posted by davidt on Sunday July 11 2004, @03:30PM
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Set List:

Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Shakespeare's Sister / First Of The Gang To Die / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Let Me Kiss You / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / The Headmaster Ritual / I Have Forgiven Jesus / All The Lazy Dykes / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / Rubber Ring / I'm Not Sorry // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by Hairdresser on Fire
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  • first, hooray,
    great gig,
    setlist as all summer pretty much.
    sirgordonzola -- Sunday July 11 2004, @03:33PM (#114483)
    (User #7095 Info)
    resist or move on, be mad, be rash, smoke and explode, sell all of your clothes, just bear in mind there just might come
  • Local Hero (Score:2, Interesting)

    Hello Weatherfield, I am a local boy made … bad.

    And now a little history lesson. I worked in that building over there for 2 months. I’m glad I left.

    He then told a story about how he still he still had a ticket from 1972 for a New York Dolls concert that should have taken place in the old Hard Rock that is now a B&Q. But their drummer died.

    I’m off to the Quadrant (pub close to his old home) – No I’m never off to the quadrant.

    Thank-you Manchester – so much to answer for.

    (Paraphrasing) Will you permit me one last history lesson. I used to go to St Mary’s School, which they had to close down. Thank God the Headmaster is dead and the teachers were all charged with cruelty to children and I am the only survivor left to tell the tale & here is that sad tale…..(Headmaster Ritual)

    God Bless Oscar Wilde, God Bless You All, God Bless Stretford – oh now I’ve gone too far.

    Moz on excellent form - really enjoyed himself. It seemed really personal to be playing yards from his old home, to have the New York Dolls fulfill their cancelled data from 32 years ago etc, to tell lots of local stories.

    Great sound & voice. Set-list identical except for a James Maker song.
    Holy Name -- Sunday July 11 2004, @03:39PM (#114485)
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    oh but I know what will make you smile tonight..
  • Date: Sunday, 11 July 2004, at 10:06 p.m.
    Just got back from Move. Mozzer & the lads put in a decent performance - it was by far the best gig I've seen him play. Set started with Don't make fun of Daddys Voice - which sounded much better than at MEN. In fact the atmosphere was much better than at MEN.
    The set list was similar to MEN, but ordered differently - much better. He didn't do shoplifters, but did rubber ring, headmaster.., there is a light, shakespears sister.
    Moz mentioned that tonights gig would be Barrys last with the band - does this mean that Alan's actually coming back?
    He was on fine form - shirt came off twice despite the chilly breeze. The second it came off he gave it a good rub down his pants before tossing it into the crowd - errgh!

    Moz kept giving the croud 'history lessons' - refering to his past in Stretford. He actually said that he'd spent two months working at the Cricket ground & pointed up towards an office. Moz gave three history lessons in all. The first about his job at the cricket ground, the second about the Stretford B&Q - Apparently it used to be the site of a rock club in the 70's & the dolls were supposed to have played there in Nov 1972 - but never made it because there drummer had died. The third lesson was about his old school "shutdown now because it was unsafe". He said that the headmaster was dead now, which made the croud cheer - at which the band burst into the opening chords of Headmaster Ritual.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 11 2004, @03:42PM (#114486)
  • "but Morrissey is not my real name. It's Higginbottom...."

    To which the crowd change their chant of "Morr..iss..ey" to ""
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 11 2004, @03:59PM (#114488)
  • Another awesome performance by the man and the lads.

    He said that it was Little Barry's last show with them, so Alain will be back for Reading/Leeds I'd imagine. Or he's decided not to bother going at all.

    As has been said he looked to be really enjoying himself, being back home.

    There Is A Light swapped places with IBEH in the set-list, otherwise the same. The James Maker song someone above mentioned was, obviously, just No One Can Hold A Candle To You rather than anything different.

    And hello to Michelle from near Chicago. And hello to the three women who recognised me from S&G on Friday.

    Oh, and a big FUCK YOU to the pissed Manc who pushed up to the front just behind where I was, then spent the next hour singing the wrong lyics (not just wrong for what was being sung - but from different songs!!) and complaining that there were too many people at the front.

