posted by davidt on Saturday May 22 2004, @02:30PM
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Set List:

First of the Gang to Die / Hairdresser on Fire / Irish Blood, English Heart / The Headmaster Ritual / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Have Forgiven Jesus / I Know it's Gonna Happen Someday / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Rubber Ring / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice / The World Is Full of Crashing Bores / Let Me Kiss You / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / Jack The Ripper / A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours / I'm Not Sorry / Shoplifters Of The World Unite // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by moby
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  • from moby (Score:0, Informative)

    was fantastic, but no surprises and a dissapointed audience where i was, here goes

    1. my way (a few bars) into first of the gang to die
    2. hairdresser on fire
    3. irish blood, english heart
    4. headmaster ritual
    5. subway into everyday is like..
    6. i have forgiven jesus
    7. i know it's gonna happen
    8. how can anyone possibly..
    9. rubber ring
    10.such a little thing
    11.don't make fun of daddy's voice
    12.the world is full of crashing bores
    13.let me kiss you one can hold a candle to you
    15.jack the ripper
    16.a rush and a push....
    17.I'm not sorry
    18.shoplifters of the world
    19.there is a light.....

    all in all, amazing, but no big surprises, ecstatic but a bit let down,
    crap merchandise too !
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 22 2004, @02:42PM (#105089)
  • I just got home and I'm exhausted after standing for 9+ hours!

    I thought the show was amazing. Moz seemed relaxed and bantered with the audience (At one point the crowd chanted his name and he waved them off with an "oh, stop it!" and I think I heard "You've made a happy many very old") The crowd on the floor went mad during "There is a Light" and "Shopkeepers", at one point with about 10 fans ending up on the floor! I was in the very front until I got moshed out (very rowdy but excited and happy floor audience) And I'd like to dispel any rumours that Morrissey is flabby; I wasn't six feet from him and he looked fantastic. Fab backdrop, too, with "Morrissey" spelled in giant red-lightbulbed letters and a shimmering curtain behind. All in all, it was incredible.

    But I can understand why anyone with seated tickets thought the gig was crap. The acoustics were bad, and I noticed most of the people were still in their seats for the show.

    So if you were on the floor, an amazing and memorable gig. Next time, Morrissey, maybe a smaller venue?

    And Happy Birthday, Mr. Morrissey!
    Susan Vance -- Saturday May 22 2004, @03:06PM (#105100)
    (User #10744 Info)
    "Johnny, don't point that gun at me, there's so many ways our lives have changed, but please I beg don't do this to me"
  • morrissey show tonight was very special, a night i'll never forget, too many negative additions on these pages, don't forget, morrissey was the smiths, anyone can play them tunes, but only morrissey can sing them, thanks morrissey for a great concert and happy birthday
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 22 2004, @03:14PM (#105104)
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  • Got to agree with the negative posters here. The show was ok, the band was ok and Moz was ok BUT nothing more than that. I think it comes down to expectations, maybe we were wanting something a bit 'bespoke' given the birthday/homecoming significance of this gig. Apart from coming on and saying hello shudehill...hello rusholme it could have been any night, any gig.

    I personally was unsettled during IBEH when some very serious violence erupted right next to me in block 114. A guy ended up with his nose spread across his face and a girl got crushed who was crippled anyway so that was not nice.

    Two questions though: what was that Bonnie Langford/Jimmy Tarbuck/Poll Tax dialogue right before he came on and also, what on earth has Julia Riley done to get some much recognition from the Moz?
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 22 2004, @03:27PM (#105118)
  • my brother has just been on the phone, has blagged himself into the aftershow and spoken to moz!!! lucky buggar
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 22 2004, @03:36PM (#105126)
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  • Felt Like a Nutter (Score:2, Interesting)

    Mozzer put on a superb show. Played quite a few smiths numbers (rubber ring, shoplifters, etc) & the encore of 'there is a light' was astounding - made me want to weep. Started the set with FOTGTO which was smashing.

    Unfortunately had sitting tickets on upper tier block 215 - crowd a bit muted where we were - must have thought I was a nutter with my screaming/arm waving (wife also thought I was a nutter)

    Franz were really amazing - how on earth can they concentrate on playing such intricate stuff while jumping about like that? Truely astounding. They'll be massive.

