posted by davidt on Monday May 24 2004, @07:15PM
njosnavelinx writes:

According to this, he's cancelled the whole week, but Kilborn's producers hope he can come on Wednesday if he feels better.

Ailing Morrissey cancels Kilborn appearance - Reuters
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  • so no pepsi smash? would he reschedule that? damn!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 24 2004, @07:20PM (#105733)
  • it would surprise me to find out later that Morrissey pulled the plug on the Kilborn gigs, not because he is ill, but because of Kilborn's recent remarks leading up to the appearances. it would not mark the first time Moz walked out on a show after becoming soured on situation.
    chrisarclark <[email protected]> -- Monday May 24 2004, @07:24PM (#105735)
    (User #9259 Info)
    "I'm just passing through here on my way to somewhere civilized and maybe I'll even arrive, maybe I'll even arrive..."
  • get plenty of bed rest, drink lots of fluids and get better!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 24 2004, @07:34PM (#105740)
  • I dont care If he dont want to go thru the whole tour, Or any other Media related event. His health comes first

    tenderliz -- Monday May 24 2004, @07:48PM (#105745)
    (User #11301 Info)
  • Awww... :( I hope he feels better soon. Like someone mentioned above, his health comes first. Poor Morrissey. We love you...
    Anonymous-shnonymous <[email protected]> -- Monday May 24 2004, @08:02PM (#105749)
    (User #6230 Info |
    Anything is hard to find when you will not open your eyes.
  • Just get well I don't care if you never play again as long as you're ok
    yr truthful Nathaniel Monkerhey
    Anonymous -- Monday May 24 2004, @11:35PM (#105782)
  • 1) The negative responses here to YATQ by so-called fans. Please go and be ashamed of yourselves!
    2) YATQ failing to make it to number 1 in the UK.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @12:00AM (#105787)
  • No Surprises (Score:2, Insightful)

    I was doubting he'd make the flight back to LA from Manchester in time and in shape.
    I blame whoever made this irrational and inhuman scheduling.
    nonesoever -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @12:27AM (#105791)
    (User #8448 Info)
    "... turn popular song into sickness"
  • Allright, let me pose a few questions now that we have 'official' word of the cancellation:

    Is Morrissey really sick? After reports of him having the flu, and/or, menangitis he may just be burnt out. He started the tour here in So-Cal just to hop over to New York, then various stops along the way. He's curating his own festival, headlining another. The guy is just all over the place. Maybe at 45, he can't do the things he used to.

    Is it because of Kilborn's smart-ass remarks? Everyone here knows what I am talking about. The comments made with Rachel Leigh Cook, Bill Walton among others. Has he just pissed Morrissey off? Two years ago, Kilborn sets himself up to be a huge Moz fan. He has The Man on his show after all the *supposed* praise, got Him on to begin with, only to question in a half-ridiculing way, Morrissey's lyrics. He asked Morrissey as if he were a small child who just said something 'cute'. Nevermind the fact that he got them wrong when he attempted to quote, "Everyday Is Like Sunday". Two years on, Moz has a new album out and Kilby gets on the wagon again. He shows his disrespect by getting people, who most likely don't know who the hell Morrissey is, to comment on the appearance. Did the 'i'm not a hardcore fan, I just always thought he was funny' comment set Morrissey off? Upon watching this show for the past week and a half, it is hard not to assume Kilborn's 'admiration' is just a way for him to get his 'comedy' across. With the 'countdown' timer, it seemed that he has used Morrissey as a tool to make people laugh. The fact that Kilborn's show is weak and on very late, is beside the point. It still would be national exposure for him as well as the album.

    Is Morrissey a flake? Does he just not care anymore? The plain and simple answer to that is: NO! This man does care about his career and his fans. Of course he wants the album to do well. He wants to have a comfortable retirement by resting on 'Sting' money. Morrissey doesn't want to, at the age of 60, move to Vegas and open for Sigfried and Roy. (No clones, I don't know which is the gay one! Try both.) Moz has constantly been labeled many things throughout his career for the fact that he is a self-reliant person. What people take for 'truculence' and 'unreliability', is in fact Moz's refusal to take shit. Nothing has changed in his career, it has worked for him so far, why shouldn't it work now? Morrissey will not compromise himself for anyone or anything, a trait we all should admire him for. If he does the Pepsi thing, we'll have our answer. We all remember the 'misunderstanding' that took place a week ago. Maybe he wasn't listening when his people said he would be at Kilby's for two nights sandwiching the Pepsi Smash.

    No, actually he was. Maybe just enough to hear Kilborn's sarcasm.

    Jim Rome -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @12:36AM (#105792)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • I don't think there's anything to worry about. The poor thingy started the tour when he was still convalescing and it's been a non-stop since then. He probably just needs a little rest. It's better cancelling a TV appearance than real shows.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @12:54AM (#105794)
  • I think what's most likely is that he's sick/tired AND heard about Kilborn's comments, so thought "sod it!" He wouldn't knock himself out for the man, surely.

