posted by davidt on Sunday May 16 2004, @11:00AM
broken writes:

Morrissey to give "Let Me Kiss You" by Nancy Sinatra its world debut next week on Virgin radio.

Morrissey will be on the Virgin Radio show, "razor cuts" on Sunday 23rd May (7pm-10pm), having postponed it this week, and will play some of the bands he's signing to "attack" records, as well as Nancy Sinatra's Morrissey-penned "Let Me Kiss You."

Virgin radio also said "You are the Quarry" is set to go to number one in the charts next week.

"thousands of fans" were waiting outside the studio for his arrival this evening.

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  • But apparently there were at least eight!

    Rumours that Mike Joyce was one of them have not been confirmed...

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 16 2004, @11:31AM (#102952)
  • that he doesn't cancel his rather more pressing engagements on Wednesday at the Beeb or next Saturday at the MEN!

    Congrats on the chart position Moz! - but now is the time to stay in the limelight if the body is willing!
    ranierimustgo! -- Sunday May 16 2004, @11:56AM (#102966)
    (User #9990 Info)
  • Hopefully it hasn't anything to do with 'The Jonathan Experience'??
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 16 2004, @11:58AM (#102970)
  • Making up for it (Score:2, Insightful)

    The DJ (Pete Mitchell) is compensating by playing tracks from the album and generally enthusing. Which is nice.

    Oh and Graham Coxon is in session too.
    Sonny Jim -- Sunday May 16 2004, @12:00PM (#102971)
    (User #6638 Info)
  • It's so exciting that he's getting so much attention now. Even if he doesn't show up!
    redpathetic -- Sunday May 16 2004, @12:25PM (#102978)
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    Happy in this final acceptance of his own absurdity...Albert Camus
  • Does anyone know if the XFM Morrissey special is still on for tomorrow?
    nonesoever -- Sunday May 16 2004, @01:12PM (#102994)
    (User #8448 Info)
    "... turn popular song into sickness"

  • It would be nice if there was an official Attack Records web site set up. I'm sure many of us will want to check out whatever others artists are released on that label.

    Unfortunately the URL is already taken.
    LoafingOaf <reversethis-{moc ... otstnilfcitnarf}> -- Sunday May 16 2004, @04:28PM (#103015)
    (User #778 Info)
    Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling.
  • Am I the only one who thinks it is a bit strange that Morrissey releases the song he gave to Nancy Sinatra himself before her single? That cannot be good for sales...and I can't imagine she would be thrilled about it either.

    Replacing it with one of the b-sides would certainly have made a lot more sense IMO.
    Joemoz -- Sunday May 16 2004, @06:48PM (#103038)
    (User #1342 Info)
  • Don't muck this up Mawrissey! Ya doin' alotta good for my goyl lending huh dat song, dah least you can dooos is introduce it right! I'll be listenin' and she don't get huh proppa respect, i'm might have to fit yous wit some cement shoes! Hey, dats life!
    Frank Sinatra -- Sunday May 16 2004, @11:41PM (#103064)
    (User #2616 Info)
    Ol'Blue Balls
  • I hope he's not had a relapse. Menengitis can be a serious disease. Drink your orange juice, Morrissey!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 17 2004, @02:39AM (#103092)
    • Re:Still Ill? by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 26 2004, @01:17AM

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