posted by davidt on Friday June 11 2004, @02:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Hairdresser On Fire / Irish Blood, English Heart / The Headmaster Ritual / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / I'm Not Sorry / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours / I Have Forgiven Jesus / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / Let Me Kiss You / America Is Not The World / Rubber Ring / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • apparently alain's ill - this true - who was the replacement? any good?

    anyway mrs was the show...?
    darcon -- Friday June 11 2004, @02:17PM (#110309)
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  • Nothing earth-shattering but -- Morrissey's (pink & white) shirt landed on me and it smells of a very attractive incense ... thanks.
    Mark -- Friday June 11 2004, @02:40PM (#110314)
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    • Re:Incense by David T (different) (Score:1) Friday June 11 2004, @11:37PM
  • As an 'old cogger' Morrissey fanatic, I found the experience completely overwhelming and exciting! It was different to the MEN for me in that it felt more intimate, because of the smaller venue maybe and the lack of pushing and shoving at the front which meant the music and man could be appreciated much more...

    I got to hold Morrissey's hand which...Ive waited 20 years for was incredibly special! That's my highlight! Im looking forward to the rest of Meltdown (as golden pass holder)...
    Anonymous -- Friday June 11 2004, @03:28PM (#110319)
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  • Melt-up (Score:2, Interesting)

    Just got back - loads of Morrissey-goers on the Tube back to the East End, so I felt quite safe (for once).

    I couldn't believe how comparatively intimate it seemed - only other time I'd seen him live was at the Manchester gig, where I gazed down upon him from above - and tonight I was really near the front. So I was actually seeing his face for the first time - at Manchester I had to look at the video screen to make out his features, here I could make out the individual hairs on his chest! It's so strange when that person who you've been seeing on telly, in books and on your bedroom wall since you were nine years old, is suddenly standing in front of you. It's an indescribably surreal, almost dislocating sensation.

    I could've sworn he was looking at me at some points (yeah, right!) - and then he took off his sweat-soaked pink-tinged shirt and flung it in my direction. It landed on the bloke just in front of me and a frenzied tussle swiftly ensued between him and this other geezer who pounced from nowhere. I was too scared to intervene but wished they had saved me just a scrap of the material. I wanted to ask him to tear me off a strip (so to speak), but a strange fear gripped me etc etc. I see the lucky victor, Mark, has posted above. You must have been the bloke in front of me then - I was the girl with the long blonde hair, sequinned black top and silver high heels, if you saw me. To be honest it was exciting just to have been in such close proximity to the sacred blouse!

    They played the Nancy Sinatra version of Let Me Kiss You before he came on - it sounded good. Also he came on to the Scouse-bird-who-sounds-like-Margi-Clarke-but-isn't reciting her pet hates again, like in Manchester.

    He said Alain had been taken seriously ill in Dublin and was currently under close medical supervision.

    Talked to Julia quite a bit. Whenever he made a joke he sort of shrugged and apologised, saying: "Sorry, Julia, I know it isn't funny".

    Somebody (it might have been her) handed him an envelope - he reached down and took it and put it in his pocket.

    One bloke in a green MORRISSEY footie-style shirt managed to get onstage towards the end. I congratulated him on my way out!

    Moz made a risque reference to Sir Cliff Richard. He said "I can smell a Christmas Number One coming on.....Cliff Richard will be on his knees" - a few snickers rippled across the crowd, and Moz muttered: "So no change there then."

    He also said "Excuse me but I'm going to say something nasty" and the crowd started yelling things about George Bush, and he grimaced amusedly. He then went on to implore us all not to buy the recently released compilation DVDs 'The Malady Lingers On' and 'The Hulmerist', saying they were terrible quality.

    He said: "I'm only going to say one thing about You Are The Quarry. If you're surname is Keane get out of the building now."

    At one point he said "I know I can be very annoying sometimes...." and paused. Nobody responded so he said indignantly: "I see nobody is disagreeing..."

    No references to Whitechapel this time (when he said "There's something about Whitechapel" at the Manchester gig, I got terribly excited because I was born in Whitechapel). I walked past The Grave Maurice on my way home and cast it a rueful smile.

    He asked us who the Number One Crashing Bore was. There were all sorts of suggestions from the floor, two of which he queried "PATTI SMITH???!" and he repeated woefully, "Britney". Somebody shouted "ELTON JOHN!" and he repeated it and kind of laughed embarrassedly, but didn't elaborate.

