posted by davidt on Saturday June 05 2004, @03:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Hairdresser On Fire / Irish Blood, English Heart / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / I'm Not Sorry / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Let Me Kiss You / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / I Have Forgiven Jesus / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / America Is Not The World / Rubber Ring // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by Joseph Kelly
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  • do they have the internet on the Emerald Isle?
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 05 2004, @04:08PM (#108505)
  • gig (Score:1, Informative)

    grreta gig.more or less the sam e set as manchester with rulshome ruffians axed.america was though.

    moz in great form,introduced the band members from "the liberites"( a dublin inner city area)

    asked the audience were they hear to see britney (palying dublin tomorrow) then later said we`ll all be going to see her tommorrow.....
    asked the crowd will they be voting yes or no in an Irish refurundum issue.....alain said he was feeling a bit sick while moz said they got no sleep the night before.
    at the encore a brilliant there is a light extended version,morrissey said that while we were onsatge ronaldr eagan has died,this brought a huge cheer,they only pity was that it wasnt george w....the crowd went wild....

    great show.better atmosphere than manchester too.....see you in glasto....
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 05 2004, @04:46PM (#108510)
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        • Re:gig (Score:2, Insightful)

          If you lived in America during the Reagan era in the early to mid-eighties, and saw the destruction he caused throughout the world, you would be cheering as well. And I'm not sorry for the things I've said.....
          Sharron Needles -- Saturday June 05 2004, @09:21PM (#108549)
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          Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
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  • Wonderful Evening (Score:2, Informative)

    I hadn't seen Morrissey since he played in Dublin more than 18 months aog. That was dreamy and blissful but somehow this time he looked better, he sounded better and I bet he felt better too. But the stage was 6 feet high and he was maybe 15 feet from the barrier so no chance for anyone to get close to him.
    The songs are simply incredible. It's amazing to notice how he can sing The Smiths, his early work and his current songs and they all have that sparkle of genius about them.
    I cried during Rubber Ring. He didn't play The Headmaster Ritual or Spring Heeled Jim but the show seemed really long and really intense. I'm glad the days of the 35 minute shows are over, but the the ticket prices have gone way up too.
    Anyway, the audience loved it and sang along and the atmosphere was friendly and easygoing. In a funny way it is better when everyone is moshing and crushing and breaking their glasses. But I'm getting old and just enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, all castle and georgian buildings. It was great to have him there, it's where the judges and barristers spend their time screwing the Irish taxpayers.
    The Roald Reagan thing was strange because often he's joking but this time the joke was on Bush. Anyway, I don't think Nancy Reagan was at the Heineken bar anyway, feeling outraged.
    Lovely to see him again and I was left with the feeling that the best is yet to come. What a wonderful man.
    anomie -- Saturday June 05 2004, @06:31PM (#108528)
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  • oh that Morrissey, what CAN'T he do?!
    Davy_Havok -- Saturday June 05 2004, @07:44PM (#108536)
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  • "You Ate The Curry"...
    it was fantasic to be there.
    maccoz -- Saturday June 05 2004, @09:06PM (#108544)
    (User #9279 Info)
  • How was Damien Dempsey?
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 05 2004, @11:13PM (#108558)
  • Morrissey The King (Score:2, Interesting)

