posted by davidt on Saturday July 17 2004, @09:00PM
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Set List:

Let Me Kiss You / Shakespeare's Sister / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Jack The Ripper / Rubber Ring / I'm Not Sorry / First Of The Gang To Die / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / I Have Forgiven Jesus / All The Lazy Dykes / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / The Headmaster Ritual / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by aubrey
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  • Come on, one of you retards please run home immediatley after the show to tell us all how great it was. Don't spare the details of the same 72 minute, 18 song set either! I have nothing better to do on a Saturday night but to sit here and wait for one of you losers to post some info! Seriously, I don't....I'm not joking.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 17 2004, @09:03PM (#115423)
  • I wanted to ask opinions about It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small. What the hell is that bad ass song doing on a b-side and not to mention he hasn't been playing it live. God that song is awesome.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 17 2004, @09:12PM (#115425)
  • What an amazing set! Morrisey was full of the devil and obviously still enjoying himself. I must admit, he nearly made me cry a few times. Off to pleasant dreams...
    sully60609 -- Saturday July 17 2004, @09:33PM (#115427)
    (User #11912 Info)
  • it was a great show. it was my first time seeing moz live. lots of new songs as well as older ones. i'll let one of the lucky ones who got an actual setlist post all the titles. moz came on around 9pm and the show ended around 10:20pm. great music and even some bush bashing. who could ask for more.
    boukie69 -- Saturday July 17 2004, @09:37PM (#115429)
    (User #11913 Info)
  • Moz is still rocking. Tonight's show -- despite asses working the security -- was truly amazing. You can see what sets Morrissey apart from today's crashing bores.

    But -- just for the record, McDonald's did not get its start in Chicago. Yes, the headquarters are in Oak Brook, but I believe the original was in California.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 17 2004, @09:56PM (#115433)
  • She is very nice, but I am not certain just how she is related to Morrissey.

    The show was fantastic, but idiots with their camera phones/ video phones were really troublesome. One gent was taunting the security officer with his video phone, and it was an ugly scene indeed. I met some great people at the concert- (Jay- you and your friend are cool.)

    Morrissey stated that he will play in South Bend, Indiana real soon.

    Jessie, the new guitarist, is fantastic. And Mikey (the multi-instrumentalist) is adorable.

    The fans were great- I waited in line a very long time, and it was worth it. The Killers were wonderful as an opening act; it was cool when the speaker caught on fire!

    Morrissey was dashing. I enjoyed every minute.

    Here is the set-list

    Let Me Kiss You
    Shakespeare's Sister
    How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
    I'm Not Sorry
    Rubber Ring
    The World is Full of Crashing Bores
    First of the Gang to Die
    Subway Into/Everday is Like Sunday
    The Headmaster Ritual
    All the Lazy Dykes
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    There is a Light That Never Goes Out
    Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice
    Irish Blood, English Heart

    I believe that is correct; my head is still spinning.

    By the way, the security officers would not let me bring the gladiolas inside the House of Blues.

    With love,

    Ken Stavitzke
    sycophantic_slag -- Saturday July 17 2004, @10:15PM (#115437)
    (User #3940 Info)
    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • He also mentioned his appearance later in the week on the Craig Stillborn show, with a menacing sly grin before correcting himself.

    Was it me or was the intro to Headmaster a little long ?? Other than this very minor gaffe, I thought the show was brilliant.

    Looking forward to the Fall tour.
    The Grahamster -- Saturday July 17 2004, @10:25PM (#115440)
    (User #2827 Info)
  • Setlist (Score:0, Troll)