    Take care, Moz!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @02:21AM (#105805)
  • He seemed alright in Manchester on Saturday! I've never seen him look so fit!
    Ah, it's a shame, though, get well soon before Glastonbury, please, Moz.
    MyMelody -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @03:34AM (#105816)
    (User #2329 Info |
    ...don't make fun of me later... cos I'm just lost...
  • It really was the concert of a lifetime. He was probably tired but managed to put on a fantastic show so, after 7 years in the wilderness then one of his finest ever albums and a heavy promotional schedule, he deserves a rest. Anyway, he's under doctors' orders! From his tale of possibly being lumbar punctured, he's clearly had a bout of fairly severe meningitis!

    To all the whining, cynical fools who keep being moderated as "insightful" - DO ONE!

    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @03:42AM (#105817)
  • Kilborn's 'antics' didn't stop Morrissey from appearing on the Late Late Show in 2002; nor did it keep him from arranging a second set of appearances for this week. Kilborn's skits on the fans and Morrissey's mope-status are just that - skits. Its a comedy show.

    A lot of you people seem unable to get passed how you thought when you were 14. Or maybe you ARE 14. Im talking about the posters who take swipes at Morrissey's supposed history of screwing himself over in spite of himself. It appears that these posters don't actually believe that Morrissey is sick. Now, why is THAT? Sounds like a 14 year old's 'living in denial' behaviour to me.

    A LOT of people (since Morrissey's 2002 appearance on Late Late Show) have criticized Kilborn for his incorrect statement of the lyrics for Every Day Is Like Sunday - Morrissey even acknowledged this seconds after Kilborn said it. This is a prime example of how fans are wound way too tight. It appeared to me as an honest slip by Kilborn; think about it - Kilborn says he is a fan; he remembers that tune from somewhere since it came out in the LATE EIGHTIES but, unlike die-hard fans, isn't able to spin off the lyrics perfectly. Imagine! Forget that he's 20 seoncds into meeting someone he admires. Forget that he probably hasn't listened to that song more than 3 times a year since 1988. Forget that he's in front of an audience. 14 year olds tend to think everyone would behave just like they would were they in the same situation. They also don't pay very close attention to whats actually going on. Kilborn was criticized for something similar when Robert Smith was on - fans were ALL OVER kilborn for asking robert if he still wrote songs! In fact, Kilborn said "so you're writing songs".... and almost completed the sentence "for a new album" but robert cut him off as he agreed and rushed to talk about new things the band were doing. Fans mistook this for cluelessness on Kilborn's part - how could kilborn be so daft as to ask robert if he still wrote song?!? But no - that wasn't how it was at all.

    And I cant believe I'm being so nitpicking about all this - but posts from some of you people make me sick. You fuck it up for a lot of people with your blaket statements and infinite wisdom about whats REALLY going on - and other people read it and get a picture of morrissey that is unflattering and unkind. remember a certain judge's comments about morrissey? clearly someone who is so into morrissey can make bone-headed and unfair comments as easily as someone who is unaware of morrissey's personality and history, like that judge.

    Your attitude is disabling your ability to see things for what they are.

    Good luck Morrissey! Get well soon! Its only a TV show - its not like Kilborn won't move mountains to get you back on when you're well - he's made that clear.
    ptn -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @04:08AM (#105825)
    (User #11093 Info |
  • Is it any wonder he's cancelled? After Saturday's magnificent performance, I was wondering how on earth he was going to get back over there and get geared up for a 5 day trot of appearances - I was even a little concerned!

    I think his schedule of late would take it out of anyone - let's not forget, he didn't just come home to play one, one and a half hour show at MEN and that was it. He's been promoting the album practically non-stop, appearing on countless tele shows and radio stations (what a joy that has been!) and then finally what must have been a massive 'weight' - albeit a good one - of performing to a sold out MEN. And organising Meltdown, although I doubt he actually did the ringing around (except NYD's of course!) He's also been very unwell prior to the tour.

