posted by davidt on Friday May 21 2004, @04:40PM
Morrissey on "Later with Jools Holland" - BBC 2 (May 21, 2004). Post your info and reviews in the comments section below.
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  • Tracks list
    1. Irish Blood, English Heart (superb, as has been all over the tele this week)
    2. First of the gang to die (album stand out track, again tremendous)
    3. Let me kiss you
    4. There is a light that never goes out (and never will)
    Looking forward to Manchester tomorrow, but when is Jools Holland gonna give up interviewing musicals, he is bloody awful.

    Are we singing happy birthday tomorrow night, and does anyone know what "morrissey film" is, scheduled for between Franz and Moz at the MEN tomorrow.
    sirgordonzola -- Friday May 21 2004, @04:48PM (#104706)
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    resist or move on, be mad, be rash, smoke and explode, sell all of your clothes, just bear in mind there just might come
  • Loved the trumpet! Such a great song!
    Does anyone know why he refuses to sing 'there is a light that never goed out' at the end of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @04:52PM (#104707)
  • doesn't he look well? didn't they sound great? four songs! i was hoping for three. how nice. would any trivia buffs care to tell me when morrissey last sang a smiths song on tv? happy mozzday everyone.
    featherweight -- Friday May 21 2004, @04:55PM (#104709)
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  • Track List

    1. Irish Blood, English Heart
    2. First of the gang to die
    3. Let me kiss you
    4. There is a light that never goes out.

    Another perfect set for moz and the boys, great to hear a new tunes preformed live (kiss you), Small interview between Moz and Jools, but why does Jools insist on interviewing, he is terrible.
    Crowd sang Happy Birthday to Moz, are we repeating that tomorrow night.

    Also does anyone have any idea was "morrissey film" is? It is scheduled between Franz and Moz at the manchester gig tomorrow night.
    Any thoughts?
    sirgordonzola -- Friday May 21 2004, @04:55PM (#104710)
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    resist or move on, be mad, be rash, smoke and explode, sell all of your clothes, just bear in mind there just might come
  • Boz had a tommy gun shaped guitar!
    xPOIx -- Friday May 21 2004, @04:56PM (#104711)
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    • Re:boz's axe by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 23 2004, @12:43AM
  • Let Me Kiss You (Score:1, Insightful)

    Absolutely nailed the song tonight grew on me instantly tonight great tune and a future classic

    Anyone else think Let Me Kiss You was performed brilliantly by all of them
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @04:57PM (#104712)
  • Soaring high above everything else that was on, with the possible exception of Glenn Tilbrook (always thought a Morrissey cover of 'Up the Junction' would've been well worth listening to!).
    Must've heard "There is a Light" performed five times live way back when, tonight was as good as any. Once again, came out of the interview with everything intact and more. Lucky you if you're there tomorrow night. Enjoy it.
    Jodi Kidd's a talentless bad mannered bitch isn't she? Good to see 'The Ordinary Boys' living up to their name. Oh Mr.Weller, so much to answer for.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @04:58PM (#104715)
  • I agree Jools is a terrible interviewer-- Moz wasn't in the mood for any of his crap and Jools just didn't seem to take it well. Being the pretentious twit he is, he seemed quite offended, especially when Moz wasn't looking at him.

    I get the impression Moz did not want to be there. The two of the three television performances I've seen (Jonathan Ross and this Jools Holland one) have been very weak. The only moment of intimacy I've witnessed thus far is when he closed his eyes during The First Of The Gang To Die...
    damien dixon -- Friday May 21 2004, @05:02PM (#104720)
    (User #9996 Info)
  • Has anyone seen anyone that half decently have a normal decent chin wag with Morrissey. The knock knock joke was pathetic Jools by the way, you really need to check that one Jools, what a tool! At least Morrissey gave him the right answer Jools is a Tit or what!! Well done Morrissey you are fab fab and we are all so feckin happy to have you back back happy birthday by the way you look fine and you are a breath of fresh air - goodbye pop idol muppets we want real music back
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @05:03PM (#104723)
  • 'Let Me Kiss you' really came into its own tonight - a new classic is born.

    Jodie Kid is a sack full of nothing - but most people have know that for years - watching her yawn and talk all the way through Roger Mcgough was deeply offensive - specially as she must have been 'engineered' to sit there in the background - really wanted to get up and punch her.

    Despite the accompanying comments from other posters - I really like The Ordinary Boys - I've seen them live quite a few times and they are GREAT.

    Jools Holland can't interview for toffee - he should give it

    I liked the mad italian bird in the nightie - she was like Diamanda Galas on prozac - great stuff! Beta Band a bit serious - but good.