    why do dumbasses ask for the setlist when they know its exactly the same throughout the tour. you want the setlisT ? well go to any other show on the tour link and im sure youll find your setlist retards
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 17 2004, @10:33PM (#115442)
    • Re:Setlist by boukie69 (Score:1) Saturday July 17 2004, @10:52PM
  • Nobody has mentioned yet that chicago's very own FERNANDO made it on stage!!!!!! one dude way stage right got on, not too successfully and then fernando made his move, it was fucking BRILLIANT!! great move... security was evil, some guy behind me was taking seom digitals and the asshole security guy wrestled him for the camera - he lost... moz fans 3, security 0
    devoted101 -- Sunday July 18 2004, @12:09AM (#115449)
    (User #10724 Info)
  • Moz also kept hyping a show in South Bend, Indiana... not sure when... he then joked about shows in Rockford, Illinois and Madison, Wisconsin...
    devoted101 -- Sunday July 18 2004, @12:19AM (#115450)
    (User #10724 Info)
  • Chicago: House of Blues Set list...
    Let Me Kiss You
    Shakespeare's Sister
    How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
    Jack the Ripper
    Rubber Ring
    I'm Not Sorry
    First of the Gang to Die
    Such a Little Thing Makes Such a Big Difference
    I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday
    The World is Full of Crashing Bores
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    All the Lazy Dykes
    Subway Into/Everday is Like Sunday
    The Headmaster Ritual
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    There is a Light That Never Goes Out
    Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice

    Irish Blood, English Heart

    i can't believe he ripped his shirt off.
    aubrey -- Sunday July 18 2004, @12:54AM (#115455)
    (User #11916 Info)
    • i messed up. here it is. sorry. i can't figure out how to delete that post...

      let me kiss you
      shakespear's sister
      how could anyone possibly know how i feel
      jack the ripper
      rubber ring
      i'm not sorry
      first of the gang to die
      such a little think makes such a big difference
      i know it's gonna happen someday
      the world is full of crashing bores
      there is a light that never goes out
      i have forgiven jesus
      all the lazy dykes
      subway into/ everyday is like sunday
      the headmaster ritual
      don't make fun of daddy's voice

      encore with
      eirish blood english heart

      thanks for bearing with me.
      aubrey -- Sunday July 18 2004, @12:58AM (#115457)
      (User #11916 Info)
  • Is s/he a man or a lady?
    Did Moz introduce the band?
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 18 2004, @12:59AM (#115460)
  • We haven't had someone come on to tell us how shit he was yet! ;-)
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 18 2004, @05:10AM (#115470)
  • Could someone who was there tell us how big the audience was? I've had it in my head that House Of Blues is a really small venue.
  • Fernando!!! You made it.. I was the guy stage right that made it half way on. Moz grabbed my hand and tried to help me and then the guards got to me. I can't believe we were the only ones to make it. I am so glad one of us did.. I looked Morrissey dead in the eyes and had his hand. It was worth the beating I took from the guards..
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 18 2004, @06:28AM (#115481)
  • Someone must have recorded the show...where's my copy??
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 18 2004, @09:19AM (#115489)
  • A BIG Hello to the cool people I met in line before the Moz show yesterday (Jennifer, Keith, Tom & Jerry!). Could not find you at the bar for the post-show drink...sorry!!!

    Morrissey was fabulous!!! Couldn't have asked for more. Damn it, I love that man.
    see you at the next show!!!
    Marissa :)
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 18 2004, @09:34AM (#115491)
  • This was my first Morrissey concert and I loved every minute of it. I missed the opening act but I wasn't too bummed about that. I stood up in the balcony behind two frizzy-haired girls who didn't even sing along to ONE song the whole night!!
    That was kinda frustrating, but oh well.
    Morrissey was funny, talkative and looked hotter than ever. I'm happy-happy-happy!
    Jessica216 -- Sunday July 18 2004, @11:29AM (#115506)
    (User #4357 Info)
    "How dearly I'd love to get carried away"~Accept Yourself~
  • Was Mr. Whyte Ill or is he out of the band?? I was a bit bummed. I think he is an amazing music writer and guitar player.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 18 2004, @11:56AM (#115513)
  • I travelled half the country to go and it was great. A little bit more length to my arm and I would have been able to grab the great one's hand--maybe next time. Fantastic small venue and great fans. Morrissey and band had to enjoy that after all of these festivals in Europe I've been reading about.