    I'm glad he's cancelled it. He needs a bloody rest! After his amazing performance on Saturday, he's probably drained - he really did put his all into it, much more so.
    Truman C -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @05:16AM (#105842)
    (User #9412 Info)
  • Moz, I saw prsentation for the Kilburn show, don't take it wrong. It's difficult to be liked by everybody and we don't have to. There're loads of people who understand. Especially, your song style is singing from the negative side and to the positive side in mind-So it depend on how people take-Objectiviely, it might be so, but they have to have a sence to listen between the lines, then they'll understand his music...I'm talking about my mom. So you don't have to be liked by everybody-They know later you have a great talent! So keep singing Moz!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @05:46AM (#105854)
  • Doesnt suprise me..., although from what I understand he's due to appear on Wednesday..
    Get Well............
    starsailor -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @08:17AM (#105871)
    (User #10582 Info)
  • To quickly discredit any stupid credibility issue: I'm a huge Morrissey fan! I've been a fan for a long long time (so, I'm not 14) and have paid my dues to be able to make such comments.
    Now, on with my rant... The fact of the matter is, that Kilborn promoted 'Morrissey Week' on his show (regardless of how he did it...I mean he's a comedian), and is currently the only Nationally syndicated talk show that I know of that was willing to have Moz on. Not only to have him on the show, but to have him on the show for A FUCKING WEEK! That's ballsy, and that's being a fan! Enough said on that. Here's the problem: Morrissey is a skirt! He could of done something MUCH MUCH more professional then having Kilborn make an announcement on the air. Making Kilborn read the release (I believe Sanctuary sent it to CBS) on the air made Morrissey appear completely opposite from anything and everything he's ever sang about. Especially w/his constant 'American Idol' comments. The least Moz could of done is have a television crew at his home in LA and make a 1-2 minute announcement saying that he was sick and apologize to all the fans and Kilborn. Seriously, is that too difficult to do? At the least it gives him some credibility! Maybe even do some funny like have the camera crew at his bed while he's resting, with a song or two from his CD playing in the background. That could count as an idea! The point being, is that it shows some kind of effort from Moz!

    To me the bottom line is this: The release the Kilborn read signifies to me that Morrissey could give 2 shits about how he's viewed by his US audience. To me, he's all about trying to make it big back in the UK, isn't he? He says he's adopted America as his home, but he's still trying to IMPRESS himself to his long lost UK audience. He feels he has to prove to them that he's good enough. This is comparable to a pathetic relationship breakup. Where it's not an amicable breakup and only one of the two lovers has decided to end it. Meanwhile, the other is so insecure of her (or him) self, that they constantly cry about their lost love. Just screaming for attention! Even when another lover (America) comes across their path, they still talk about their old love (UK)! Anyway, that's my opinion. Moz doesn't love anyone but himself, his shadow and his fame in the UK. I tend to believe that being famous in America doesn't have the same 'grandeur and style' as being famous in the UK.

    I hope to Jesus that Morrissey at least reads these posts and checks out these fan sites! You say 'I'm Not Sorry', but you should be. Tighten up!!!
    HdsDevil -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @08:33AM (#105877)
    (User #4781 Info)
  • Why is it so hard to believe that Moz is sick. Don't you recall him saying that he had the harlem mumps for his whole Apollo gig. Don't you think that maybe he never really fully recovered from that time with all of the constant apperances. And come on Angelinos. I understand that you are disappointed with the cancellation but how selfish can you be. Wasn't 5 nights at the Wiltern enough to hold you down for a while until another project. How many artist do 5 nights and have a 5 day pass avalible for us fans (or so called fans). He lives here in Los Angeles. It's not like it is going to be so hard for him to reschedual for another time. And as for Kilborn, there is truely nothing that he has said that would really hurt morrissey's feelings. I think morrissey can handle a little joking around. Morrissey does the same thing to his own band during the concerts like "Introducing the BLAND" and other little comments like that about them. You don't see his band calling in sick or getting upset. Moz has a sense of humor. And I am sure that Moz is greatful to Kilborn for all of the promoting he is doing for him weather it is joking around or not. It is better than no exposure at all. I don't see any other american show doing the same for moz. I was looking foward to going to the Pepsi thing tonight, but people get sick. It is not the end of the world. There will be other peformances by him. If you were really a fan you would understand.
    bbp -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @08:45AM (#105879)
    (User #10133 Info)
  • I just finished listening to Craig Kilborn right now. He was on KROQ, being interviewed over the phone...basically Kevin & Bean were making fun of him cuz Moz cancelled on him...stupid Kevin & Bean.

    Kilborn said Moz cancelled due to his illness (meningitis) and that Moz will cancel the Monday/Tuesday Kilborn appearance as well as the Pepsi Smash appearance. Kilborn also said that Moz hopes to make it for the Wednesday-Friday Kilborn tapings but that according to others that know the seriousness of meningitis, that it is unlikely he will actually be on Wednesdays show.

