posted by davidt on Sunday May 23 2004, @02:00PM
Morrissey on "Razor Cuts" - Virgin Radio (May 23, 2004). Post your info and reviews in the comments section below.
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  • Just love the name of this show, don't you know?! ;)
    J. Razor -- Sunday May 23 2004, @02:04PM (#105374)
    (User #724 Info)
    I'm Alone
  • Good interview, good choice of songs but it was obviously recorded before the Manchester gig and they didn't mention it. I went to the Manchester gig and it was fantastic, it was a lot more polished than previous gigs, which is better or worse, I like the rawness of the earlier gigs which were alot more intimate which is one of the highlights of his gigs. I've seen him on each tour since his first solo one in '91 and think this is the first time there appears to be a bit of money behind the set. Big Elvis 69 comeback letters, plus he came on singing My way by antoher great comeback king Frank Sinatra. Overall his voice hs better than ever. Roll on Dublin. Then Meltdown!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @02:07PM (#105377)
  • Absolutely useless interview. Moz responded to the questioning gallantly but to be fair, a 6 year old could have handled the completely clueless interviewer. DJ managed to get song titles wrong, hadn't a clue about the tunes Moz was choosing even though most were on the Under the Influence album. Kept making references to it being Morrisseys birthday today when someone really should have politely told him it was yesterday. Do Virgin employ researchers? sack em! ..very disappointed no playing of Nancy Sinatras version of 'Let Me Kiss You' either....tsch!
    Stan Cooke <[email protected]> -- Sunday May 23 2004, @02:20PM (#105378)
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    • Re:Hang the DJ by Sonny Jim (Score:1) Sunday May 23 2004, @03:52PM
    • Re:Hang the DJ by streets of carlisle (Score:1) Monday May 24 2004, @07:16AM
  • I missed it :-( I've looked on the website and, if you register, you can listen to a *preview* of the show. Do they put full shows up on the site or have I missed out?
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @02:28PM (#105380)
  • Some links under MBB321 to download it. Someone must have gone to a lot of trouble to do that ;)

    mbb321 -- Sunday May 23 2004, @02:50PM (#105383)
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    "Dink Dank Doo!"
  • Slighlty more interesting questions for MOZ on tonight show....but only slightly. The only chance we have to really "listen" to what he has to say is definitely his own book. Hurry up MOZ ! We badly need a mature masterpiece to forget the stupid questions you have been asked recently. ( and getting yr b'day date wrong on a prerecorded session !!!)Love u. L x
    lozzamozza -- Sunday May 23 2004, @03:08PM (#105385)
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    There is a better world. Well, there must be.
  • just missed out on the top slot here in the UK.
    on the plus side, he was beaten by Keane, a bunch of Morrissey fans who were recently singing the praises of Southpaw Grammar, no less!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @03:53PM (#105397)
  • On being the record comapny 'boss' of Attack:
    Interviewer:So you're A&R-ing then?
    Moz: Well, I'm um-ming and ah-ing at the moment...
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 23 2004, @04:55PM (#105405)
  • isn't it funny how he gets annoyed at requests for the smiths to reunite and one of the first things he does for meltdown is call up david johanssen and ask for the NY Dolls to reform?

    i'm not quibbling! i did finally get to hear an interview in real time instead of depending upon the kindness of strangers to post it later....

    he did mention some irish band that started with the letter "R" (something like "rennet"?) as being signed to his label.

    those were probably the first songs from Jobriath and Ludus that i've ever heard.

    not that i would know, but i can't help but notice that Camden sounds like one of those mellow 70's songs like Gilbert O'Sullivan.

    hmm...did moz say anything ground breaking? er, i suppose, but it was just more fun to listen.
    suzanne -- Sunday May 23 2004, @05:15PM (#105409)
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    I scare dead people.
  • i have got both of the covers that morrissey recently did on radio1 avaiable for downlaod. they are Don't Make Fun Of daddy's Voice, and Noone Can Hold a Candle To You. they are great quality and you can get them from my website at cheers, rob
    robhenson -- Sunday May 23 2004, @05:35PM (#105413)
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  • where can I listen to a real time or streaming version of the interview?????
    optimisticairbag -- Sunday May 23 2004, @08:00PM (#105423)
    (User #10900 Info)
    • go here by robhenson (Score:1) Monday May 24 2004, @01:41AM
  • Serge Gainsbourg: Initials BB
    Jobriath: Morning Starship
    Ludus: Breaking the Rules
    Johan de Witt <[email protected]> -- Monday May 24 2004, @01:46AM (#105470)
    (User #4231 Info)
  • (12mb)
    > (10mb)
    > (14mb)
    > (6mb)
    Marie-Celine -- Monday May 24 2004, @03:57AM (#105509)
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    • thanks by Frankly Vulgar (Score:1) Monday May 24 2004, @09:49AM
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