    ...of Dublin Castle,what a gig ,amazing ,I'm still high from it.We got in the queue at 4pm ,heard the soundcheck the anticipation was just nerve shattering.Then at 7 it was run for your life to the front,with all the security shouting WALK WALK at us.I got a fantastic position front right.Moz looked beautiful in a black & white jacket jeans and a pink shirt for the first song he made some hilarious faces, did anyone else notice it was very funny.'Such a little thing the simple things in life food'
    Woman on someones shoulders had on a I LOVE MOZ T-shirt Moz said something like 'Take it off'America was put in the setlist,no jack the ripper,or Headmaster Ritual.One of the best bits was the way the crowd sang 'There is a Light' right till the last note, maybe that was just where I was but I would swear everyone was singing.Also loads of 'MORRISSEY ,MORRISSEY' chanting way more than Manchester.Moz changed to a Jobriath T-shirt for the encore same one as on TOTP, which he then threw to the crowd.The keyboard player made sure the bouncer gave the setlist to a little boy ,he looked about 9 who was standing right at the front all the way through the gig.Overall this was the least rough moz concert I've ever been to and its my 6th time seeing him.The crowd at the front were all great where I was anyway.Moz asked did you like Damien Dempsey Loads of people Booed Moz said is that Wooo or Boo .The best song of the night for me was First of the Gang or Rubber Ring was great too.Amazing Gig, lovely venue(not too big)the sun going down with Moz on stage what more could you want, a Winter tour of Europe thats what, Bye
    CandyCanegirl -- Sunday June 06 2004, @03:29AM (#108585)
    (User #6699 Info)
  • Superb evening,much better than Manchester because more intimate.
    Seeing the great man in the daylight and outdoors was wonderful.He looked well and really appeared to be enjoying himself.
    The red neon letters are a brilliant touch,although they had to be bunched up together a bit more than in Manchester due to the smaller stage.
    I'm not so sure if it's ok to cheer someones death,but reflection on the crimes of the cowboy president are certainly in order.
    O'Muirgheasa -- Sunday June 06 2004, @04:01AM (#108592)
    (User #7536 Info)
    Perhaps my best years are gone.When there was a chance of happiness.But I wouldn't want them back.
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  • Hi, right well I arrived at the Queue at 1.30pm (I only live 10 mins from Dublin Castle) and there were two lads from Derby in front of me and we stood there for a while looking at the stage until the security guard overheard us talking and told us we were in the wrong place and people had been queuing since 6am down the path so we went to the proper queue and resumed our places. Only about 10 people there and everyone seemed to be Scottish which increased during the night and it was like being at a Scotish gig.
    I bought many newspapers to pass the time. The crowd at this stage was lovely, everyone gave everyone else a chance to go to the toilet, for food and even a few beers whilst not losing their place in the queue. My sister and I went for a beer and we were away sl.ightly longer than anticipated cos when we came back everyone was in lines against a barrier but the lads from Derby had held our place so that was cool.
    The heat was a killer, it so humid but at least it was dry. We heard Moz doing the soundcheck so knew Shoplifters was a definite.
    When they opened up the barrier everyone ran like children in a playgound and the security guards went crazy telling everyone to walk, even grabbing my sisters arm and threatning to kick her out if she ran. Due to this we got to the stage and were one away from the barrier. We had a n altercation with a Scottish couple which was pretty nasty. They turned out to be lovely in the end and the girl got Moz's shrt but from that point on it was obvious to us that this would not be like other Morrissey gigs, the vibe was so different.
    Then Damien "im tick" Dempsey came on and produced the most retarded downbeat set ever. Havent a clue why Morrissey chose him. Its such a case of the Emperor's New Clothes, one day everyone will realise that beacuse you rhyme "down" with "town" and "smack" with "whack" you are not a genius. The man is a talentless knacker who ius an embarresment. He is the type that would have beat up Smiths fan while a youngster. Singing abouit heroin and homelessness and then to top it all off, sings a song that gives all the retatrded Irish people reason to say "English cunt" to all our neighbours. Singimg about what England did to us 400 years ago. We all knoew Damian, we all accept and abhor what happened even the English and draggong up at every oppurtinity is just incxitement to hatred. Fuck off Damien.

    Anyway then that prick finished and Morrissey's tape began, some of those sings were incredible, especially the one with the scouser girl talking.

    Then the Master arrived. My God he looked incredible, he really did. Beautiful jacket and he seemed so relaxed and at one with himself. From the outset I knew there was something wrong with Alain. No quiff and he just looked so pissed off. He explained later he was sick which was a relief that he just didnt want to be there. Morrissey's voice was in fine form but it seemed so silly to play Irish Blood, English Heart so soon, that would have been such a fantatstic encore based on where he was. Then First of the Gang, I started thinking why are you playing all the crowd rousers first.