    Stevenaswalters -- Saturday May 22 2004, @03:37PM (#105128)
    (User #11237 Info)
  • easily the best gig i have ever been too (but then watching Morrissey play Westlife covers in a shed would probably be better than any show by any other band ever. he is god)

    I just wanted to say how nice the people in the crowd around me were, the girl and the couple on the barrier in front of me were so nice and it meant i got to see the stage(which never happens when you are short like me!!!) if you read this thank you :)

    Didn't go for everybody apparently, my mates got pushed around so much by this big crowd of drunk men that they had to leave before the end cos they got hit so many times.
    AmyBlue -- Saturday May 22 2004, @03:37PM (#105129)
    (User #8980 Info)
  • I'm Not Sorry and Such a Little Thing. Brilliant
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 22 2004, @03:40PM (#105132)
  • Was a patchy gig - having heard 2 of the Harlem gigs on bootleg, there were no musical surprises. At times the band were a bit sloppy, which Moz acknowledged himself - the timing and tempo at the start of Rush and a Push...was all over the place, but there were lots of songs that really shone in the live setting - mainly the YATQ stuff. It was difficult to create a euphoric atmosphere in the M.E.N., which is why I feel that a few folks were disappointed - I agree that the atmosphere seemed much better in the standing area, rather than in the seats where I was..and another thing..who let so many couples in? They should be banned....:) better than Nottingham Rock City last time I saw Moz there, but not as good as Birmingham or Bradford on the last tour. Better than the Smiths at G-Mex when they played the Festival of the 10th summer, but not as good as Salford Uni, the night after...that's where I'd place it on a scale of Moz & Smiths. Loved the backdrop - was it inspired by the Mojo illustration or coincidence? Very Elvis Presley '69 Comeback Special... anybody else get the free packs of badges that were placed on the lower tier seats?
    elvisfontenot -- Saturday May 22 2004, @03:48PM (#105135)
    (User #11350 Info)
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  • I have read 29 comments so far and nobody has said nothing yet about the show. Here it's almost two a.m. and I've just come back from seeing an ultra boring movie. So, there's nothing else to say. Great. Hitting the sack.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 22 2004, @03:49PM (#105136)
    • Re:Goodnight by Stevenaswalters (Score:1) Saturday May 22 2004, @04:36PM
  • Yes I know that this isn't Franz Ferdinands fan club web site, but didn't anybody else think that they were truly stunning?
    Stevenaswalters -- Saturday May 22 2004, @04:21PM (#105142)
    (User #11237 Info)
  • Absolutely fantastic show. I only started going to Moz gigs in '94 so I can't comment on his earlier career but that's definitely the best show *I've* ever seen him play. Maybe the setlist was a bit dull for those who follow him around the world but most of the people I spoke to were Brits and this was the first show of the tour they'd seen so it was all new to us. Even though I missed out a standing ticket, it was still a fantastic atmosphere and from up above I could see how much the whole crowd was getting into it. Can't wait til Meltdown!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 22 2004, @04:21PM (#105143)
    • Re:Wonderful by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 22 2004, @09:34PM
  • Anyone else made the same mistake as me & bought a t-shirt from outside?

    It looked oh so good on the pavement in the half light of the MEN glow when I parted with my £5.

    It looks really shit now in the full light of my kitchen.

    Wish I'd paid a bit more for the real thing.
    Stevenaswalters -- Saturday May 22 2004, @04:26PM (#105146)
    (User #11237 Info)
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  • this is the first morrissey concert i have ever been to, and i thought it was excellent. after hearing i have forgiven jesus on john peel's radio 1 show i had to buy the new album. listening to it everyday and enjoying it immensely.
    i can't believe so many people have already posted messages just hours after the show.
    i live just 5 minutes away from the arena and i was watching all the people walking away from the concert from my apartment. they all seemed to have enjoyed it. those who complain are just miserable fools arent they.
    very proud that he's from my home town. rock on morrissey.
    i loved the 'morrissey' red light on the stage and glittery backdrop. very 50s elvis type thing.
    would have loved to have been in the standing, was watching all the people stood up jumping up and down, was very envious!
    great band, great voice, great show, great night.
    juliecheung -- Saturday May 22 2004, @04:52PM (#105154)
    (User #11355 Info)
  • Good support from Franz Ferdinand. Great warm up and showed why they're so highly regarded.