    Just to add to other's comments - he also dedicated First of the Gang to the New York Dolls bassist, had to get an obligatory jab in at President Bush to which more than one person yelled back "Shut Up and Sing" (note to Moz: until you become a citizen just worry about what's happening in the jolly old UK). I also taked to one of the HOB beer guys - apparently they had to go through a lot to pull off this show - like change their menu to all veggie especially for Moz. The Killers' (who were great but could have been a bit more lively) monitor catching on fire was surreal - then 5 seconds after they drag it offstage snoking they picked up the song exactly where it left off! I was sitting there like "Did that really happen?" Everybody should get their CD.

    All in all fantastic performance and well worth everything...
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 18 2004, @12:25PM (#115526)
  • chica-go (Score:2, Informative)

    So, after a long flight that started with my hotel shuttle being 1 hour late this morning, I am finally back in LA. What a great show. The only problem I had was the crowd. Not that the people there were not great, but it was soooooooooo mellow and calm. I'm not saying there should have been a riot or anything, but maybe some movement. Don't get me wrong, the Chicago crowd was super enthusiastic and vocal before and after every song, and they seemed to really appreciate the fact that they were seeing Morrissey. But I was on the barrier right between Moz and Gary, and I was amazed to the fact that not one person even touched my back all night long. It made me realise how much I do miss that intensity that you see at a lot of the shows in California, Vegas, etc. People were so damn polite, if someone barely brushed against you, they were really apologetic. It was very nice, but I was kinda begging to be crushed a little, or to get to get people bouncing into me or something. Oh well......

        Morrissey himself was amazing. This was one of the better perfomances I have seen. His vocals were perfect to a tee tonight. I was getting worried because the Killers' sound was kinda bad, but luckily that seemed to be problems with there own equipment, and not the venue. Their monitor even caught fire at the beginning of Mr Brightside. The venue itself was rather small, smaller than either the Vegas or LA HOB as I recall. There was room for about 20 people on the barrier, as the stage seemed tiny. Moz and the lads all came on stage wearing suits, and he later took off his jacket to reveal a pink button down shirt. He went off stage about hafway through while the band kept playing, and came back out wearing a darker colored shirt. For the encore, he came out in a brown YSL shirt which he threw into the crowd at the end of the encore, and this guy Wade ended up catching it, and got away with the whole thing intact. I think I saw everyone have a sniff after the show.

      There was a lot of banter inbetween songs tonight, a lot of which has already been mentioned. He asked if everyone had seen Farenheight 9/11, and said if have not you should and told everone to make sure that they do not vote for Bush in the upcoming election. He actually went on about this for a few minutes, but I forget all that was said. He said that if we know anyone that is going to vote for him, that we have to stop them, and to 'drug them' on election day if we have to. All of this recieved massive cheers from most of the audience, but there were also quite a few boos. He asked why they were booing? I also kept forgetting that we were in the Midwest, so...... He dedicated FOTGTD(I think...?) to Aurthur Kane, whom he said were surely be missed, and seemed genuinly sad when he was mentioning it, and it was touching. He was very animated tonight, had a lot of interaction with the crowd, and talked to JR more than I have ever seen at any other show. He also asked another girl to speak into the mic if she knew where South Bend was. I don't think he knew she was S. Carolina, but I think she answered correctly anyways. I met a lof of people in line that day, and there were like only two people from Chicago, a guy Fernando and his friend. There were a bunch of us from Los Angeles, people from Texas, New York, Boston, S. Carolina, St Louis, and Pittsburgh but nobody from Chicago. I guess they are all last minute folks? There were only two attempted stage invasions during IBEH, one successful, and the security were lame, lame, lame. They caught one friend of mine taking pictures during the encore, and a bouncer came into the crowd, grabbed him, threw him across the floor, and he was then taken to some room, where him and the guys that tried to get on the stage were threatened with arrest!?!?!?! An HOB employee came in a kicked them loose. Anyways, that's all I can remember right now, but all in all, it was great show. Sorry for any of the spelling or grammar errors, but I have not slept in about 3 days. Oh, and Chicago is probably one of the cleanest cities I have seen. Like, kinda creepy almost..... Very nice place. I would look forward to seeing another show there again. just crush me a little next time.
    Sharron Needles -- Sunday July 18 2004, @01:03PM (#115538)
    (User #762 Info)
    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
    • Re:chica-go (Score:2, Informative)

