posted by davidt on Thursday July 01 2004, @02:00PM
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Set List:

Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Shakespeare's Sister / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Let Me Kiss You / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / The Headmaster Ritual / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / I Have Forgiven Jesus / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / First Of The Gang To Die / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / All The Lazy Dykes / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / Rubber Ring / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / I'm Not Sorry // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by DyingAngel
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  • Listen In (Score:2, Informative) []

    Choose Windows Media Player or Real Player.
    nonesoever -- Thursday July 01 2004, @03:04PM (#113481)
    (User #8448 Info)
    "... turn popular song into sickness"
  • Might have missed reading it somewhere. Is there more than one act before Morrissey takes the stage, I wonder? It appears it is a delayed taping, though there are no after-show posters as of yet.
    Hidden By Rags -- Thursday July 01 2004, @03:18PM (#113487)
    (User #10262 Info)
  • thanks for the link to the broadcast...the intro song is playing as i type this "disloyal lover" "drug abuser" "racist"
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 01 2004, @03:27PM (#113490)
  • setlist (Score:1, Redundant)

    the setlist is the same as the glastonberry show.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Thursday July 01 2004, @03:42PM (#113497)
    (User #2789 Info |
    True friends stab you in the front.
    • Re:setlist by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday July 03 2004, @10:26AM
  • why do we need the commentary between songs??
    i hate trying to hear what Moz is saying and having those folks talk over him.
    dacid -- Thursday July 01 2004, @03:43PM (#113498)
    (User #106 Info |
    • Re:shut up! by kill_uncle2 (Score:1) Thursday July 01 2004, @05:16PM
  • I love the way he's singing it at the moment.

    He's putting everything into it

    Sadly I missed "daddy's voice"

    Anonymous -- Thursday July 01 2004, @04:35PM (#113512)
  • Track list (Score:2, Informative)

    1) Don't make fun of dady's voice

    2) Shakespear's sister

    3) How can anybody possibly know how I feel

    4) Let me kiss you

    5) I know it's gonna happen someday

    6) Headmaster ritual

    7) Such a little thing makes such a big difference

    8) I have forgiven Jesus

    9) There is a light that never goes out

    10) The first of the gang to die

    11) The world is full of crashing bores

    12) All the lazy dykes

    13) No-one can hold a candle to you

    14) Rubber ring

    15) Subway train (intro) Everyday is like Sunday

    16) I'm not sorry


    17) Irish blood English heart
    DyingAngel -- Thursday July 01 2004, @04:47PM (#113514)
    (User #10770 Info)
    "I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it"
  • 1. "daddy's voice"
    2. S's sister
    3. How can anyone possibly know how I feel
    4. Let me kiss you
    5. I know it's going to happen some day
    6. Headmaster's
    7. such a little...
    8. Jesus
    9. there's a light that never goes out
    10. first of the gang to die
    11. crashing bores
    12. all the lazy dykes
    13. no one can hold a candle
    14. rubber ring
    15. subway into...everday is like sunday
    16. I'm not sorry
    17. IBEH
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 01 2004, @04:48PM (#113515)
  • he spoke to a certain manuel, questioning him about Raymonde
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 01 2004, @11:57PM (#113534)
  • back after a typical spanish night lasting until 6 this AM. "And tonight my name is Pedro!", "the album sold well in Malta, not in Spain, Denmark, but not in Spain, Iceland, but not in Spain!" Took the piss out of the crowd for chanting Mo-ri-say - "Mo-ri-say what?" All in all as good as it gets....great venue set within the catsle walls, good crowd and Moz on fire!
    Anonymous -- Friday July 02 2004, @02:59AM (#113547)
  • Why do I seem to be the only Morrissey fan that:- HASN'T heard 'Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice', don't know or care about this Julia person,
    don't know 'Subway Train' (into 'Everyday..')and haven't the faintest idea why he's wearing a flower at his crotch?

