posted by davidt on Tuesday May 25 2004, @09:30AM
Update: 05/25 17:46 GMT. Comment from bbp (link):

I called CBS Studios a little bit ago and they did confirm that Morrissey will not be there. They said that Phantom Planets will take his place. Oh well.
Taping is supposed to be today (May 25) - according to this comment posted by azraela, Craig Kilborn talked to Kevin and Bean on KROQ this morning and said the appearance was cancelled.

Mark writes:

The Pepsi Smash episode with Morrissey is scheduled to air on June 10th at 8 pm EST according to
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  • This is just great. I have taken a full month out of my schedule to follow Morrissey and now he is canceling all these appearances. I know he comes across as unhappy but must he make his fans miserable? Take some tylenol and get on with it!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @09:57AM (#105899)
  • I listned to most of the Kilby interview this morning on KROQ and missed the comment about Moz cancelling the pepsi gig...

    When and what EXACTLY did he say about cancelling Pepsi Smash?

    I would not be surprised of course, but I wonder if people around here aren't hearing things and jumping to conclusions.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @10:11AM (#105904)
  • Does anyone know for sure if Moz is cancelling his performance on The Pepsi Smash today??? I have tickets and I don't want to waste my time driving to Burbank in the hellish LA traffic if he is not going to be there.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @10:30AM (#105917)
  • "Cancellation Policy

    Please be aware, reservations are not guaranteed. Shows can cancel or change at any time. If your show should cancel or require a specialized audience, we will notify you as soon as possible, and do our best to reschedule you for another taping without too much inconvenience."

    Anyone received a cancellation email yet?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @10:34AM (#105921)
  • I called CBS Studios a little bit ago and they did confirm that Morrissey will not be there. They said that Phantom Planets will take his place. Oh well.
    bbp -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @10:39AM (#105925)
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  • 1iota Confirmation (Score:2, Informative)

    They hope i still show up anywyas... hehe

    email from 1iota...



    The following artists are still performing tonight:

    Alanis Morrisette
    Maroon 5
    Phantom Planet
    Joss Stone
    We would love to see you tonight anyways!
    PeteMoz -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @11:32AM (#105948)
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  • Morrissey seemed ok at the Manchester gig, more than ok, in fact.

    But it is very easy to have a relapse with a serious illness, so I hope and pray that this isn't what it is. Even if he's just knackered, we should give him a break. His stress level is probably running sky-high at the moment.

    Of course, this is easy for me to say since I don't have tickets to either gig!
    Susan Vance -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @11:47AM (#105950)
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  • what's the # to cbs studios?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @12:36PM (#105958)
  • I still kind of hope that the reason Morrissey canceled is because of CK being a complete ass. In the interview in 2002 he seemed like the most ingenuine person pretending to be a fan of Moz. Now he makes fun of Morrissey fans, can't get lyrics right, makes fun of Moz and all ... why should he do all that and still get Moz to come on the show?

    Moz cancelling seems like a great slap in the face and showing that he wont put up with it, and good on him, if he's going to be a guest he should at least get treated with some respect.

    And incase Moz IS sick, I hope he gets better real soon :)
    herzeleid316 -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @02:18PM (#105976)
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  • Moz has been completely removed from the 1iota website for this event. I still never recieved an e-mail though....
    Sharron Needles -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @03:04PM (#106006)
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  • he probably wouldnt be so sickly

    oops i said it! teehee

    come over to my house mozzer ill cook you up a grand steak! yum youll be better in a heartbeat.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @03:53PM (#106015)
  • i seriously can not believe half of you assholes!!! you are so fucken selfish, most of the posts that ive read are bullshit. who gives a fuck if you waste your precious time driving to burbank or if you dont get to see him on the craig kilborn show. He's sick! at least have some respect and let him get better i mean really ohh gee your life is gonna be over since he's not gonna be at pepsi smash who gives a fuck really?? i think he should take as much time off as he needs to focus on getting better and if you have a problem with that then all i can say is FUCK YOU!
    loved and lost -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @05:20PM (#106026)
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  • Got an email saying that 400 seats had just opened up since Morrissey had cancelled. I bet you there is going to be soooooo many empty seats. LOL...if I was there I would have just boo' them anyways. Those groups suck donkey balls.
    TheSqualorOfTheMind -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @05:48PM (#106034)
    (User #10737 Info)
  • I got out of work early and waited at the cbs studios in studio city and wasnt told he cancelled untill we parked and got to the entrance.The people there looked at us then slowly and apogetically told us the bad news.Horrible but i hope if Morrissey is sick he gets better and makes it up somehow.Ill be there!!Rock on.
    seaner -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @07:52PM (#106059)
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  • I heard Morrissey was actually their at cbs studios, but was only signing autographs.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @08:24PM (#106062)
  • Kilborne re-played the 2002 performance of "Everyday Is Like Sunday" on the Tues. show...nice rendition with banjo and no keyboards, a bit slower than concert performances. Nice sound and Moz in good form.
    Are we feeling better for Wednesday?
    headlongintoharm -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @10:37PM (#106076)
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