      Yes, the dedication song was First of the Gang to Die. I believe Moz said that Arthur Kane was the *4th* of his gang to die.
      boukie69 -- Sunday July 18 2004, @01:14PM (#115540)
      (User #11913 Info)
      • Re:chica-go by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday July 19 2004, @10:18AM
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    • Re:chica-go by swedo78 (Score:1) Tuesday September 21 2004, @10:56AM
  • and you wanna know what Moz and the boys have to eat at their shows, here is their menu, exactly as it is printed on paper(which The Killers wrote their setlist on..., lol):

    Band members food menu

    Cold veggie sandwich-cucumber, tomato, sprouts, spinach, red onion, smoked Gouda, basil on multi grain bread w/ Mayo. Served w/ fries

    Creaole pizza-mozzeralla, roma tomatoes, pesto and fresh basil

    Penne with Spinach, roasted red peppers, roasted garlic, and parm cheese in a white wine veg stock base

    Veg Quesadillas-Monterey jack cheese, roma tomatoes, green chilies, jalapeno and cilantro, served between two 6" flour tortillas

    Field greens with spiced pecans, goat cheese tossed with tomatoe shallot vinaigrete

    Spinach and artichoke dip with tri-color tortillas, sour cream and salsa

    White bean and basil soup

    Anyone else hungry? I know that all of that is way better than all of the shit food I was trying to sustain on all day...
    Sharron Needles -- Sunday July 18 2004, @02:31PM (#115561)
    (User #762 Info)
    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • My friend Evil Jenn and I were enjoying a drink earlier in the day in the bar at the House of Blues when we heard some Morrissey tunes. I thought, "How nice, they're piping in Moz for the show today." Duh. It was the soundcheck. They kicked us out for about 30 minutes, but Jenn was smart enough to go "shopping" in the gift shop for a long time afterward. What a great opportunity.
    The Killers were impressive. Moz and the boys were stellar. I'm still breathless.

    Go Team Morrissey!

    ihaveforgivenmoz -- Sunday July 18 2004, @05:27PM (#115586)
    (User #11926 Info)
    If you ever need self-validation just meet me in the alley by the railway station.
  • is this the aubrey with red hair who held my hand during the concert???
    tqid -- Sunday July 18 2004, @09:07PM (#115603)
    (User #5900 Info)
  • I haven't been paying much attention to the post shows or the setlists as this becomes very tiring and tedious. But, I did look at this one because the show seemed significant as we are all waiting to hear word about an American tour in the fall. Anyway I had not seen I'm Not Sorry on the setlists prior to this one. Is this the first time he played that song live. How does it translate live. I think it is the real gem on the record and I can't stop listening to it. It is quite different style for him but it is quite beautiful. His voice sounds stellar on this song. So how does it sound live?
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 18 2004, @10:27PM (#115612)
  • Just A question He is from Chicago and I was wondering.In case you dont know who he Is he is in a band called Pearl Jam. They got a lot of crap from their own fans too, for talking shit about bush along with their special song dedicated just for him Bu$hleager.
    tenderliz -- Monday July 19 2004, @01:54AM (#115633)
    (User #11301 Info)
  • I just would like to extend my thanks to the "Fernando" and his sidekick that cut the show a little short for the rest of us in Chicago...there were at least 2 songs left in the encore, plus the infamous shirt toss into the audience. Next time how about we let the man finish singing and just give him a clap and a cheer. I don't think he is too keen on the idea of being mobbed by idiots that cant control themselves. I mean how scary is the image of someone running full speed at you while you sing...not to mention that the person is being chased after by security...hopefully he'll never get hurt by one of you fans.
    pinupalex -- Monday July 19 2004, @06:40AM (#115668)
    (User #11849 Info)
  • Morrissey contradictory as ever at House of Blues

    July 19, 2004

    BY JIM DEROGATIS Pop Music Critic

    Like escargot or caviar, Morrissey's music has always been an acquired taste.

