posted by davidt on Friday July 23 2004, @10:30PM
Post your info and reviews of Morrissey's appearance on "The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn" on July 23, 2004 in the comments section below.
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  • What an amazing performance. I have never seen him that good on tv. The band just rocked and the song was just flawless.
    airmax1973 -- Friday July 23 2004, @10:32PM (#116576)
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  • ...and wish she didn't leave me for another guy. God, i wanna have sex...
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @10:37PM (#116577)
  • Beat last night by a mile--totally confident, band sounded fantastic, song sounded more interesting than the version on Quarry. There really is something to Morrissey performing as almost a Scott Walker/Sinatra torch singer...all about presence and a flawless voice.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @10:39PM (#116578)
  • my favorite part though:

    Wednesday...(shaking head) condescension
    Thursday is pathetic
    By has killed me
    By Friday....(trying not to laugh) MORE CONDESCENSION
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @10:41PM (#116579)
  • His wit and quick recovery always redeem him - he said tuesday, friday more condescension - He looked amazing though - I love that tuxedo/ ruffled shirt look. Kind of like an ironic, elegant wedding refugee (tuxedo coat seen in Dagenham Dave video & on 2002 tour as well).
    Vocally flawless - the band was hot. And please no comment's about poor Boz' weight
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @10:41PM (#116580)
  • too funny. see him shake his head and raise his hand to his mouth after "Tuesday"? too good. great performance- looked great, sounded amazing, loosened up towards the end [iknow all three were taped the same night but he mustve tightened up again after FOTGTD]. good show.
    chrisarclark <[email protected]> -- Friday July 23 2004, @10:42PM (#116581)
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    "I'm just passing through here on my way to somewhere civilized and maybe I'll even arrive, maybe I'll even arrive..."
  • That was hilarious, how he added "by Friday, more condescension" with a smirk, after having flubbed the line earlier by repeating "Tuesday, condescension, Wednesday, condescension". This gave me a right chuckle, it did.

    Oh, how I love that man! :)
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @10:44PM (#116582)
  • A fantabulous version of the song, but poor Mozza, there certainly is a lot of condescension in his life....
    Pollex Christi -- Friday July 23 2004, @10:45PM (#116583)
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  • Did anybody see that segment after the performance where Kilborn's goof-ball staff interviewed fans waiting to get into The Wiltern? It was pretty damn funny!
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @11:09PM (#116589)
  • Thought Morrissey and band would never come on. I almost missed it, as it's unbearable for me to sit though Kilborn, his guests are always so lame, just like his jokes. None the less, it's fantastic seeing them perform on American television.

    I felt the performance was just as, if not, better than the studio version. What a cutie, Moz looked great, as the band. Charming how he played off the forgotten lyrics. Loved the "GONG" and Morrissey crouching at the end.
    InterestingDruggie -- Friday July 23 2004, @11:12PM (#116590)
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  • I must have subconsiously missed it so I wouldn't have to listen to Spraig Gillborn.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2004, @11:15PM (#116592)
  • it was suberb and much more great than last nights performance although, there was no mention of the third appearance. i hope they do a surprise show and he does and interview of something. does anybody know exactly what day will they air the performance next week?
    shane sarabia <[email protected]> -- Saturday July 24 2004, @01:57AM (#116605)
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    "My only mistake is i'm hoping"
  • The second night's performance has been converted to MPG and is now being served up Here [].

    We have to warn people that the local affiliate decided to throw up (puke up) their big-ass logo during the song, occluding a little of Morrissey's face for a few seconds of the song.