    Is it me - or did I see Amy Lame shimmy into the audience at one point???
    Brighton Rich -- Friday May 21 2004, @05:07PM (#104725)
    (User #8270 Info)
  • Whatever one says about Jonathan Woss, he at least has got the 'gift of the gob' which makes shy guests like Morrissey feel a little at ease. Whatever discomfort Moz felt last week, that was just a warm up for more televisual torture.

    Jools Holland was a total embarassment tonight. There were 'rabbit in the headlight' moments for Morrissey and I genuinely felt sorry for him. Holland made silly stupid enquiries which really couldn't provoke any charm or wit from England's famous Wildean Raconteur - the sound of silence has never sounded more palpable.

    Yes he was a bit nervous, but it is up to a professional presenter to make a guest feel at ease - Holland couldn't soothe a hollering 'pull the cord' baby doll.

    Morrissey managed to get four slots on this show - he showcased 3 songs off of 'Quarry' and he did 'There Is A Light...'for the finale. This was a bit greedy to say the least. He is an established international artist. Does he need to hog a show like this at the expense of up and coming artists who need far more exposure than he does? I don't think so - birthday or no birthday!

    He looked good, and performed well.

    Unlike Jools'nitwit'Holland!
    Lazy Sunbather -- Friday May 21 2004, @05:07PM (#104726)
    (User #843 Info)
  • Oh my god, what a performance!!

    F*ckj Holland and Ross, give Mozza a live show of his own. I'll listen to 'There is a light' all night. Makes me tingle!!

    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @05:07PM (#104727)
  • After the 'At the piano' interview, Jools called back to Morrissey:

    "I think that went very well didn't you?"
    M:'Not bad'
    HH: "yes not bad, - better than the other ones, let's face it. Can you think of a better show to be on than this one?"
    M:"Badger watch"

    boom! boom!
    Tingle -- Friday May 21 2004, @05:20PM (#104745)
    (User #5731 Info)
  • There is a Light... (Score:2, Interesting)

    Did anyone notice that towards the end of There is a Light... Boz gave a look to the camera that was very reminiscent of Johnny Marr. Weird.

    Great performances, cringeworthy interview. So good to see Moz back over this last week or so. Music has been so boring for so long.
    sol ford -- Friday May 21 2004, @05:22PM (#104750)
    (User #11320 Info)
  • Whole show tonight with the exception of Beta Band, Ordinary Boys, Reggae Section, Jodie Kidd was atriumph. Thought Holland and Morrissey handled eachother admirably with grace, charm and humour. If Morrissey hadn't wanted to be there, why 4 songs? 'There is a light' shone above everything else. Must've stirred some strange emotions for the man, possibly reason for his premature departure. Certainly stirred some in me, having not seen this performed live since 1986.
    The whole point of the show is not to find out what performers had for breakfast in long boring interviews, but to showcase the best in live music, which it consistently does.
    SpingheeledJim -- Friday May 21 2004, @05:26PM (#104753)
    (User #11173 Info)
  • am i the only one who thought the interview was hilarious? jools is a vile little car salesman, and displayed all the charisma of frozen food,but i thought morrissey seemed very relaxed about the whole thing and was frequently hilarious. maybe i just enjoyed seeing someone react with complete ambivalence to the hardened vomit that is mr holland.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @05:30PM (#104757)
  • This will be the first time I've ever written anything negative about Morrissey.

    I've only ever praised him in every step he's taken because I feel the same way we all do.

    But Later With Jools Holland was a PATHETIC display and made me cringe.

    He wrote off the interview why?
    Because of the questions? No.
    Because it was all above him? No.
    Becasue he isn't used to TV? No.
    Because he was being a PRICK? Yes. Yes, absolutely yes. How DARE he think that the amicable Jools isn't worthy of his answers? How dare he act like headlining a music programme that musicians dream of playing, let alone headlining, is a bit of a nuisance?

    I watched him on Jonathan Ross with friends who were very sceptical of Moz and cringed, despite him being occasionally witty. It wasn't his arena and we could perhaps overlook it, despite him being a pro with over twenty years experience... BUT on perfectly laid home turf - a music show with all the emphasis on musisians - he fluffed it again; and not only fluffed it; appeared rude, stroppy, and unimportant.

    UNIMPORTANT?!!! He's the goddam greatest artist on he planet and I visit this site daily and in 24 hours time I'll have seen him at the M.E.N. in Manchester - I LOVE him - but I can't begin to explain how shitty he looked on Later tonight.

    You all know the problem of trying to tell other people how Morrissey will change everything, right? How he rides over all the chart slush and la-di-da? Well I had three friends with me here tonight to watch Jools, all of them almost anti-Morrissey, and how did I feel when he seemed like a horrible DICK in interview and then walked off like a stroppy teenager after TIALTNGO? Like a fool, I tell you.

