posted by davidt on Monday May 17 2004, @01:00PM
Morrissey on "Music: Response" - Xfm Radio (May 17, 2004). Post your info and reviews in the comments section below.
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  • The Show (Score:0, Interesting)

    Much better than the TV interview I thought. Seemed much more relaxed and personable; not as bitter, dare I say it. Even better I thought the tracks they played (First of the Gang..., How Could Anybody..., You Know I Couldn't Last, ...Camden, ...Crashing Bores plus Irish Blood...) sounded great on the radio. Can't wait for my copy of the album to be delivered.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 17 2004, @01:12PM (#103244)
    • Re:The Show by Shoegirl (Score:1) Tuesday May 18 2004, @04:40AM
  • So, there really will be an autobiography published? Moz did indicate it was forthcoming, not down the road, one day, as anyone would expect anyway. Wow!
    Hidden By Rags -- Monday May 17 2004, @01:15PM (#103245)
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  • xfm interview...... (Score:2, Informative)

    I just wanted to be one of the first of the gang to post.
    but i loved the interview. he's better on radio than tv... "the pictures are better"
    myname59 -- Monday May 17 2004, @01:16PM (#103246)
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  • Wonderful interview (Score:2, Interesting)

    Morrissey was a lot less nervous on radio this evening. He was charming, polite and very interesting to listen to.

    Tracks played: IBEH, You Know I Couldn't Last, How can anybody possibly Know How I Feel?, First of The Gang To Die, The World is Full of Crashing Bores and Come Back To Camden.

    All sounded utterly wonderful on the radio.

    * Morrissey and the DJ chatted about his new album - Morrissey said some songs were written upto 4 years ago, while some were written in 2003.

    * They discussed his recent critical acclaim and whether it could bring him back to England, "No I'm not *that* egotistical" replied Morrissey in good humour.

    * They chatted about Meltdown and briefly discussed the Cockney Rejects

    * Dj asked whether the final lyrics of "Quarry" hinted at future work... "your royalties bring you luxuries... oh but the squalour of the mind" - Morrissey joked, "very perceptive."

    * Morrissey described "Quarry" as "absolutely the best of me" but said he can understand criticism of "Maladjusted" because "it was inferior" although he's still very proud of "Southpaw Grammar"

    * They discussed the state of pop and whether he can win over a new generation of younger fans with his new material - Morrissey said he hoped this would be the case. He said, "not *all* teenagers are moronic" - suggesting many were sick of Britney etc and were possibly looking for something like Morrissey to come into their lives!

    * Apparently he likes Mark's and Spencer's sandwiches and "Stainsbury's" lol

    Many text messages followed form people very impressed with Morrissey's songs and his style, some said they were "new to Morrissey"

    The show went very, very well overall.

    Anonymous -- Monday May 17 2004, @01:26PM (#103247)
  • Very good interview - HE's always better on the radio. They built this 'telly' malarkey for Richard & Juday & Trisha & Oprah - not our Morrissey.

    One of Morrissey's more curious characteristics, is that his hubris and self-deprecation run in tandem. He admits to being a 'bag of nerves' on Woss but then grandly states that 'YATQ' is the 'most fantastic' album he's ever made. Talk about blowing one's own trumpet! Personally I don't agree with his point of view.

    Having heard most of the tracks, which are impressive, I suspect that I will find 'Malajusted' to be my favourite Morrissey album of all time - even after Vauxhall and I!

    Mal's sheer intropection, lovely melodies and haunting lyrics alway. And do you know what? I don't even have a copy of it. It's not so much shame on me, it's actually quite difficult to get hold of. Oh well I can always try E bay.

    'Quarry' is being hyped to death (quite rightly so - as Sanctuary have complete faith in HIM) and poor 'Malajusted' never got a look in, in the promotion stakes.

    There is no justice in this fickle, fickle world!
    Lazy Sunbather -- Monday May 17 2004, @01:38PM (#103252)
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    5 parts ranging in size from 5M to 7M

    plus the advert for the album
    someraincoatedlovers -- Monday May 17 2004, @01:49PM (#103255)
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  • The DJ deserves special credit for one of the most informative and enjoyable interviews I've heard. His questions and conversation were intelligent, natural, and knowing. Moz seemed impressed with him too and this surely helped him open up.