    Before "No One Can Hold A Candle To You", he mentioned "the legendary James Maker, who is in the audience tonight". Actually I thought I spotted him standing quite near me, but I couldn't be sure. I saw Andy Bell from Erasure (Stop!) on the way out.

    Oh, and the setlist was the same as Manchester, by the way, except minus 'Shoplifters...', lamentably.

    Overall he came across as so sweet and funny and s
    Anonymous -- Friday June 11 2004, @03:31PM (#110321)
  • Some comments.... (Score:2, Informative)

    It was a lot of fun. Not raucous from where I was but I blame the venue. Morrissey himself was fairly talkative:

    Approximate quotes:

    "Hello Art Deco people!"

    "You may have seen our new album in bargain buckets up and down the country ....You, you from Bermondsey, are the Quarry"

    Having stretched across to accept an envelope that he put in his pocket he said "It's always a cheque! ......Sorry Julia"

    "James Maker is in the audience and this is one of his songs called 'with a step ladder and spectacles you could see Hackney Marshes if it weren't for the houses'. He then sang 'No one can hold a candle to you'.

    "If I can just be nasty for a minute...EMI have released some DVDs called 'Hulmerist' and 'The Malady Lingers On' but they are terrible quality and offer nothing new so I beg you not to buy them."

    Mozzer introduced the band: Boz, then Gary, Dean, 'Barry the life saver' and "the man of many many many parts, Marky. And I am the gorgeous Dana. That's not funny is it Julia?"

    After "Don't make fun of Daddy's voice" he said "That was called 'Don't make fun of Mozzer's voice. And if I sing off key, well, that's how I sing!"

    In 'The Headmaster Ritual' I believe the lyric was changed to "...bruises AS big AS dinner plates", which I think was reported in the Q Smiths/ Mozzer special as the suggestion Johnny Marr made - the one and only time he questioneed or tried contributing to the words.

    Before the encore he said something like:"With regard to the album "You are the Quarry", if your name is Keane then you better leave now" But I wonder did I mishear and did he say 'Deeds' not Keane?

    One brave soul made it on to stage during the encore - I think entreing from stage left, perhaps from backstage somehow.
    Tingle -- Friday June 11 2004, @03:46PM (#110328)
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  • Disappointed (Score:2, Interesting)

    Have to say that the gig pretty much washed over me. Almost exactly the same setlist as the MEN Arena show (America... being the only addition, at the expense of Shoplifters and Jack The Ripper), and some very muted audience reactions. A lot of people remained in their seats, and security were very insistent that they stayed there.

    Firstly, and to reiterate a point I made about the MEN gig, it's clear that some of the new material isn't going down well live. First Of The Gang To Die... and IBEH - fair enough. But I'm Not Sorry, Crashing Bores and I Have Forgiven Jesus were applauded in such a half-arsed way that he may as well not have bothered. I was pleased to hear America... live (good subtle "I used to love you... but you won't stay where you is" lyric change), but it wasn't raucously received. Of the Quarry tracks, the biggest cheer was for Mikey's trumpet solo during Let Me Kiss You, which was more because of the novelty than anything else. How Can Anybody... went down like a lead balloon where I was sitting - there were at least 2 whole rows talking over it, almost oblivious to the fact that anything was actually happening onstage. I'd be stunned if a couple of these weren't jettisoned from the set in favour of the FOTGTD B-sides in a couple of weeks.

    Others will probably recall the banter better than I can, but the best bit was announcing No One Can Hold A Candle To You as an old music hall song - "With a ladder and some glasses you could see the Hackney Marshes if it wasn't for the houses in between". He was clearly pleased to get it all out in one breath. Incidentally, was it just me, or was Moz moving in a more self-consciously fey way than normal? Some of his moves were almost Paul Rutherford from FGTH-esque at times, and he was pretty much skipping off the stage after he'd thrown his shirt into the crowd for the encore. Not a complaint, I might add, he just seemed to be moving very differently.

    I love the acoustics at the RFH, but to be honest it all sounded a little thin. The lack of Alain definitely didn't help. And I dunno who this "Little Barry" is, but he was clearly nervous, and remained pretty much rooted to the spot. Boz put in the most energetic performance I've seen from him in a while, almost to compensate, but offered little or nothing in the way of backing vocals. I'm getting a bit sick of that bloody gong, incidentally.