    *RANT WOULD HAVE FOLLOWED HERE: Everyone was spared*

    P.S. Wow! Some of you are fast. We haven't even posted this message yet and there are already some people connected! ;D

    P.P.S. We experienced some problems in I.E. getting the .torrent file. I'm not sure why, but it's probably some stupid IE setting. Leave your e-mail if you want someone to e-mail you the torrent file. Please only do this if you can't get the torrent file and if you don't have another browser (Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera) to try the download from. Mozilla seemingly works fine for getting the torrent file downloaded. Cheers!
    mozchildren -- Saturday July 24 2004, @02:00AM (#116606)
    (User #6214 Info)
  • i just went on the late late show website and there is also no mention of morrissey. i have doubts they will ever air his performance. maybe it was just cut. tell us people tell us!!
    shane sarabia <[email protected]> -- Saturday July 24 2004, @02:02AM (#116608)
    (User #11459 Info)
    "My only mistake is i'm hoping"
  • I don't understand why they taped the band playing 3 songs, but they are not airing the third one?
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 24 2004, @02:13AM (#116610)
  • Craiggers is an ESPN guy, I gotta stick up for him. First off, this guy's first love was sports. He didn't make it as an athlete...for obvious reasons. He also got left behind after SportsCenter. That's right, Kilby couldn't even get his own show on ESPN 2. He had more luck being a stand-up comic. This is a little painful to admit but, he also got turned down for his own sitcom. Maybe if ABC would have been associated with ESPN back when he wanted that gig, things would have been different. The dude is a funny guy, don't get me wrong. But he didn't have that edge that it takes to be successful in the sports world. Craiggers is working at his third option (the comedy/entertainment business), and at his second choice in that field (late late night talk show host instead of Prime Time player). DUDE HAS BEEN JADED!

    That being said, I think we should lay off the guy. Sure, he's a poser...but how many of you aren't? The second Moz cancels a show or makes a disappointing B-Side, most of you are all over him threatening to sell your old CD's. Looks like Craig isn't the only one who's been jaded. Besides, late-night is a cut-throat business. I think most of us remember the late-night wars about 10 years ago. Guys like Chevy, Arsenio, and Peppermint Poundstone couldn't make it because they didn't have either the guts and/or the material for it.

    Do any of you think the other late-night hosts are any nicer? I've been to Leno's tapings. He is the ultimate nice guy on t.v. and in person. But he does turn down people just like Kilby would, only in a discreet and less direct way. Leno pays people to make sure he is not bothered, whereas Craiggers is likely to tell you to your face. (That's one of the advantages of working just a little earlier in the night). Letterman has made being a jerk funny. He pulls it off in a way few others can because they are not as smart. Kilby is the best example of this. I notice most of you are pulling for Moz to appear on Conan. Sure he seems like a harmless guy, but he has just as much of an ego, if not much worse than Craig's. How most of you are describing his mannerisms at the taping is almost exactly how Conan acted that time I seen him at a Leno taping. (Hey, nothing else was going on in the basement) Any New Yorkers out there who can confirm this? He even shined off some old lady who is a regular at those tapings...according to Leno's pre-tape speech. (See the magic of a little B.S.?)

    I'm not saying that Craiggers is a nice guy or has any reason to act the way he does. All i'm saying is that he is no different than any other show-biz primadonnas out there. And by the way, I don't see any other talk show hosts lining up to get Moz some face time on the telly out here in the States. At least we can give him that. As far as Mozzer's performance; the first night was solid. I noticed that he did hold back on the personality and high tones possibly as a result of Kilborn's analysis...albeit, unnecessary. Let me clear this up, Moz was dancing and moving around as much as he can without getting winded at his age, but he seemed to be racing through the song. Still sounded good. Now I finally know what that voice says about Los Angeles in the beginning of it. The second performance was tight, Moz appeared to be more comfortable. Maybe too comfortable as can be seen with that whole 'condescension' bit. Perhaps that word is on his mind from just being at any late-night show. Looks like Kilborn is either gonna save the third song for later next week as a 'surprise', or he's gonna hold onto it until October and just pass it off as another 'new' performance from Morrissey.

    Jim Rome -- Saturday July 24 2004, @02:25AM (#116613)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • The Late Late Show's show tune reminds me of 'Alsatian Cousin'.

    I think 'I Have Forgiven Jesus' could have been a major hit in Christian America.
    They should play it in churches
    nonesoever -- Saturday July 24 2004, @03:43AM (#116619)
    (User #8448 Info)
    "... turn popular song into sickness"
  • Amazing rendition! I always liked IHFJ on the album, but seeing it performed "live" added that extra poigiancy.

