posted by davidt on Saturday July 03 2004, @06:00PM
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Set List:

Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Shakespeare's Sister / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Let Me Kiss You / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / The Headmaster Ritual / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / I Have Forgiven Jesus / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / First Of The Gang To Die / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / All The Lazy Dykes / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / Rubber Ring / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / I'm Not Sorry // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by Joemoz
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  • Every time I see the name reminds me Of when
    Pearl Jam played this Festival, and several fans of PJ, died during there set. It was just to crowded or something
    tenderliz -- Sunday July 04 2004, @01:25AM (#113694)
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  • Still recuperating, I suppose.
    Johan de Witt <[email protected]> -- Sunday July 04 2004, @02:03AM (#113697)
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  • Setlist etc. (Score:2, Informative)

    The setlist was the same as Spain, I think.

    1) Don't make fun of daddy's voice
    2) Shakespear's sister
    3) How can anybody possibly know how I feel
    4) Let me kiss you
    5) I know it's gonna happen someday
    6) Headmaster ritual
    7) Such a little thing makes such a big difference
    8) I have forgiven Jesus
    9) There is a light that never goes out
    10) The first of the gang to die
    11) The world is full of crashing bores
    12) All the lazy dykes
    13) No-one can hold a candle to you
    14) Rubber ring
    15) Subway train (intro) Everyday is like Sunday
    16) I'm not sorry

    Extra: Irish Blood, English Heart.

    He talked a lot during the songs, as usual. Things like:

    "Oscar Wilde said that "The past is what you are". I hope not. (Before playing Headmaster Ritual)
    "It's Alain's birthday today. This is for him" (No one can hold a candle to you)
    "They don't really know the New York Dolls, Julia, they're just pretending" (Everyday is like Sunday) - of course we shouted "Yes we do!"
    He changed the lyrics in that song to "How I'm really glad to be here", then "Oops" when the song continued "In the seaside town that they forgot to bomb" :)
    "If you must go to work tomorrow, then...maybe you should" (audience confused, perhaps because today is sunday?)
    He introduced the band by asking the crowd to shout "Hej, hej, hej" (danish for 'hi') to each of the members. He had also learned a few other Danish words, including 'Tak' (thank you).

    The audience was great, which he also seemed to appreciate - though sadly the stage was far too high, which made physical contact impossible.

    All in all, fantastic show. I'm still quite ecstatic. The "Crowd safety" people at Roskilde said they had never seen anything like it - there was an incredibly long line of people waiting outside the tent hours before the show.
    Joemoz -- Sunday July 04 2004, @02:57AM (#113700)
    (User #1342 Info)
  • There is always hard to find a computer at a festival but finally I got hold on one.

    I thought the concert was great. The setlist, which I didn't get hold on, was not that different from Spain or Glastonbury. So there were no big suprises, which means that the setlist someone posted earlier, is NOT the right on.

    Morrissey was in a fairly chatty mood. He addressed Julia two times. The first time he asked her if she was sad and lonely and the other time he remarked that the Danish crowd didn’t know who the New York Dolls were. The last comment was made after he asked the crowd if they knew who they were and only got a vague cheering. He also dedicated "No One Can Hold A Candle To You" to Alain and said that it was his birthday. Morrissey also said `tack, tack` after one song which means thank you in Danish and got a huge cheer from the crowd.

    The band was also great and good-looking as always. Little Billy fits in really nice and the pedal steel on "I’m not sorry" sounds good. Morrissey introduced the band and got the crowd to say "Hi Boz" and "Hi Deano" etc. for each member, which was fun.

    The main problem though was the crowd, which was kind of lame. It seemed like the majority of this festival crowd were there for older songs like "Everyday is..." and "There is a light...". This means that they were absolutely quiet during songs like "Don’t make fun of daddy’s voice", which only gets better and better the more you hear it, and "Such a little thing".