    Brilliant night all the same though.
    mspendl828 <[email protected]> -- Sunday July 11 2004, @04:02PM (#114489)
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    I offered love and it was not required... what else can I do?
    • Re:Great gig by whiskey (Score:1) Monday July 12 2004, @06:31AM
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  • i thought the reception for the dolls was dismal, especially the numbskuls who were shouting for morrissey without even knowing or caring that this was a band he loved so much.
    in fact there was lots of pre performance meathead behavior, which strangely died out when mozza came on stage, istead of translating itself into an energetic front row - (according to a few of people i was with) - the rowdy part of the crowd retreted about 15 rows back and really made tits out of themselves jostling people who were quite happy to be left alone, pretty weak.
    the net result of this being that the atmosphere at the front of the gig was very muted. i guess the people who were upset with the lively manchester gig will have enjoyed tonight - i did too - but in a different way. mozza seemed far more at home - but the mood was nowhere near as electric.
    still a classic mozza gig - great to see him almost literally on his home turf !
    baguley boy -- Sunday July 11 2004, @04:14PM (#114490)
    (User #10080 Info)
  • Candy! (Score:2, Informative)

    I just got home and I'm a bit woozy after surviving the day on a single slice of toast, but anyway...

    Wonderful show. Morrissey seemed very pleased to be back home, and was very chatty. He was very active on stage, crouching down and mugging for the cameras. At one point he looked at the giant projection screen and said, "Is that me? Oh, goodbye!" And he didn't respond to the chants of "Steven" from some of the locals--old neighbours maybe?

    No flower this time, but he threw a Smiths-style beaded necklace at the start of the show. And several times he threw handfuls of candy from his pocket! Security were in charge of who got the prizes, though, picking up the shirts and giving them to who they wanted. The last shirt was a prize--before he threw it, he wiped his chest (and uh, "other places") with it. Not bad!

    It seemed like quite a few people were pulled out by security, especially in the first twenty minutes or so. I was clinging to the barrier (right in front of Moz!), and I had two people pulled out over my head. The crowd around me seemed good though, not too much pushing and elbowing.

    And the New York Dolls were fantastic! Great night.
    Miss Misery -- Sunday July 11 2004, @04:30PM (#114492)
    (User #11670 Info)
    Turning rebellion into money
    • Re:Candy! by mozmic_dancer (Score:1) Sunday July 11 2004, @04:59PM
    • Re:Candy! by Chickensoupcheese (Score:1) Sunday July 11 2004, @06:11PM
      • Re:Candy! by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday July 12 2004, @01:53AM
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  • awesome gig... did anyone see Moz singing to the police to the right of the stage "i would never be you,".... also, does anyone remember him making silly noises... he's so funny sometimes...
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 11 2004, @08:45PM (#114500)
  • and it was...

    the beer token system may have been a good and secure way of handing the bar services - but that was the most expensive ale in the north of England - I spent more last night than on six months electricity bills.

    And here's one for the fans that write in with sinister Morrissey stalker trivia ( 'saw him in Gucci - paid by credit card - had a plaster on little finger left hand etc...' ) - closer examination of the lighter coloured shirt that he threw into the crowd reveals that he HAS changed his aftershaver since 2002 and SHOCK HORROR! this was not a brand new shirt - he had left the drycleaning label on it, for some reason in the name 'Helle"

    Arre there hard times at Casa Moz - or just more evidence of his well doccumented thrift?
    Brighton Rich -- Monday July 12 2004, @01:21AM (#114509)
    (User #8270 Info)

  • So did Morrisseys comment that "barrie, who will be leaving us tonight" mean that we shall see the return of Mr. Whyte now? or does he simply have other commitments? there are more things Moz is scheduled to do aren't there?
    Anonymous -- Monday July 12 2004, @01:43AM (#114511)
    Anonymous -- Monday July 12 2004, @02:15AM (#114518)
  • In my opinion I think singing Irish Blood, English Heart as an encore is a bit of a let down. Most people in the audience aren't able to sing a long with it like they do with songs such as There Is A kind of deflated the ending, which was sad.

    However, all in all it was a good performance from Morissey, far better than Glastonbury. Morrissey was his witty self when speaking to us.
    DanielGaunt -- Monday July 12 2004, @02:19AM (#114519)
    (User #6736 Info)
  • Most acts were on 20 minutes after the first one but Morrissey came on after an hour and it was freezing. I think he likes to educate our musical minds by playing his kind of music first (Jobriath, Nancy, Pony Club etc) least it was better than the music that got played to us before the New York Dolls on that Move screen. Never have I seen a festive lineup with artists like Morrissey on it having their names shown with rap music. But that's Virgin (festive organisers) for you.
    DanielGaunt -- Monday July 12 2004, @02:23AM (#114520)
    (User #6736 Info)
  • Good performance and Moz was on top form but I dont think one hour 15 mins is long enough for a headline act at a festival.