    Moz was just perfect from the start with 'First of the Gang...' to an emotional 'There is a light...'. A mixture of old Smiths, which managed to do things to the back of the neck, and new Moz; all played well, sung fantastically and, as far as I could see, well enjoyed by a receptive audience.

    Disapointed only by the omission of 'November spawned a monster' and certainly wanted more at the end.

    Free badges as well. Next stop Glastonbury.
    sickbird_uk -- Saturday May 22 2004, @05:04PM (#105159)
    (User #11354 Info)
  • was right down the front , 2 rows of people back, left hand side as you look at the stage, great view.

    sounded pretty great where i was , ...loud :)

    _moz was Fantastic_

    !!Rubber ring!!

    Lots of fucking rough/violent/ignorant/arshole blokes in the audience though, how can these morons have any comprehension? it was like a football match at times.

    despite not likin franz ferdinand they were pretty cool live,

    sorta interesting to see just how many blokes did as i did after the gig .... the rem + other places seemed awash with mozza shirts.

    i thought the Merchanside was pretty shit

    shirtlifters of the world, unite and take over
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 22 2004, @05:05PM (#105160)
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  • Fantastic Show!! (Score:2, Interesting)

    Well this trip to the U.K. has been briliant! Tonight's show was incerdible. I was in Block 114 Row N Seat 24 but moved a few rows down to flirt with the lovely Usa from Sweden- who I metin Los Angeles and Las Vega$ in 2002 at shows and by strange coincidence was here tonight ;^) Morrissey put on a fantastic show that was a little bit longer than the ussua gig lately -l closer to 90 minutes tonight rather than the ussual hour. The people here in Manchester are great- and I met up with several fellow Moz Angeles fans yesterday on the "MozBus" tour including David Tseng, Elvira, Effren and many more Morrisey-Solo chatters at the Star and Garter. And Rourke playd an accoustic set at the Salford Lads Club and Linder Sterling interviewed me for a documentary as well. This trip has been a dream. Many great pix to post when I get back next week! Cheers from my webTV in Salford! Jay"Some Totally Random Moz Fan"
    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • Just got home from the gig. What a few days I've had! Stated Thursday meeting BG & going down to Rusholme. Friday was the Morrissey's Manchester bus tour (read the reports it was fkin brilliant - Andy Rouke at the SLC with Vinny Perculiar (I've no idea either) doing an accoustic Smiths/Perculiar set & then on to the S&G evening, excellent night I got totally wasted but great to meet so many Morrissey fans from all over the globe as well as the usual suspects (pics to follow)!
    So onto Saturday...
    Breakfast was a contimental (?) affair mainly French & a Scot at the O.K. cafe, I was so hung over, I celebrated Morrisseys birthday with a cup of tea.
    Jump 6 hours and I'm outside the MEN Arena! Dressed as always (for Morrissey gigs) in my Manchester City top, even though the scum had just won the F.A. cup, mind you there's little chance of any trouble with scum fans up here in Manchester as there aren't many of them.
    Who do I bump into only Andy Rouke, (twice now in 2 days) so I get him to sign my ticket a scan will be available.
    So now I'm in, I've got my electrical goods sorted & sitting listening to Franz F, very good.
    Next we get the pre Morrissey gig build up, the usual 'Morrissey' football type chant, I start off a few 'wooo' malarkies which gets the crowd going (prematurely) whoops sorry how old am I?
    Then the lights dim & it's the Lily Savage sound-a-like doing the hate of persons/things etc & then woo He's strollin on stage (we could see because of our vantage point).
    He starts to croon 'My Way' & then into FotGtD.
    Then he goes into naming a few local districts "hello Rusholme etc". Hairdresser on fire is the usual great rendition from the last few tours.
    Then it was onto IBEH. pure magic, he's getting better and better his intro was amusing.
    part two tomoz I'm fked now