    Devotees consider themselves all the more sophisticated for appreciating it, and they laud it as the ultimate gourmet treat. Much of the rest of the rock world either enjoys it in small doses or wonders how anyone could stomach it.

    At age 45 and 20 years into his career, the flamboyant British singer still chafes at this fact. While performing at the House of Blues on Saturday, he made several cracks about his inability to score a hit single in America and scoffed at this country's lukewarm reception of "You Are the Quarry," his first album in seven years.

    But to the hardcore fans who chanted his name before the concert, sang along with every one of the 17 songs and continually reached out to brush the fingertips or touch the feet of their idol, nothing could have been sweeter.

    With a set list that spanned his career -- both as a solo artist and as the frontman for '80s guitar heroes the Smiths -- the show was designed to hail the return of a conquering hero and make the case that Morrissey is as relevant now as he's ever been.

    "The passing of time / And all of its sickening crimes / Is making me sad again," he sang five songs into the evening, performing the Smiths' "Rubber Ring."

    Later, he derided the politics of President Bush -- "He's brought so much shame to America, more than any other president in the history of this country," he said -- told the crowd how to vote, hailed "Fahrenheit 9/11" and seemed shocked when some people booed the mention of Michael Moore's film.

    It was indeed an incongruous reaction: From his extreme vegetarianism to his leftist worldview to his sexual politics, Morrissey's opinions have always been an inescapable part of the meal, and you either digest them or order a hamburger instead.

    But the passing of time has a way of reducing what were once radical sentiments into mere nostalgia, and the star himself recognized that in the rest of the lyrics to "Rubber Ring": "Don't forget the songs that made you cry / And the songs that saved your life / Yes, you're older now / And you're a clever swine / But they were the only ones who ever stood by you."

    This, then, was a performance for the faithful -- the cleverest swine. And while Moz was in top form vocally and theatrically, posing and preening as enthusiastically as ever and soaking through a natty dinner jacket and two stylish button-down shirts, it couldn't help but seem anticlimactic.

    Morrissey was to have headlined one of the two nights of this year's Lollapalooza festival. Rumors continue to swirl through the concert industry that the notorious prima donna played a major role in scuttling that tour, pulling out because he was dismayed by lackluster ticket sales.

    Within hours of the official word of Lollapalooza's cancellation, Morrissey announced this show at Chicago's House of Blues as part of an ambitious promotion for a major credit-card company. In the process of pulling out of what was once America's premier alternative-rock festival and downscaling to perform at an elite corporate event, he shut out thousands of listeners, casual fans and true believers alike.