    Hopefully someone got hold on the setlist so we can get the accurate one.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 04 2004, @03:03AM (#113701)
  • I was at the concert last night.. It was great. However it was obvious that he was playing before a festival crowd who are not necessarily Morrissey fans... People didn't know the words for songs such as Rubber Ring and How can anybody possibly know how I feel? Therefore it never became REALLY intimate, but still it was great to see the King. He changed shirt five times, I think it was... Oooh nice belly he's got there ;-)
    mozzergirl -- Sunday July 04 2004, @03:04AM (#113702)
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    Will you put your arms around me, I won't tell anybody
  • happy birthday alain, i hope you get well very soon. I´m also very glad that morrissey dedicated "no one can hold a candle to you" to him, he really deserves it!
    gonzax -- Sunday July 04 2004, @04:15AM (#113704)
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  • perhaps this indicates moz and alain are still on good terms and that alain will be back? this seems to be the first time moz has even addressed alain since his disappearance from the fold (unless i have missed something). I certainly hope he returns soon and in good health...very curious as to what's really behind all of this.
    thelastofthefamous -- Sunday July 04 2004, @10:13AM (#113713)
    (User #11673 Info)
  • All in all a really great concert but the band behind Morrissey seemed to be a little anonymours, probably because Alain was not at show, which was a pity. The new songs were performed really good by Moz and was getting some of the loudest cheers from the crowd.

    Anonymous -- Sunday July 04 2004, @11:25AM (#113717)
  • i was on that concert too and i was able to see HIM really close!!!place was packed with ppl but when he played the smiths songs it could be seen who knows him a little bit more than the last lp. I was gobsmacked when he played Rubber Ring!!!!Not to mention other songs!
    he has changed his shirts five times and was throwing it to the audience two times but unfortunately i couldnøt catch it....
    GREAT SHOW!!!!
    huggs from rainy Roskilde
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 04 2004, @12:32PM (#113721)
  • Just got back to UK tonight having spent my birthday in Denmark seeing Moz! He was in brilliant form for the night and in much better spirits than Glastonbury.

    On the way to Denmark on Saturday, I said to hubby "what's the chances of him saying 'Happy Birthday' today??" (not realising it was also Alain's birthday!) Did anyone hear me squeal with delight at the front when he actually did??!! Even if it wasn't for me, it was an amazingly nice coincidence!

    Downside - being very very very old now (too ashamed to divulge here)I can tell you I will never, ever, ever go to another festival and Roskilde has put me off for life! We were staying in Copenhagen overnight and didn't get back there til 4am, minus shoes and exhausted!

    We walked for 3 miles in that smelly hellhole of a campsite that is Roskilde, with the foulest bog-mud sucking us down with every step - past the lines and lines of pissed males pissing away in the quagmire and the blocks of abandoned, overflowing portaloos, with people slipping over, puking, eating or pushing past - given hundreds of wrong directions in the dark wilderness, with the stench of four-day-old human waste penetrating the sweet Danish air! Being a sensitive girlie, I nearly cried for my Mum on several occasions - until we finally managed to catch the penultimate nightbus back to Copenhagen and stand all the way!!!! What the buggery pleasure do you people get out of it????!!!!!! I will never understand! I'll be scrubbing my feet for a week, to be sure!

    Still it was a brilliantly memorable birthday (the lengths we go to for our Mozza!) - and maybe our poor dumped, mud-caked shoes will find a good home from where we left them on a bin back in Copenhagen!

    Brilliant. Roll on Reading!!!!!
    angel -- Sunday July 04 2004, @01:33PM (#113726)
    (User #65 Info)
  • Hi there.

    I've got some crappy photos from last nights concert (scroll down a littel), feel free to visit my site:


    hyldig -- Sunday July 04 2004, @02:48PM (#113729)
    (User #11809 Info)
  • I've been to this site pretty much daily for the past couple of years but I can't remember us having a discussion about how He styles his quiff nowadays...

    What's going on? It's been questionable since 1995 and these days has looked oddly wirey - like steel wool tugged upwards.

    I'm still one of those fans who wears a 1992 Moz quiff and takes a good ten minutes over it each morning so please don't take this as an attack on Mozzer but it's his symbolic calling card and I was just wondering how all us fans feels about IT in IT'S difficult state recently?

    I'm only being light-hearted - don't go into how his hair souldn't come into, it la di da, - but a bad Moz hair DECADE is surely something to cause concern amongst any fan?

    And just to deflect everyone taking a cricket bat to this post, I'll pose a question;

    Since 1988, Morrissey's hair has been best during;

    A) Immediately post Smiths; during Viva Hate recordings.
    B) Viva Hate videos.
    C) Sing Your Life.
    D) Kill Uncle tour.
    E) We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful video.
    F) 1994 press and Introducing Morrissey VHS.
    G) The 1996 - 1998 cut close period.
    H) Between times.
    I) The present.

    I just know this is gonna score 0 points but hair IS important and don't pretend you've not wished he just took a big fat blow dryer to it and teased it back to where it belongs!

