posted by davidt on Tuesday May 25 2004, @09:30AM
njosnavelinx writes:

In the new issue of Time Magazine (the week of May 31st), there is an article on Morrissey, entitled "Not So Miserable Now." (link)

"At 45, Morrissey is still revered for being unhappy. But a new album suggests things may be looking up"
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  • I have always felt that Chester OF Linkin Park
    was Moz's legitimate son. and if you listen to Meteora you can hear actual Smith riffs.
    Meteora clearly is one of the best albums of the new century if only for it's connection to the best of the mozteenhundreds.
    Carry on Time magazine- you may not be the world
    but those Brit journalist-are the jealous bores.
    clapem -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @09:57AM (#105897)
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  • Thank you. (Score:1, Interesting)

    Read Time's article, Everthing becomes so clear, it explains where he started and where he' heading at. It's the closest to the truth. I must read many times, then what was the chaos. Because his voice was never heard, distracted by the media, crowd(that's me included).

    Moz, why do you know I'm rolling my eyes?
    You've writing from 7, you're quite lucky that you can find something from the earlier age, all the great people are obsessed with something from the time of children. That's why your songs are great. I understand why you said singing is your vocation. Concentrate on singing! May you left your great work to the human being!
    How's your condition today? Do you feel better? Take time and rest well, I'm next to you. You work too hard.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @04:40PM (#106022)
  • A bold claim made by the author and not a single piece of evidence presented to support it. :p
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @05:53PM (#106036)
  • How many times have the song titles This Charing Man or Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now been played around with by incredibly unimaginative journalists to make their article on Morrissey sound interesting and clever? It just gets silly after the 20,643th time.
  • That's what you get for slagging off silly journalists... I mis-typed 'Charming'.
    One of those days.
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