    Grim O'Grady -- Saturday May 22 2004, @05:18PM (#105163)
    (User #6996 Info)
  • Thank you to the couple of seated rows 115 Q above and below who joined in with me attempting to sing happy birthday.
    BTW the majority of seated areas I could see - people were stood up - nice for a change.
    Can't say much else, still in shock.
    Famous when dead -- Saturday May 22 2004, @06:00PM (#105166)
    (User #981 Info)
    Some of us is turning nasty
  • As always i went alone to see morrissey, traveling from coventry, got there at 9, didnt see the 1st song but heard it while i was looking for the door that would lead to my place.
    I was in 114 or 104 not sure, it wasnt very close to the stage. sang all the concert but the only thing it was not so good was the people around me werent very excited, and the guy in my front was just stopped as i was shouting the songs, he seemed to not even know them, and seemed bored. bah
    I didnt have an hotel, so after hours in the coach station, being like 4am, some people decided to get a taxi to go to london passing by coventry and they needed one more to make 5 and split the money, so i went along. It was really cool because we put Smiths singles and bona drag on the radio and came singing along all way. It was really cool to meet them, so if ur one of them, repply hehe.
    Great night, time to sleep
    Frankly Vulgar -- Saturday May 22 2004, @10:12PM (#105198)
    (User #1967 Info)
    "You can tell, by the way, i sleep all day"
    • Re:excelent by anniet (Score:1) Sunday May 23 2004, @04:13PM
  • I personally thought it was amazing. First time I have seen him since Vauxhall & I and it was really special. No shocks in the setlist apart from Suedehead not being included. The atmosphere where I was seated at the side of the stage amazing and the encore (which could have been one or two songs longer) of There Is A Light was fantastic. Worth the drive from Bristol 10 times over.
    wengraff -- Saturday May 22 2004, @11:30PM (#105205)
    (User #11359 Info)
    • Re:M.E.N Gig by baguley boy (Score:1) Sunday May 23 2004, @03:27PM
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        • Re:M.E.N Gig by wengraff (Score:1) Sunday May 23 2004, @09:37PM
  • But how about some more detailed reports? Any memorable banter/quotes?

    How did Morrissey introduce the band (or did he at all?).

    How did the crowd react to the Subway-into-Sunday transition (I think it's the best rendition of EDILS he's ever done)?

    Crowd enthuastic about new material -- which songs?

    Celebrity spottings?

    Filming during concert -- professional, multi-camera?

    Thanks for answering some or all of these queries. Hope you all loved the concert!
    king leer -- Sunday May 23 2004, @12:04AM (#105209)
    (User #80 Info)
  • the lads put on a solid show and morrissey gave it all he had , unfortunatly not the same can be said for the crowd (felt emarrassed for franz)
    the fcuk tshirt wearing brigade were out in force and the people next to me claimed never to have heard any thing from viva hate to quarry original moz n smiths tshirt wearers were at a premium .
    i got the feeling 75% of the crowd wanted smiths songs and got restless as moz wheeled out jack the ripper etc
    it was not a personal town hall gig with stage invasions and good banter between die hard fans it was an "arena gig" and a good size of the crowd will ave forgotten most of it already and will be getting ready for their sunday trip to ikea as i type
    the topless tandoori -- Sunday May 23 2004, @12:12AM (#105210)
    (User #9862 Info)
  • Having seen Moz for the sixth time last night, I feel qualified to comment on what was a truly wonderful performance.While I agree that there were more than just the hardcore fans there last night,the gig was what you made it, we were seated way back in block 211, and although many people around us remained seated, we were as lost in the emotion and excitement of the atmosphere as we had been at any of the other five gigs.What a night!!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @12:39AM (#105213)
  • I've followed Moz/Smiths for 21 years ( feel a Brendan Shine song in there!)...and I have to say, last night was one of the best times I've seen him. Long overdue homecoming gig, excellent support from Franz F and Moz on top form even though physically not a patch on his previous existence as drummer in the Smurfs.
    New songs are growing although I didn't rate No-One Can Hold A Candle and unsure why he did it in place of something more enlightening.His choice.
    I was in Block 114 and the floorshow looked great turning the clock back a few years.
    I think his management are doing a fantastic job for an obviously difficult to deal with artiste. One thing though,if he doesnt want to be classed with the Eamon's and Britney's,don't harp on Moz, pack it in then....people no matter who they are, go into music to sell a message (largely) or to entertain, and Moz does both...but it is part of the territory and the public have to decide,...hence YATQ will be No.1 later today!!