    17 songs against the 19 he did at the M.E.N gig which to me had much more atmosphere. Open air festival style gigs just dont do it for me. Blackburn 2002 was my best ever Moz gig because it was so intimate. Hopefully he will tour later this year in the smaller venues. Some people near me were shouting him down all the way through. I cant understand why they go in the first place if they dont like him.

    only 3 songs from his solo back catelogue with 8 from the new album.

    I dont expect him to change his setlist dramatically but i think an hour and a half should be the minimum time.

    Should be used to it by now though!
    Anonymous -- Monday July 12 2004, @02:36AM (#114523)
  • I'm not sure that things like this happen in real life but......

    Were you the nice looking female at Old Trafford yesterday wearing a green Kill Uncle T-shirt, black cardigan and small illustrated hand-bag?

    You were sitting directly opposite the stage eating an ice-cream but ran into the crowd during the New York Dolls' set, just before this intrigued male had chance to talk to you.

    On the understanding that life isn't over-generous with second chances (but that fate moves in mysterious ways), if by some miracle you're reading this now, why not drop me a line & introduce yourself?

    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Monday July 12 2004, @03:00AM (#114529)
  • Hey David T, the real one, is Alain Whyte out of the band or does he have a life-threatening illness like cancer?

    It's obviously not a cold...
    dewdrop -- Monday July 12 2004, @05:13AM (#114547)
    (User #2326 Info)
  • Did anyone see any celebs at the concert?? I saw Mani from the stone Roses being interviewed and Eileen from Coronation Street dancing in the hospitality seats to TALTNGO!!
    Anonymous -- Monday July 12 2004, @05:47AM (#114550)
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  • rissey_in_new_storm.html

    What is it with them?
    Anonymous -- Monday July 12 2004, @06:25AM (#114553)
  • much much better than the MEN gig in my opinion.
    got right to the front and caught one of the sweets that he threw my way after me and my friend told him to take his shirt off (Moz: "Do you know how old I am?" us: "Yes!" Moz: "I'm old enough to be your postman" me: "I know but that just makes it better!").
    can't wait for the tour!
    i am olivia -- Monday July 12 2004, @07:45AM (#114566)
    (User #9665 Info |
    don't talk to me now about people who are "nice"...
  • Morrissey is on the front page of The Manchester Evening News (final edition); its about half page. And there are some remarks there concerning what he said the introduction to Headmaster's Ritual. By the way he also mentioned the Headmaster by name and said that he is happy that he is dead (or something to that effect).
    Anonymous -- Monday July 12 2004, @07:56AM (#114568)
  • No thread yet, and I'm an impatient bastard, so I'll post this here and probably write again when the thread appears.

    I'm not overly enamoured of the YATQ album, but I was most pleasantly surprised by the single I bought today. Here's my assessment of it:

    1. First Of The Gang - a corking pop song. The best track on Quarry by a long chalk.

    2. 'My Life Is A Succession...' - this is LOVELY. Why was this not on the album? I really like it - it has some beautiful textured acoustic playing which is apparent in the mix. Jerry Finn produced this one well. Beautiful, evocative harp playing from Alain (presumably) and even the synthesised strings work well cos they're unobtrusive and used very tastefully. This is the proof that the notion of Moz as "alternative Sinatra" isn't so far-fetched. The track has a nostalgic feel that suits the resigned, regretful lyrics. No court cases mentioned! I really like this one - it's better than 5 or so of the album tracks!!

    3. 'Teenage Dad' - a pity this and 'Mexico' are only available on DVD format. This one starts off with some plodding music but builds up nicely and has some good guitar fills from Alain. Lyrically, I thought this was very good indeed - Moz's wit and insight are on display, particularly the lines about being forced into marriage by society, opening the newspaper but finding no news and being jealous of the teenade dad "with his methodone". Lyrically, this is what I want from him - good stuff.

