posted by davidt on Wednesday May 19 2004, @11:00AM
KrisV writes:

The Belgian magazine Humo this week features a 3pg interview with The Man Himself, by Serge Simonart.

Moz is quite straightforward on the issue of Mike Joyce. He literally states that he himself made the best part of The Smiths. He wrote the lyrics, parts of the music, did the sleeve design, etc. In general, he claims he was more involved than Johnny Marr. He also states he and Johnny whispered the drumlines into Joyces ear, who he never calls by name, but keeps referring to as 'that drummer'.

Apparently Mozzer also has a loverboy, called Jed. During the interview, the woman from the Gucci-shop called, to ask if they could deliver Jed's new outfits. Moz fled to the adjacent room for a while, looking rather embarrassed.
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  • Who in the heck is Jed? And he's pleasing the press in Belgium?
    Lon -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @11:12AM (#103935)
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    • Re:Jed? by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday August 10 2004, @08:53AM
  • Hooray Moz... Is he the inspiration for I like You, Let Me Kiss You and/ or one of the luxuries that your royalties bring?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @11:23AM (#103940)
  • "parts of the music?"

    i wonder what marr's gonna have to say about that zinger.
    eugenius -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @11:35AM (#103945)
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    I'm almost sure you can do better than that.
  • Pleasing the press in Belgium? Slating Johnny Marr? Boyfriends?

    Two words: Fuck.. off.
    bobmozza -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @12:03PM (#103953)
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    • You just can't see it, can you? by deadpan (Score:1) Wednesday May 19 2004, @12:24PM
      • It's not the gaiety we're so unwilling to believe, so much as the idea of the dear thing being happily esconsed (sp?) with anyone! As much as he deserves happiness in that as in all aspects of life, it is a little shattering to hear that the poster-bloke of areligious celibacy is indulging in anything akin to love...
        Biscuit Buscemi -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @05:09PM (#104044)
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  • Could it be Jed Weitzman mentioned on the sleeve of YATQ? Apparently he's part of Sanctuary Artist Management.
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @12:22PM (#103962)
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    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
  • I've a friends in the music biz in L.A. who has seen the couple together. And they "ain't jest friends".
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @12:39PM (#103967)
  • Gucci, Gucci Goo!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @12:54PM (#103975)
    • Re:Oh Jed! by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 19 2004, @02:47PM
  • Mike Joyce didn't write his own drum parts ?
    Thats a joke. I'm sure like any other drummer
    he was given direction now & again but ultimately he had to sit behind the kit and execute it in time. And without the rest of the band Moz would be working in a Record store or the Library.
    And without his current band He would be relegated to history as The Smiths frontman and not a Worldwide charting success that he is now.
    Jed Moz's boyfriend ? I doubt Moz's taste in men includes short little 4 by 2 management types.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @12:56PM (#103976)
  • I'm sick of this. Moz is gay, he's not gay, oh yes he is.

    I don't know the particulars of Morrissey's sex life since I haven't been hiding under his bed for the past twenty-odd years, but I do know one thing.

    He's not likely to have sex with any one on this site, so quit talking about it!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @02:48PM (#104006)
    • Re:No More by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 19 2004, @03:35PM
  • Johnny, Jake, and now Jed...Jesus, how many more names start with the letter J?
    Baz -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @03:04PM (#104008)
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  • Couldn't care less about his sexuality or his hair style for that matter.
    For me it's the words, voice, the way he sings... but who the f$#k is Jed??
    SoSueMe -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @03:14PM (#104011)
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    [that was a SoSueMe intervention]
  • Who is "the fonz"? Would anyone give me a link.
    Thanks in advance :-)
    SoSueMe -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @03:20PM (#104015)
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    [that was a SoSueMe intervention]
  • Well it could be Jed,Ted,Fed...who cares? The press is making it, as always.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @05:06PM (#104043)
  • So he is no longer dating the guy from Sack?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @05:31PM (#104052)
    • Re:Sack by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 19 2004, @09:15PM
    • Re:Sack by Sharron Needles (Score:1) Wednesday May 19 2004, @10:22PM
      • Re:Sack by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday May 20 2004, @04:40AM
  • I'm glad to know Moz is getting laid with Jed, now we know why he's so happy!! but the real scoop for me is, will Moz run with the money again or pay his crew?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @10:09PM (#104101)
  • I don't know if Jed is his lover or not. But looking at the description of the interview, is it just not possible that Morrissey was answering a phone call? Maybe he was embarrassed by interrupting the interview?

    Still, how many managers get Gucci suits delivered via their clients? Sounds like a good job to me!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 19 2004, @10:32PM (#104104)
  • So you have all decided yet haven’t you? Great, a new Moz-soap to entertain us.