    Oh Moz, you really do yourself no favours. In the Later audience were at least a couple of Santuary representatives and they must have been curled up in a ball. I really do think that - altought he thinks he's beyond it - the possitive press for YATQ has gone to his head and he thinks he can behave how he likes.

    NO? Would he have shat upon a four song set on Later in '97? Or even '94? He's being given exposure that he sure as hell wont get when the next album arrives. And all because he's being... well, he's being Morrissey. And sometimes - God this hurts - but sometimes being Morrissey is being someone rather awful.
  • I love The Smiths and Moz music, but I don't love Moz, I don't know him. Some of you are like children the way you admire his every move. Let me tell you what actually happened on Jools. 4 great songs. One appalling interview with a nervous Moz making himself look foolish enough to attract a derisory response from the audience. If Moz doesn't want to play the game, then don't go on interviews. He was equally awful on Ross where he did his usual staring into the camera like a frightened rabbit and came across as rude and terrified. On Ross he was saved by clever editing. Last time he was on Jools he stared into the camera and behaved in the same taut way to the laughter of audience members behind him. Morrissey is the world's worst interviewee, it's not the fault of Ross or Jools, who all make a living interviewing and don't have problems with anyone else. Rant over.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @05:37PM (#104767)
  • my VCR taped the wrong channel and I missed Later with Jooles Holand. I kicked the wall so hard i nearly broke my foot. ARGRGGGGGHHH!!!!!Does anyone know if it is or will be online, and where i can download it. Cheers, Rob
    robhenson -- Friday May 21 2004, @06:10PM (#104790)
    (User #3344 Info |
  • Guess I'll have to wait to download it and find out for myself. Like so much on this site lately the opinions differ so much.
    Not that we were ever in total agreement about anything but my head spins reading these posts the last few weeks. It's hard to get a grasp on any of these european appearances because the reaction is all over the board.
    One thing I've noticed is he still elicits such Passionate musings, I'm sure he's smiling.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @06:21PM (#104794)
  • Can someone please make this interview downloadbale for all of us fools who dont live in a BBC zone?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @06:55PM (#104813)
  • very very nice to hear those four tracks and "let me kiss you" is one of my faves a classic !!! and he was the star of the whole program !!! wished i was today in manchester !!!! and hoping he will do a extended tour later in the year over in europe ...cheers
    krivos -- Friday May 21 2004, @11:28PM (#104857)
    (User #11218 Info)
  • When Morrissey sings live his voice sounds taut somehow. Sorry to go on, but it`s obviously nerves. Still, Morrissey taut is Morrissey better than any f**ker on the planet. FIRSTODIE
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 22 2004, @12:14AM (#104860)
  • I think Moz acted a total arse. It is one thing to be 'non-comformist' and have opinions it is another to be plain rude and obnoxious. The comments about Northerners/Southerners were pathetic - you would have thought alienating half his fan base would be a bad idea when he has albums to shift!

    The performances were great though. It was cringe-inducing when he waltzed off at the end of TIALTWNGO though. I think he should stick to radio where every interview and performance so far has oozed charisma and charm.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 22 2004, @12:54AM (#104871)
  • it might have been because I was half awake, but is it just me, or do the singer in the ordinary boys -and- the guy from beta thingy both sing like morrissey?
    muffinkitten -- Saturday May 22 2004, @01:01AM (#104876)
    (User #10909 Info)
  • My take on it is this:

    1. 'Let Me Kiss You' seemed to improve vastly from the anodyne album version - probably because this renidition lacked the production gloss and the Smiths-esque guitar refrain was clear and bewitching.

    2. Good, solid performances of 'IBEH' and 'First Of The Gang'.

    3. 'There Is A Light' demonstrated why Boz and Alain will never hold a candle to Marr - competent, but uninspired.

    4. Moz was unnecessarily rude in the interview with Holland. Contrary to other posters, it seemed evident to me that Holland was doing his best just to keep the interview going. Yes, he isn't a great interviewer but Moz made things a thousand times worse by his haughty attitude. Shy? Maybe. But his off-standish reactions were rude. Does he think he can behave like that because he is Morrissey? Cobblers. When Johnny Cash was on (and let's be honest, though I adore Moz no-one could deny that Cash is/was the bigger star) he was gracious and humble - a true gentle giant, even though Holland made mistakes about his background when interviewing him. Cash, like Moz, then went on to make four superb performances of his songs on the show. This being the case, why does Moz need to be such an arse in these situations when we know him to be so fantastic in many other circumstances? I expect those who didn't really know/like Moz will have seen him as stuck up and obnoxious.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 22 2004, @02:38AM (#104890)
  • What was going on with the gesture involving the dead flowers at the end of Tialtngo??
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 22 2004, @05:05AM (#104930)
    • Re:Tialtngo by Tingle (Score:1) Saturday May 22 2004, @05:30PM
      • Re:Tialtngo by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 23 2004, @04:52AM
  • Any florists out there? What were the flowers Moz was wearing in his top pocket - looked the same as on TOTPs?
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 22 2004, @05:14AM (#104934)
    • Re:Flowers by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 22 2004, @05:31AM
  • The interview was disappointing but at this stage in his career - unlike young up and coming bands showcasing themselves - Morrissey really doesn't need to provide lame answers to witless questions so I guess he was right to stump Holland who lets be honest asked the most mundane and boring questions and what the hell was all the KNOCK KNOCK about!