    Did I miss a meeting?
    usskerouac -- Friday July 02 2004, @03:16AM (#113549)
    (User #11148 Info)
    "Stop me from thinking, from thinking all the time"
  • Chrrrris Waddle.
    Boutrous Boutros Ghali.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 02 2004, @05:56AM (#113564)
  • Great concert. Beautiful venue: a small square inside a castle. The stage was small (no space for the Morrissey letters). Mozzer was fun and chatty. Commented on a painting by Picasso projected on a wall and said: "doesn't really mean anything". Asked to the audience who in Spain was a crashing bore and handed the mic to someone who said Aznar (Spanish ex-president allied with Blair and Bush against Irak)
    People were very respectful (no pushing, no shoving no MEN type violence up front. All and all a very nice experience. Small venues suit him best. He is able to interact better. Oh, and he was gorgeous as ever. Still no Alain.
    Since Mozz said: "see you again in far away places" I suppose no future Spanish dates in the horizon.
    I am the Quarry -- Friday July 02 2004, @07:27AM (#113571)
    (User #10052 Info)
    "No, really, I'm a roofer from Balham"
  • This is an insightful article a/b racism y music.

    It's worth the read!

    Anonymous -- Friday July 02 2004, @02:03PM (#113608)
  • given the abyssmal standards of our washed up old fool, Spain's health department should have closed down the show for spreading pestilence and disease
    Anonymous -- Friday July 02 2004, @03:13PM (#113614)
  • In Mozz We Trust (Score:2, Interesting)

    My english is not very good so maybe the are some mistakes in tranlation-retranslation:
    -"In spanish charts I'm in 9500 position"
    -"This next song will be released as single YES IN MALTA, maybe in spain, YES IN NORWAY, maybe in spain,.."
    -People: Morrissey, You are the Quarry
    Morrissey: "Yes I know, and it's very painful... (pause, seriously)The Past it's very painful too, but now it's all behind (and starts "Rusholme Ruffians")
    -"Full moon, it means... nothing"
    -(after someone asking for "The Last Of The Famous..." I don't sing that song anymore because I'm not a Famous International Playboy anymore"
    -"The next song has not spanish translation" (he laughs and starts "All The Lazy Dykes" or "Todas Las Perezosas Lesbianas")
    -(someone ask for "This Charming Man")"This Charming Man??????, It's very funny, (he turns to the drums), very funny" (but he wasn't amused)
    -When he asked for some spanish crashing bores and someone said "Aznar" (the spanish ex-president, a Blair and Bush's friend and believe me a truly fucking crashing bored)he said "Who is he?... a bullfighter?"
    -In the walls were a big beautiful Frank Sinatra's picture as he were pointing to the stage, Morrissey looked the photo in the musical part of "I'm not sorry" and made the same gesture to Sinatra's image.
    A good concert, followed of another nice concert (Tim Booth's one) and at the end, when he was singing "Irish blood..." he drops he Jobriath's t-shirt to my zone. After 3 minutes of nice, warm fight I took the part with the photo and the full name. The fabric of that t-shirt it's so good that a girl tried to burn it in order to cut it, and she couldn't... Well If you wonder how Morrissey smells, the piece has some scent to incense (Saint Morrissey, isn't it?).
    ArrigoXX -- Friday July 02 2004, @03:29PM (#113616)
    (User #9131 Info)
  • Broken Social Scene and who else? is BSS tourin with Moz rightnow or juste a few dates [they were slated for lolapalooza before it was cancelled].

    for those who dont know, Broken Social Scene is an extrememly cool outfit outa Toronto- albums in 2001 and 2002 and a bsides/rareities comp this year.
    chrisarclark <[email protected]> -- Friday July 02 2004, @03:37PM (#113618)
    (User #9259 Info)
    "I'm just passing through here on my way to somewhere civilized and maybe I'll even arrive, maybe I'll even arrive..."
  • Looked for it on Soulseek but only found crappy audience recording.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 03 2004, @02:01AM (#113651)
  • Photos of Morrissey in Fuengirola:
    or in google:
    "Un sombrero lleno de agujeros"
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 03 2004, @04:49AM (#113657)
  • was he playing or is he still sick?????????
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 03 2004, @04:44PM (#113680)
  • good concert. moz was really funny. one of the things we said: "i´m 75- really, (clear and slowly) seventy-five", in the final song IBEH he made a mistake in the second part of the lyrics, repeating the first, then made a gesture , said "sorry" and went on singing... there were many comments between songs...
    BUT the most important thing was that i was in the front row, trying to touch him... there was a guy in my left, taller than me, than had shaked His hand twice, and i told him i´d bite him in the arm if the tried again to touch Him. he laught as if i had said something funny but i really meant it! GRRRRRRRRRR... the gig went on, i was dissapointed, there were no more opportunities because Moz was always far from me,and then begins IBEH, the final song indeed, he approached, i put my arm in the air towards him, the guy on my left did it aswell, i was going to bite him but Moz took my hand. oh my. i felt like a 13th year old BackStreetBoys fan. 30 seconds later i shaked his hand again. the next day i had bruises in my stomach caused by the fences and the people behind me trying to touch Him.
    it´s been a long non intereseting story but i had to tell it. sorry bout my english, i´m doing my best.

