posted by davidt on Friday May 14 2004, @03:30PM
Morrissey on "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross" (May 14, 2004). Post your info and reviews in the comments section below.
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  • Hey all!
    It was brilliant! I was dreading it but Moz came across really well. Got on brilliantly with Jonathan Ross, got loads of laughs from the studio audience, and gave two cracking renditions of Irish Blood and Every Day..
    They must have edited the bitchy stuff about Bowie and thank the lord for that!
    It was real heartwarming stuff!
    John, England
    Anonymous -- Friday May 14 2004, @03:38PM (#102556)
  • Informative or enlightening, but it was just great to see him again. Plus he looked fantastic.
    Agent Provocateur -- Friday May 14 2004, @03:39PM (#102557)
    (User #10171 Info)
    "Kiss him? Of course I didn't kiss him, he's ugly!"
  • I burst out laughing the loudest I've giggled in years when Ross asked Morrissey to come down and ride his lambs. It was hilarious, and I think Morrissey had a good giggle too.

    I don't see where the audience got his "unrelaxed aura" from, it was a really good interview IMO.
    I'll be hanging outside JR's house for the next few days trying to get a picture of Morrissey straddling a sheep :)

    Same old Morrissey, same old wit, same old brilliance.
    Mada -- Friday May 14 2004, @03:40PM (#102558)
    (User #9578 Info)
  • Moz's interview with Wossy was fine - yes, he appeared a touch nervous to start with, but he also came across as gracious, dignified, intelligent yet uncompromising. The Bowie comment was edited out which may have helped! I thought Moz took reasonably well to Wossy's interviewing style - at least he smiled about it and didn't get shirty! The band were a bit off-kilter at the start of IBEH and Moz's voice was slightly shaky (nerves most likely) but they performed a splendid version of 'Everyday Is Like Sunday'. The audience gave Moz a glowing reception.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 14 2004, @03:41PM (#102559)
  • Excellent, I didn't think he came across that nervous. Glad to see he got the biggest cheer out of the other two guests. Maybe he should appear on J.R Radio 2 show on a Saturday am!!

    Does anybody know what the into to "Everyday is like Sunday" was, as it has completely thrown me.....

    Here's to next Friday on Jools Holland.

    Trace (delighted in Hant's UK)
    britchick1002 -- Friday May 14 2004, @03:46PM (#102561)
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  • Dale Winton and the Four Poofs on the Piano were good for starters.
    I'm so glad Winton did the 'warm up' for this show as he was in sparkling form and confessed to having a real crush on 'Deano'. It was clever to have camp as Christmas Winton as first guest and I'm sure Morrissey was relieved by this sequence also.

    I'm ignoring Ronnie O'Sullivan - like Moz did in the Green Room.

    I'm waiting for the main event!

    The four poofs singing acapella Morrissey songs is a real nice touch - and they're wearing T-shirts with his image on the front.

    So far so good.
    Overall a very positive and entertaining piece of televisual entertainment. The songs were performed superbly.

    I still don't like the buttoned up jacket like in the video - it looks like a straitjacket when he's performing! But I guess the jacket endows M with a certain dignity that is fitting with his age.

    He looked fairly relaxed, just has that nervous tick of constantly pursing his lips and sticking his tongue in his cheek. Ross went out of his way to make Moz feel at ease, which was really good.

    Just glad it only happen every 17 years!
    Lazy Sunbather -- Friday May 14 2004, @03:51PM (#102563)
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  • A proper interviewer would make a better insight into the man,a "south bank show" re-visit is surely due?
    Finally gave up eating meat last year after reading an interview with Morrissey,many of his views and thoughts I do not agree with,but,his total sense in this matter(not to eat meat)I fully agree with.
    I saw all too briefly the Smiths at Preston guild hall in 1986,anyone here there? was it a coin that was tossed onto the stage,or a heavy word,lightly thrown?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 14 2004, @03:51PM (#102564)
  • Wossie described Quarry as the best album of the year so far.
    He picked out the line 'stars reflect in the reservoirs' from FOTGTD and asked Morrissey where he got the inspiration from.
    He asked Moz if he was about 45 to which he replied that he was 70!
    All in all, a very funny interview.
    John (again!)
    Anonymous -- Friday May 14 2004, @03:54PM (#102565)
  • The interview to me had only one purpose; to get laughs. The answers to these questions were already known and heard a lot of times. Ross an Morrissey didn't really speak about much which is quite shite.