    That was a really impressive fifty minutes. Better than any of the print interviews, but that's perhaps they were all done in The Dorchester in one day and he admitted in the Mojo one that he was just letting his mouth open and shut. Well done to Xfm, a job very well done.
  • I always thought that it was Thomas Wolfe...?
    Sharron Needles -- Monday May 17 2004, @03:19PM (#103281)
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    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • I think radio interviews come out better than TV because you can relax and don't have to worry about how your sitting and people watching you and all the rest of it. Having done both types of interview I always found that to be the case.

    I think they are also better than the printed word because you can here the tone of voice, the reactions to questions and not just a journalists interpretation.

    He certainly seems much more confident and happier than he used to be in interviews.

    Ian Camfield did a good job and Morrissey seemed fairly relaxed with him which must help.
    Sonny Jim -- Monday May 17 2004, @04:15PM (#103304)
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  • I like it when Moz big ups my favorite solo album of his.

    : )
    Anonymous -- Monday May 17 2004, @05:57PM (#103317)
  • Asked good questions, was perceptive, and got Moz to open up about his feelings in a non-bitter way. Nice one! And thanks to the guy above who posted the MP3s online.
    king leer -- Tuesday May 18 2004, @12:50AM (#103360)
    (User #80 Info)
  • The Xfm interview was a real Morrissey extravaganza. The questions were clever, Moz was responding wittily and happily, it was fantastic! What makes it so much better than the Jonathan Ross one (apart from the obvious fact that it's easier to relax on the radio than on telly) is that Moz had to answer some real questions and not any old "I-am-a-great-comedian" type of ramblings.
    gladioli <[email protected]> -- Tuesday May 18 2004, @03:53AM (#103396)
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    Gor'blimey... Did you know there's more to life than books, but not much more...
  • Morrissey made an interesting comment - something along the lines of the music having been inaccessible "snotty or snooty" in the past, and again re-iterated that he has kept the lyrics simple this time around.

    Is this why there have been a few comments about Quarry being 'Dido-esque', because it is deliberately a bit more commercial sounding...? 'summery' as someone else put it.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 18 2004, @04:35AM (#103410)
  • including Morrissey say Maladjusted is inferior to Southpaw Grammar?
    nonesoever -- Tuesday May 18 2004, @04:48AM (#103416)
    (User #8448 Info)
    "... turn popular song into sickness"
  • Here is some midweek chart news from - Moz in at no 1 on the midweek album charts - I assume that 2 and 3 are still Keane and the Streets.

    On the singles chart there is no specific reference to 'IBEH' but it has been knocked from 3 or 4 by new entires while 1 and 2 are still Frankee and Eamon. Can we assume that Moz, being the highest other song from last week is hanging in at 5. It is possible - some people buying the album this week may also be picking up an extra copy of the single. I now that I have!

    "In the album midweek chart Morrissey's new album 'You Are The Quarry' is straight into the number 1 slot. Ash's new album 'Meltdown' is in at 4, The Charlatans album 'Up At The Lake' at number 7, and Alanis Morissette's new album 'So Called Chaos' at number 8. Gabrielle's album is at number 13, while Graham Coxon is at number 15.

    In the UK singles midweek charts this week, Frankee is still number 1, and Eamon at 2. The highest new entry is 411 feat Ghostface Killah with 'On My Knees' entering the charts at number 3, Cassidy feat R Kelly is hot on it's heels entering the midweek chart at number 4. The Corrs new single 'Summer Sunshine' is a new entry at number 6, while Muse's new single 'Sing For Absolution' is in at number 9. Other new singles this week are Calling at 10, PJ Harvey at 14, Abba 'Waterloo' at 17, ATL at 19, Nick Drake 21, Gladiator feat Izzy 22, Kevin Lyttle 25, Brand New 26, Kurt Nilsen 28, Chingy feat J Weav 32, Others 34."
    JonnersB -- Tuesday May 18 2004, @04:57AM (#103421)
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    Would you like to note my inside-leg?
  • Didn't really know where to put this so here goes...
    Has anyone else noticed the striking resemblance between IHTWTWYS and Sweet and Tender Hooligan?
    Maybe it's my imagination; it's good fun anyway!
    Btw the way I don't care what anyone says: I love the "Literally/Metaphorically" line in The Never Played Symphonies. Lighten up amigos.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 18 2004, @08:35AM (#103484)

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