    Who caught that skit with "Carl, the Giantly Wierd, Old Page" ranting about how Morrissey caught him in 1983 making "moody, angry love" to a "plump, Smiths fan" covered in marzipan? Kilborn then went on to say that Morrissey claimed "he never saw a naked body?" Huh?!

    Oh, Jesus, that was bizzare! Otherwise Moz was great. That "more condensation" flub may or may have not been intentional, but leave it to Moz to keep us all guessing.
    mozmic_dancer -- Saturday July 24 2004, @09:26AM (#116660)
    (User #11277 Info)
    "I am the fun and the fair, on a Mozsite for the criminally insane..."
  • I finally got to see the clip of Friday nights performance and all I can say I love that song more than ever now. It sounded great and Morrissey's voice was perfect. What I can't understand is all the posts that seemed to think he messed up the lyric. I didn't see that at all. He was super straight faced when he sang the Wednesday and when he repeats Friday he is having a laugh because he knows all the things Killborn jokes about. I repeat it was no mess up and it was totally intentional. Morrissey has always changed lyrics live. Your Arsenal tour - "Someone kindly told me that you wasted 8 of 9 lives" vs "Someone kindly told me that you collected very sharp bread knives."
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 24 2004, @10:57AM (#116673)
  • despite the disappointing performance of mr butterworth (who required the sequenced drum backing track, one which Spencer could have handled with ease WITHOUT a backup tape!), i was left also Disappointed wondering where the amazing Alain Whyte was! the guitarist didn't look like him, and upon closer observation i was pretty positive that it was not my beloved Alain. Boz did look and sound wonderful with a Gretsch, and Gary was excellent, and I thought Moz was of course Fabulous and simply smashing. But it was horrible enough to lose Spencer, and i just cannot bear to see him perform without Alain by his side there. if anyone can answer this conundrum please post it!
    theambitiousoutsider -- Saturday July 24 2004, @11:20AM (#116675)
    (User #11990 Info)
  • once again morrissey blew us away. his voice matures so beautifully with age. still can't stand kilborne but morrissey was wonderful. what the hell was up with the montel interview? dear lord.
    *puella* -- Saturday July 24 2004, @11:42AM (#116683)
    (User #11105 Info)
  • Dammit. I caught Thursdays performance but missed Fridays cuz I was busy at the time(sex).

    Hopefully Mrs Shankly or someone on Soulseek will have it up soon?
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 24 2004, @02:23PM (#116708)
  • Jaysus! (Score:2, Funny)

    Kick ass performance.
    The band did an A+ job and Morrissey sounded top notch.
    I'm reeling that he did this track, it's one of my faves off the album.
    Deano's drumming is Bang On and he's a real Ham, great to watch.

    Morrissey looks 10 years younger, I think he called Nancy's plastic surgeon and got Botoxed, but they did a good job.
    Teenage Boy -- Saturday July 24 2004, @05:15PM (#116724)
    (User #11322 Info)
    young and restless
  • I think that if Morrissey needs to remain relevant he needs to go beyond bringing in a pop-punk producer. Sooner or later he's going to have to ditch that tired old band and surround himself with some more musicians that are more compelling. My opinion on the matter isn't unique and I must admit that I first started thinking this way when I read Stephin Merritt's review of YATQ in which he asked the obvious question which was, to paraphrase; "why is the most talented living lyricist in rock slumming it with such a boring band?"
    jack_the_lad -- Saturday July 24 2004, @05:37PM (#116728)
    (User #11992 Info)
  • Moz was a cross between Brando and Elvis with a refined English gentleman persona. He has aged like a fine wine and sounds as sweet.
    I admire Kilborn more than I did before - none - for playing Morrissey over two or three nights (I only saw Friday's show).

    It is wonderful to see how Morrissey has refined himself over the years. Unlike Robert Smith who goes out and hires a heavy metal producer to reinvent his image into a 20 year old rock star trying to act hip with the times. (Not happy with the Cure album at all!)