    Two questions that need answering....

    Why doesn't Morrissey prance about anymore? He says he doesn't perform so why has he changed? I'm thinking it's an age thing. He is still able to prance about though.

    What the fuck is this new fashion thing? Always wearing those skin tight jackets with the buttons bursting. Why?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 14 2004, @03:55PM (#102566)
  • Was this the 1st time EDILSunday had a new/original beginning with new lyrics ? Wasn't this a (extract of a) cover ?
    lazarus -- Friday May 14 2004, @04:00PM (#102568)
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    He thinks he owns the whole world in his hands...stood at the urinal
    • everday... by MSMOZZER (Score:1) Friday May 14 2004, @04:07PM
  • Did anyone else feel like cringing? I know Ross's style, but still. The interview was so over-edited that it was hard for any fan to get a sense of it. I could tell that Ross was a fan, but poor Morrissey was lost for words. I can forgive them both, but it might be difficult for a newcomer.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 14 2004, @04:01PM (#102569)
  • Morrissey was great, he did well to humour Ross who just doesn't get it does he ? Jools Hollands show should suit Morrissey much better.
    BOROSMITH -- Friday May 14 2004, @04:01PM (#102570)
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  • Morrissey! Mozza! Steven Patrick Morrissey! CBE! OBE! Knight Of The Empire! Ruler Of The Free World!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 14 2004, @04:08PM (#102576)
  • Hmm (Score:2, Interesting)

    I thought the version of IBEH was rather limp, with the Lads not really at their best. Just my opinion, of course. Moz also did seem to be under some sort of trance, probably nervous but I cannot blame him. I felt the song got better as it went on, mind you.

    Subway Train into Everyday is Like Sunday was absolutely wonderful though. Mind bendingly beautiful. I was nearly in tears, to finally hear those strings and synth effects as they were originally written is a marvel to be remembered.

    Well done Moz, see you a week tomorrow.
    Ben Budd -- Friday May 14 2004, @04:14PM (#102582)
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    • Re:Hmm by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 15 2004, @12:23AM
  • I thought Ross did well actually. I thought the sparring was quite good (calling him Mozzer) and showing him the Harry Hill clip was inspired. His questions weren't brilliant (the vegatarian issue- yawn) but all in all it went well. Every day is like sunday was excellent.
    MyMelody -- Friday May 14 2004, @04:17PM (#102584)
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    ...don't make fun of me later... cos I'm just lost...
  • Ross' questions were stupid and asinine, Morrissey was nervous and witless (due to being so terminally shy) and all the controversial bits were edited out.

    He sung the songs very badly too, and had none of his usual sparkle.

    I still adore Mozza though and am looking forward to seeing him back in front of his fans on May 22nd playing his beautiful new songs :)

    Anonymous -- Friday May 14 2004, @04:31PM (#102591)
  • As most of us thought, Jonathan Ross would come up with a load of shit, stupid jokes and morrissey would sit there hating ever minute, INSTEAD Morrissey seemed comfortable and responded with the great humour we all know moz has. I thought it was a great interview (although not informative), relaxed and just great to see the great man on the TV. See you a week tomorrow moz.
    sirgordonzola -- Friday May 14 2004, @04:35PM (#102593)
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    resist or move on, be mad, be rash, smoke and explode, sell all of your clothes, just bear in mind there just might come
  • Didn't appear any more or less 'nervous' than usual, which was good to see. No effort made to ingratiate himself to Ross or audience, very refreshing when one considers the predictable 'pantomime character' Lydon's become.
    Shame comments about Bowie were cut, about time it were 'writ large' about this fraud.
    Thought both songs were 'strong' with voice sounding better than ever. EDILS extra lyrics were interesting. Did they or did they not mention struggling to 'hold someone close each night?'
    SpingheeledJim -- Friday May 14 2004, @05:02PM (#102610)
    (User #11173 Info)
  • I wondered how this would as I have noticed that witty guest talk a lot and crap ones normally get to be extras in a Jonathan Ross routine. Obviously Moz was in the former category but seemed a bit shy, as we would expect from his personality. Ross seemed very excited about the whole thing - genuinely so rather than his usual professional exuberance; so it wasn't quite like any other Jonathan Ross interview I have seen.

