last night have certainly helped altar my initial thoughts of him. He looks much better and is hitting the drums with much more fervor.

    Impatiently awaiting for this evening!!!
    thelastofthefamous -- Friday July 23 2004, @07:06AM (#116402)
    (User #11673 Info)
  • El Nuevo Guitarrista simplemente Fantástico, Genial, Enorme.....extrañamos a Alan pero el nuevo integrante es Genial....Lleno de energía el escenario genial elección de Moz.....Nos vemos en San Diego...! Cheers Corona !!!!......
    Morrissey Mexicano -- Friday July 23 2004, @08:33AM (#116422)
    (User #10231 Info)
  • Although the Mozzer was astonishing & much more alive than last time around, I must say I was disappointed that there was no interview.
    I set my alarm for 1:15am, so that I would only catch Moz, I could not bare to watch Kilborn fully! The pitts...
    Moz baby you were fabulous, just fabulous! We are waiting for you in Los Angeles......

    Miss Shankly
    Miss Shankly -- Friday July 23 2004, @08:43AM (#116426)
    (User #10388 Info)
  • i don't know what it is but craig kilborne seriously bothers me. i just can't help but wonder what morrissey thinks of him. i have only watched his show when morrissey has been on so i'm curious, does he always ask his other guests questions about the musical guest & basically revolve the entire show around them? i mean i am not complaining but it is quite odd. well anyway morrissey was amazing. he seemed so incredibly relaxed & energetic he sounded flawless. when i hear him live i can't help my emotions he is simply amazing! looking forward to tonights performance plus jon heder too!
    *puella* -- Friday July 23 2004, @08:47AM (#116427)
    (User #11105 Info)
  • Boz looked rather plump on last night's broadcast. I know the camera adds ten pounds, but it appeared to me that he may have started up with the bottle again...sweet guitar, though. The Mozzer, of course, was brilliant. Sexy as ever.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @08:53AM (#116429)
    • Re:yikes (Score:2, Funny)

      Glad to know that I am not the only evil one to think Boz is looking really rough. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love his work, but my God! I saw him in Chicago last week and granted I did not focus on him but he looks even bigger! The "angry Charlie Sheen" doesn't even look like the "angry Martin Sheen" anymore!
      mozlike -- Friday July 23 2004, @09:15AM (#116432)
      (User #11690 Info)
      I am MINE!
      • Re:yikes by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday July 23 2004, @09:19AM
      • Re:yikes by Pompadourprincess (Score:1) Friday July 23 2004, @10:20AM
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    • Re:yikes by someraincoatedlovers (Score:1) Friday July 23 2004, @09:27AM
    • Re:yikes by PerfectlyWretched (Score:1) Friday July 23 2004, @09:38AM
    • Re:yikes by Sick (Score:1) Friday July 23 2004, @02:30PM
  • Anybody else think that Boz's tommy gun guitar was totally kick ass?

    Anyway... As nearly everybody else has said, Moz looked absolutely delicious. I was also disappointed that there was no interview, but at the same time kind of relieved... I have a gut feeling that Morrissey knows very well that Craig is really an egotistical bastard. I mean, Craig, you're a really attractive man, but get over yourself, and express your fondness for the Morrissey songs that do not happen to be singles from Viva Hate! So, ehh, I'm grateful for Moz's appearance on the show, but I just wish he was taken more seriously as an intellectual artist and not just some antidepressant-popping, laughable performer. If Craig were a true fan, he wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Morrissey as such a depressing, predictable character who happens to possess a beautiful, unique voice. Obviously, the great majority of us think more of Moz than that... Or, I would hope so.
    Anonymous-shnonymous <[email protected]> -- Friday July 23 2004, @09:37AM (#116441)
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    Anything is hard to find when you will not open your eyes.
  • What kind of sick is he on? Is he gone for good?
    someraincoatedlovers -- Friday July 23 2004, @09:45AM (#116446)
    (User #10290 Info)
  • It sounded like Morrissey was searching for notes during the first couple measures...possibly due bad studio mix. Whoever mixed the sound had the keyboard up to high. And there were a few missed notes in the lead part. I kept my eye on Morrissey thinking he might throw an "omg" look but he was stalwart and stiff upper lipped about it.

    I think the energy was great, but the presentation looked like it was meant for a theatre stage rather than a television soundstage...too cramped and too restrained. Give the man room to do his thing. The hand gestures need some spicing up. Maybe a few cupped palms upward like Matlin signed for the old cohonas in the "we are the pretty petty thieves" line.