    Craig also noted that Morrissey really wanted to tape the show, and that a reschedule would most likely take place.
    azraela -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @09:17AM (#105883)
    (User #658 Info)
    *swing set girl*
  • I actually kind of dig Kilby, he's got that disgusting smug frat boy thing down... lately he has been a little annoying with the jabs at Moz and Moz fans alike, so I didn't know what to think about him. Last night though, he incorporated a little snippet into a comedy bit about success..."You book your FAVORITE SINGER, promote him for a month, and then he cancels at the last minute." He seemed a little more respectful last night...hopefully the guy is genuinely a fan; at least we get the chance to see more of Our Man on tv.
    icicular -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @09:33AM (#105888)
    (User #5485 Info)
  • I watched Kilborn last night, and it's touching how Craig puts out so much to promote Morrissey despite the cancellations, putting his passion for Morrissey before his professionalism, even, nearly.
    Also, I found that Craig looked like he'd been pretty upset, probably wondering why Morrissey really cancelled. He looked like he was holding on to his sanity, and I like Kilborn for falling for Moz.
    redpathetic -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @07:42PM (#106054)
    (User #6184 Info)
    Happy in this final acceptance of his own absurdity...Albert Camus
  • What is in the heads of these doubting, criticizing thomasses? Don't you ever get sick? You've obviously never travelled any distance out of whatever country you are from. The jet lag alone can wreck you! Besides being around countless people can tend to make one quite ill!!! Have a little faith, He will heal! In the meantime, looking forward to whatever you do Darling, get better soon!
    the write one <[email protected]> -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @08:22PM (#106061)
    (User #10056 Info |
    "it's my life to ruin my own way"
  • he has a top 10 album in America without being on that smirking preppy's show.Why should Morrissey do him a favour of being on all week after making him the butt of his lame jokes?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 26 2004, @02:07AM (#106112)
  • Am I the only fan who thought the idea of having an artist so outside of the mainstream on a TV program every night for a week was a little too ambitious? That doesn't seem to me the way to make new fans but to get people sick of you!

    I say this having been looking forward to the performances myself...but honestly... Even someone as big as, uh, whoever, say U2, would seem like too much for a national audience every night.
    devious -- Wednesday May 26 2004, @02:23AM (#106115)
    (User #11431 Info)
  • Some of you are going to look like complete asses if he really is sick and reschedules.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 26 2004, @03:36AM (#106121)
  • as someone posted before, look at all the interviews, tapings, concerts in 2 countries, travelling etc that's he done lately. would be enough to make anyone sick! (but if he does cancel only on kilborn b/c of the comments, that would show kilborn not to make fun of his 'idol')
    Anonymous -- Monday May 24 2004, @07:41PM (#105744)
  • you are a whiney little prick texas boy
    Anonymous -- Monday May 24 2004, @07:54PM (#105747)
  • you are a tool. how shocking that you are from texas.... he has FUCKING MENINGITIS!! kilbourn did the same schtick leading up to his last appearance, making fun of him etc... morrissey, in case you haven't noticed over the past 20 years or so, has a fairly sharp since of humor. go tip a cow
    VIVAMOZ <[email protected]> -- Monday May 24 2004, @08:41PM (#105752)
    (User #184 Info |
    blame me! i didn't vote!
  • Re:Sick my ass.... (Score:1, Interesting)

    Yeah, whatever. I'm not buying the I'm sick bit either. As someone who has followed The Smiths since the beginning I know how Morrissey is. A fragile soul who cancels if the wind blows the wrong way. And all this stuff about oh he's played so many live dates and made so many appearances... Umm, well, I hate to break the news to you people, but he's on tour! That's what performers do. They perform! He hasn't played more dates, or done any more appearance than any other working artist. In fact, he's played far less.

    Same old Morrissey really. His album is selling well in the states so he doesn't need the appearance anymore. If he doesn't come in Wednesday, I'll be shocked if he re-schedules the appearance. Don't get your hopes up, peeps.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 24 2004, @09:15PM (#105758)
  • i was looking forward to this show as well, but you should really cut him some slack. he's already done an amazing job of getting himself out there for this album, which was an impressive effort even if he had been well let alone battling a serious infection.

      not only with the radio shows and sitting through television interviews where he was probably miserable, but if you haven't noticed, this weekend in manchester was an event! can you imagine how special it was for the people who made it out there while the pressure of entertaining 20,000 people, some of who have flown in from all over the world ultimately rested on his shoulders.

    i say, let him have a week off!
    suzanne -- Monday May 24 2004, @09:18PM (#105759)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
  • HAHA... but seriously... he can... it's no big deal... it's not like it's a show or anything (yes, I know there will be plenty of cancelled shows).

    Would you want to go do an interview with someone who was being so condenscending to you on national TV?!?!

    Even last time with his "Isn't LA too sunny for Morrissey?" comment... Yeah, it's funny for me... but really... He's basically saying "You're suuuuuuuch a whiner!"
    ProtestSinger -- Monday May 24 2004, @09:40PM (#105761)
    (User #7285 Info)
    .*.* I can smile about it now but at the time it was terrible *.*.
  • You are a wallybrain texasjoke. The man is sick take alook at the globehopping he's done and the number of gigs in the last month. Go air your views on Eamonn and Frankee's site, muppethead.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @03:09AM (#105813)
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