    I also notice Morrissey squeeze Dale Winton's shoulder as he went out. What an unlikely bonding!
    Sonny Jim -- Friday May 14 2004, @05:08PM (#102613)
    (User #6638 Info)
  • I thought the interview was very entertaining and that Morrissey aquitted himself very well. Ross can be irritating but he seemed unperturbed if not a little bemused by it all. The version of "Every Day Is Like Sunday" at the close was excellent.
    Thunderthighs -- Friday May 14 2004, @05:08PM (#102614)
    (User #11175 Info)
  • I thought the whole performance was excruciatingly painful. Morrissey was always going to crucify Jonathon, and i'm so glad he did!, but i felt the performances of the songs showed Morrissey as being very nervous. He looked petrified, and i so wish he hadn't.
    It's only my opinion, you can crucify me if you want.

    kennyb -- Friday May 14 2004, @05:12PM (#102616)
    (User #11176 Info)
  • Great to see Mr. Moz on Jonathan Ross. Woss's matey interviewing style obviously jarred Salford's finest from time to time, but it did make for a v.good interview (lots of good-natured verbal fencing went on!). As for the songs, IBEH sounded a trifle nervous to start off, but the new version of EDILS came over wonderfully well (and I played along on my mandolin and old harmonica!). I look forward to Monday morning when I get the new album from Woolworths on Mare St. while on the way to work at Lewis Carroll Library (perhaps the kids there will finally stop mistaking Moz on my T-shirt for Evil Trevor off 'EastEnders', as they all too often do whenever I wear it!).
    Lawrence -- Friday May 14 2004, @05:27PM (#102621)
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  • For those with a fast connection and bittorrent...
    lutewhine -- Friday May 14 2004, @05:37PM (#102624)
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  • was it me or was jonathan woss wather inebriated during the whole show? morrissey treated him with an correct air of wry detached amusement and brushed him off like an insignificant fly on his shoulder.

    I liked Moz's blazer. Maybe from Ozwald Boateng. or BHS.
    englishdandy -- Friday May 14 2004, @06:29PM (#102633)
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  • Morrissey's rather uncalled for remarks about Bowie are now the main story at

    Brilliant marketing stratagy at the expense of a rock legend, or will dear ol' Morrissey be complaining about the after taste of having his foot in his mouth in a few days time?

    Stay tuned...
    haze <[email protected]> -- Friday May 14 2004, @07:05PM (#102636)
    (User #1115 Info)
  • Transcripted part of the Morrissey / Jonathan Ross interview that did not make it on TV. Seems like a lot was cut out.

    Sloppy handwritting and trying to take pictures during the interview prevented me from doing a more thorough job. I'll transcribe the rest later this weekend.

    Anyhow... here's what was missed.

    M: It takes me a long time and I’m very slow.
    JR: Do you like having new friends
    M: I don’t like people to be honest

    JR: I’m really looking forward to Meltdown, let’s talk about Meltdown. Meltdown is a big festival on the South Bank. How do you get involved with that? Who speaks to you and how do you make the decision what you want to do?

    M: You don’t really decide to be involved they ASK you to curate it. And they say you have two weeks and you can fill the two weeks with all the people you like. Whether it’s reading poetry or playing music. ANYTHING . You can fill the bill for two weeks. IF they agree to be on. So, uh, THAT’S what Meltdown is.

    JR: So I guess part of the reason they come to you is that they want to see what your perspective will be. And part of it is so you can entice people who otherwise would fit that bill

    M: And I think people who have been curators in the past – they don’t really become involved. They just lend their names and blah, blah, blah, but I’ve been very involved

    JR: Who have you chosen? Who do we have to look forward to?

    M: Well, erm, Me.

    JR: That must have been a tough booking to make.

    [Audience laughs]

    M: And the surviving members of the New York Dolls.

    JR: Fantastic! I was a HUGE fan of the New York Dolls

    M: You must have them on the show.

    JR: Don’t look at me [illegible handwriting] … we’re going to try to book them on the show.

    M: Lypsynka who is John Anderson Green. [illegible handwriting] And many other people.

