posted by davidt on Saturday June 19 2004, @02:00PM
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Set List:

Shakespeare's Sister / First Of The Gang To Die / Hairdresser On Fire / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / Irish Blood, English Heart / All The Lazy Dykes / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / I'm Not Sorry / The World Is Full of Crashing Bores / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Let Me Kiss You / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / I Have Forgiven Jesus / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Rubber Ring // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
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  • I'm the first of the Gang to comment???
    Great evenings entertainment via streaming,God bless Sweden!
    Shakespeare's Sister!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Could see Moz's breath in the cold.
    No one can hold a Candle to him.
    O'Muirgheasa -- Saturday June 19 2004, @02:04PM (#111597)
    (User #7536 Info)
    Perhaps my best years are gone.When there was a chance of happiness.But I wouldn't want them back.
    • Re:Jaysus by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday June 19 2004, @02:07PM
    • Kiss vs. Morrissey by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 21 2004, @10:08AM
  • crap! i missed it!
    suzanne -- Saturday June 19 2004, @02:10PM (#111601)
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    I scare dead people.
  • The songs broadcasted on "Musikbyrån" were:
    How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / Irish Blood, English Heart / All The Lazy Dykes / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference

    Most likely to appear on the web soon in DVD quality...
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 19 2004, @02:20PM (#111603)
  • Who was the young guitarist? Where is Alain Whyte? What is going on?
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 19 2004, @02:23PM (#111605)
  • Some photos (Score:3, Interesting)

    These pictures are not so good but at least the first pictures you will so from this concert.
    dmd -- Saturday June 19 2004, @02:30PM (#111609)
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    • Re:Some photos by Hidden By Rags (Score:1) Monday June 21 2004, @09:42AM
  • Such A Little Thing.

    Replace with a more quintessential song.
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 19 2004, @02:36PM (#111613)
    • Re:Get Rid Of by Davey Boy (Score:1) Saturday June 19 2004, @08:51PM
      • Re:Get Rid Of by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 21 2004, @06:07AM
  • Link? (Score:1, Insightful)

    Where is the link to the stream online????? I realize the show is over, but...
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 19 2004, @02:39PM (#111615)
    • Re:Link? by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday June 19 2004, @02:42PM
  • Did he say that apart from Sweden, the album made it to number one in Malta?
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 19 2004, @02:44PM (#111617)
  • I just wanted to let everyone know that this event is going to be televised on the ON-DEMAND network. A crew member of the Festival informed me of this. Check your local listings in a few days.....
    >> i was not able to download it, so i used my video camera to record it of the screen... LOL..>
    MOZFAN <[email protected]> -- Saturday June 19 2004, @02:53PM (#111620)
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  • Stop having sex in the sauna and please post us a decent review!
    The world-wide Moz community.
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 19 2004, @05:32PM (#111634)
  • Despite the weather and standing in the front of Weeping Willows and Backyard Babies to see him (weeping willows accually played Why don't you find out for your self), it was a good show,
    Don't make fun of Daddy's voice and Rubber Ring was really good,
    Morrissey was in pretty good shape although he was very cold, but I had a really good time. It's always nice to see Morrissey and he said he'd be back son, next time in our houses!
    Cheers for that!
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 19 2004, @07:15PM (#111637)
  • I cannot believe it! I jumped out of my chair when I read this song was played. Fantastic! Morrissey better play it when Lollapalooza comes around. Was Alain present?
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 20 2004, @01:22AM (#111643)
  • OK, so the rest of the set isn't that dissimilar to previous shows, but to kick the show off with 'Shakespeare's Sister' is a coup-d'etat. Totally unexpected and so must have been a total thrill for those who were there simply awaiting 'First Of The Gang'. I wasn't there, but, as per the poster above, I nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw that.