    Next up Lifetime Achievement at the Brits etc....with more nervous ( I don't want to be here!!) interviews!!
    KevinNorthants -- Sunday May 23 2004, @12:45AM (#105214)
    (User #6488 Info)
    • Re:MENA Gig by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 23 2004, @08:46AM
  • Firstly, I will say there were a couple of emotional bits - Such a little thing and There is a Light, but I wouldn't see him in such a big venue again. I'm certain if I had been brave and hardy enought to get near the front I would have had a fabulous time! As it was, I was standing level with the end of the first seating block.
    Of course, as someone pointed out already, seeing Moz in the MEN wont compare with the intimacy of say, King Georges Hall (I was completely awe stuck and raving about that one for weeks!), and this being the second time I saw him I was expecting to be swept away again, but sadly, no. It did cheer me up to see so many people in the seated sections having a wonderful time though!
    The free badges also made up for my initial disappointment - what a lovely touch!
    I guess if I had never seen him live before I would still be on a high, but I think my big experience was 18 months ago!
    I spotted Franz Ferdinand lead singer SITTING in the first block on the left during Moz - how odd, couldn't he watch from the wings?
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @01:07AM (#105216)
  • I've posted a photo in the forum - I was three quarters of the way back in 113, but it's come out OK, even though Moz looks like a tiny dot!
    elvisfontenot -- Sunday May 23 2004, @01:16AM (#105218)
    (User #11350 Info)
  • I thought the show was great. Plenty of Smiths stuff, new stuff sounded excellent live APART FROM the best track on the album - 'I'm Not Sorry' seemed to me to be the weakest song tonight. Strange.

    Can I also say something about standing in seated areas. I'm not the most flamboyant character. When I am sat listening to the music and watching the spectacle, I am enjoying myself. Some bloke in front of me was turning around asking people to stand up. Sod off. I don't want to take part in your violent arm thrusts during 'There is a light'. I also don't want to block anyone elses view. I was there to enjoy myself - not to make sure that YOU enjoy yourself. Let us 'sitters' enjoy the show in our own way, and not yours.

    Right. That's that off my chest.
    kimbo -- Sunday May 23 2004, @01:23AM (#105221)
    (User #8993 Info)
  • Morrissey in top form, good mixture of new and old songs from his solo career and 5 Smiths songs, the most I have ever seen him play.
    Had tickets at the front of block 113 lower tier and I do agree it was rather quiet at times in the seated areas, managed to jump over the security barrier and made my way to the front halfway through the set. It was like being at a different gig (glad I did jump over), very rowdy crowd but not in a violent way.


    The Headmaster Ritual
    Such a Little Thing...
    A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours

    Moz quotes:

    "Regrets I had a few, but then again 'too many' to mention" just before FOTGTD

    "Manchester you have nothing to answer for, you have made a happy man very old" towards the end of the set

    Mozzer seemed to be genuinely touched by the reception he got in his home town. I ended the night on a high by getting hold of one of the drumsticks Deano threw to the audience, I shall keep forever as a memento of this fabulous day.

    PS: Earlier in the day Man Utd had secured the FA Cup for a record 11th time. I watched the game on the huge BBC screen in Manchester city centre, quite a crowd there too, a really memorable day.

    There is a light that never goes out...
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @02:06AM (#105236)
  • What a great experience that was. I've no idea who the numptys complaining are - were they actually there? did they know any of the material? The atmosphere before the show was electric - tense expectation filled the air, then there was THAT Margi Clarke spoken intro that seemed to last forever before Moz came on - the crowd went wild.

    I was in 104 seated but we all stood, danced and sang along. Highlights for me were How Can anybody Possibly Know How I Feel - that track rocks live, plus a stunningly beautiful rendition of EDILS and I Have Forgiven Jesus. Goes without saying that to end on Shoplifters and encore with TIALTNGO literally blew the roof off the place.

    Shame so many "non fans" seemed to get in. why do these people decide to go? Perhaps it was the place to be "seen" last night. And while we're on that subject, the good old British disease of alcohol was rampant too. Never seen so many pissheads at a Moz gig before. I feel sorry for the geniune fans who had to sit/stang/get jostled by these morons.