    JR: Now one in particular individual I’m looking forward to who I’ve never ever seen before and I don’t think she has ever performed live in concert before- Not Alan Bennett

    [Audience laughs]

    JR: I talked to a friend who knew I was going to have you on the show and he said ask him [Moz] if when Alan Bennett when he comes out if he [Moz] can get Alan Bennett to immediately launch into Robbie William’s “Angel”

    [Photo of Alan Bennett flashes up on the monitors]

    M: He wouldn’t do that. Not that.

    JR: It would be a brilliant thing.

    M: And his night sold out.

    [illegible handwriting]

    JR: And here’s something: He’s my friend.

    M: He’s my friend as well.

    JR: [illegible handwriting: but says something to the effect of, “I was just kidding, Alan Bennett is not my friend”]

    [Audience laughs]

    JR: How many friends have you got?


    [the next portion of the interview was televised so I have not written it here. The unaired interview picks up around the part where vegetarianism was discussed]

    M: And you say it’s eating meat, when it’s really eating animals.

    JR: No, I don’t want to so that. I like animals.

    M: Yeah, but you eat them.

    JR: No, I eat meat.

    M: Animals are meat.

    JR: No, I don’t want to make that connection right now.

    M: Do you have a dog or a budgie?

    JR: I’ve got a cat.

    M: Would you eat your cat?

    JR: If I were really fucking hungry.

    [Audience laughs]

    JR: No, not through choice, I know what you’re saying. [Illegible handwriting but he mentions he would eat his cat if he were starving after having been in a plane crash.]

    M: Why would your cat be on a plane with you?

    [Audience laughs]

    JR: Logically, he might not be. I was reaching. [illegible handwriting] No, you’re right. Of course you’re right. I’m going to try it, okay?

    M: That doesn’t sound very convincing.

    JR: Now why do you say that?

    M: [illegible handwriting] I
    slug -- Friday May 14 2004, @07:08PM (#102637)
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  • I can confirm the streets of Liverpool were almost empty last night as we crowded around our flickering screens and were not disapointed.

    I thought he handled a 'live' interview really well, with dignity and humour - it must be much harder than a 'serious' one!

    His voice might have trembled with nerves slightly to start but he picked up in the end - Dale Winton wasn't nearly as excruciating as I feared, although he looked like a piece of badly varnished gnarled wood, and was a really good warm-up act to break the tension - I thought Moz putting his hand on Dale's shoulder as he entered stage was quite sweet -

    the big looser, of course - was Ronnie O'Sullivan's shirt - absolutly shocking!!!!!!
    Brighton Rich -- Friday May 14 2004, @11:42PM (#102651)
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  • It was great to see the man back on the telly, he performed very well - although a little nervous when he first sang.

    The interview went suprisingly well. I was cringing when Ross was asking silly questions (like ne normally does) as I was sure that Moz was going to take it the wrong way, but the man took it in his stride and had a laugh.

    Was loving everyday is like sunday..

    Morgala, Reading, England.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 15 2004, @12:40AM (#102659)
  • so many people have gone on about how they cringed during the interview - I cringed reading some of these comments. Re, the editing, all non-live TV shows are shot long and then edited: there's no mystery, and some stuff may have been cut for legal reasons, but more likely it was just that they cut the flab. Ross says derogatory stuff all the time and there's no slander in saying that you don't like someone.

    It's a jokey TV show. Morrissey agreed to go on it - he would know exactly what the format was, would probably either have seen the show or seen preview tapes - after 17 years, it's not exactly an accident that he chose this one for a UK TV interview. He's obviously doing a lot of promo for this album presumably to try to get a British #1. Who knows? Maybe he even likes the show. Maybe he has a *gasp* sense of humour. A shame so many of his fans don't.