    Then things got nasty. Due to the fact it was Saturday and Dublin (Ireland in general) is such a big drinking city) people were locked all around us and fights started breaking out. There were scraps and jibes and backbiting at every turn. I had never experienced this vibe at a Moz gig before. At onme stage about 7 bouncers had to jump in and get this animal out. He went crazy and was practically chomping at the bit but those bouncers pulled him away by his neck and it was disturbing. It got progressivley worse on the violence front and essentially thats what spoiled the gig for me.

    There was also far too many slow slongs together in the set. Such a little thing was incredible but Shoplifters should have been such an experience and it wasnt. It should have made me cry to finally see it live after all this year but it was lacklustre. I couoldnt fault There is a light as that really was incr
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 06 2004, @07:28AM (#108603)
  • Its was very very good!! for someone who claims to have had a terrible nights sleep he was outstanding! Thank God the weather held out! And duvblin castle was such a nice venue.
    Wasnt it like seeing god taking to the stage in your very own back garden!?!?!?
    ThunkstonTipScrew -- Sunday June 06 2004, @07:38AM (#108605)
    (User #1299 Info)
    • Yanks!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday June 06 2004, @08:00AM
      • Re:Yanks!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday June 06 2004, @12:13PM
  • Morrissey's comment about Reagan's death and comment about W showed the further disconnect from the world that Morrissey has and firmly locks himself into what could have been.

    Ronald Reagan died after suffering for 10 years with Alzheimer's disease...basically, a 10 year death. For any expression to be shown other than compassion at that moment isn't cynical or's juvenile and stupid.

    For all you people that thought it was funny or appropriate to make a comment like that, those of you who probably hate the current US President, how do you reconcile John Kerry's words that he expressed about Reagan just hours after Reagan's death?

    Here comes the true hypocracy of you fucking liberal, lightweight, cry-babies.

    To blame the problem of the US AIDS spread in the 1980's...a problem that was 99.9% caused by personal living choices of gays...on Ronald Reagan proves the ignorance of those who are "happy" Reagan has died.

    "He didn't do enough" is what the gay community says. What was he supposed to do? Lock up every homosexual in California and New York?

    If you are gay, you are in the minority...that's the way it is, and that's how it always will be...stop trying to put your bullshit agenda on the rest of us...
    dewdrop -- Sunday June 06 2004, @07:45AM (#108607)
    (User #2326 Info)
  • We all hate you.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 06 2004, @10:30AM (#108639)
  • Irish radio station 2fm are playing the whole dublin castle gig tonight at 8.00 pm GMT the station can be found at
    eyeballpaul <[email protected]> -- Sunday June 06 2004, @10:31AM (#108640)
    (User #3129 Info |
  • During European premiere of America is not the world last nite in dublin. Moz changed the lyrics at the the end to I onced loved you, I used to love you. Could his love affair with america be over
    cossy -- Sunday June 06 2004, @11:07AM (#108648)
    (User #6724 Info)
  • I gather Moz said some offensive remark about the sad passing of Ronnie at the gig. Tut tut.

    Terrific! Good riddance to the mass-murdering slimebag!