    Nice touch was the pack of badges on the seats including a special "He stole all hearts away - 22.5.04" one. Lets guess how much they'll go for on Ebay in ghe coming weeks!

    The sound was good, not the best mix I've heard (a little Bass heavy on some tracks) but Mozzer's voice was strong and pure throughout. Alain's guitar tuning went walkabout on The Headmaster Ritual which was a shame but it was still a kicking version.

    He really seemed to be enjoying himself and the banter was on top form. I'm sure he'll remember 22.5.04 the night he returned to Manchester for a long time to come as will those that were there for the music and not just the beer.

    The cameras were rolling too - a notice as you went in said "tonight's performance being recorded for DVD and TV" so its gonna surface on DVD at some point.

    I took my 15 year old nu-metal loving daughter who's been brought up on the Moz and she absolutely loved it. She's gone out this morning sporting her new Moz YATQ tee-shirt to educate her mates "They've never heard of Morrissey" she told me. Go tell 'em girl!

    This night has opened my eyes........
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @02:37AM (#105250)
  • Loved it but the audience was full of crashing bores.
    Stu77 -- Sunday May 23 2004, @03:17AM (#105261)
    (User #11364 Info)
  • i have loved morrissey all my life. so many people now love my moz. unbelievable last night. there is no chance for us now my darling. you will stay etched only in my mind, where noone else hears.
                i will love you forever morrissey.. but you have nothing to forgive Jesus for x
                    linzi burgess
    cozwemust -- Sunday May 23 2004, @03:29AM (#105265)
    (User #11365 Info)
  • Fantastic gig, but what was up with all you other seated guys?

    They gave us seats but they couldn't make us sit down! This is Morrissey! Big shots out to the girls who sang Happy Birthday! And big shots out to the blokes to the left of us who tried to wake up a comfortably numb Block 209.

    All in all probably a few too many newcomers (which is not at all a bad thing!) to make the crowd as lively as it was during the 2002 shows (big shot out to anyone who went to Brixton Academy!).

    I have forgiven Jesus, Let me kiss you, how come the man turns average/just above average album tracks into music that refuses to let you sit down?

    First of the gang also ruled, as did Rubber Ring.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @03:33AM (#105266)
  • It's great to read everyone's 'frank and open' reviews. Sorry, eek.
    Anyway, When I saw Moz down in Australia in 2002 after not seeing him since 1992, the show was slightly anticlimatic. Why?
    Because even though the choice of songs was amazing, I had been reading the setlists on here and nothing was a surprise. Maybe that's what's happening here. Just imagine if you had never logged on to moz-solo, the setlist at MEN would have been new to you, and new to your little ears.
    BBC Scum -- Sunday May 23 2004, @03:54AM (#105274)
    (User #8427 Info)
  • That was my first Moz gig and definitely the best gig I have ever been to. I was very close to the front of the stage and found myself crying my eyes out during "I Have Forgiven Jesus" and "I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday". Thanks to those who joined in singing "Now My Heart Is Full" with me in an attempt to get th'lads to play it but sadly it wasn't enough. No one around me knew what "No One Can Hold a Candle to You" was, so I taught them by singing along merrily :)

    Also, the attempts to get me to crowd surf during "There Is a Light" proved futile. Thanks to those spineless bastards who dropped me below the moshing masses! Heh, nah, don't mind really. I was right infront of Moz when I went up, and considering my height, I fancied my chances of getting a touch of the great one's hand!

    The melee for one of Moz's shirt afterwards got pretty out of hand. My word!

    Thank you Moz and th'lads for a great night. Manchester really doesn't anything to answer for now.
    Ben Budd -- Sunday May 23 2004, @03:56AM (#105276)
    (User #9454 Info)

  • That had to be the best birthday party I've ever been to. A wonderful experience.

    I attempted the drive to Manchester from Doncaster early on, so I would get to see the FA Cup final. This was quite interesting in the square up on the big screen. Ronaldo was awesome, but anyway...

    Damien Dempsey was ok, I suppose he's worth checking out at the least. Franz Ferdinand were very good of course, 2nd time I've seen them now. But the main attraction was something to behold.

    Of course I envied the standing ticket holders as that area looked quite electric, but everyone in block 114 were stood throughout his lordships set.