    What do you like about the USA?

    What do you miss about England? etc etc

    We've read countless interviews over the past month asking the same bloody questions - Holland should have more sense and respect for both his interviewee and his audience.

    Loved the walk off at the ned - pity the audience didn't storm the stage in true Moz worship
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 22 2004, @10:29AM (#105000)
  • " Knock, knock..." What on Earth was that all about???
    "Uk? LA? What do u miss most???", usual, boring questions. Surely the UNIQUE MOZ deserves more mature and interesting questions.He has been treated like an idiot by the so-called hosts this week. RESPECT IS DUE. Can't wait for his autobiography. Love u Moz. L x x
    lozzamozza -- Saturday May 22 2004, @03:35PM (#105087)
    (User #11343 Info)
    There is a better world. Well, there must be.
  • I am wondering what has happened to Morrissey. he appears to have been engulfed by his own bottom. Admittedly he has never been great in the 'live' or semi-live interview situation, he at least used to be gracious and endearing. His performances on Jonathan Ross and Jools Holland were shabby. Perhaps it is not a surprise he was without a record deal for so long if this is how he treats people. Very poor. Take your own advice Morrissey and hold on to your friends.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @02:59AM (#105233)
  • What in the name of God's bollocks are some of you lot banging on about? This was a great show.

    The four songs that they played all sounded strong, with a good clear sound mix. Unlike the Johnathon Ross show where the sound was murky at least, especially on IBEH. I loved the way Morrissey's voice cracked on the word 'forever' on this version of IBEH. It reminds me a lot of the same way his voice breaks on the "Beethoven..." version of "Seasick Yet Still Docked".

    As for the interview, Morrissey just seemed the way he always does when interviewed on TV. I didn't think there was any bad feeling between him and Jools, even if he wouldn't partake in his Knock Knock joke. As for not making eye-contact, he made plenty of eye-contact with Jools, and Jools seemed to find the Badgerwatch comment very funny as well.
    It was also amuch better interview than last time when his voice barely raised above a murmur as he mumbled on about boxing and Cornelius Carr.

    The walking off at the end of TIALTNGO wasn't a strop, it was pure theatre. Morrissey knew what he was doing, and made sure the camera was on him as he walked off, lantern-jaw-profile into silhouette. It was Morrissey being as enigmatic as only he knows how to be.

    What would you have preferred? A completely boring performance with nothing of any import to talk about.
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Sunday May 23 2004, @11:46AM (#105358)
    (User #10687 Info)
    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
  • All those who have lives outside of morrissey-solo (who go out, work, enjoy a social life, watch 'Later' for pleasure) will be completely unaware of this fierce little debate. They will have seen an enjoyable show, remembered 'There is a Light' as a great song from their younger days, heard some cracking new Morrissey songs and watched an anodyne interview that meant little. I laughed a couple of times, which is always refreshing.
    dinky -- Monday May 24 2004, @02:12AM (#105474)
    (User #10859 Info)
  • Couldn't fault his performance at all on any of the songs and even though he always plays down the "performing" on stage he is ever the showman. The way he floated off at the end of There Is A Light was very majestic and shows how he had matured. Are the days gone when he would have lay draped happily over the top of the monitors as the song played out?! Could have done without Jools asking him questions though, someone should maybe "Knock, Knock" on Hollands head and attempt to locate his brain. Jools may be an above average musician but when it comes to interviewing skills the Beeb should perhaps swap him out for a bodydouble Thunderbirds puppet.
    Mozster -- Monday May 24 2004, @03:42AM (#105505)
    (User #6823 Info)
    Ready with ready wit, still running round................
  • Fantastic performance on Jools Moz - IBEH was absolutely fabulous!

    Charisma personified, and the interview was, well, as difficult as ever :)

    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 25 2004, @04:02AM (#105823)
  • Did anyone (ahum) put this out on bittorrent or Divx etc as my lovley skyplus box neglected to record this... Ahhhhhh rushed home after some time away and all ready to sit down and enjoy but no.
    gadjet <{jon} {at} {}> -- Thursday May 27 2004, @08:09AM (#106498)
    (User #11452 Info)
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