    On the plus side, Rush And A Push was a vast improvement over Manchester, as was The Headmaster Ritual. Such A Little Thing also sounded more playful/lively. I was a lot more convinced by No One Can Hold A Candle To You as well. Just a shame that the weaker moments made the gig fly by, as suddenly they were off. And then came the most peculiar thing for me - the encore (There Is A Light, for a change). Moz came out having changed from a white shirt into a tight black T-shirt, and was barely acknowledged by the crowd. Many people clearly thought he was a roadie, so the band weren't returning to a great roar of approval as you'd expect.

    So yeah - good to see him as always, but by far the least inspiring gig I've seen him play. They definitely have to mess around with the setlist some more before the 25th, as people were tutting and moaning as soon as they realised there wasn't anything new to write home about.
    lutewhine -- Friday June 11 2004, @04:55PM (#110346)
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        • Re:Disappointed by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday June 12 2004, @02:29AM
          • This is about Lil' Barry not Sparks' Lil' Beethoven.....

            I noticed, that Alain wasn't on stage, (I'm a little ashamed to say), only after the second song had finished. Lil' Barry had a music stand to his side so he could crib chords etc if he needed. He seemed to have plenty of help from a stage hand changing guitars a number of times - but then so did Boz who started off with his machine-gun guitar - it struck me how many times they had to change for the different styles of tune. Something went wrong with Barry's guitar during the start of 'Don't make fun...' and there was a bit of frantic work to get it going because he had a big solo (I think - first time I'd heard it). He played well though, but perhaps without the exhuberence of AW. I don't play guitar myself so I'm impressed by anyone who can. And yes, we DO care about Alain - we all groaned when Morrissey said Alain was ill, and I wish him well, but we all know he'll be fit again soon. After Morrissey's meningitis thing you think nothing could be as worrying. Get well soon Alain! The other thing about lil' Barry being there on stage at Morrissey's left hand is that it makes you think "If ONLY I'd practiced harder that could have been me".
            Tingle -- Saturday June 12 2004, @03:58PM (#110460)
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  • That Alain was not there ? When Morrissey was "sick" a stupid get well site went up for him. How about a little concern and some prayers or meditations for Alain who besides Boz has worked with Morrissey consistently for the last 14 years. Not to mention he wrote 90% of YATQ. I'll I've heard is more crap about Reagan and I got Moz's shirt. Comments about Barry being a Johnny Marr lookalike making the experience more cool while he plays the parts that Alain wrote ? Pathetic. No down on Barry I take my hat off learning that set in 3 days but If this is what you people are about it's time for a new revolution. You are more revolting and full of malaise than the Hippies I rebeled against in the 70's 80's. Remember phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust ? Phony Smithsmania has bitten the dust ! God speed and good health to Alain !

    Ernesto Calavera
    Anonymous -- Friday June 11 2004, @06:00PM (#110355)
  • were there any/many touts?
    would it have been easy to get a ticket ff one on the night?
    Anonymous -- Friday June 11 2004, @06:21PM (#110357)
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  • Barry is a childhood friend of mine and how proud i was to see him play for alain. hes a lovely bloke and in his own band, cleverly called 'Little Barrie' he is an absolutly brilliant song writer and guitarrist. He has actually worked with johnny marr in the my hat is off to barry. He works at a little vitage guitar place on berrick street in london... if youre ever in the area, hes lovely to talk to.
    amazing show. crowd was a bit on the lame side though. other than that, i have not complaints.
    truely amazing.
    Anonymous -- Friday June 11 2004, @06:41PM (#110358)
  • Alain, I hope you get well soon and good luck with the remaining dates on the tour.
    Robert "yellow shades in Las Vegas" Phoenix
    robert phoenix -- Friday June 11 2004, @08:20PM (#110367)
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  • I have tickets for seats on the very back row of the ground floor. Is there any chance I'm going to get to the stage - or is security too tight?
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 12 2004, @01:13AM (#110397)
  • Last night at RFH was my first time of seeing Moz and i have to admit that it was a huge disappointment. I had a good seat in the terrace but the sound was pretty awful throughout and, on many occasions, the band (not just, or beacuse of, little barry) were far from perfect. Where I was, large areas of the crowd seemed a little bored by the whole proceedings. Having whipped up a frenzy when the lights went down, the scouse female voice over completely killed the atmosphere as it went on and on and on..... People nearme who, as the lights dimmed, had been jumping up and down and screaming eventually sat down and never really "got going" after that. The disappointment can not really be placed solely on the fact that rfh was all-seater though this doesn't help. Towards the end I saw a large number of people leaving and I feel this was due to many YATQ tracks being, well, quite dull live - many people chatted and went to the bar in a 15/20 min. period.

