posted by davidt on Friday May 21 2004, @12:00PM
Morrissey on "Top of the Pops" - BBC 1 (May 21, 2004). Post your info and reviews in the comments section below.
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  • wow im first to comment.definitely on form,no nerves like jonathan ross.well in moz.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @12:05PM (#104592)
  • Somewhat disappointed that the performance was not live, but given that I shall be at Manchester tomorrow I think I can let him off!

    Does anyone know if this was Moz's own choice or BBC who said it had to be?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @12:05PM (#104593)
  • excellant
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @12:06PM (#104594)
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  • somehow i think it was the bbc's choice not to be live
    ill housed and ill a -- Friday May 21 2004, @12:18PM (#104599)
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  • Yowser!!!!!!!
    Brighton Rich -- Friday May 21 2004, @12:21PM (#104603)
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  • Does anyone know what T-shirts Morrisssey and the band were wearing? It looked like it said Jobrian but I dont really know if this holds any significance! I dont know mate!
    Smith14 -- Friday May 21 2004, @12:37PM (#104612)
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  • I'm very sorry that this is off-topic, but I desperately need some help getting hold of You Are the Quarry in Istanbul.

    I've just started a month-long trip through Turkey, and I'm having a lot of trouble tracking down the new CD in Istanbul. Does anyone know where a decent CD shop is? I've tried lots of shops along Istiklal Cad (such as Megaviz├Żon and Ada) but I've had no luck. Sadly, no one even seems to have heard of Morrissey here!


    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @01:01PM (#104628)
  • WHat songs were sung?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @01:06PM (#104630)
  • Given Morrissey seems to mention how utterly awful pop (slob) idol is during every recent interview I wonder if the BBC deliberately put him straight on after Will Young. I found it quite funny myself.

    Will Young was the UK's first slob idol, for those of you who don't watch those kinds of things. He releases, as you would imagine, quite awful records. I once had the misfortune to hear his version of Light My Fire, words can't begin to describe how bad that record is...

    Oh, and yes, Morrissey's TOTP performance was excellent.
    TheRankOutsider -- Friday May 21 2004, @01:17PM (#104636)
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  • About time and a great follow up to the underrated and so talented NOT...muppet from the pop muppet tingy show that should be taken off the T.V. NOW!! Ne way better stop or I could get nastier than Simon!! Morrissey you show them how to do it YOU ROCK keep it up and your looking so much better than all the ugly boy bands together
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @01:33PM (#104644)
  • Can anyone tell me what happened to poor Morrissey's once beautiful set of teeth - they were pearly white and perfect when he was in The Smiths - now they're presentable but they somehow don't look right. Is it possible he was in a bar room brawl or in some domestic dispute in the early 90's? They seem to take on this appearance at the time the video 'The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get' was made.

    I am not being mean spirited when I talk about this - I quite admire him for living in L.A for this length of time and not being bothered about the state of his gnashers.

    He's not, why should I be you might ask. All I can say to that is if you see a Smiths video then a more recent Morrissey video the change is quite startling.

    Furthermore has anyone else noticed how chunky and muscular Morrissey's thighs are - his chest and shoulders have also expanded over the years and his biceps are quite endowed - he is lying when he says he doesn't go to the gym. You don't become that toned/bulky just by eating carrots and round lettuce every day for your tea.

    On a more postive note it was great to see him on Top Of The Pops this evening, his natural second home. His presence was so refreshing in comparison to the anodyne/manufactured puppets who normally appear on there. Long may he return.
    Lazy Sunbather -- Friday May 21 2004, @01:56PM (#104650)
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  • Great performance on TOTP - looked like he really enjoyed it.

    Two things were very different from the JR Show IBEH performance:

    1) More movement, ma much more animated Moz indeed.

    2) He traded the lounge suit for jeans, tee shirt and casual jacket which took about 5 years off him instantly!

    1hr 35 till Jools Holland!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @02:00PM (#104651)
  • so what performance did they show of him?
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Friday May 21 2004, @03:45PM (#104687)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
    • Re:details by krivos (Score:1) Friday May 21 2004, @04:22PM
  • well he looked so much better than he has recently, could the teeth issue be something to do with him getting in the boxing ring sometime during the mid 90's as he has mentioned in interviews?? or was that one of his famous fibs? as any self-respecting fan should know the t-shirts were of the much discussed but much unlistened to jobriath, who first made an appearance in the pregnant for the last time vid as he paraded round berlin. the vegetation around the crotch area made a reappearance too, this really was a classic totp performance, up there with the best of his smiths ones, which were all memorable and full of talking points. nothing to declair but his (cool) jeans
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @05:22PM (#104748)
  • So if Morrissey claims that he doesn't 'perform' because only seals perform, what does he call miming a song whilst your band pretend to play instruments?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 21 2004, @05:30PM (#104758)
  • It was live,he had acking track playing which is common top pop practice.Come on disciples he spoke at the end of song didnt he.N please stop moaning bout Moz being crap interviewee.Man we all know what Moz is like,he was like it when he was in The Smiths,makin strange obnoxious remarks.It is him,so if u dont like it then f in do 1.We havent heard or seen him in years n most of u r moaning.Shut up n enjoy will ya.He is the greatest,n we love him.All those moaners shut the hell up.Viva Moz
    hectorcole -- Saturday May 22 2004, @10:51AM (#105007)
    (User #11335 Info)
  • Watching Morrissey on TOTP this weekend shows that very little has changed in the 21 years since he first appeared there.
    Back then, The Smiths stood out like a sore thumb amongst synthesizers, happy-clappy dance music, tepid fizzless funk, and some sartorial tradgedies.
    Now it's pretty much the same; there he was sandwiched between the awful Frankee record and that hideous 'Bounce' thing(what the f#ck was that!!!).

    To see someone looking GODLIKE and singing "And spit upon the name Oliver Cromwell//And denounce this royal line that still salutes him" on a prime-time TV show is just staggering.
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Sunday May 23 2004, @11:22AM (#105355)
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    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."

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