    The Smiths tracks were brilliant, A Rush And A Push wasn't quite as good as the others. The new stuff was excellent, and what I initially thought were the weakest tracks on the new album, I'm Not Sorry, How Could Anybody Possibly Know & Let Me Kiss You were all fantastic.

    The only thing that could have made it that bit more special for me would have been to do Come Back To Camden as the penultimate track.

    Can't wait for the bootleg to appear of this, or better still..a DVD?
    Baz -- Sunday May 23 2004, @04:18AM (#105283)
    (User #2872 Info |
  • Actually, I'd love to know the band or singer and the title of the song played before the show, saying : "Oh, I can stay, cos I'm singing"?

    I really loved it. Thanx for anyone who could help me.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @04:45AM (#105289)
  • ..I've got loads of good ones from last night. If anybody can help me out I'll gladly post them here.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @05:25AM (#105296)
  • was the best gig ive ever been to, when moz asked 'why did all the years go?', i shouted 'because they must!', he replied to me: 'yes, very well put'. ive spoke to moz!! yey. plus i got the play list at the end & i met Julia, yes THE Julia moz always talks about, on the way out & got her autograph. the night couldnt have been much better, although would have been nice to see someone on stage (especially me)!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @06:12AM (#105307)
  • Sounds like there were two gigs going on yesterday. Me & Mrs Moonlander were lucky enough to be standing and right near the front and it was just excellent. Plenty of at-moz-phere. When I looked around it seemed like the seated areas were getting into it, but it must've frustrating to be a bit removed from the action.
    Bring on the dvd!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @06:17AM (#105310)
  • in Manchester.

    At 6, I woke up and at 6:30 am I was at the MEN Arena. There were 9 people in front of me, two with sleeping bags, and 7 without. The day passed by rather quickly as I talked with Julia (Boston), Aron (Boston), Efren (Moz Angeles), Kevin (Manchester) and others.

    Julia is a warm, friendly, kind, good, intelligent, person. I'm happy that Morrissey's #1 fan (tied with David T.) is such a wonderful human being who is deserving of all her good fortune.

    The line for standing increased steadily throughout the day. But security was disorganized, clueless, and cared not what time one got there in relation to being in the front. Let someone else fill you in on the details. Once our tickets were taken the floodgates of multiple entrances opened and it was a horse race to the wall. Like a football player going for a touchdown, or a ruby player going for a goal, I sprinted, dogging past 4 security guards who tried to slow me down or tackle me on my way to the finish line. I hit the barrier with a thud. It was like breaking the tape in a foot race. It felt great! And I spent the entire night in the front row in line with the second R on the lighted M-O-R-R-I-S-S-E-Y sign. Front Row at Morrissey's homecoming in Manchester...and I don't have the words to express the joy in my heart...

    {Efren: I owe you big time! Thanks!!}

    My voice was gone after Franz Ferdinand had finished their set. They played most of their album. They are so in sync with each other it's almost as if their moves are choreographed. And there's a bit of Ian Curtis in the way they move, slide & sing. Brilliant.

    The concert will remain with me forever. It was as if Morrissey had a choir of 20,000 people who sang every word from the moment he began to after he and every musician but the keyboard player had left during the encore, "There is a Light." Looking back during the concert at about 20,000 glowing souls singing "I think I'm in love" during A Rush & Push sums it up. That image is emblazoned on my mind.

    After the concert I could not walk. I was weak in the knees. That's what pashernate kissing, Morrissey singing, and thousands pressing your body against a wall can do to you.

    Thank you Morrissey, Manchester & Mancunians for giving me the best 4 days of my life.
    Belligerent Ghoul -- Sunday May 23 2004, @06:25AM (#105311)
    (User #9224 Info)
    There is a light that never goes out...
  • How amazing was that! I was standing, second row centre, and the crowd went mad. So good.

    Morrissey looked more radiant than ever. Came on wearing a blazar and shirt, the former soon came off. Then the [second] shirt he threw into the crowd, which ten of us grabbed hold of during "There is a light" encore and afterwards...Basted bouncers got it though, fat bastards.