    Ahem.....could someone please tell us what he actually said, word for word?
    Ben G -- Sunday June 06 2004, @11:44AM (#108654)
    (User #9622 Info)
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        • the quote by Grim O'Grady (Score:1) Thursday June 17 2004, @02:24PM
    • Re:Reagan by eyeballpaul (Score:1) Sunday June 06 2004, @05:43PM
  • If you wish to know my credentials as a committed fan,I travelled from Ireland to see Morrissey in Manchester two weeks ago, so my committment as a fan should not be questioned when you read this message.
    A dear freind went to the Dublin Castle gig on Saturday.He mentioned that Morrissey made a comment on the upcoming citizenship referndum to be held here next week.Can someone confirm if Morrissey asked the auidence what way they would vote, and did he say he hoped it would be a yes vote.
    This referndum has been called by the most Thatcherite government we have ever had in our country.We have local elections on the same day and it seems the government are using immigrants a a scape goat to cover up their appalling record in office.
    Furthermore the government is on record as saying they have no statistical evedience to back up the claim that immigrants are abusing our citizenship laws,and furthermore the UN has said that immigration into Ireland fell by a third compared to the previous years figures.if it wasnt for the influx of immigrants into our country during the economic boom years and the need for foreign workers into our health service, our health service would be in an even worse state.
    I hope someone can clear up exactly what Morrissey said.Already he made a comment in the NME about stopping "floods" of people into Britian which went completly unchallenged.
    I am not nor ever have been an NME journalists as no doubt some people will want to label me.
    I have been a Smiths/Morrissey fan since I was 14 and Im now in my thirties,but I swear if moz has called on others to vote yes in something that is clearly the use of the race card at election time I will disown him complelty.
    Just one question for you Morrissey, you now live in LA, have you ever considered yourself on of those you describe so flippantly as the "flood".
    Abuse of any kind of our welfare system must and will be condemned by me wheter it is from the settled community or new entrants into my country, but when someone makes comments if they indeed have made them in relation to race relations and it does not support minorities who have come to my country to seek a better life I will have nothing to do with that person.
    Beaten Generation -- Sunday June 06 2004, @11:46AM (#108655)
    (User #9947 Info)
  • If anyone gets this as an mp3 will they please post it.

    Anonymous -- Sunday June 06 2004, @01:40PM (#108678)
  • What exactly did Moz say about Reagan's dying- simply that he had died? if thats the case then he certainly cant be blamed for the disgusting reaction of the people who cheered the death of a man who had suffered a dibilitating and painful illness for for the last 10-15 years of his life.

    If Morrissey encouraged the applause then this is very sad, but forgivable. sometimes Moz can take his politics too far beyond the realization that any tact should be shown in certain situations. whether or not you agree with Reagan's politics, he certainly was not deserving of such mean-spirited and childish reaction to the news of his death. if Moz helped raise the cheers than its something he should appologize for- though iknow he never would.
    chrisarclark <[email protected]> -- Sunday June 06 2004, @04:33PM (#108707)
    (User #9259 Info)
    "I'm just passing through here on my way to somewhere civilized and maybe I'll even arrive, maybe I'll even arrive..."
  • I'm a bit surprised at Morrissey's comment about Reagan seeing how Morrissey moved to America way after his term had ended.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Sunday June 06 2004, @04:40PM (#108708)
    (User #2789 Info |
    True friends stab you in the front.
  • I'm a fan of Morrissey's however he disapointed me today when I bought a magazine "MOjo" and how he talks about America really pissed me off. I know he has been kinda saying bad things about America for a while, and his song "America is not the world" kinda insults america aswell. I mean what is he trying to do lose american fans like me?
    Vivaciprian -- Sunday June 06 2004, @07:53PM (#108721)
    (User #11385 Info)
  • we all paid money to see Morrissey
    why single her out for comment?

    yawn yawn biggest fan ever etc
    Anonymous -- Monday June 07 2004, @12:40AM (#108759)
  • 160+ comments and running, and probably three of them are actually about the gig!

    And this one ain't either.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 07 2004, @01:02AM (#108762)
  • Cheering a man's death? He "deserved to die"!? Who are you insane fucks?
    Anonymous -- Monday June 07 2004, @03:57AM (#108782)
  • I was disappointed that 2 scousers were hoisting a flag with a liver bird on saying .....there is a light..... in fact it spoilt my weekend.

    Hello Liverpool Mozzer said "and thats all I'm going to say"..... they didn't deserve that
    Anonymous -- Monday June 07 2004, @04:04AM (#108783)
    • Why? by MSMOZZER (Score:1) Monday June 07 2004, @04:41AM
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        • tosser by MSMOZZER (Score:1) Monday June 07 2004, @05:36AM
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            • True by MSMOZZER (Score:1) Monday June 07 2004, @05:50AM
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  • June 5, 2004, Rod D. Martin

    It was fashionable for a time to consider Ronald Reagan a warmonger and a fool. Perhaps this is the best indicator of his Chuchillian stature; for like Reagan, Churchill was so maligned, and like Churchill, Reagan saved the world.

