posted by davidt on Sunday July 11 2004, @09:00AM
Stan writes:

Morrissey appeared live on this morning's T4 (Channel 4's hip and sassy Sunday morning schedule) to promote First Of The Gang.

He was introduced by a gushing June Sarpong and mimed the track on a stylish set made good by imaginative lighting. He looked very well but typically uncomfortable in the TV studio setting. However, after a couple of minutes he got into his stride and danced.

At the end of the show, Sarpong signed off by saying 'and remember to buy Morrissey's single, it's out tomorrow'.

The show is recorded in London so he'd be travelling to Manchester this afternoon for Move.

Pretty good coverage and because it looked good, sure to be a web download favourite.

moby also writes:

Morrissey appeared on T4 (channel 4) in the UK at 2.01pm, singing (miming) in a studio "First Of The Gang To Die", just before big brothers little brother (Sunday lunchtime big brother magazine show, gets over a million viewers as it's only on terrestrial tv). Lil Barry was in for Alain again. Good applause at the end which was cut off abruptly.

Boz did say in his diary that "we may be doing some tv over the weekend", just wish he could have been more specific, I only caught the last minute and a half. Moz looked great, the miming was only obvious right at the end for the high notes.

Here is a link to a little feature (where they say they were playing the video today, no mention of a live tv appearance), and a competition to win litited edition albums (probably the vinyl) and cd singles.
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  • this is on T4 website, little feature, saying moz video to be played today, no mention of a live tv appearance, also a competition with a really hard question, to win limited edition cds

    Anonymous -- Sunday July 11 2004, @09:05AM (#114446)
  • 33 (41) You ARE THE Quarry Morrissey ATTACK
    34 (25) THE Best OF - Suedehead Morrissey EMI
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 11 2004, @10:49AM (#114455)
  • moz said tonight it was lil barrys last gig, looks like alain is back, wonder if we will ever find out what was wrong, lil barry did a good job indeed, well done
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 11 2004, @03:11PM (#114481)
  • I personally really like the offiial First Of The Gang video, it's dramatic and gives those unaccustomed to Morrissey a glimpse of the Moz Live experience. But for those who dislike it (and there were loads when the video was shown on the web last week), would you prefer something like the T4 studio performance?

    It looked good - no question - but it's no music video and to be honest I think we'd have got something similar as an official video if he hadn't gone for the 'live in Manchester' option.

    Apart from the quick editing, the Irish Blood video could have been from a live TV performance, so perhaps this morning's 'video' is close to - but thankfully not - the First Of The Gang promo that never was.

    We should be really thankful for the official FOTGTD promo!
  • Bloody hell...Typical, Moz is on the telly and we're all stood in the pissing rain at Trafford. Need to hire someone to record this stuff on my behalf. Fifty pence an hour...any offers?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 13 2004, @11:48AM (#114897)

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