    I thought he did well and clearly warmed up to the format some of the way through. The audience seemed to genuinely like him and it's a very "cold" environment in which to perform live, so he didn't do too bad a job.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 15 2004, @01:00AM (#102661)
  • It was great to see Morrissey in this sort of environment. Quite obviously nervous but never dour. Quite sweet really, and looking very well. I think this is the closest I have ever got to the real man. What was said didn`t really matter. What I felt was complete admiration and pride. Iliked it whem Wossy asked him how many friends he had and straight away he replies `seven`, and feigned complete seriousness. Really funny. Yes, O,Sullivan IS an overblown p**ck. I agree. FIRSTODIE
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 15 2004, @03:16AM (#102670)
    • 7 friends... by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 15 2004, @04:17AM
  • ... he wants to befriend me
    which means
    he can’t possibly know me"
    nonesoever -- Saturday May 15 2004, @03:36AM (#102671)
    (User #8448 Info)
    "... turn popular song into sickness"
  • Criticisms first

    Why did he wear that red jacket - red doesn't do anyone any favours, and wearing it with those grey slcks made him look distinctly middle aged. A fitted suit or something even remotely trendy would have looked better. He looked like a Butlins Redcoat for godsake!

    His teeth are really weird - they seem to be disappearing - retracting into his gums.

    Onto the interview and Moz was clearly very nervous and did not want to be there. He is obviously a negative and downbeat person and was determined not to be either warm or pleasant. I found his negativity and seriousness here a bit sad. Either you want to be a guest on the show or you don't - if you do, at least give a ,ittle bit back to the interviewer and 'play the game' to a degree - or don't do the show. Don't turn up and make the spectacle awkward for everyone concerned.

    Also - I find it uncomfortable when Morrissey really presses someone about being a meat eater. He pursued Ross on this issue for several minutes. Morrissey may not like the fact that Ross was a meat-eater and made light of the issue, but then Ross might not like the fact that Morrissey came on his show and was surly and uncooperative.

    I felt Jonathan Ross did very well to handle Morrissey - he cajoled and joked and just about kept the interview going.

    The first verse of 'Irish Blood, English Heart' was horribly out of tune. However it did pick up and 'Everyday...' was very well performed.

    On the positive:

    Moz showed his wit a few times - "why would you have your cat on the plane". He was also funny in the exchanges in which Ross kept begging to be his friend.

    The Deano-Dale Winton exchange was hilarious though I don't think Morrissey was very happy!

    Soubway Train was brill and Everyday is Like Sunday was well performed.
    JonnersB -- Saturday May 15 2004, @04:43AM (#102682)
    (User #8247 Info)
    Would you like to note my inside-leg?
  • I'd like to see Morrissey on that. He's got the wit and charm to do well when he doesn't have to face awkward questions about himself.

    Plus, he could knock Ian Hislop down a peg or eight.

    Anonymous -- Saturday May 15 2004, @05:43AM (#102690)
  • Beyond Everyday Is Like Sunday and Morrissey's outfit, it was better than I had expected it would be and I enjoyed the interview - apart from the vegetarian questions there wasn't any mention of other done-to-death issues such as celibacy and I liked that.
    margot tenenbaum -- Saturday May 15 2004, @06:24AM (#102698)
    (User #8409 Info)
  • Was it me or was IBEH played too slowly? It sounded like the classic band mistake of it starting a little too slowly and Moz having to trudge through it, really having to over-emphasise all the words as they were drawn out much longer than usual. We all know live performance doesn't come over well on the TV, but this really wasn't very good.

    As for the interview, I found it a curious mix of the banal and the interesting. Banal because it was the usual chitchatty jokey Woss style but at the same time it revealed a side to Morrissey interviews we seldom see- lots of good natured humour. And because of that it was a lot more interesting, apart from the stuff about Meat being Murder. I'm a veggie, but I found it boring to hear that subject done again.

    I suppose I'm just not used to this new well-promoted Moz persona yet. But I'm sure I will get to be. And it's about bloody time really! Maladjusted came out with more of a whimper than a bang... thank goodness those days are over.

    The red coat was a bloody awful choice. He should have stuck with just the shirt because that looked ok.

    The version of "Everyday is Like Sunday" has helped me regain my faith in what I was begining to think was a boring song.

    So like I said in the title, overall it was an enjoyable experience. We weren't expecting any pearls of wisdom, it was just a promo exercise and a rare chance to see la Moz on the telly which is always nice.
    bobmozza -- Saturday May 15 2004, @07:20AM (#102707)
    (User #6533 Info)
  • He sounded nervous at the start of IBEH (and might not anyone singing that song in front of that television audience be that nervous?), but he wasn't nearly as uncomfortable looking in *this* interview as he was with Craig Kilborn.