    I was impressed that they showed a bit from the MEN performance of the song.

    As for the rest of the Kilborn clucking, if he's a fan, perhaps he feels he's poking fun of himself with all the "miserable", "gloomy" jabs. It sounded like he had listened to I Have Forgiven Jesus a few times though as he knew the "Thursday is Pathetic" line. I couldnt bear the sound of those morons singing. Like "Everyday is Like Sunday" is the only song the staff know...and the guy sand "Monday". The best line of the whole bit was when they announced after that catterwauling that Matlin had left the building.

    I am wondering if the decision not to interview came from the Moz camp?
    Can't wait to see the next bit tonight.
    PerfectlyWretched -- Friday July 23 2004, @09:50AM (#116447)
    (User #9140 Info)
  • Did anyone else vommit when Mark Consuelos said he was a Morrissey fan?
    cbmoz -- Friday July 23 2004, @09:53AM (#116449)
    (User #10445 Info)
    • Re:Yuk!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday July 23 2004, @10:42AM
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          • Re:Yuk!!! by chrisarclark (Score:1) Friday July 23 2004, @05:42PM
  • When did Morrissey get all that new hair?
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @10:03AM (#116450)
  • At the taping Morrissey played three songs, yet when Kilborn aired last night didn't he keep saying that Morrissey would only be playing TWO songs? Hmmmm...
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @10:05AM (#116451)
  • Plugs???? (Score:1, Funny)

    Our man looked and sounded beautiful but yea...where did all that hair come from...It wasn't all there 2 years ago....Whatever works though, he can do no wrong....
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @10:12AM (#116454)
  • Moz looked fantastic! Dean & Gary looked fantastic!Boz looked a little on the pork side (did anyone see that close shot of him opening his mouth?)

    Alain you are so missed, this new guy does not fit in.

    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @10:55AM (#116470)
  • Yeah, Boz isn't looking so hot these days. Extremely bloated to say the least. Who knows, it could be a medical thing like Jerry Lewis?
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @12:34PM (#116493)
  • I'm a drummer so maybe I noticed more but Dean on the 2002 tour was a bore to watch play. He hit way too soft and slow (rumor has it Moz asked him to play that way for that tour). Then Quarry comes out and he plays a we bit harder and more or less better. But fucking hell did anyone else notice how much he ROCKED on Kilby? He is hitting hard - and playing FAST! Fast sounding Moz??? That's been unheard of since the 1999 tour.

    Maybe Moz gave him permission to rock for the night - or maybe this next Quarry tour will be more upbeat? Who know....all I know is that was an amazing performance....
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @12:42PM (#116498)
  • The Taping! (Score:2, Informative)

    i was at the taping last night. got into line around 7:00am. there werent that many people at all yesterday. there were a few people who didn't get in because they didn't have tickets who slept out there all night. out of the like 70 people in there only 10 moz fans made it in. even though there werent many of us we were still louder than everyone else in the house. moz did play three songs. first of the gang to die,i have forgiven jesus,and let me kiss you. it sounded great and was so fun to be at such and intamite little show. moz talked and joked around for a little. they actually filmed all the songs before the actuall show. the actual show was pretty lame dont know why craig has his own show but ohh well that's another topic. after the show we went down to the cat and fiddle and moz just happens to be there with the band. most of the band came around and talked to us took pics they were all nice as can be. when moz left the place some fans got in his face with autographs and pics after a while moz looked kinda bothered and politely left. i felt bad for the guy these people were just shoving they're stuff into his face. i didn't bother i just sat back and watched the whole thing unfold. good end to a fun night. hope to see it on tv.

    hdlm_omie -- Friday July 23 2004, @01:23PM (#116507)
    (User #11257 Info)
    • Re:The Taping! by Pompadourprincess (Score:1) Friday July 23 2004, @02:51PM
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  • Am I the only miserable person who thinks morrissey looked like he needed some rest? =/
    mommy jack -- Friday July 23 2004, @01:44PM (#116511)
    (User #11522 Info)
  • Morrissey looked better than ever. Last time around he seemed really nervous and shy but he totally loosened up this time around. Does anyone when the third performance will be shown?
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Friday July 23 2004, @02:28PM (#116518)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • as you all say that morrissey looked astonishing...
    well some of you do
    are there any pics???
    malina -- Saturday July 24 2004, @05:01AM (#116624)
    (User #7320 Info)

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