    Sometimes I wonder what would happen if Julia Riley was a man. Probably she would be referred to by everyone as “Morrissey’s 9-year husband”.

    And finally, leave the poor fucker alone. We could find Moz-lovers anywhere if we just looked around. That belgian journalist was a moron and she thought she had made some kind of scoop with the suit delivery. If Moz wants us to know something about him he’ll just let us know. Period.

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 20 2004, @12:27AM (#104114)
  • OK, to try and clear this up, not that I will but...

    There are about 11 people on this planet that are aware of Moz's sexuality.

    Moz has long been fascinated with the power and strength of the male form but sees the act of sex between two men as not necessarily for him even though he is prepared to accept falling in love with either a man or a women. During his formative years when he and most of us make up our minds about intimate feelings, his heart was broken by a girl called Ann Marie McVeigh. This caused him to be untrusting and unable to be completely close to women. Linder came along and that changed. However, the pulling power of both sexes were are strong to Mozzer. As the song explains, he decided that he can have both but I know for a fact that Moz would prefer to fall in love with a women. There is a hint of catholic shame in that and mother's preference but again Moz has no problem with homosexuality as we all know but for himself is a different question. He really does see himself as being non sexual but again, if he could be absolutely sure, he'd prefer women. Believe it or not, a study of his lyrics from the start to now actually bear that out. This is not fact but I understand that he's only ever had sex with women also.

    I am not in the inner circle but the next circle out =) If you'd like me to explain how I know this then I will but I'd rather not.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 20 2004, @01:29AM (#104125)
  • "I never had needed sex, today less than at 20, I don't know what debauchery is"

    Les Inrockuptibles N°442 19-25 avril 2004

    How much do you bet Moz is simply still virgin ?
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 20 2004, @02:48AM (#104143)
  • Lets jump on the thrill ride of gossip! Articles like this will make us Americans a little more English eventually. (see Morrisey's latest interviews on why he likes England to understand this post)
    MasterOfWho -- Thursday May 20 2004, @03:53AM (#104147)
    (User #7664 Info)
    Is there room in your heart for a Tennant who carries a Rose?
  • Morrissey is not the only one to say Marr wrote Joyce's drum patterns - Marr himself also claims it. So this may be partly true.

    But I suspect Moz had VERY little to do with the music at all. If so, why is the music (and I say the MUSIC not the words) in his solo career always at least slightly inferior to that of the Smiths? Johnny Marr created the music - at least 97 % of it - that is the truth. Johnny never claims that he wrote any of the lyrics so Moz really shouldn't be trying to take away from him! Still love the Mozzer though.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 20 2004, @07:42AM (#104186)
  • as the pope. I heard it from his INNER CIRCLE (a couple of bishops and a handful of altar boys)
    moho -- Thursday May 20 2004, @08:56AM (#104221)
    (User #10663 Info)

  • However I think it´s a twisted comment of the journalist
    FERREIRO <{nomebusques} {at} {}> -- Thursday May 20 2004, @09:46AM (#104238)
    (User #7331 Info)
  • Time will tell just how accurate this rumor is.
    The above 'Have a Go' thread was interesting: personal assistants, friends, sisters and uber fans do not make the heart tremble.
    There will always be a certain segment of fans who will not and can not come to terms with his sexuality and anyone with half a wit understands why they can't.
    We all know about Jake, Morrissey let everyone know by putting his picture on that promo sleeve.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 20 2004, @10:12AM (#104251)
  • In an interview for Australian Radio in 1985, promoting "Meat Is Murder", Morrissey was asked about allegations a magazine had made that he was gay. Morrissey replied "(laughing)Yes, I've heard of those. I will probably always be open to such speculation, but they are (sigh) completely irrelevant".

    Yet, in an early interview with Sounds, he spoke of his love for strong women(like Germaine Greer), and his belief in a third sex where masculine/feminine distinctions were completely blurred.

    Personally, I feel that Morrissey's attitude towards sex is like that of Kenneth Williams, where he desires to be loved but without the intrusive physicality of sexual contact. Also, like Williams, he probably finds the idea of sharing himself with someone extremely difficult.

    Just a few thoughts. Whatever his predilection might be, I hope he is truly happy.
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Thursday May 20 2004, @11:02AM (#104276)
    (User #10687 Info)
    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
  • Hello good people who visit this site; I am Serge Simonart, I did the interview you`re talking about. "Jed" was indeed Jed Weitzman, Morrisseys manager, but at no point did I suggest they have an intimate relationship. Let me just say that Im very dissapointed that one quote from what was a beautiful interview gets isolated and distorted. This is just more proof that, sometimes, things get twisted and quoted out of context on the internet. This is like quoting the word "horse" from a song lyric and then suggest the artist is into bestialism. Have a nice day.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 10 2004, @08:31AM (#118741)

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