    Hallo to Jo and guy in green and white striped shirt (didn't catch your name) ... M.E.N. owes us three one Gucci shirt..
    Sam Langfield -- Sunday May 23 2004, @06:29AM (#105314)
    (User #9964 Info)
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @06:48AM (#105319)
  • Unforgettable gig (Score:2, Insightful)

    That was my 14th Morrissey concert since 1997 and I feel very lucky and privileged I was there. I really can't understand which gig other people here went to. I realise that if you're seated and people around you are not enthusiastic can be difficult but that's always been a problem with huge venues like MEN arena. Lots of uninterested people end up with tickets they don't deserve to have!!! It also has to do with people's expectations, they're always too high, and in the end they're not quite sure what they expected to see.

    Anyway, Morrissey was radiant, IMHO. He was in a fabulous mood, happy, funny and his voice was great. And yes, there were a couple of occasions where he/the band would be out of tune but that's a live concert and that's what happens. It's not as if they messed up or anything!

    There was a celebratory atmosphere and the playlist was really amazing. He played my favourite Smiths song ("Rubber Ring") which was very emotional for me as was "I Have Forgiven Jesus" (my favourite YATQ track). He introduced the band as "born and braised in..." which was hilarious. He also said that it was the best birthday he ever had (until then).

    What can I say? I've been his fan him for 17 years and yesterday night, once again, he made me very proud.

    Long live Morrissey.
    gladioli <[email protected]> -- Sunday May 23 2004, @07:09AM (#105323)
    (User #786 Info |
    Gor'blimey... Did you know there's more to life than books, but not much more...
  • Good gig, but the MEN's a shed. Sat in the roof. Still, better than nowt.

    I'm sure I saw Bernard Sumner from New Order on the way out - can anyone confirm? Any other famous faces in the crowd?
    auntie edith -- Sunday May 23 2004, @07:47AM (#105327)
    (User #4608 Info)
  • The show was excellent. I think the sound there is great for an arena and it was nice to have the screens.

    The only celebs I saw were Jim from James and Mark Riley/Lard.

    Moz seemed quite touched when everyone was chanting his name too!

    The man can sing! He sounds much better live than on the album, it's so overproduced I think.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @08:33AM (#105332)
    • Re:well by Fac51 (Score:1) Sunday May 23 2004, @10:57PM
  • i got there late coming down from edinburgh so managed to miss damien dempsey. any reports? i have his album and its amazing, i can see why morrissey is a fan. overall i thought the gig was superb if a bit tame on the audience side (was on the floor just in front of the sound/camera rig). not a patch on the barrowlands last year. can't wait for dublin!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @08:53AM (#105335)
  • Does anyone know who sings that song that was played in the interval between FF and Morrissey, that went something like "I can't go out because I'm single and its raining..." (or something to that effect)

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @09:29AM (#105339)
  • [after "A rush and a push"]
    Morrissey: Was that in tune?
    Audience: [some voices] "Not really"/ "Sort of", &c.
    Morrissey: Do I ever sing in tune?
    Audience: [gaining confidence] "No!"/ "Yes!"/ "I love you Moz!"
    Morrissey: Do I ever sing?
    Audience: [same as above]
    Morrissey: Well... I'm not sorry.

    And into "I'm not sorry", of course.
    Schiphol -- Sunday May 23 2004, @10:03AM (#105347)
    (User #8233 Info)
  • ...I know I'm only small (5'3"), but I didn't expect to be squashed like that! Started off about 5 yards from the stage, but when Morrissey came on....I knew there'd be a rush forward, but the side-to-side shoving and bouncing and elbows in faces...I had to escape further back!

    Excitable fans, yes....excitable, tall and bony fans I wasn't ready for! Nonetheless, a wonderful concert. Morrissey looked marvelous, he sang a great selection of songs (a surprising number of Smiths ones), the audience was highly appreciative...

    ...the only thing bothering me was the scouser voice at the beginning whining about "cancer...racism....the burning of the rainforests...". To shut off the lights and leave us gasping for breath in the crowded dark, listening to that for 15 minutes, struck me as slightly cruel (and a little pretentious). But that aside, I couldn't be happier (unless I'd actually touched Moz, but then, some of us weren't made to be that athletic).
    Biscuit Buscemi -- Sunday May 23 2004, @10:04AM (#105348)
    (User #9908 Info)
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