    That isn't a very good way to prove your relevance to rock circa 2004, and it's a rather shaky platform from which to criticize America's big-money imperialist agenda. But Morrissey has always been fraught with contradictions, and his fans didn't seem unduly bothered. Backed by an impressive six-piece band driven by longtime guitarist Boz Boorer, the singer shined on favorites such as the Smiths' "The Headmaster Ritual," "Every Day Is Like Sunday" from "Bona Drag" and the unreleased curiosity "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice." New tunes such as "The World Is Full of Crashing Bores," "I Have Forgiven Jesus" and the single-song encore "Irish Blood, English Heart" also sho
    Anonymous -- Monday July 19 2004, @08:15AM (#115681)
  • For all of you not at the show - you're going to call me a liar. But a few of you saw me…and will remember when I tell my story. I'm not going to tell you that I met the Moz don't write me off yet. My wife and I had an early dinner at the HOB. We had reservations for a little later than we actually ate, but decided to sit down a little early so we could get in line. (and because I was whining about being hungry) We were seated in a booth in the smoking section behind the bar - the room is empty except for us - and as we finished ordering our appetizers, my wife, sitting across from me looks past me over my left shoulder, and her eyes become the size of saucers. She says..."Oh my's Boz Booror." I turned around to the entire band, sans Steven Patrick, sitting down at a set of tables that had been pushed together to accommodate their number. OF COURSE, My wife - who had the fore sight to bring a sharpie, goes over, quivering with star struck nervousness, brimming with tears, and stands between Boz and Gary Day (Gary setting at head of table, and Boz to his right), and asks for an autograph. Boz signs her right fore arm, and Gary her left - or maybe it was the other way around...but I'm pretty sure I got it correct. ANYWAY...they both jokingly ask her if she's going to get it tattooed on, (Because myself are wondering how she's going to keep this very difficult to attain pair of autographs forever). She's since tried to convince me she needs to. LOL. I told Jesse...the new guitarist, and the drummer (Who's name I shamefully didn't and still don't know even though Moz introduced him during the show), that I was looking forward to the show. They said a very sincere thank you as they shook my hand, and the drummer (Who I believe is accent...but you never know - where ever he was from, he rocked) said that he was looking forward to it as well. I went around the table and (I didn't dare get in my wife's way) reached over and shook Gary's hand, slapped Boz on the back...said thanks. (Why? I don't know why…I wasn't going to hug him…he looked too much like my dad- LOL) We then went back to our table, so as not to over stay our welcome. Then my wife, bless her heart, realized that we had nothing tangible to remember this by, other than a soon-to-fade pair of autographs on her tiny little forearms. So a little while later, but before they received their food, I apprehensively (I did NOT want to annoy these guys) walked over and asked Boz (Mr. Booror, I said) if I could bother him one more time. I asked him to sign the collar of my white shirt (If you were there you may have saw me. I was the short guy sporting a very well intentioned, but mediocre Manchester ruffian hair style as per my wife's wishes, white collared shirt, and black sport coat). Boz initially wanted to sign a piece of paper, or a napkin, but I told him that the boss really had her heart set on the shirt, and if I returned to the table with out having asked for the collar, I'd be in trouble. Boz…who I believe is married, understood immediately. He signed on the right collar, handed the sharpie to Gary, who signed on the left. I told Gary that I appreciated this very much, and that it meant so much to my wife. He said "It means a lot to ME.". So, not only are they epic...but they're very nice, and everything they said to us was sincerely appreciative of our admiration. I went back and sat down and finished my Jumbalya (I highly recommend). They got up and left...they even waved to us on their way out. The only other people in there were a group of Navy guys (God bless our troops) on shore leave who had no idea who Boz, Gary, and Co. were. Anyway - I proudly sported my autographs on my starched collar throughout the show. We were about six people back from the stage, but my wife...who recently had her second hip replacement only a month and a week ago, was hurting pretty bad. She stood through the Killer's set...Amp Fire and all...but was close to fainting from the exertion, (this is the longest she's stood in a year...and
    Anonymous -- Monday July 19 2004, @12:13PM (#115722)
  •,0,202444.stor y?coll=mmx-home_bottom_heds

    Moz attacks!
    Cult singer Morrissey delivers up a vastly entertaining show for faithful fans
    By Greg Kot

    July 18 2004

    It wasn't so much a concert as an elaborate, highly self-indulgent and vastly entertaining strip tease. Over 75 minutes and 17 songs, Morrissey transformed himself from a dashing, cleft-chinned English country gentleman dressed for a formal garden party into a tormented bare-chested balladeer who had dispensed with everything --- his dignity, his sweat, even his dress shirt --- by the end of the evening.

    For the graying but still vital cult star, it was just another night in the place he loves best: the spotlight. In this case, it was a sold-out performance Saturday at House of Blues, a charity event that despite the intrusiveness of cameras, extra lighting and corporate billboards, nonetheless still managed to convey that peculiar sense of intimacy that the reclusive English pop star shares with his adoring fans. One of those fans sported a tattoo that read, "Life Love Morrissey," and the singer's singular style has enabled him to survive every pop trend of the last 20 years with his persona and career intact. Once the biggest rock star in England when he was fronting the Smiths during the '80s, he is back with his first solo album in seven years, his personality and music essentially unchanged.