    4. Mexico - the weakest of the three b-sides, but still better than 'All The Lazy Dykes'.

    I've been a bit down on Quarry itself and I still think it's a bit mediocre overall, but I'm impressed with two of the b-sides here ('Succession' is just lovely and I like Teenage Dad lyrically) and 'First Of The Gang' is a great pop anthem anyway. Roll on the next album, where Moz does a whole LPs work of songs like this - no court cases, just insight, poignancy and beauty.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 12 2004, @08:23AM (#114573)
  • There seemed to be quite a few louts at the concert. Was anyone stood near the Man United 'fans', who spent about an hour singing really bad football chants (e.g. "Paul Scholes, he scores goals", repeat ad infinitum) whilst lobbing full cups of lager over the crowd in front of them?
    kimbo -- Monday July 12 2004, @08:25AM (#114574)
    (User #8993 Info)
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  • while i dont think the show was quite as good as Birmingham on the unsigned tour,i had an outstanding evening.i apologise for my tallness(i was 3 rows back,to the left with a red shirt,looking rather starstruck)as i was seemingly surrounded by very short,yet very happy people.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 12 2004, @08:38AM (#114577)
  • Hi all,

    Here are some photos I took last night at move, hope you like.........:

    Anonymous -- Monday July 12 2004, @10:32AM (#114618)
  • How about this for a conspiracy theory:

    1. Barrie is leaving. No mention was made of whether Alain will be back or not which is unusual to say the least, as he has been working with Moz for so long.

    2. He sang the end of 'TIALTNGO'. Which as far as I know he has never done over his solo years. I know he used to with The Smiths, but as soon as he went solo he always left it out. Why? Because the light HAD gone out. As with 'I wont share you', 'TIALTNGO' can be easily applied to the Marr-situation.
    Additionally, he commented before the song that it had been written in 'a lot of pain', and words to the effect that this pain was now a thing of the past.

    3. What we are left with is at the very least a Morrissey who has finally banished at least one of the major ghosts in his past.
    And who knows, at best what we may be left with is a vacant guitarist position and the biggest possible hint that Marr is about to fill it.

    Anonymous -- Monday July 12 2004, @10:39AM (#114619)
  • I went to MEN and Old Trafford and can say i preferred Old trafford cos i wasn't 5 miles from the stage!! I also believed that Mozzer was charged by 1)playing in his back garden and 2)Coming on after the dolls.

    It appears some of you are upset with Mozzers set (length and content). So what would you have him play. Stick to the current format ie. 20 songs (5 smiths max)

    Mine would be (in no particular order except encore):

    There is a light....
    What difference does it make
    Sweet and Tender Hooligan

    Hairdresser on Fire
    Dagenham Dave
    Ouijaboard Ouijaboard/November Spawned a Monster (ala Beethoven was deaf)
    Irish Blood English heart
    First of The Gang
    I like You
    Come back to Camden
    Interesting Drug
    We hate it when......
    Sing your life
    Get off The Stage (not that it happens anymore!!)
    Sister I'm a Poet
    Lucky Lisp

    I will allow 1 cover seeing as it is Morrissey!


    The Queen is Dead
    You Know I Couldnt Last

    No doubt there will be a fair bit of disapproval - hopefully some approval, i'm just interested in what people think.

    By the way, can i just say if RG is reading, thanks for introducing me to this wonderous man in a small room on Newton Crescent.
    PG -- Monday July 12 2004, @11:24AM (#114639)
    (User #11864 Info)
  • Few more Moz quotes from the evening:-

    M: "Anything we can do for you?"
    Someone in crowd: "Take your shirt off"
    M: "Do you know how old I am? Im old enough to be your... Postman"

    M: "Julia, what do we do next?- Why is it always down to me?"

    M: "That was from our album You Are The Quarry- which is coughing its way back up the charts"

    M: "Twenty on one- it takes 20 of them to stop one man. (shakes head) Thanks for trying. (Comment as security jump heavily on one guy trying to make it on stage)

    (On seeing himself on the big video screen)
    M: "Is that me? See you" (Feigns to leave stage)
    Manchester Neil -- Monday July 12 2004, @01:26PM (#114679)
    (User #8271 Info)
    • Re:Moz Quips by i am olivia (Score:0) Monday July 12 2004, @04:21PM
  • hey up guys i was a girl on the barrier last night right under the mic. i got mozzers shirt to add to my collection of 2 shirts already at home, thanks to a lovely scouse bouncer who i got in with during the long 6 hr wait for moz. he picked it up off the floor and gave it to me, there are many advantaged in this life to being goodlooking! unlucky for u lads behind me and 1 girl next to me who tried to grab it off me. im too strong sorry, better luck next time. i let my older brother wear it walking back to the car, noone knew he had mozzers shirt on it was so funny. ita now hanging up in my room and it smells lovely.
                            God bless you all
    cozwemust -- Monday July 12 2004, @02:38PM (#114693)
    (User #11365 Info)
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    • Re:his shirt by cozwemust (Score:1) Tuesday July 13 2004, @02:42PM
  • Wasn't it a shame he didn't play Shoplifters of the world...gutted....still an amzing show thou! Hope he plays Manchester again. I couldn't take my eyes off him...what a frontman....