    Overall, as I said at the start, I am really disappointed by the evening, the atmosphere was nowhere near as frantic and jubilant as I had expected and was, in fact, rather subdued. Again, this may be partially due to a the seating rather than standing but, all the same, the performance just wasn't really there. the setlist was uninspiring though this is excusable due to little barry etc but Moz, in fact the whole band/show seemed stale, out of ideas and flat. On the tube, people near me seemed underwhelmed, not unhappy but perhaps disappointed. This is always a danger after waiting for a gig/event for so long with hopes high but I question whether Moz is really capable of the feats he once performed and whether, in our heart of hearts (be they english or not) we weren't cheering for who morrissey used to be and not who he is now!?

    Anyway, don't get me wrong I think the new record is good and its nice to have him around again but the performance and reaction from the crowd just got me thinking.....
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 12 2004, @05:01AM (#110416)
  • do you think that if this hadn't been Meltdown (and branded Morrissey's Meltdown all over the venue) Morrissey would have cancelled the shows with one member down... he's cancelled before with far less reason... i am sure that this time he would have been obliged to play on else the festival would have been a bit of a disaster... stand in guitarist was more than adequate... let's face it most of the songs are pretty simple... that said, and mentioned elsewhere, the YATQ songs really drag the show down... the set is too slow, leaden even... rubber ring was good to hear and even the old Raymonde song was a highlight as it had a little pace to it... and to comment on another point down the way here... yes, Morrissey certainly minced his way off stage when he threw the shirt... the fact that it was all seater didn't really matter as everybody stood in any case and the security was only concerned with keeping people out of the aisles and not too bothered with keeping them in the correct seats... if you can get into the building without a ticket you could probably get into the auditorium without much trouble... not that i am suggesting...
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 12 2004, @05:19AM (#110420)
  • Well, it's always a matter of opinion, but I thought this was a great show - the best since Brixton 2002.

    I was in the balcony and by about 3-4 songs in, everyone (bar the unwilling 'friends of Morrissey fans) was standing or had gone to the barrier.

    I noticed Alain's absence straight away and could see a few miffed faces trying to work out who it was...from up in the balcony it looked like it could be Marr! I thought Barry's playing was good, especially the FOTGTD and IBEH. It just sounded choppier, more aggressive, but there were a few songs where I really couldn't hear him at all, and I think "I'm Not Sorry" was a bit of a struggle - but v.good considering the lack of time to rehearse.

    Nice to hear 'America' played - interesting that he changed the "I love you" line at the end to "I once loved you"...

    The guy who jumped from the side stalls and dropped over the speakers onto the stage deserves an award for bravery...however, the way that security immediately put him in a headlock in spite of little resistance seemed a bit excessive.

    I agree with the previous poster that some of the Quarry songs aren't going down too well. But look at the setlist, there aren't loads of songs taken from the same's made up of one or two songs from many albums...each one spawning a live favourite. However, I think it's bonkers that there isn't room for anything from Vauxhall. Billy Budd, Speedway, Now My Heart Is Full, Spring-Heeled Jim...all of them used to seem very popular.

    Apologies to the guy that tugged on my shirt asking me to sit down...but did you really expect me to ask the ten rows in front to sit down as well??! Anyway, if you feel the need to sit at a concert..well, the music can't be inspiring you much

    Anyway, a much enjoyed show.

    Sorrow of Stamford Bridge
    ranierimustgo! -- Saturday June 12 2004, @05:22AM (#110421)
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  • With Alain out, and the dreadful line-up (Muse, Korn Extreme...) I wouldn't be surprised if he cancelled.
    Johan de Witt <[email protected]> -- Saturday June 12 2004, @07:05AM (#110431)
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  • It is a very sad and tired thing coming to this website to read the reviews of a moz show only to hear people bitch.
    I would love the chance to see even one concert.
    "Come Back to Canada" Moz!
    fitztomoz -- Saturday June 12 2004, @08:33AM (#110434)
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  • I was at the show last night and enjoyed it. Can anyone tell me who Julia is? And the reference to James Maker, what was that all about? (Apologies if these are very dull-minded questions.)