    Anonymous -- Sunday July 04 2004, @01:28AM (#113695)
  • I was there, it was great and meant a lot to me - first time I saw Morrissey in person -, but I didn´t like his comments about the sales of YATQ in Spain. What was the point in saying that??. To me, it could be a problem of distribution, because it took me a while to buy it in my hometown, but it had nothing to do with fans - I´m quite sure that here, in Spain, we are many -.
    Anyway, I loved the show and hope that he´ll come back in the future. He was the best with a difference!
    The_Blue_Eyes -- Sunday July 04 2004, @12:11PM (#113718)
    (User #11807 Info)
  • I saw a group of reporters at the castle making pictures and asking questions to Morrissey. Can anybody tell me if there were any articles published, or radio or TV interviews broadcast at all? I know La Vanguardia published something on Sunday, and misspelled Morrissey.
    I am the Quarry -- Monday July 05 2004, @07:15AM (#113772)
    (User #10052 Info)
    "No, really, I'm a roofer from Balham"
  • First of all I thank my favourite artist after The Smiths for coming to South Spain and play a concert 10 minutes from my home,I have been in concerts of Radiohead, Primal Scream, Suede, Muse,etc... but I have never seen in my life such a good presence in a stage, such good sound and of course Morrissey was very profesional and his voice was excellent I even like his voice now than when he was younger.

    The only thing I did not like is that he said a few times that he did not sell many cds here in Spain when I allways thought that he was more interested in singing to the world what he thinks, he should not think so much about money when he is already reach also he charge the organization 120.202.-Euros, good money for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
    Smiths1976 -- Tuesday July 06 2004, @10:10AM (#113911)
    (User #11820 Info)
  • Ya he colgado las fotos del concierto de Morrissey en el AV, en la web de yellow melodies: You can see the photos of Morrissey gig at AV Festival:
    rafaskam -- Tuesday July 13 2004, @11:26AM (#114890)
    (User #11882 Info |
  • Ya estan listas las fotos de AV en la web de Yellow Melodies:

    Now you can see the photos taken at AV Festival:
    rafaskam -- Tuesday July 13 2004, @11:30AM (#114892)
    (User #11882 Info |
  • Hay, I'm a spic. Stupid limey's talk to much too.
    Maybe it's cause nobody cares.
    Here is a transcription of what Moz said
    "Ummm Julia are you out there ?"
    "If you are please leave and go find a life"
    "Ed show her the door"
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 01 2004, @03:55PM (#113501)
  • that's no way to talk about hector et al...
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 01 2004, @03:56PM (#113502)
  • this is really cool - been a fan since 1987 and never have heard Moz live - until now.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 01 2004, @04:16PM (#113508)
  • AH Excuse me- this is not a soccer game
    David Beckham in platforms.
    Love Clapem
    clapem -- Thursday July 01 2004, @04:32PM (#113511)
    (User #11114 Info)
  • Re:Radio Broadcast (Score:2, Insightful)

    shut up you, guy

    this is a broadcast of a moz show in alternative channel of spanish public national radio, not only for moz hardcore fans as you; they are introducing the songs for spanish audience and explaining some details of morrissey career and smiths work.

    they are doing their work, and you must be grateful of having it on the net for free. anyway, i agree mr ruiz is hardly listeneable and terribly dull.

    if you like to hear it without radio voices, go to fucking spain and pay for it, with the fucking miserable spics, we will allow you here anyway.
    sylvian -- Thursday July 01 2004, @05:08PM (#113516)
    (User #11554 Info)
  • "You are the Fucker"... my favorite quote from my favorite game show, "The Fucker".

    Anonymous -- Thursday July 01 2004, @09:18PM (#113530)
  • in between the songs and many times even over the songs, unforgivable even though they said nice things about morrissey, they fucked it up!
    gonzax -- Friday July 02 2004, @05:15AM (#113561)
    (User #10749 Info)
  • u racist twat
    Anonymous -- Friday July 02 2004, @07:37AM (#113572)
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