posted by davidt on Monday July 05 2004, @04:00PM
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  • Quart (Score:2, Informative)

    I made it to Manchester, but sadly I didn't make it to the second concert he's ever done in this country. They showed one minute from the set on one of the national tv news channels at 11 tonight (Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice). I just had to smile - before YATQ, The Smiths/Morrissey never really got any attention at all in Norway. And now, he's on the news along with the latest updates from Iraque etc.

    One newspaper has already given a review of the show, with the headline "King Morrissey" (
    3000 people attended the gig. Appearently, he started out singing a few lines of the A-ha hit "The Sun Always Shines On TV". He also thanked the audience for making YATQ number five in the Norwegian Album Chart. I guess the setlist is the same as previous festival concerts, "Shakespeare's Sister", "How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I feel" and "Let Me Kiss You" are mentioned in the review.

    Anonymous -- Monday July 05 2004, @05:51PM (#113837)
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  • I love a-ha. If anyone has a recording of this show please e-mail me personally. thanks!
    torr <[email protected]> -- Monday July 05 2004, @06:23PM (#113838)
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    • Re:recording? by Roy S. Keane (Score:1) Wednesday July 07 2004, @02:15AM
  • Reviews! Where are all the lazy dykes?
    Anonymous -- Monday July 05 2004, @06:58PM (#113840)
  • Damn I didn't know he was playing Quart?!
    Seriously, this is one of the best music festivals in the world, everytime I check the list of the line-up of bands it's always stacked with heaps of talent.
    Pity it's across the other side of the world :(

    Only festival in the world where I'd probably get the chance to see Moz, Live and Rammstein all on the one weekend :P
    herzeleid316 -- Monday July 05 2004, @08:37PM (#113844)
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  • Morrissey singing an A-ha song( well at least a few lines from it)is pretty cool.I`ve been listening to A-ha lately.I especially like the song "Blue Sky".
    tibby -- Monday July 05 2004, @08:48PM (#113845)
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    ~I am a poor freezingly cold soul so far from where I intended to go ~I love Morrissey
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    • Blue Sky by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday July 06 2004, @08:07AM
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  • Pictures (Score:1, Informative)

    Pictures from the show here:
    NRK (Norwegian television) []
    Anonymous -- Monday July 05 2004, @11:43PM (#113851)
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  • Set List (according to

    Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice/Shakespeare's Sister/How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?/Let Me Kiss You/I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday/The Headmaster Ritual/Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference/I Have Forgiven Jesus/There Is A Light That Never Goes Out/First Of The Gang To Die/The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores/All The Lazy Dykes/No One Can Hold A Candle To You/Rubber Ring/Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday/I'm Not Sorry // Irish Blood, English Heart

    Links to reviews/pictures:
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 06 2004, @03:41AM (#113873)
  • "and I´m Morten!" (Score:1, Interesting)

    After introducing the lads, Moz introduced himself as Morten (Harket, the a-ha singer). The exact same set list as in Roskilde two days earlier. A good concert but the crowd was a bunch of "Big Brother"- kind of people with two much money and too little interest in Moz. Morrissey was in good shape though, a lot of joking from the stage ("All the lazy fjords!") He also asked the crowd : Any requests? before starting Rubber Ring. There was a Engslish guy in front claiming he lived in the same street as Morrissey in Stretford and there was much talking between the two of them. I think Moz asked him to go see a doctor.
    The intro was hilarious; Morrissey entering alone singing: Touch me, how can it be, believe me, the sun NEVER shines on TV!
    Two Moz concerts for me in two days. Satisfied, but kind of want to see him in England sometime also, no Morrisseeeeyy football chanting and not much jumping in front of the stage at these two gigs.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 06 2004, @04:13AM (#113876)
  • I really enjoyed my trip to Norway, Morrissey was his usual comical self, introducing himself as the singer from A Ha.

    Now its time to take my trip back home ready for Sundays Move Festival.

    Photos from My tour with Morrissey will appear on my site soon
    Morrisseyuk -- Tuesday July 06 2004, @07:31AM (#113888)
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  • Is he back in the mix, or still out "sick"?