    And that Ross guy was very charming. He did a lot of generous things to ease the tension. I love the way he talks, too!! Could an American talk show host get away with such a speech trait? (Does Jay Leno's sometimes squeaky voice count?)

    Thanks very much to Lutewhine for making this available to us Yanks. :))
    mozchildren -- Saturday May 15 2004, @07:52AM (#102714)
    (User #6214 Info)
  • i just felt so sorry for moz on the show, he was absolutely petrified, i would have been too, he is a loner, pure and simple, then he has to go on tv in front of a massive audience. The uncomfortable bits for me was when he kept putting his tongue in his cheek, i have felt that way in job interviews and the like and it's a deep, horrible shyness, i don't think it ever goes away. Irish blood started terribly but got better, and everyday is like sunday was the best live version of that song i have ever heard. I though ross was brilliant with him and i'm sure moz will only get more confident that he got through it ok. I expect him to do a lot better on kilbourne, here's hoping.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 15 2004, @09:02AM (#102726)
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    • Re:nerves by muffinkitten (Score:1) Sunday May 16 2004, @04:52PM
  • I though the show last night was fantastic, I thought that Jonathan Ross did a really good job of the interview, and the rapport between them was great. Morrissey even managed a few laughs from the audience. What was especially great was to see Ronnie O'Sullivan and Morrisey together in the green room, and when Ronnie came out the gay band thingie played 'international playboy' how bloody apt! The only dodgy moment of the evening was when Jonathan Ross jokingly advised Ronnie that his new nick-name could be Ronnie the Ripper... (not very tactful)I am sure Jonathan, Moz, Ronnie and Dale stayed up for a few cups of tea and a chat afterwards!! (oh to be a fly). Overall verdict: Twaz great to see morrissey on T.V!
    Cailin -- Saturday May 15 2004, @10:34AM (#102752)
    (User #11181 Info)
  • Here's the David Bowie section. I transcribed addtional parts of the interview and put them up on MorrisseyTour. Check under, Current Tour.

    Still loads more to transcribe, but I'm done for the weekend. Cheers!