    Think i'm in love
    Anonymous -- Monday July 12 2004, @04:10PM (#114714)
  • What was playing just before mozza came on??? The music in the liverpudlian accent???
    Anonymous -- Monday July 12 2004, @04:24PM (#114718)
  • Seemed to be over all too quick, but what a great show.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 13 2004, @02:13AM (#114781)
  • I loved every minute of it, there didn't seem to be any low points at all. Big hello to Silicon Carne, Spriggs, Martin, November, Missing Link, MBB321, Happy In The Haze and Dizzy for helping me and my brother have a lovely day all day.
    Brigitte, I hope you got back home safely, I hope Morrissey gets your letter;)
    chez Kray
    Reg Kray -- Tuesday July 13 2004, @02:22AM (#114782)
    (User #8237 Info)
  • Slightly off-topic, but can anyone tell me which of the original Dolls were in the lineup who played at Old Trafford on Sunday? I thought they were fantastic, and would love to see them again if they're still alive.

    Morrissey was great; but, as a Londoner, (feel free to flame me for this) I found the atmosphere just a little intimidating right up front. I admit it, you Mancunians are a lot harder than me.

    Show was great though, and atmosphere very good.
    huxley2001 -- Tuesday July 13 2004, @04:35AM (#114802)
    (User #11632 Info)
  • Morrissey keeps gerbils in his arse, He used to come into our Tib street shop to by 3 every weekend
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 13 2004, @06:50AM (#114829)
  • What in the name of God is wrong with some people??? Morrissey is playing in Old Trafford, in flying form with 10,000 people simultaneously bouncing around and singing their hearts out and still the moaners..Of course he played lots of Quarry stuff- it's the new bloody album!! And if the set list isn't to your liking, then why keep going? That was a top gig. Probably the best one I've seen in years. Shut up whinging, after all isn't this level of fame and hysteria exactly what we wanted for him?
    sbfromhell -- Tuesday July 13 2004, @07:09AM (#114833)
    (User #11874 Info)
  • If you were at Move and didn't have a ticketmaster ticket, please turn your ticket over and read clause 19 in the conditions. Appropriate I think....
    sbfromhell -- Tuesday July 13 2004, @07:35AM (#114838)
    (User #11874 Info)
  • Having returned from the festival having seen Morrissey for the First time even though i have been a fan for soo long it was fanfuckintastic...
    Az -- Tuesday July 13 2004, @08:23AM (#114849)
    (User #11877 Info)
  • I was at the second row and rushed to the front during every day is like sunday. I'm 15 and this was my first moz gig right at the front i was with my friend oli, (big guy, glasses) it was amazing to me when moz walked on, the first thing i remember was seeing a pair of skinny legs and looking up and seeing his quiff, him towering above everyone, i screamed histerically. i was at the men gig (seated, right at the back) but this was a far better experience, although some of my favs he played at men he did'nt play on sunday (jack the ripper, hairdresser, shoplifters)
    That was the first of many i'm going to.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 14 2004, @01:31AM (#114983)
    • Re:Sunday by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday July 24 2004, @05:36PM
  • Could someone please post a full setlist from Sunday ?


    starlight -- Wednesday July 14 2004, @04:03AM (#114994)
    (User #11879 Info)
  • a quote that seems to have been missed off so far is Moz' introduction to Let me kiss you. "this song is a cover version of a Nancy Sinatra cover version of our song"
    Made me laugh anyway!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 14 2004, @11:41PM (#115093)
  • I've just read a report which states that Arthur 'Killer' Kane of the New York Dolls died in hospital on Tuesday July 13th.

    God Bless Stretford
    God Bless Oscar Wild
    God Bless Arthur Kane
    huxley2001 -- Thursday July 15 2004, @02:11AM (#115101)
    (User #11632 Info)

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