    The premise for Morrissey's career is an unlikely one, his self-deprecation exceeded only by his disappointment with the world he's been handed. He brings wit and a flair for the unexpected to these unpromising subjects, delivering indelible pop melodies with the panache of a desperate lounge crooner.

    Snapping his microphone cord like a whip, twisting his hips and thrusting his arms like a particularly vain mariachi dancer, the singer pursed his lips and hissed that "My life has been cursed, poisoned and condemned," even as he dispensed the soaring chorus of "Everyday is Like Sunday." In the Smiths' "There is a Light That Never Goes Out," he imagined finding bliss even if a "ten-ton truck kills the both of us," a wickedly morbid twist on the sudden-death teen angel anthems of the '60s.

    This darkly comical outlook reached its apex during the spectacularly irreverent "I Have Forgiven Jesus," a ballad that slowly built to a crescendo of self-loathing. "Why did you stick me in self-deprecating bones and skin?" Morrissey sang, as he mockingly fondled himself.

    Behind him, his five-piece band merged Spaghetti Western chords, neo-rockabilly riffs and electro-folk ballads with anonymous dispatch. This was all about Morrissey and his fans, the music but a backdrop to some form of deeper connection. The singer didn't just reach across a barrier to shake hands with his faithful, he received notes and at least one kiss.

    Underlying this bond was a vague sense of rage, expressed in violent bursts: an English flag snapped from a fan and then tossed back like a discarded dishrag, a shirt ripped at the buttons and then flung into a tangle of clutching hands as the last chord of the night sounded. It underlined that Morrissey's appeal may not be for everyone, but that in pop music no one has made more of such stylish recrimination.

    Greg Kot is the Tribune rock critic.

    Copyright 2004
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 20 2004, @07:11AM (#115913)
  • I believe the spectacular presence of Morrissey has been catalogued over and over for this show, so I will not bore you. However, I have to comment on the genuine kindness of the fans and people of Chicago. Being from Detroit, and never having been to Chicago, my friend and I were shocked at the gentle nature of Chicago folks. In Detroit, you do not make eye contact (or the bums will NEVER let you go). It is "me, myself and I" kind of city. Everyone over the weekend were just so friendly. But the Moz fans were fabulous! I met some of the most amazing people (Marissa, Martha, Thom and Jerry). In comment to the girl earlier saying she was disappointed that the crowd was too polite....too bad for you. I thought it was refreshing. All these bodies together for the same purpose. It was truly beautiful! Kudos, Chicago!
    mozlike -- Tuesday July 20 2004, @09:26AM (#115931)
    (User #11690 Info)
    I am MINE!
  • It was strange that the concert began with "Let Me Kiss You". It foreshadowed that the night would not be what I was expecting.

    All-in-all, I enjoyed the show. "Jack The Ripper" was beautiful, as was "The Headmaster Ritual"... I only wish that "Candle" and "Hand In Glove" were played.

    I WOULD like to say that "Shakespeare's Sister" was phenomenal! TRULY the highlight of the night! I've always loved the song, especially the lyrics, but the production on the original recording is admittedly not great. Live, though, it had a funky, rockabilly edge that really improved on the original. This is no small feat when dealing with a Marr-penned track. Great job by The Lads.

    Moz should really think of retiring "I'm Not Sorry", though. It's mellow & pleasantly groovy on the album, but live, it's a bore. I think i nodded-off during the flute solo. Oh, while Moz is retiring things, he should lose the gong as well. It doesn't add too much to the songs in which it is used. He could sell it on eBay to some obsessed fan with an abundance of storage.

    I also felt that Moz was going through the motions at this show. He seemed to be in a foul mood from the start.