    Just me then.
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  • More pics from Roskilde, Denmark: []
    Anonymous -- Monday July 05 2004, @06:03AM (#113768)
  • I've heard that MTV usually broadcasts a bit from Roskilde, did they do that this year? Show anything from the Mozconcert I mean?

    And another question, did anyone find a concert review with some pictures in ANY paper? I bought both Danish and Swedish papers the day after the gig and all they reviewed were artists like Avril....brrrr.... And why was there no photo to the concert review in the shitty festival paper? Lame.
    doden_kor_cadillac -- Monday July 05 2004, @08:36AM (#113776)
    (User #11494 Info)
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  • Hi there

    I was in Roskilde as well. Let me share my feelings with you.

    I just came back today and i'm still in some extatic mood because i've met the band on the airport today. I was waiting for my plane and i thought i saw Gary sitting just a couple of meters aways from me. Deano was sitting next to him. Boz and Little Barry showed up later. I talked to all of them a little bit about the show and stuff. When I had to go Boz even said Thank you in Dutch! That was quite surprising. He's really a funny chap, but all of them were very very nice (didn't see Mikey though...). Made some pictures too and ofcourse got their autographes. Mozza himself was probably somewhere in the VIP room. Anyway....i'm thrilled...

    I was already thrilled because the show was really really good. The arena in Roskilde was perfect for him. It was a big tent which created an intimite atmosphere and with the red-lighted bulbs (red bulb-lights??? forgive me my english)with the Morrissey words (like in Manchester) it instantly created the perfect feeling. The people in the stage-pit seemed really into him. Most of them were standing in line to get into the pit for more then one hour. So, there seemed to be a lot of fans anyway. I also think the securety at Roskilde was surprised by the amount of people who wanted to get into the pit and it got a bit scary when at all those people rushed to the pit-entrance. Please people do'n do that again. As somebody else already stated, people did die because of stuff like that. Luckely we got into the pit without any harm, and I chilled in the back of the pit because like in Manchester the front was to high anyway for any contact whatsoever ( i was in front row in manchester, so i knew i did not had to bother...)

    Now the show itself...

    The opening song was Daddy's Voice. I don't think that it is really a good opener to any show. He should play a more popular tune, to get everybody into the show. Now people stayed a bit tame. For me playing Shakespeare's Sister was brilliant. Played very well as well. But I saw people around me wondering....

    Then came How can Anybody Possible etc.. It's not one of my favourites anyway.... But again I really feel that he shouldn't play this song in the beginning of the show.

    Let me kiss you was played and sang brilliant, but surprisingly after that he played I know...which again I don't think is a song which should be played so early in the set. Especially not if you have already played so much unknowm songs like Daddy's Voice in the beginning. He doesn't have to play all the popular tunes, but to get the party started...this wasn't the best starting for me.. Even the danish press, said that the first 15 minutes were a bit tame....

    Then came the Headmaster's Ritual. And i'm really sorry to say, but this song was played very bad. The feeling in it was just not there. It was played lame and...well... just can't explain it. It was miles and miles away from the excitement it should have...(wait for the bootleg and judge for yourselves). And then came Such a little thing, and I really was kind of getting scared that the crowd would start to hate this show.... To me the song was played brilliantly, but....people really started to look funny

    Then he played I have forgiven jesus. And instantly the show really took off. This song was superb!!!! His voice is getting better and better. The band played very well and all songs after this were performed really really good. Especially All the Lazy Dykes (which he dedicated to all the Danish Dykes in the crowd), Candle (dedicated to Alan), Rubber Ring, Subway Train into Everyday... and I'm not Sorry.
    Normally Mozza always sings without microphone standard, but he sang I'm not sorry standing behind the micro-standard, which to me was some completely different site. He looked very beautiful, intens and fragile then.

    The band said that Mozza really liked the show and he must have, because he talked a lot. Most commments are already given by other posts.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 05 2004, @03:18PM (#113819)
  • does anyone know if there exists a recording of the roskilde show?

    best wishes
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 14 2004, @07:08AM (#115009)
  • THIS was the set list? it is completely different from the others. Is someone lying here or what? Why no posts or info on the show?
    -Juli in nyc
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 04 2004, @12:09AM (#113690)
  • If only...You had us all going there for a moment, you wag! ;-)
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 04 2004, @05:13AM (#113705)
  • don't do that to people! i was about to get jealous of everyone that went!
    i am olivia -- Sunday July 04 2004, @06:18AM (#113708)
    (User #9665 Info |
    don't talk to me now about people who are "nice"...
    • Re:Oh! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday July 04 2004, @07:50AM
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