posted by davidt on Friday July 16 2004, @12:30AM
akira writes:

Morrissey cancelled Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. Sad news.
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  • I assume this is because of the Alain Whyte situation, and that the new replacement guitarist didnt pick up the tunes in time, very sad news indeed and I imagine massively dissapointing to the Japanese fans (who love decent music more than anyone and buy it in their droves), Hopefully they'll sort this out before Leeds/Reading though but I cant help but worry, shame I cant read the press release in Japanese mind.

    Danny McBride
    Anonymous -- Friday July 16 2004, @12:57AM (#115241)
  • there's now room for a mini Southwest (US) tour again before heading back to Europe in August. I think Moz should do Vegas - Phoenix - Tucson - Yuma - San Diego - Moz Angeles!
    Anonymous -- Friday July 16 2004, @01:01AM (#115242)
  • The first of the cancellations.

    We know it couldn't last.
    Eric Hartman -- Friday July 16 2004, @02:35AM (#115264)
    (User #5103 Info |
    It is a very mixed blessing to be brought back from the dead.
  • That's the closest place of any mentioned to Australia .. and still no mention here ... American's complain about him not doing a tour .. he's at least played some dates there :P

    1 tour in 12years here! :O
    herzeleid316 -- Friday July 16 2004, @03:02AM (#115265)
    (User #7475 Info)
  • My friends will be so upset when they find out. And I'm a bit pissed off because I was arranging to go just last night so I could see my friends too.
    Oh well, saved me a load of money!
    i am olivia -- Friday July 16 2004, @04:15AM (#115275)
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    don't talk to me now about people who are "nice"...
  • After being in the wilderness for 7 years Mozza is back.....Electric at the Move Concert...! back to the lyrical genius we all knew he was !!!...great choice of trax..great satire ..!! perfect !!..... alot of Moxxa virgins i thought though ...not this is necesserily a bad thing !! .....I have Just bought tickets for Edinburgh from e-bay and the flight cost me £2.49 there and £1.49 back from east mids !!!!...on Easyjet !!!!! WOW !! HERE WE GO AGAIN.... I challange anyone to think of a better way to spend £80 !! and the tickets are like golddust.....AT THE END OF THE DAY I HAVE MY HERO BACK AND I DONT HAVE TO KEEP EXPLAINING WHO HE IS ALL THE TIME

    Anonymous -- Friday July 16 2004, @06:40AM (#115288)
  • As the fan in Japan with the biggest mouth and longest history on morrissey-solo, I'm heartbroken... I'm not angry at Morrissey or anybody though -- these things do happen. Though I have to laugh when people complain about spending $150-$200 to see the Man -- this cost me well over US$500 after transportation. No refunds as it's a festival, and only sold as a 3-day ticket, which I have to find a buyer for now...

    A friend of mine in the music industry here said as much: Morrissey Inc. couldn't work it out with Fuji Rock Inc.

    king leer -- Friday July 16 2004, @07:23AM (#115291)
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    • Re:Hontou ni zannen desu! by let me smith you (Score:1) Friday July 16 2004, @06:00PM
      • I'm in Osaka. I saw him at the Summersonic Festival here in 2002. This is a much more accessible and cheaper festival than the pretentious Fuji Rock festival.
        Why doesn't he work it out with Summersonic?
        Gives mere mortals in Tokyo and Osaka a chance to see their hero..and those willing to see him twice.
        I guess his price has gone up in the last two years.....


        When will he team up with some quality musicians?
        I know that he approached Bernard Butler but he refused because Johnny Marr would kill him...
        so he recommended Little Barrie.
        Moz/BB collaboration would be divine I am sure!
        Osakaglen -- Saturday July 17 2004, @02:21AM (#115376)
        (User #5882 Info)
        "If you ever need self-validation, just meet me in the alley by the railway station..."
  • Below is my translation of the announcement on the Fuji Rock website:

    We regret to inform you of the cancellation of Morrissey's performance at Fuji Rock Festival 2004. While we had received official agreement regarding the artist's performance from both Morrissey's management and agent, a sudden disagreement arose between the two parties regarding the terms of the performance, upon which we were notified that Morrissey would not be appearing. A further attempt was made between the parties to reach a contractual agreement, but as of now the situation remains unchanged. We offer our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Furthermore, there are no ticket refunds due to changes in the artists scheduled to appear. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.
    king leer -- Friday July 16 2004, @08:16AM (#115306)
    (User #80 Info)
  • I thought he loved to perform live, I thought he was suffering for attention, I hought he was looking for a (perfect) record deal... I thought he liked the love of his fans...
    Well, he has all that now. Then, Why in the world does he confirm Gigs and then cancel them?
    He´s a huge rockstar, but he´s pretty dissappointing sometimes.
    I dont know about the reasons of the cancellation (I wasnt going anyhow, im in America -not meaning the US) and I really dont care much about the reasons. I just think that if you anounce a show or a tour, you should not cancel it, for any reason unless it is a big one.
    Im sorry if people doesn´t like this, but he should do a full World Tour, he´s being supported by his label in a very good way, and even without the support he could do a full scale world tour, so MOZ dont dissappoint us and TOUR the world already...
    Enough Said
    Anonymous -- Friday July 16 2004, @09:19AM (#115310)
  • ...that's not real crab they serve in the california rolls!
    SpringHeeled Jim AZ -- Friday July 16 2004, @02:48PM (#115338)
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