    huxley2001 -- Saturday June 12 2004, @09:40AM (#110436)
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  • ...Er, Is no-one going to post a set-list then?
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Saturday June 12 2004, @10:25AM (#110440)
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    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
  • having enormously enjoyed last night's show, and now reading some of the disappointed reactions, i conclude that moz carries a burden of expectation that no-one could satisfy.

    it's a clinical venue, and security were very strict on people's movement, so it wasn't the euphoric physical experience of a brixton. the audience was inhibited by the seating and the security, and frankly many of us are older than than we were in 1985 (score 1, insightful?)!

    nonetheless when have football chants rung through the festival hall?

    moz adapted his performance to fit the room. he was more the stand-up comic than i've seen him. he was constantly inventive in his movements (much more so than the stiff old man act he pulled at the albert hall), and sang beautifully. i thought he worked his arse off.

    i couldn't agree less with people who say the YATQ songs don't work live. i feel privileged to have heard him sing 'i'm not sorry', and 'i have forgiven jesus' live, i just wish he'd do 'you know i couldn't last'. i don't like 'irish blood' much but it was massive live.

    but 'america' doesn't work (the drum machine bolts it to the floor), and they simply cannot play 'a rush and a push'...

    for me the highlights were 'i know it's gonna happen' and 'rubber ring' - when he sank to the floor singing 'smother me mother' he restated that he's the best stage performer i've ever seen, and still has the magic touch.

    unfortunately, after staggering out of the rfh, i witnessed a tragic road accident on the embankment. my mood went from delight to horror in a matter of seconds. if anyone else was there around 1am, you'll know what i mean.
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 12 2004, @03:17PM (#110457)
  • So, I assume it's asafe to say that Moz is feeling better himself now? No one has mentioned him beiing 'ill' appearing at the last couple of gigs after his cancellations a few weeks ago... Did he make any comments regarding his health at the gig at all, or did everything seem perfectly fine with him now? No more 'Harlem sniffles' or anything...?
    Sharron Needles -- Saturday June 12 2004, @08:03PM (#110468)
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    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
    • Re:Mozzer by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday June 12 2004, @11:24PM
  • wasn't at the a matter of fact i haven't had the chance to see le moz at all on this tour. just wanted to write the 100th comment, hehe. hope it worked...
    like-a-fever -- Sunday June 13 2004, @11:01AM (#110491)
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    no pain remains
  • Yes, yes, "A Matter of Opinion" and all that but I thought it was an excellent show, better than Manchester!

    The venue made it seem much more intimate. The RFH is plush, like an art deco cinema with soft seats that are all close to the stage (balcony included!).

    I'm afraid I can't remember the exact setlist but most of Quarry was covered (except "I Like You") and so was "Hairdresser", "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice", the medley with "Everday is Like Sunday" and "There Is a Light" was the encore.

    From where I was sitting in the balcony, the crowd was fantastic. After Damian Dempsey left the stage (and he was bloody ace again, similar set to Manchester but he really belts out some great songs, particulary "Ghost of Overdoses"), everyone started the football chanting MORR-ISS-EY! MORR-ISS-EY! This also happened a number of times during the show, with Moz looking suitablity embarrased and really pleased at the same time! A majority of the balcony crown stood up for a lot of the show, and a fair number left their seats and went to stand and dance in front of the balcony rail (which the stewards were fine with, by the way).

    Couldn't really see the crowd below me, but the atmosphere in the place was great. Even the rich people in the boxes were standing up and singing along! Unfortunately for the people standing down the front, the barriers were a good few feet from the stage so it must have been difficult to get up there (only one person managed, and he came from the wings; another guy got over the barrier but was carried out by security without touching Moz!) though Morrissey did make the effort to reach out and touch a number of people's hands.

    I should say a word about the tour t-shirts. If you are buying "official", be prepared to bring some cash with you as most are £20 each. There are a fair few designs: black t-shirt with "Quarry" image; a different design with Moz's head in blue or brown; some really smart vest-type things with "Morrissey" written on them and a shadow of a tommy gun! (A number of girls were buying these vests and they looked good, didn't see any men wearing one though!). After the show there were a fair few traders selling "unoffical" tees. I bought a £5 tour t-shirt with the same "Quarry" image and the tour dates on the back (though mysteriously leaving off the 11 June at RFH!?). Nice large posters were going for £2 and I saw a load of t-shirts with The Smiths album covers going for £10 each.