    JR: Let’s talk about your fanbase now. I’m fascinated by this kind of Latino fan base you have over in California. That’s just such a weird thing.
    M: It’s an interesting thing. It’s really strong. And it’s not just on the west coast it’s other places as well.
    JR: Well anywhere where there’s a Spanish-speaking community?
    M: Yeah, yeah. And people always ask me why and I don’t know why. But they look fantastic! Absolutely fantastic. The wife-beaters and all the tattoos. It’s all very gangy.
    JR: Well, what a great following to have as well.
    M: It’s very glamorous.
    JR: I mean your cool enough already but that makes you even more cool.
    M: It’s also something people strive to get that audience and they just came to me without me doing anything.
    JR: Imagine if David Bowie had them as an audience.
    M: I think he’d like ANY audience.
    [Audience oooohs and laughs]
    JR: Now, now I know you had a tiff.
    M: Well. Nothing like that happened. Now I know you love-
    JR: I love David.
    M: But do you know him, though?
    JR: No, of course not. And I don’t want to either, really.
    M: Well, they do call him David Showie. He’s a business, you know. He’s not really a person.
    JR: You think so?
    M: Trust me, Jonathan, I know.
    JR: Now-
    M: Why do you like him?
    JR: I like him-
    M: You like him because you liked him when you were 12.
    JR: Yes. But I like his music now as well. Do you not like his new music?
    M: Well my theory is that people fell in love with Ziggy Stardust and not really David Bowie. He doesn’t realise that.
    JR: I don’t know. I liked the “Let’s Dance” period as well. Did you like that?
    M : No!
    JR: You didn’t like that?
    M: No. Also, I think that when he was wonderful it was just the people around him in ‘71 & ’72-
    JR: No!-
    M: -that gave him the hairstyle, that gave him the clothes, and gave him the-
    JR: Morrissey. I think you’re being unnecessarily bitchy about it now.
    M: The entire audience agrees with me.
    [Audience laughs]
    JR: That’s not true. They’ve gone quiet. They’re scared of you. They think you’re going to shut the door and say, “Thank God, they’ve gone.”
    [Audience laughs]
    JR: Do you find it in any way easy or impossible to forgive and forget people?
    M: Which people?
    JR: Like David, for example.
    M: Not really. Not really. I could tell you stories, Jonathan, and you’d never listen to “Let’s Dance” again.
    JR: Wasn’t he in his drug phase then?
    M: So? [Some] People go through drug phases and they’re really nice and flattering
    slug -- Saturday May 15 2004, @11:06AM (#102763)
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  • It was good they put him first to lighten the mood. Dale isn't that bad, really - he chose "Suedehead" as one of his favourite songs on one of those VH1 10 of the best things, and is a huge fan of Dusty Springfield like any self-respecting homosexual. Unbelievably, he only recently came out, after years of making innuendos. Maybe there's hope for Moz yet. Dale was certainly a hell of a lot more comfortable being interviewed by Ross than him, maybe coming out would make Moz more relaxed - could there be some revelations in the autobiography? Him and Dale seem to have bonded anyway, so maybe he'll inspire him. The interview was ok, he was uncomfortable but is never lost for words. Pity the most interesting part was edited out.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 15 2004, @11:38AM (#102778)
  • Kids, shall we remove our rose tinted spectacles?I hate to say it, but old Jonathan ran circles around Moz. Rather that knocking back witty Oscar comments we find Moz trying to be a bit rude and offering embarrassing girlish giggles at the end of each statement. Whilst we are at it, what is with all the Mos Bos on Moz? Its a bit of shift from the daring wardroe of yesteryear and leaves me reminded of crooners from my mums record collection. The man needs to lift his game and stop nancying around!
    Random Axe of SIlenc -- Saturday May 15 2004, @02:11PM (#102797)
    (User #10096 Info)
  • There are lots of Butlins links with Morrissey but this takes the buscuit.
  • Surely others have spotted that the lead off into Everyday is Like Sunday is My Love Life with some different lyrics.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 16 2004, @02:26AM (#102879)
  • I too was dreading the interview after reading some robot's wayward take on how it went. I was happy to see that the interview went very well. Mozzer was as funny as ever, and sang well. All in all a great show, very much looking forward to 'Later with Charles Dickens' on Friday 21st.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 16 2004, @09:51AM (#102920)
  • I really enjoyed the show and didn't think Morrissey looked as nervous as many had been suggesting.
    I thought the Dale-and-Deano section of the show was very funny and it was cool to see them embracing in the Green Room after Dale's appearance.
    Ronnie O'Sullivan seemed oddly dull sandwiched inbetween Dale and Morrissey, but then he was a last minute replacement for Kevin Spacey, who was originally booked for Friday's show.

    I'm glad that Johnathon brought up the issue of vegetarianism as we all know how passionate Morrissey is about it, and it was nice to hear his voice rise in anger as he put his views accross.

    I have to agree with what other people are saying about the playing on the night. EDIS has become so ploddingly slow. Is this Morrissey's doing, or is it down to Deano? We know that Deano can drum fast when required, but many of the older songs have really slowed down on the last couple of tours, Suedehead, Hairdresser and November in particular. Maybe Morrissey feels the songs sound better at a slower pace.

    Still, a great show all the same.
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Sunday May 16 2004, @11:50AM (#102963)
    (User #10687 Info)
    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
  • Most of you are apparently not conscious of the fact that this interview was not staged for hardcore fans to gain further insight into their hero, rather it was to be shown to a fairly mainstream audience of which many will barely know who this person is. You know, it's a 'forest and trees' thing :-)
    Anonymous -- Monday May 17 2004, @01:50AM (#103083)
  • ok so he doesnt vote and US TV is for kids, he prefers his new image and didnt like Harry Hill's impersonation of him, he doesnt have many friends and a possible autobiography is on the way, he prefers Morrissey to Stephen...he doesnt eat meat...

    But does anyone else think in recent interviews Morrissey truly labours the point of being anti social?

    He seems a parody of himself - giving answers that is 'Morrissey-esque' - almost expected answers?

    I love him though...truly glad to see him back on the TV - where he truly belongs!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 17 2004, @04:46AM (#103103)
  • I thought he looked smashing in red!
    NIcky's Cousin -- Monday May 17 2004, @06:25AM (#103125)
    (User #7181 Info)
    ...first day with the jar...
    • Re:Well... by Steve M (Score:1) Wednesday May 19 2004, @05:24PM
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