    The left, of course, credited Gorbachev for this, which resembled nothing so much as crediting Hitler’s suicide for the end of World War II. Reagan’s victory -- and the fact that we are not now speaking Russian or buried ala Khrushchev under a smoldering ruin -- was produced of a vision shared by no president before him, and a fortitude possessed by few.

    He refused to accept the left’s received wisdom of “moral equivalence” between the Communist East and the democratic West: he called Russia the “evil empire” it was, and revived the moral courage essential for victory. His opponents, lesser men from Michael Dukakis to Michael Foot, hurled their epithets: "dangerous,” “destabilizing,” “cowboy.” But Reagan understood the real danger was in a nuclear superpower bent on world conquest and in the throes of both economic and ethnic collapses its Western apologists refused to see.

    He repaired a nuclear “deterrent” so badly eroded as to lack credibility and invite blackmail. Side by side with Margaret Thatcher, he stood down the left’s greatest-ever attempted appeasement -- the nuclear freeze movement -- and not only rearmed America but re-established the deterrent in Europe. The Soviets, playing off the terror of the times, threatened to walk out of stalled arms talks if he did so. In a move which stunned everyone, he wished them fond farewell. He would not be bullied; and when they realized it, they returned.

    His certainty that people everywhere yearned for freedom and that free markets could always out-produce centrally-planned slavery drove his strategies where realpolitik could never go. He replaced both containment and détante with his “Reagan Doctrine,” proclaiming America would actively roll back its foe by helping freedom fighters behind the Iron Curtain. From World War II until Reagan, not one square inch of ground had been recovered once lost to communism. Now all things changed, as Moscow was made to play defense, first in Grenada and Afghanistan, and ultimately from the Berlin Wall to the USSR itself.

    Unwilling to play for less than total victory, he went for the Russian jugular. Realizing that over half of all Soviet hard currency came from the export of oil he cut a deal with Saudi Arabia: weapons and other benefits previously unavailable, in exchange for an oil glut which would buoy the West and skewer the common foe. Combining this with an arms race, the keystone of which was the high-tech Strategic Defense Initiative, he pushed Moscow over a cliff his opponents said could not be there. Gorbachev, coming in much too late after a string of dead General Secretaries, was left first to “restructure,” then to dismantle his empire, and finally just to “wither away.”

    This is Reagan’s greatest legacy, but it is hardly his only one. His supply-side faith in Laffer’s lower marginal tax rates ignited a twenty-year boom in an America used to every-three-year recessions. His vision for tax-deferred retirement accounts transferred the “means of production” to the “proletariat” and destroyed the basis for class warfare: shareholders, a tiny fraction of the population in 1980, today are a large majority. The wealth his ideas created drove a technological boom unlike any the world had ever seen, and convinced billions previously susceptible to socialism that freedom really works.

    It is there that Reagan’s greatness really lies. To a bleak Orwellian world, he restored hope; and the chance not only that there would be a next century, but that it would be a good one.

    This article was originally published in Britain's Freedom Today.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 07 2004, @08:13AM (#108818)
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    • Re:Reagan by Beaten Generation (Score:1) Wednesday June 09 2004, @03:29PM
  • Another post made reference to Alain, it seemed to suggest he didn't want to be there or something. That's not the impression I got, even though he said he was ill. Alain was very tearful as he took his bow at the end of shoplifters, he seemed really moved by the crowd reaction, or maybe he had toothache.