    The Libertines, as has been reported, dropped out and were replaced by Elefant who I *believe* are an American, indie-type band. They had a pleasant set which they played on a mini-stage not inside the Hall itself but out in the reception area, where there was a bookshop, a bar, a coffee bar and a little CD shop. Damien Dempsey played in the main hall.

    On the strength of this I'm really looking forward to the next RFH shows in a couple of weeks. Good luck to anyone trying to get tickets, I think it'll be well worth it!


    PS. Can I just say hi to two people, Tom and his girlfriend Imogen, who I met in my row. They were really nice people whomI was lucky to have met , as I was on my own at the gig having only managed to get one ticket!.
    carlos_blakos -- Monday June 14 2004, @12:38AM (#110563)
    (User #8420 Info)
  • Anyone else got that free time out thing you ave to fill in?
    what do they mean with "Where balloon landed"??
    Anonymous -- Monday June 14 2004, @04:39AM (#110580)
  • I flew in to visit friends and to see the concert.
    Morrissey sounded good. I like any Smiths songs he sings live. His new songs are a bit slow but sound quality was excellent. It looked like he hurt his right foot because he was not putting much pressure on it throughout the concert. It's funny how he changed the lyrics to America from "I love ya" to "I want to slug ya". I probably know why. He'll probably change it back when he's in the US. I liked the UK but I'm now back home and love "America". Cheers Mates !!! Freddie Caram
    PAEZY -- Tuesday June 15 2004, @05:39AM (#110729)
    (User #6999 Info)
  • I know this is a bit late (I'm crap with computers) but I would like to confirm that the RFH concert was excellent. The band played brilliantly and Barrie did really well. I was lucky enough to talk to some of the group afterwards, it was really kind of Boz, Dean and Barrie to spend a few minutes talking and signing autographs for a few of us. I (the bloke all in black with a suedhead) was also lucky enough to get most of Morrissey's pink shirt, someone previously posted that it looked like a frenzied tussle, but it was all good natured. Some people did get bits of it and I tore a piece off to the lad next to me who came from Sweden for the meltdown, he definitely deserved a piece.

    So ignore the negative comments some people may have made. They should count themselves lucky that they saw a great set of musicians playing and the greatest artist of our time singing in front of them. I recommend that you go to a Morrissey concert and you will not be disappointed.

    Thanks again Moz.
    Paul J
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 16 2004, @03:14PM (#111072)
  • Does anyone know who the band that opened for Morrissey was? I found a website that claimed it was a band called elefant covering for the libertines, but I found that it wasn't the case.

    patakyman -- Sunday June 20 2004, @06:42AM (#111669)
    (User #11679 Info)
  • Really why would ya say a thing like that ?
    Anonymous -- Friday June 11 2004, @08:32PM (#110369)
  • Do you have any proof to back your statement? I am not saying you are lying(it actually would not surprise me at all if it were true), but it's kinda hard to just take it on the word of an anonymous blurt on this page.
    Sharron Needles -- Friday June 11 2004, @08:49PM (#110372)
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  • Your comment was, I dunno, so........................... three days ago.
    Sharron Needles -- Friday June 11 2004, @08:52PM (#110373)
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    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • 'you can always tell the mark of a genius by the way he stirs up the lesser minds'.
    Anonymous -- Friday June 11 2004, @08:59PM (#110375)
  • But you sure need Spellcheck.
    Anonymous -- Friday June 11 2004, @09:13PM (#110377)
  • george is that you? your intelligence level leads me to believe...

    im so ashamed of patriotic americans.

    i actually think we DO need people like morrissey....
    Anonymous -- Friday June 11 2004, @10:04PM (#110382)
  • Come to Scotland, you'd be made very welcome here, you can drink in the tranquility, it sounds like you could do with letting off some steam, perhaps a nice bubble bath, whilst listening to some Kenny G?
    Or maybe a foot massage, yes a nice foot massage, and after I give you a cup of tea, we can talk and then you'll realise the difference between patiotism and blind adoration for a man who would sell you down the river for a few bucks.

    After that we could watch 'It's a Wonderful Life', would you like that?
    Hmmmm? Go on treat yourself.
    usskerouac -- Monday June 14 2004, @04:13AM (#110578)
    (User #11148 Info)
    "Stop me from thinking, from thinking all the time"
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