    I haven't seen any comments about him lately, but maybe I missed them.
    someraincoatedlovers -- Tuesday July 06 2004, @09:11AM (#113899)
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    • Re:Alain..... by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday July 06 2004, @09:15AM
  • so does anyone have anymore information regaring alain. by now everyone has to admit that the absence of alain and the fact that no one in the morrissey camp (including morrissey hiself) has made one single mention of it.

    doesn't one think if alain was ill (like he was when his back went out just before coachella and a few american dates had to be cancelled), someone would say something by now?

    i'm not trying to troll or start a flame war, but it's going on a month now and there's been no word other than the speculation on this site. plus, there no official thread for the alain situation and the general discussion board is really just a waste of time.
    eugenius -- Tuesday July 06 2004, @12:22PM (#113936)
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    I'm almost sure you can do better than that.
  • Well I had a great time at the show - and I am surprised to hear that most of the crowd were unexcited - for us that the front it certainly felt like 10000 people pushing forward towards the stage :) Of my seven Morrissey shows so far, I think this one has had the most aggressive audience.

    The setlist was indeed the same as Roskilde. And it isn't true that Alain hasn't been mentioned - Morrissey dedicated 'No one can hold a candle to you' to him on his birthday at the Roskilde show.

    He talked a lot about Norway "Don't ever move!", had a fair amount of interaction with the crowd (though as usual he couldn't really hear what people said), and was enjoying himself immensely, as usual, one is tempted to say.

    He asked Julia once more if she was saddle-sore, and was just unable to reach the letter she held out for him (a painstaking 10 seconds of silent suspense for everyone (would he fall off the stage in his efforts?), until a security guard was kind enough to deliver it). Generally, only people with long arms were able to touch hands with him during this show - and there were no stage-invaders, though I heard a lot of people plotting before the show, and the relatively few guards would have made the chances good.
    Joemoz -- Tuesday July 06 2004, @12:32PM (#113940)
    (User #1342 Info)
  • A live recording of Let me kiss you from Quart festival was sent on Norwegian television NRK tonight. It will probably be available on soon.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 06 2004, @03:05PM (#113972)
    • Here's how you can watch it:
      Go to and select "Nett-TV" in the menu on the left.
      Select "Quart-festivalen" and then "Lydverket 6. juli" in the new window that opens.

      There might be some testing of your internet speed. Just choose Lagre (Save) when it's finished.

      You will be asked for username (Brukernavn) and password (Passord). Just press
      the button "Glemt passord?", write your e-mail-address and push the button "Få
      nytt passord" (Receive new password).
      You will receive an email with the line "Ditt nye passord er: xxxxxx" (Your
      password is: xxxxxx).
      Write your e-mail-address in the field "Brukernavn" and your password in the field
      "Passord". Press the button "Logg inn". You will then have to chose a username from
      a list, and finally the video will start.

      The part about Morrissey starts at 05:35.
      Anonymous -- Tuesday July 06 2004, @03:20PM (#113974)
  • To have seen Morrissey in Norway

    Half-way across the world

    What am I doing with my life?

    I sold a product, ate dinner and slept
    MOZ IS GOD -- Tuesday July 06 2004, @05:40PM (#113984)
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  • well, interesting :)

    Apparently, during a concert by The Cumshots (sic!), a couple climbed up and had sex on the stage for a couple of minutes...

    Pictures can be found here:
    Joemoz -- Wednesday July 07 2004, @06:45AM (#114025)
    (User #1342 Info)
  • if so what were your thoughts/crowd reaction?
    andr3s -- Wednesday July 07 2004, @12:52PM (#114071)
    (User #11574 Info)
  • Stretford bigmouth (Score:1, Insightful)

    never been here before, but I saw the message below and have to confess to being the vocal Englishman at quart. It was the first time I'd seen Moz live although I loved the Smiths and saw them many times back in the 80's (getting on a bit now!). I saw them first when I was 15 at the hacienda in manchester when This Charming Man was in the charts and he was still swinging the gladioli, talk about going to seminal gigs! you can keep the sex pistols in '76.
    Anyway just to clear my name, I said to Morrissey that the stretford boys were here, he replied 'who's from Stretford, I don't believe you, where do you live', so I told 'Derbyshire lane', which is a couple of streets away from where he used to live, he then replied 'Oh, the pressure' with usual mock-horror, good man. So I am a local Stretford boy so the smiths were massive for us in the 80's.
    A little piece of trivia if you want it, my cousin is called Anne-Marie McVeigh and she used to live on the same street as us, she went to North Trafford college with Morrissey and remembers him fondly as very shy and sweet with an obvious crush on her. When I'd been into the Smiths for about a year I told her about this great local genius star called morrissey(she was into Chic, Michael Jackson etc, so a million miles from this kind of music) she said 'what's his first name 'Steven' I said, she said 'oh my god he was in my college class'. She told me he once confided to her 'Anne, I want to be a rock star but I can't even play the fucking guitar!'
    She jokes now that she'd be loaded if she'd shacked up with him, but she was convinced he was.....well I think you probably know. It's all true folks, have a good day.
    Johnny L
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 11 2004, @12:07PM (#114466)

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