    Good stuff!
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 20 2004, @01:55AM (#111644)
  • S.Sister is one of my favorite songs. Some kind person had to of recorded it, post the links to the mp3 please.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 20 2004, @02:10AM (#111645)
  • This was one of the best concerts I've seen streamed live,and it was free!!Thankyou Sweden.The sound was so much better than the Dublin gig.Moz was in great form.Superb vocals.
    The lyric change in 'Crashing Bores" made me chuckle when he sang "Lockjaw popstars,Britney Spears Britney Spears,thicker than shit" Oh how true.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 20 2004, @03:09AM (#111649)
  • Just wanted to clarify that the first song was a medley of Death At One's Elbow/Shakespeare's Sister, which mostly consisted of Death At One's Elbow...
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 20 2004, @03:56AM (#111654)
    • Thank You! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday June 20 2004, @10:31AM
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    • Not a medley by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 21 2004, @09:07AM
  • I only saw what was shown on swedish television, but didn't Moz look a bit bored? It looked like it was another day at office for him. Quite long for a festival gig, wasn't it?
    Frepese -- Sunday June 20 2004, @04:21AM (#111657)
    (User #10172 Info)
    England is mine.
  • He was talking about how cold it was so I thought that I better throw him my jacket. Unfortunately he didn´t pick it up and when he played There is a light that never goes out I lost my all time favorite t-shirt. My the queen is dead t-shirt flew up on the stage with fearful force. I have seen him in both England and Sweden before but I must say that the swedish fans give it an extra dimension.
    The queen is dead and so is the king. Long live our god. Long live Steven Patrick Morrissey
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 20 2004, @07:05AM (#111666)
  • It was a very happy suprise to hear Shakespeares sister, it was great. He had promised a suprise for sweden because it was the first country he got a number one placement with YATQ.
    Morrissey was freezing but funny as usual, saying that we in sweden came at number 5 in the eurovision song contest, but that it was a good song and he would like to play it for us, and they started playing I'm not sorry. And as usual he played around with the lyrics and changed words and such witch is always fun!

    He also said that Alain is 'still ill' and didn't quite understand why people were cheering.
    Don't make fun of Daddys voice, Rubber ring, Everyday is like sunday and (as usual) There is a light that never goes out was the best I think, but it's always hard to say witch songs are the best..
    The crowd was also pretty good, not to many annoying drunk teenagers that didn't know the lyrics.
    And when I woke up this morning, I found a swedish newspaper that had revewed the gig and Per Bjurman (the jounalist who wrote it) said that the worst song was "I have forgotten Jesus", how stupid can you get?

    GOD BLESS SWEDEN! (and Malta)
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 20 2004, @08:58AM (#111675)
    • Re:Jesus! by Aquamarine (Score:1) Sunday June 20 2004, @10:34AM
      • Re:Jesus! by dewdrop (Score:1) Monday June 21 2004, @04:40AM
        • Re:Jesus! by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 21 2004, @07:15AM
    • Re:Jesus! by antiallt82 (Score:1) Tuesday June 22 2004, @11:27AM
  • This must be the best show I've ever been to. Manchester was fabulous but Hultsfred was even better even though it rained and rained and rained most of the day and was cold. But the sky just cleared up just in time for Morrissey :)
    I'm very tempted to go to Roskilde as well. If I can afford it. And I hope he'll come to Stockholm as well. But then he promissed that he'd be back in our houses and that he wouldn't leave :) A promise is a promise
    DyingAngel -- Sunday June 20 2004, @09:31AM (#111680)
    (User #10770 Info)
    "I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it"
  • did anyone record the stream that has soulseek or anything? i had to go out and missed it. i was trying to figure out a way of setting this program to record the stream but i didnt get it in time. if anyone does have it, then please add "mynameissam" and message me. thanks
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 20 2004, @12:25PM (#111699)
  • It was a good show, and it would have been even better if i hadn't been standing behind the two IDIOTS in the frontline. they thought they were the biggest mozfans in the whole world, and were so mean to all the others, except Julia of course.
    the guy were really mean to some small girls who very kindly asked if they could stand in front of him (he was tall). A girl who tried to take a picture put her arm on his shoulder to focus the camera. oh jeesus he went mad, he held his hand in front of the camera lens so she coulnd't take the picture. and you girlfriend of his, you weren't better. this is just a small amount of mean things they said and did. I'm sure you are reading this, i seriously recommend you some anger managment. and hey, you could try to be nice sometimes, it wont hurt.
    well you two ruined a big part of my experience.
    but i'm sure you don't give a shit.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 21 2004, @10:07AM (#111769)
    • Re:assholes. by michaela (Score:1) Tuesday July 06 2004, @02:51PM
  • Anyone knows if ther e is a recording, either audio or video of this concert avaiable?
    I know it was streamed on the web and most likely someone would have recorded it.
    It was a great concert!
    Any info please.

    jonaas <[email protected]> -- Monday June 21 2004, @11:41AM (#111779)
    (User #11700 Info)
  • :D

    Great gig. Better than Manchester, I think. Although I really don't know if that's just because it was because he spoke to me or not.
    mspendl828 <[email protected]> -- Monday June 21 2004, @03:16PM (#111809)
    (User #11702 Info)
    I offered love and it was not required... what else can I do?
  • Moz is Master (Score:2, Informative)

    These are my fragments from the Hultsfred concert, I can’t swear most of them are in chronological order, but hopefully it’ll give you a glimpse of what I experienced.