    He mentioned that he was happy to be in Chicago, even though it WAS the birthplace of McDonald's. When some audience members disputed him, he corrected them: "Yes IT IS... Yes IT IS!" in a ghoulish voice. Very bizarre. Incidentally, my friend & I did research online and in "Fast Food Nation"; and the first McDonald's was actually in California (Arcada or San Bernardino). There does seem to be some misinformation out there, though, because even my Chicago tour guide claimed that Chicago was the birthplace of Mickey-D's. Is this really something to be proud of, people? (i digress...)

    He also just wasn't his usual joking self. At least twice, he walked up to the mic between songs, and said nothing. It was as though he intended to speak to the crowd, but couldn't think of what so say.

    Also, he complained to the audience about Quarry's American chart positions. He mentioned that Quarry "reached #1 in many countries... of which this is not one." He went on to say coldly: "Oh, well... you have your preferences... the feeling is mutual". --- What the F**k? Alright, it's okay if America is not your favorite country. It's also okay to trash the GENERAL American music-buying public for preferring Usher to Moz. But does Morrissey have to repremand his live audience? THESE are the exact people that bought Quarry in droves! I bought four copies myself! I also booked a flight and a hotel for Chicago based on the fact that Moz would be there. I felt very betrayed being bitched out by Moz when I've always loved and supported him.

    In all fairness, I think every human being is entitled to an off/bad day, even our performing heroes. I hope that Morrissey be back in top form and spirits for the Kilborn shows.

    I can’t wait...
    carlos -- Tuesday July 20 2004, @10:10AM (#115940)
    (User #1308 Info |
    "This world may lack style, I know..."
  • it was just so right...deano was tops..never seen such a badass drummer!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 20 2004, @10:34AM (#115945)
  • i am not trying to be a meanie, but i am wondering if, sometimes, a person at a show projects their own feelings when watching and then reviewing the show... i thought the show was perfect, could not improve... someone else who posted here felt like it was forced, going through the motions and whatever... yet we were at the same show...

    i really feel people project... for example, maybe you flew in or drove in or took the train in to chicago... you are tired, you were in line a long time, maybe even a little hungry... could that possibly affect the way you see the show? even if it is one of your favs?

    i would say that it is popssible... how could it not be possible?? so maybe if you yourself is feeling a bit weak and out of it, maybe you project that to the stage...

    i am not accusing anyone, but just offering this up as a posibility that should not be ignored...

    [email protected]
    devoted101 -- Tuesday July 20 2004, @11:38AM (#115959)
    (User #10724 Info)
  • Was anyone else actually impressed with All The Lazy Dykes on this night? Like many others, it's probably my least fave song on Quarry, but I really enjoyed it on Saturday. He sang it with so much emotion and passion. Much better than when I saw it live the first time.....
    Sharron Needles -- Tuesday July 20 2004, @12:56PM (#115978)
    (User #762 Info)
    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • Does anyone know why they were filming? Is there to be a live DVD? Is it just to air on the HOB site? Is it for a video or Tour Doc?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 20 2004, @04:04PM (#116034)
  • Hi all,
    Melissa from NC here... (I was the one who threw the Union Jack that my friend was nice enough to go all over Chicago looking for!) This was my first concert, so incredibly worth waiting in line for 10 hours for! I literally couldn't have asked for more (except maybe to have accomplished a stage invasion!). He was so kind and awesome; he even brought the mic over to me to answer where South Bend was...! (However, I didn't answer; I simply apologized for nearly pulling him off the stage!) He is the consummate singer (we all know Moz doesn't like to be called a performer), and there will never be another! His voice, his manner, his talent -- everything -- was in top form. What an incredible, unforgettable show.
    (Also, if anyone has an extra Kilborn ticket, I will be in LA Wednesday night -- please email me, and we'll work something out! I'm desperate!)
    swedo78 <[email protected]> -- Tuesday July 20 2004, @09:53PM (#116067)
    (User #11761 Info)
    She said, "Eh, I know you, and you cannot sing," and I said, "that's nothing, you should hear me play piano..."

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