    BTW, I think the picked guitar part of Let me kiss you is smart, and rivals anything from that other band morrissey used to be in.
    xPOIx -- Monday June 07 2004, @09:08AM (#108834)
    (User #10146 Info)
  • Dewdrop, I wholly agree with you in that it's so cool to be an ultra-liberal, "anything goes", "everyone who thinks like me is cool" and everyone else is a Jew hating Nazi thug, and can in no manner whatsoever be even semi intelligent and/or correct. It's truly sad that seemingly a great deal of Morrissey fans convey this mentality.
        If a Morrissey fan holds any conservative or semi conservative beliefs, then he or she is told that they are not a true fan, they should be ignored, they have no right to like Morrissey, and they do not belong on the website. Yes, most of us are aware that Morrissey may be about as straight as Rock Hudson, but we really love his music. I'm 27 and I've been lsitening to his music since I was 15. I don't agree with all of Morrissey's political views, but do I really have to in order to enjoy his music?
        So, because I'm not jumping on the "Down with the U.S.A." bandwagon, and talking about how much I hate Americans and rejoice in the flaws of said country, does mean that I cannot listen to Morrissey? Why is there so much hatred on this site? It's really disgusting. I've been coming to this site for years, and as I can best recall, the comments/thoughts and opinions expressed have never been this hateful and pathetic.
        So now, because I don't agree with a lot of the ultra liberal views of what seems to be a lot of Moz's fans, according to many of Morrissey's fans, I must now do the following:

    1. Stop listening to Morrissey's music.
    2. Join some neo-nazi hate group.
    3. Blindly follow and agree with everything that the United States government says and does.
    4. Hate all other nations and immigrants to the US.
    5. Trade in my Morrissey & Smiths albums for Skrewdriver records.
    6. And the list goes on....

    Or, if I chose to continue to listen to Morrissey's music, I must do the following:

    1. Hate the United States of America (unless it's cool not to, for the moment)
    2. Rejoice in the death of Reagan
    3. Hate and try to humilate any Morrissey fan who does not hold my same views, values, etc.
    4. Tell people that it's alright to express themselves, unless I disagree with their opnions.

    What has happened here?
    Chicago -- Monday June 07 2004, @09:10AM (#108837)
    (User #11117 Info)
  • Morrissey for years addressed the corruptable nature of British life for years. All of a sudden he dares to put in song something he's always said about America and a McCarthite witch-hunt begins. Get over it America!
    Anonymous -- Monday June 07 2004, @01:30PM (#108913)
  • Is there not anything to add regarding the gig? Is all this political bru-ha-ha more interesting than the concert itself? Since I'm not in the majority here politically, I'll keep my political comments to myself, BUT, looking for more details on the concert. Surely, this tour has not run dry already, has it?
    Hidden By Rags -- Monday June 07 2004, @04:05PM (#108944)
    (User #10262 Info)
  • Great gig Moz, on the Reagan thing, i think people are reading too much into it. A crowd elated to be in the company of Mozzer and in high spirits were cheering his every word. If he had said "i have planted a bomb in the middle of the crowd and you are all going to die", there would have been an equally loud cheer!!
    comet -- Tuesday June 08 2004, @03:08AM (#109049)
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  • Having witnessed the brilliant Dublin gig last Saturday, I couldn't help think of Moz's recent enough comment slagging off Elton John, saying that he had "publicly metamorphised into Christopher Biggins". How strange things turn out.

    I have been a Smiths/Morrissey fan for god knows how long. However, I found the concert last Saturday night, thought excellent, highly embarrassing. Poor Mozzer, in his old age, is becoming not alot more than just a caricature of himself.

    My main issue is: How much more camp can Morrissey get? How much more crass sexual innuendo do we have to listen to (on stage and in the music). Why can't Moz just come out - if that's the way he swings! And if he wants to keep his private life to himself, whats with all the constant and blatent homo-erotic quips ?! YATQ is littered with them...

    Such an outspoken person (vegetarianism, politics etc etc) would be welcomed by the gay community. He could do alot for homophobia.

    AND we'd still love him, regardless of his sexual persuasian. So for God's sake Moz, come out of the closet!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 08 2004, @04:58AM (#109064)
  • be standing in front of the great moz singing 'rubber ring'..will there ever be a more finer moment..moz is still king of the castle!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 08 2004, @06:32AM (#109091)
  • Did anyone notice any celeb's at the gig, maybe Bono and the boys of U2?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 08 2004, @03:01PM (#109372)
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