    I arrived about one hour before the show started, so I managed to get a good spot (i.e. not a spot in a puddle of mud) near the fence. There weren’t so many people there, which I found surprising, but on the other hand, the weather had been so terrible so if you wanted to stand in a dry place you’d have to stand on a few meters’ distance from the fence.

    I was at the concert alone since my friend wasn’t such a big Moz fan. But it worked out fine anyway, I met two lovely girls that I kept me busy for the hour to come. Before the actual show started, we could first here a cover version of one of Moz’s songs from his new album. In retrospect, it was most likely sung by Nancy Sinatra. A few minutes before Moz entered, a female voice mechanically said different “bad” things in life…like “deceitful friends…pollution….”. I think I heard something about George W. Bush, but I can’t recall correctly now.

    When Moz finally entered he had bouquet of thistles attached to his crotch. I didn’t see what it was at first, thought it was plastic grapes or something. But then one of Expressen’s (one of the two big tabloids in Sweden) pictures showed it was thistles:

    Here are some other pics of Mozzer from that tabloid:

    Anyways, he threw the bouquet to the cheering crowd on his left side (My heart goes out to the (un)lucky soul that caught it, ouch!) and then played Shakespeare’s Sister, such a fitting song to open with. “No Mama, let me go” was what each and every one of us teenagers had sung weeks before in order to “to meet the one I [we] love” -- Morrissey.

    During the concert he talked to the audience a bit. I think he first threw out a package of Uncle Ben’s (!) to the right side of his audience (See, Moz is just!). Then he changed jacket to something more boring but warmer. During his songs he did a lot of gestures, like the sign of the cross. He also did an offensive gesture with two of his fingers, but then turned it around so it became victory sign. Not the mention the mooning he did at the end of songs.

    He asked things like : “Was that OK, Julia?” And he mentioned Julia a lot during the concert. Who is this Julia? Is it some kind of joke I didn’t understand?

    He also lamented over the Swedish weather, poor thing… he must’ve been freezing. “Why is it so cold here?” The crowd was silent. He asked again and leaned forward to his right side. Silence again, no one knew why it was so darn cold. (I myself wondered the same thing that night, cursing the cold weather that made me shiver and consequently gave me a cold *sniffle*).

    “Thank you guys for holding that flag up for so long” he said, and only then I noticed that a huge red Moz-flag was on his left side. It was very neat. A picture of Moz when he looked his best.

    He talked to some guy on his left side, too:

    “Are you from Manchester?”
    [something inaudible]
    “Where from?”
    [something inaudible]
    “Well, I could’ve guessed”

    Was this you mspendl828? Could you fill in the gaps?

    The concert was just lovely, but I have to agree that most people were very rude and it didn’t seem like most of them were true Moz fans. And this ruined a lot of the atmosphere I must say. One guy kept groping my ass and saying “oh, you got a such a nice behind, you know, it pushed me out here in the puddle of mud”. He did this once, and I missed the Britney Spears diss. Second time he did this I missed when Moz talked about the Eurovision Song Contest, but this time I turned around to him and said “For fuck’s sake, stop it!”. Well actually, it wasn’t that harsh in Swedish just “lägg av för fan!”. He stopped and went away.

    If you read this, you gi
    ajje -- Tuesday June 22 2004, @05:13AM (#111912)
    (User #11687 Info)
  • What's that Poetry thing that plays before Morrissey and the guys get on stage.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 23 2004, @02:52PM (#112213)
  • Just add me in soulseek "djcatkeso" and you can download the tv-broadcast from the hultsfred-gig.

    it's in vcd-format (.mpeg) great quality.
    RosaMannen -- Thursday June 24 2004, @02:59AM (#112249)
    (User #11727 Info)
  • Anyone who taped the concert? I am one of those weird creatures who usually hasn't got access to a computer so I can't download anything...and I really, really, really want a recording of that Hultsfreds gig! (obviously) I mean, I'd pay like...anything for a copy of that tape. Anyone who taped it? On ordinary VHS? Please?
    doden_kor_cadillac -- Monday July 05 2004, @08:32AM (#113775)
    (User #11494 Info)
  • Sunday (august 8) SVT2 reruns their special on Hultsfredsfestivalen....
    Anonymous -- Thursday August 05 2004, @05:35AM (#118061)

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