    Morrissey is certainly unique in his refusal to whore himself to the public image makers and record company pimps.

    VIVA Morrissey!
    walkingondiamonds -- Saturday July 24 2004, @06:51PM (#116733)
    (User #10932 Info)
  • But thursday Afternoon my sister Inlaw and I where the luckyest ladies On earth we whent Sort of early with the Hopes of getting in with a 6:30 ticket, but now that I was there I know that it wouldnt happen if it two lovely girls in the line would have Invite us to go along with them. They had a Paper with 4 tickets on it and their freinds didnt show up so We were lucky for Once.
      Thank You so much Again & Again. Moz was great It was too strange Ive never have been to a television studiow and I was trippin, I couldnt believe I was there NOW I must Say
    "I believe In Miracles" OOoh
    tenderliz -- Saturday July 24 2004, @08:07PM (#116737)
    (User #11301 Info)
  • Next time you watch it...take a look at Kilborns face as he introduces Morrissey. He sorta looks like.....let down or annoyed.
    I'm sure he had to be pissed or at ...more likely had to be hurt by moz cancelling the whole week that he promised to do.
    Kilborn looks like he's saying...thats fucked.
    He said he asked specifically for Moz to sing "i have forgiven" and...moz it makes me wonder if moz did it as an apologetic type of know?

    the mozkateer.
    Mozkateer -- Saturday July 24 2004, @10:58PM (#116742)
    (User #1871 Info |
  • I loved the second night, the I Have Forgive Jesus song. That was gorgeous, he was on!
    redpathetic -- Sunday July 25 2004, @12:04PM (#116772)
    (User #6184 Info)
    Happy in this final acceptance of his own absurdity...Albert Camus
  • Does anybody know where i can see the second night, i was out that night , and i did'nt get to set my VCR....
    "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
    Mozzer364 -- Sunday July 25 2004, @07:09PM (#116796)
    (User #6707 Info)
  • does anybody know if the kilborn interview (not the songs - already got them, thanx so much to the person who torrented them!) is available in good quality? i've got it in 3 parts, mov format, and they're very small. Also, got a similarly formatted file containing 'Every Day is like Sunday' on the kilborn show - as i understand, that wasn't aired yet, or was it? and while on the subject of 'condescension...and more condescension' :), anyone saw the hultsfred festival bit (apparently from swedish tv), where in IBEH he went " be standing by the flag not feeling shameful, racist or racial"? was that intended? it's pretty much the same word...
    vcd -- Sunday July 25 2004, @07:17PM (#116799)
    (User #11996 Info)
  • To me if I had rush to the set and Hug him
    I cant help thinking that I should of done it, but I wouldnt like to get beat up or arrested. Tell me what you think for those who where there. Was it possible?
    tenderliz -- Sunday July 25 2004, @11:24PM (#116808)
    (User #11301 Info)
  • When he sings that line and makes those accompanying hand gestures, my mind helplessly thinks of the heart-snatching scene from the gawd-awful second Indiana Jones flick. Also of the Liu Kang character from the Mortal Kombat movie. ;D

    Also, I just noticed that during FOTGTD, Boz was playing a guitar shaped a little like a Tommy Gun.
    alainsane -- Sunday July 25 2004, @11:34PM (#116809)
    (User #460 Info)
  • let me know if you would be interested in having a copy of the Kilborn performance of both nights on DVD or cd for a small fee. I also have performances from the first kilborn show, in 02' david letterman performance from 92', MTV performance, SNL performance, MTV News interview, Tons of other stuff. Drop me an email at....

    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Monday July 26 2004, @10:38AM (#116853)
  • photos or stills from the show? I still couldn't get that torrent thing to work - it would be nice for those of us for whom technology stops with the humble photo! :-D
    charming lass -- Thursday July 29 2004, @04:49AM (#117120)
    (User #11741 Info)
    this is the last song i will ever sing, oh no i've changed my mind again

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